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Fletcher in the girl disguise

The girl disguise was used by Fletcher and Cameron in the episode "The PhANTom Locker". It is composed of a yellow hoodie with a girl's face on the back of the hood. It also has a pink purse strapped across it. Angus thought it was a real girl, calling it a "hottie" and trying to ask her out.


  • Fletcher used it to avoid talking to Principal Skidmore.
  • Cameron used it to get into the girls restroom, claiming that "it smells better in there".


  • Cameron used this disguise as well as Fletcher.
  • The disguise was shown in the PhANTom Locker, PANTs on Fire and Uncanny resemblANTs.
  • Angus mistook this jacket for a girl he had a crush on, and was shocked when he found out it was Fletcher.