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"Hey, New Kid"
Song by China Anne McClain
Genre(s): A cappella
Length: 0:15
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Hey, New Kid is the song that Chyna was planning to sing to her crush in the episode The PhANTom Locker. The actual name of the "New Kid" is unknown. She first demonstrated it to Olive, who suggests to her to try something a little less "spitty" because spit flew out of the flute and hit her on the face, much to her annoyance.


Hey, New Kid, I think you're cute,
But when I'm around you, I go mute
So I have to tell you with my flute 
(Plays an upbeat rhythm with her flute)


  • This song is one of the 3 songs that have a character name in the song title. The other two are Olive's Rap and Gibson Go Away.
  • This song was made for Chyna to express her feelings for the new kid.
  • After this episode, the 'New Kid' was never seen again and Chyna probably lost interest in him.