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Thanks a lot, Chyna! And just to be clear, I wasn't really thanking you, I'm actually quite upset.

"fraudulANT" is the twelfth episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on September 23, 2011.


When Chyna, Olive and Fletcher meet the down-and-out Zanko, a once fail of a painter who is Fletcher's inspiration, Chyna convinces Fletcher to introduce himself and offer Zanko one of his paintings. After they discover Zanko is displaying Fletcher's painting in a gallery opening and passing it off as his own, Chyna assembles a special team to rescue the painting. Meanwhile, Lexi and Paisley audition for Roxanne to be a princess for a kid's themed day party.





  • Jay Brian Winwick as Bufford Teddy, the new security guard
  • Ernie Grunwald as Zanko
  • Simone Lopez as Kate



  • Carlon Jeffery as Cameron Parks is absent in this episode. This is his second absence.
  • This episode was leaked onto YouTube on September 16, 2011. You can watch it here.
  • Part of the script from this episode was leaked onto the internet.
  • This is the first time Wacky the Wolf is seen outside Webster High.
  • The premiere received 2.6 million views, the second lowest audience rating of the season.
  •  The airdate was set back, due to the original airdate taking place during 9/11.
  • Olive dresses up as a little girl to distract the security guards at the art studio, is similar to the scene where Mindy MacCready dresses up like a little girl to get into the D'Amico building in the 2010 action movie Kick-A**.


  • The security guard says his name is Ted, but if you look closely at his name tag; his name is actually Buford.
  • At the beginning, China tries pulling on the door but in the next shot, the door opens inward.

The A.N.T. Farm Team[]

  • Angus Chestnut: "The Hacker"
  • Olive Doyle: "The Brain"
  • Fletcher Quimby: "The Artist"
  • Wacky "The Wolf"
  • Chyna Parks: "The Musical Genius, and Great Friend, Polite, Funny, Stunningly Beautiful, Lover of Animals, Deep Sleeper, Knows How To Microwave Popcorn To Maximum Poppage Without Burning A Single Kernel."

Memorable Quotes[]

Fletcher: Angus Chesnut: The Hacker!
Olive: Okay, we're done! (The music scratches and walks away)
Angus: Okay Mr. and Mrs. Chestnut are tying the knot.

Olive: That is not the code we discussed.
Fletcher: (To Angus over walkie-talkies) Okay Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Quimby are walking down the aisle.

Chyna: That is not the code we discussed.


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