"Gibson Go Away"
Song by China Anne McClain
Genre(s): Acoustic
Length: 0:55
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Bad romANTs - Minibyte - A.N.T

Bad romANTs - Minibyte - A.N.T. Farm - Disney Channel Official

Gibson Go Away is a song Chyna shared with Fletcher in the episode "bad romANTs" to try and think of ways to get rid of Gibson, who had been hanging out with them way too much and was getting on their nerves.


Our friend Gibson was feeling down,
Crying all day like a sad little clown,
Been playing games with him for a week
What can we do with this fuzzy haired freak?
We can take him on a trip to Albuquerque
Dehydrate his skin and make Gibson jerky
Give him a ride on a merry-go-round
Or dress him like a dog and take him to the pound
Go for a stroll on some country roads
Or feed him fatty foods 'til his heart explodes
Take him on a tour to South of France
Or stuff a hungry squirrel down his pants.


  • This song is one of 3 songs that have a character name in the song tittle. The two others are Olive's Rap, and Hey, New Kid.
  • This song is making fun of Gibson, but they all still like him. They called him a 'freak' and said it would be mean to the squirrel to shove a squirrel down his the squirrel. 
  • This song was a part of the episode bad RomANTs
  • This song was not on The A.N.T. Farm Soundtrack due to it being too short and a minor song, though some think it should have been because of it's hiliarity.


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