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Welcome to the ANT Farm!
— Gibson's catchphrase.




Date of Birth

January 27, 1980

Resides in

San Francisco

Eye Color


Hair Color



Nana (Grandmother) Bob (Step Grandfather)


Sophie (Girlfriend)


Chyna Parks
Olive Doyle
Fletcher Quimby
Other ANTs
Paisley Houndstooth


Lexi Reed




Webster High School

First Episode


Last Episode

"ScavANTger Hunt"

Portrayed By

Zach Steel

Gibson is a recurring character in Seasons 1-2 of A.N.T. Farm. He became the founder of the A.N.T. program after being inspired by kids with special talents. It has yet been established if Gibson is his last name. It is unknown where he is since the ANTs left Webster High School.


Gibson often hides things in his hair, such as liquorice, tissues, and corn, which creeps or grosses most people out. However, he is friends with all of the A.N.T.s, loves stripes, and is very fair, caring, and easygoing at most points. He is one of the less smart people in the series who can be nice and positive, the other being Paisley and sometimes Fletcher.

Sometimes Gibson can maybe be a little bit annoying, or even just plain creepy. At other times Gibson is the only person who really cares about any of the A.N.T.s. So he is a blessing to all of them.


Gibson has curly hair. He is almost always seen wearing a striped top and basically anything else. As seen in A.N.T. Farm, he has a yellow and black striped umbrella, so you can practically call him a "bumblebee".

Episode Appearances[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • In the episode TransplANTed he hints that his birthday is on January 27. He also vaguely mentions that he does not have a degree. He does not have any children either.
  • In the episode Bad RomANTs, he states that his favorite things to do are knitting, playing Mahjong, and force-feeding pigeons. In the Danish translation, Mahjong is changed to Rummy.
  • In the episode ReplicANT, he performs a dance taught in the YouTube viral video, Double Dream Hands.
  • In the episode PhilANThropy, he makes a reference to another YouTube viral video (along with Fletcher) which is "Double Rainbow".
  • Gibson makes games about himself based off of popular board games, such as Trivial Pursuit (Gibson Pursuit), and Pictionary (Gibsonary).
  • Gibson always wears shirts and sweaters with stripes, usually yellow and black.
  • He is shown to be irresponsible yet responsible, the first by thinking his turtle Shelly, who hasn't come out of his shell in over a year is alive, and the second by owning and caring for Gibdog, a blind dog.
  • In Some EnchANTed Evening it is revealed he is a former cheerleader (head).
  • It is revealed he went to Webster High School.
  • It is revealed that he is scared of ladybugs and is allergic to olives.
  • It is revealed that he gets lost a lot in the school.
  • Gibson made up the game "tic tac toes" and doesn't believe there's a game called "tic tac toe" in Body of EvidANTs.
  • It is revealed that he dislikes his nickname "Gibson" in Body of EvidANTs.
  • It is revealed he has a great hatred towards Bob, the boyfriend of Gibson's grandmother.
  • He was potty trained at the age of 14.
  • Gibson claimed that his hair is so strong, the military buys it to make rope.
  • He has watched 70,000+ cartoons as of "The ANTagonist". He also kept a log (of wood, not of the cartoons).
  • He takes showers in the school urinals. "You're the One That I wANT".
  • Gibson was referred to as a "man child" by Chyna in PhilANTrophy while trying to save Gibson's job.
  • His favorite instrument is the Water Glasses.
  • His only girlfriend was Sophie.
  • It was revealed in EndurANTs that it is possible that the outfits he wears are possibly only a uniform, as other instructors were seen wearing them.
  • He was seen 66 times in the episode ScavANTger hunt.
  • Gibson likely adopt animals from charity events, as he owns endangered species like Tiger, a blind dog (Gibdog), and an elderly turtle (Shelly).

Gibson's Quotes[]

  • "Hey, guys! Want to play a game of Gibsonary?" - Bad RomANTs
  • "Hey, Lexi, I was downstairs feeding the rats, like I do every Wednesday. PatANT Pending
  • "Welcome to the A.N.T. Farm! I love doing that."-TransplANTed
  • "Wait. I smell mutiny, and not just because I'm wearing a cologne called mutiny!"-Some EnchANTed Evening
  • "Does this llama bite look infected" -philANTrophy


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