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Olive Doyle

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Body of EvidANTs

Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!

Hegel is Olive's FlurBot that she had since she was three. His first appearance and last appearance is in Body of EvidANTs.


In body of evidANTs Olive brought Hegel as a pet to school. Later that day, Hegel dies. Olive plans a very dramatic funeral. At the funeral, she sees screwdriver marks on Hegel's bottom, which proves he was murdered. Later that day, Angus claims that he used the screw driver. Then, Fletcher claims that he poisoned Hegel. Chyna claims Gibson did it. Gibson told them he threw Hegel on the floor. Olive knew he was hungry and got overfed. Chyna overfed Hegel. Later that day, Hegel comes back to life without Olive even knowing!


Olive Doyle (2003-present; ) Former Owner)[]

Hegel was Olive's former pet. Olive got Hegel when she was three and considered him her loyal companion. Olive is


Olive holding Hegel

heartbroken when she finds out Hegel died and had a funeral for him. She didn't rest until she found who the real culprit is—and even searched through everyone's locker to find the screwdriver used to murder Hegel.

However, it is revealed at the end that this love was entirely one-sided as (for unknown reasons) Hegel actually hated Olive and/or being her pet and faked his death to get rid of her, cheering “No more Olive! I’m free! Free! Free!” when Olive left his “body”.

Chyna Parks (2012-present; Friend)[]

Chyna is the only person (other than Olive) that didn't get mad at Hegel. After Hegel's death, Olive believes it was Chyna who murdered Hegel (due to Chyna having the screwdriver that killed Hegel in her locker) and doesn't believe she had been framed by the real culprit. It is shown that Chyna overfed Hegel which caused his death. Chyna looks sorry and apologizes to Olive for killing Hegel; but it is shown at the end that Hegel faked his death.

Fletcher Quimby (2012-present; Enemy)[]

The first time Fletcher meets Hegel, Hegel calls him stupid (Which Hegel overheard from Olive at home). Fletcher gets mad and in results, he poisons Hegel.

Angus Chestnut (2012-present; Enemy)[]

Angus is shown to be really jealous when Olive pays more attention to Hegel than to him. In order to get rid of Hegel; Angus disguises himself as Fletcher-- and frames Chyna by putting the screwdriver used to kill Hegel into Chyna's locker. Afterwards, he apologizes for murdering Hegel (though Hegel faked his death).

Henry Gibson (2012-present; Enemy)[]

Gibson accuses Hegel of cheating in a game of "tic tac toes". It is shown in a flashback that Gibson accidentally throws Hegel cross the room after he lost-- and tries to give him mouth-to-mouth (even though he doesn't have a mouth). He later apologizes for killing Hegel even though it was Chyna who did it (but they find that out afterwards that Hegel faked his own death).

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Fletcher! Fletcher stupid!"
  • "Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!"
  • "No more Olive!"
  • "I'm free! free! free!"
  • "She fell for it!
  • "Hee hee hee! Hello!"


  • Hegel looks very similar to Serafina, a Fijit Friend.
  • Hegel was named after German Philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (G.W.F.H.).
  • Hegel faked his death. How he did that is a mystery.