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Free Village Bag

Chyna with her Free Village Bag

Free-Village Bookbags are incredibly popular designer bookbags Chyna begged Darryl to buy her in the episode "The InformANT". According to Chyna, every girl at Webster High School has one. However, it is a known fact that not everyone has one, being that Olive has told Chyna that she found her bookbag (which is in the form of a rabbit) much cooler than the Free-Village Bookbags. The bags cost $300 each. They were considered to be rather expensive so much so that Chyna had to work to afford one, she thought it was worth it though.


The bags are a dark shade of purple with hot pink spots on them. They also have the letters "FV" printed in gold on the front, which may be why they cost so much.

Known Owners[]


  • Free Village is a pun on Free People.
  • Lexi must be rich in order to have 2 Free-Village Bookbags ($600 together, $300 each)