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Folive Quotes are quotes from each episode that consists of the friendship/relationship pairing of Folive (F/letcher and Olive) which are the following:

Season 1[]


Chyna: Notices Fletcher carrying a person in his arms and walks over to him Uh sir? I don't mean to alarm you or anything, but this kid has a dead body.
Olive: Walks over to them It's wax. Some people have to make friends, Fletcher here literally "makes friends"

Fletcher: Ignores her I'm an artist and as a project I'm sculpting the entire class in beeswax.
Chyna: Well, they're beautiful.
Fletcher: You're beautiful.

Olive: Looks confused and jealous
Chyna: Woah, woah, woah, wait! What's the rush? Second period doesn't start till 10.
Fletcher: It's not about when second period starts, it's about when this one ends...

School bell rings and the big kids come out of their classrooms
Fletcher and Olive: "RUN!" Runs out of the crowd of big kids
Chyna: Realizes what Fletcher meant and starts to run too Ah! Ah!
Angus: Help! Help! The big kids take Angus
Fletcher: "Angus!" Turns to Olive and tries to grab her shoulders We've got to save Angus!
Olive: Grabs Fletcher's shoulders Forget it man, Angus is gone!
Fletcher: But-
Olive: Slaps Fletcher He's gone!

Olive runs to class and Fletcher touches his cheek and runs to class too, followed by Chyna
Chyna looks at Fletcher in shock to see he's wearing a gray suit with a gray hat and holding a cane
Fletcher: What? You said to look older. Comes into Chyna's house

Chyna: That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.
Olive: Hey party people!
Fletcher and Chyna look at Olive in shock
Chyna: Turns to Fletcher And suddenly, you're in second place.

Olive: So uh, do we look like high schoolers or what? Puts her arm on Fletcher's shoulder while he just stares at her
Lexi: Isn't it a little late for you A.N.T.'s? Talks in a baby voice Shouldn't you be in your little footy pajama's by now?
Olive: I'll have you know, our bedtime's not till 8:30.

Fletcher: 9:00 on weekends!

Fletcher and Olive high-five
Lexi: You stupid A.N.T.'s ruined my party! You thought your lives were miserable at school, just wait until tomorrow. Walks away
Olive: Turns to Chyna Let's go to a high school party, it will be fun!

Fletcher: Another one!? Don't you think this one was bad enough!? Turns to Chyna We trusted you Chyna.
Olive: And you let us down. Thanks a lot.

Fletcher puts his arm around Olive and they walk away

SciANTs Fair[]

Fletcher walks in
Olive: Oh hey, Chyna and I are making a blimp for our Science project and this is the perfect material! Holds up the material

Fletcher: Are you cutting up a wedding dress?

Olive: Yeah, I found it in my mom's closet. It was in a box marked "Save for Olive's big day". And I figured: "What day is bigger than the Science Fair?"

Bad RomANTs[]

Olive and Angus are chewing gum to help make Fletcher's gum sculpture of Chyna
Fletcher: Keep chewing guys, I need more gum.

Angus: Sighs I'm exhausted! This is the most exercise that I've ever had!
Olive: Follows Fletcher around This is sugarless right? You told us this was sugarless, because if I have a little sugar, I get a little crazy!

Fletcher: Yeah sure it's sugarless.

The InformANT[]

Darryl: You are in big trouble! Big trouble!
Fletcher: Uh, I think... I saw a mouse! I gotta go!
Olive: Uh... oh no! My cat got out! Runs after Fletcher


Fletcher: You two should get along. You're a human in a robot body, and Olive's a robot in a human body.
Olive: Puts her hand on her heart and smiles Thank you.


Olive: Hey Fletcher. How's your "Dinosaur Petition" going?
Fletcher: I've only gotten two signatures. Me and some kid named "Buzz-Off-Loser".
Fletcher: How about you Olive?
Olive: No way, I'm not some upstar ratical hippie you agitator!

Angus: Looks at Fletcher I love it when she talks crazy.

Fletcher: Gets annoyed


Fletcher: Turns to Olive and smiles Hey Olive wanna team up?
Olive: Sure, interesting story about sewing...
Paisley: Walks up to Fletcher and Olive Fletcher, do you have a partner yet?
Fletcher: Nope, not at all, no one. Leaves with Paisley
Olive: Crosses her arms. Looks hurt and sad Terrific! Now no one decent will be left to team up with.
Olive: Wow Fletcher. It's not the first time I've seen chicks running away from you.
Fletcher: Help me gather them!


Fletcher: Olive, what happened to your face?
Olive: I washed it?

Fletcher: But it use to be so beautiful, and now it's- ugh I can't even look at it.
Olive: Crosses her arms and rolls eyes Well at least my face isn't black and blue like yours.
Fletcher: Mines not black and blue.

Olive: Gets closer to Fletcher Not yet.


Fletcher: Gets up out of his seat, looks worried and grabs Olives shoulders Calm down Olive. You're going to hyperventilate! Holds out his arms
Olive: Too late Faints and falls into Chyna's arms

Chyna: Fletcher give me your shoe, stat!
Fletcher: Takes off his shoe and gives it to Chyna
Olive: Wakes up Ew! Don't ever do that again!
Chyna: You could have slipped into a coma.
Olive: Well next time, let me!

Fletcher: Looks a little offended
Olive: You think this is funny? You know what funny stands for? F!
Fletcher: I knew that! You- Looks down you didn't give me time to answer.

IgnorANTs Is Bliss[]

Chyna: Alright, let's see if it worked. Olive, what is the capital of North Dakota?
Olive: Thinks for a second Rhinoceros.
Fletcher: Smiles Yes she's back!
Fletcher: Leans close to Olive and whispers You're Olive!
Olive: Smiles Oh yeah!
Chyna: Oh Olive! Hugs Olive I missed you so much!
Fletcher: Yeah Chyna's missed you so much! Leaves
Olive: Looks hurt and confused
Chyna: I'm just glad you're back.
Fletcher: Yeah, Chyna's just glad you're back.

Olive: Looks hurt

Fletcher: Looks guilty and leaves

SANTa's Little Helpers[]

Fletcher: I got an idea! Snaps fingers We can make jack-in-the-boxes.
Olive: Olive looks amazed Nice!

Fletcher and Olive: Fist bump
Chyna: But that was my idea. I was just demonstraing it.
Fletcher: Come on Chyna! Its not about taking credit. Its about helping the orphans! With my really good idea. Smiles

Olive: Nods her head and smiles
Fletcher: I've got it! We rig the next pack of jack-in-the-boxes, with boobie traps, to go off in Skidmore's face!
Olive: Fletcher you are on fire!
Fletcher and Olive: Fist bump again

PatANT Pending[]

Olive: Business can really hurt a friendship. Let me illustrate. Let’s say my hand represents business and Fletcher represents friendship. Slaps Fletcher.
Fletcher: Oww!
Olive: See? Let me use another example. Let’s say this fork represents business.
Fletcher: She gets it! She gets it!
Olive:You can't do business with friends.

Fletcher:But you're doing this with me.

Chyna: There are my two favorite sweethearts.

Olive: Actually, the heart is not sweet but rather quite bitter due to the presence of oxidized blood.

Fletcher: She’s all mine.

Season 2[]

FANTasy Girl[]

Chyna: Ok. This is not Fletcher's long lost twin from Spain. But why he couldn't have a long lost twin fron Cleveland, we'll never know. 

Gnocchi: You deceived me. I want my money back or I will call the police.
Chyna: Whoa whoa whoa. Okay I'm sorry we lied to you, but maybe we can work something out.
Olive: Yeah like what if Fletcher here were to meet with an unfortunate accident? You can keep your paintings we can keep our money. Everyone wins.

Fletcher: Not everyone!

Season 3[]


In the A.N.T Farm

Olive: So you're saying instead of going to bed at 8:30 like my parents make me, I could go to bed whenever I want like 8:15! Or even 8! I'm going to get ready for bed!
Fletcher: But it's not even noon.

Olive: I know but I'm feeling a little crazy! Rules be darned. Wohooo! Run out the A.N.T Farm
In the A.N.T Farm

Olive: See over the years I have read dozens of parenting books, y'know to train my Mom and Dad how to raise me to be the perfect child.
Fletcher: What went wrong?

Olive: Zip it Fletcher! Fletcher falls back on the couch.
In the A.N.T Farm

Chyna: Olive, these rules are ridiculous.
Fletcher: Yeah, like rule number 79: No eating with your mouth open. How am I supposed to get food in there?
Olive: See rule 80.

Fletcher: Turns page. No asking stupid questions Fletcher.

Product misplacemANT[]

In The Roomavator
Olive: I can use this for my friends and family plan! And Fletcher, Puts her hand on his shoulder. you can use it for your family plan.
In Chyna and Olive's bedroom

Olive: What are you doing?
Fletcher: That's how you sneak, I saw it on a nature documentary.
Olive: Was the documentary about a road runner and a coyote?

Fletcher: You saw it too?!
In Chyna and Olive's bedroom
Olive: To Chyna I know! We can call Fletcher as Fletcher and blow his tiny little mind!


Fletcher: You're not alone. Look, I know we fight all the time but I'm always here for you.
Olive: Thanks Fletcher. I needed that.

MeANT To Be[]

Olive: I knew you were still in love with her!

Chyna: Well can you blame him?" He's not going to just wake up one day and get over-

Fletcher: No! She means nothing to me.