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"Grecian Loving"
Song by China Anne McClain and Stefanie Scott
Venue: Webster High School
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Grecian Loving is a song in the episode you're the one that i wANT that Chyna and Lexi sing at the end of Olive's Ancient Greece play.


Chyna: Grecian lovin' it's 2000 B.C.,
Lexi: Grecian lovin' it's all Greek to me.
Chyna: Grecian lovin' I look like a goddess,
Lexi: Grecian lovin', oh don't be so modest,
Chyna and Lexi: Our love is real and nothing is better,
We go together like olives and feta.
The bells will chime and joy will be spreading,
Soon we'll have a big fat Greek wedding.

Chyna and Lexi take food and smash the plate, saying "OPA!"


  • This song is sang during a wedding march in the play.
  • Chyna and Lexi have to kiss at the end of the play, but instead they fist bump.
  • Lexi had to fill in for the real Zeus, Jared, who got injured by Lexi.
  • Olive Doyle mouthed the words as they sang because she wrote the song, and having an eidetic memory, was able to remember all the words.
  • This song sounds very similar to the Grease song 'Summer Loving'. It is coincidental that the episode the song was in was a Grease inspired episode.