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Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle


Best Friends
Broken Up

Ship Rivals

Flyna & Angive

Look, I know we fight all the time, but I'm always here for you.
— Fletcher in unwANTed
Fletcher and I are a couple now.
— Olive in MeANT to be?
I love you too.
— Fletcher in The new york experiANTs'

Folive (F/letcher and Olive) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle.

Folive is one of the most popular pairings from the show and has gained a lot of loyal shippers. Typically, when there are three best friends, the two that bicker and fight the most are the ones that end up together. (Seddie, Loliver, Romione, Channy, etc.) Olive teases Fletcher a lot, however, this may just be her way of showing her feelings about him. They do seem to be good friends and get along with each other most of the time. They had known each other for a long time before they met Chyna. Their relationship progresses throughout the series and eventually become an official couple in the remaining few episodes. As of The new york experiANTs, Fletcher and Olive are broken up, due to a choice Olive made for Fletcher, between herself and a prestigious art career opportunity; ending in Olive dumping Fletcher against her own wishes. Despite revealing to Fletcher that she dumped him for his sake and reconciling with a hug, Olive still refers to herself as single in the final scene of A.N.T. Farm.

I'll have you know, our bedtime's not till 8:30.

9:00 on weekends!
~Olive & Fletcher

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In PatANT Pending, they pretended to date and almost kissed. In Modeling AssignmANT, Fletcher and Olive have an entire subplot together. In EndurANTs, Olive says she teases Fletcher because she loves him. In Angus' first movemANT, they also share a subplot. In unwANTed they share their first kiss and started dating after Dixon broke up with Olive. Their relationship is complicated because they can go from friends to not friends in a drop of a hat. Sometimes Olive is kind and caring towards him and other times she's mean and violent towards him. Even though they don't act like it most of the time, they care about each other and they'll be there for each other whenever they need it. These two have many differences, but they always put their differences aside to help each other out. Folive can also be known as the "opposites attract" couple. They have so many differences, that it seems as if they are so incompatible with each other, and yet, they're best friends.

Dan Signer has hinted Folive in his tweets many times before. He has tweeted that we wanted "Folive," and he had some changes to make. He has tweeted the word, "Folive" too, but did say to ignore that tweet (this could be used to prevent any spoilers. On October 11th, 2013, the #FoliveFriday tag was being tweeted by many Folivers. Because of this, the ANT Farm wiki's twitter tweeted: "Folivers are tweeting: #FoliveFriday" and Dan Signer favorited the tweet.

People who ship or support Folive are called 'Folivers' because it sounds like the word 'followers'. Chyna Parks is revealed to be a Foliver in the episode PatANT Pending, because she seemed very excited when she thought Olive and Fletcher were dating. She called them her "two favorite sweethearts" and wanted them to kiss, showing she believes they belong together.

This pairing mainly rivals Flyna, (Fl/etcher and Ch/yna) and Angive (Ang/us and Ol/ive).

There is also a Folive Wiki.

For the real life pairing of Jake Short and Sierra McCormick, see Jierra.

Warning: Ship-warring will not be tolerated!


Fletcher's character is dorky, artsy and fun-loving, whereas Olive's is a bit to extreme and is intelligent. The pair's dynamic is teasing/bickering. Olive thoroughly enjoys to tease Fletcher whenever she can, and he enjoys bickering

Folive PhilANThropy1

with her back. Olive's teases usually don't offend Fletcher. He seems fine with it, but there are times where he appears hurt. Whenever Fletcher insults Olive, she gets easily offended and hurt. They don't usually fight, but when they do, it's because of something that offends the other.

The pair always find a chance to tease each other, whether it's in an offending way or a jokingly way. But, they always seem to get over it and act like it never happened. Even though Olive tends to slap him, or tackle him, or just hurt him physically in general, this could be just her way of hiding her feelings. She often grows jealous of Fletcher flirting with Chyna and has even shown hurt expressions when he does so. Hurting him might just be her way of hiding her real feelings, but that is unconfirmed.

Fletcher and Olive are really close, even though they bicker and argue. They're best friends and they may treat each other badly at times, but other times, they get along really well. They never seem to hurt each other in a way that could ruin their friendship, and all they really do is insult, which could possibly be their way of hiding their feelings. 

What Folive has is a strange relationship. They're best friends, and they bicker, but they also insult each other and act like they're not friends. They're very different from each other, but do find a way to help each out. In Season 1, Folive were close friends. They helped Chyna and each other out, and worked together on many things. In Season 2, they began bickering and teasing more often. They threw insults at each other, that's for sure, but they were still


close and still helped each other out. Olive even claimed that she "teases him because she loves him," but it is unsure whether she meant it platonically or romantically. In Season 3, they begin insulting each other more than they tease or bicker. Olive begins to become more violent and rude towards Fletcher and they act more mean to each other. However, they have had their moments being seen just talking to each other on the couch, or staring at each other in excitement. And even though Olive has hurt Fletcher physically, she is still seen caring for him and has shown concern whenever he gets hurt. She is even seen gazing at him and they've both been giving each other smiles and glances too. Back in Season 2, there was an episode where Olive made a quilt of her "favourite moments." She had so many pictures of Fletcher sewn onto it, and as of now, she has still kept the quilt in her bedroom at Z-Tech. These two are definitely an 'opposites attract' couple. They're so different, and yet, besides the insulting & Olive's violence, they are still best friends and haven't done anything to each other that is bad enough to ruin it.

Additional Names[]

  • Flive (Fl/etcher and Ol/ive)
    131025 0371 pre-1
  • Flolive (Fl/etcher and Olive)
  • Five (F/letcher and Ol/ive)
  • Oletcher (Ol/ive and Fl/etcher)
  • Fletive (Flet/cher and Ol/ive)
  • Fletchive (Fletch/er and Ol/ive)
  • Olicher (Oli/ve and Flet/cher)
  • Five (F/letcher and Ol/ive)
  • 127246 0207r2 ful-2 copy 8
    Olicher (Oli/ve and Flet/cher)
  • Flelive (Fle/tcher and O/live)
  • Quoyle (Qu/imby and D/oyle)
  • Quimble (Quimb/y and Doy/le)
  • Doby (Do/yle and Quim/by)
  • Duimby (D/oyle and Q/uimby)
  • Quimoyle (Quim/by and D/oyle)
  • Quimle (Quim/by and Doy/le)
  • Doyby (Doy/le and Quim/by)
  • Duimby (D/oyle and Q/uimby)
  • Quiboyle (Qui/mby and D/oyle)
  • Doyly (Doyl/e and Quimb/y)
  • Quidoyle (Qui/mby and Doyle)
  • Pumperdaphne(Pumper/nickle and Daphe)

Folive Moments            []

Season 1[]


  • They were the first A.N.T.s to befriend Chyna.
  • Throughout the episode they looked at each other many times.
  • When Fletcher said that Chyna was beautiful, Olive looked annoyed and jealous.
  • The beeswax statue that Fletcher was working on was of Olive.
  • Fletcher did not seem to mind that Olive insulted him.
  • Fletcher waits for Olive (and Chyna) before running out of the A.N.T. Farm.
  • They both say "RUN" at the same time. Meaning they've dealt with the hallways together before.
  • Olive wants to make sure Fletcher doesn't panic.
  • Olive slapped Fletcher in the face when he wanted to go save Angus.
  • Fletcher tried to grab Olive's shoulders.
  • Olive grabs his shoulders in the hallway.
  • When they were at the Parks Residence, Olive put her arm on Fletcher's shoulder. (Maybe she was trying to impress him by looking like a high schooler.)
  • Olive and Fletcher both dressed older, so they could have talked about it.
  • Fletcher and Olive high fived after they said their bedtimes, which means that they have the same bedtime and that they agree with each other.
  • Fletcher is seen with his arm around Olive's back after she says, "You let us down, Chyna, thanks a lot."
  • While Chyna was singing, Olive goes to work the lights. As she runs off, you see Fletcher's hand raised, maybe meaning he had his hand on Olive's back or shoulder.
  • When Fletcher tells Chyna it was mostly Olive who turned on her, Olive seems annoyed and upset that Fletcher is blaming her.
  • When Lexi called them freaks, Fletcher stood up for himself and for Olive. Then, Olive agreed with him.
  • When Olive splashes yogurt she could have said, "let's go" but instead she took his arm.
  • When Fletcher said he made many sculptures of Chyna, Olive looked down, crossed her arms, and rolled her eyes, meaning she was annoyed.
  • Gibson mistakes Fletcher and Olive for a married couple, and neither of them deny it. They just stare, almost mesmerized at each other.
  • At Lexi's party, around the time when Chyna is listing all the instruments she can play, if you look at olive and Fletcher, you can see they are standing so close they're hands are almost touching.
  • At the party when the party was ruined, they finished each other's sentences. Fletcher: We trusted you, Chyna. Olive: And you let us down. Thanks a lot.


  • Olive and Fletcher both show that they're afraid of the big kids.
  • Olive was looking for Fletcher because she said "Oh there you are Fletcher".
  • Olive wants to be at the End Hunger Today Club, (possibly because Fletcher is in it.)

The PhANTom Locker[]

  • Olive looks slightly annoyed when Fletcher comes running and hides behind Chyna, but, that means he'd rather Chyna feel Skidmore's wrath.
  • Fletcher leaned towards Olive when Principal Skidmore came.

SciANTs Fair[]

  • Fletcher looked back at Olive with a smile during class.
  • Fletcher looks at Olive when he says he got an A as well, maybe trying to impress her.
  • Fletcher is concerned when he sees Olive cutting a wedding dress, maybe thinking he wanted to see her in it.
  • Fletcher conferred with Olive with her project.
  • Olive looked annoyed when Fletcher said that he had a GPS system to track Chyna's every move.
  • When Principal Skidmore left, Fletcher stood next to Olive.
  • When Chyna was trying to think of something Olive was good for, Fletcher was looking at Olive with a smile.
  • Fletcher says Olive is right when she tells Chyna she won't be able to watch High Heels High.
  • When Chyna leaves after Olive tells her she can't watch High Heels High if she fails, Fletcher walks towards Olive
  • Fletcher looked worried when Olive was cutting up her wedding dress.

StudANT Council[]

  • When Olive is checking the rule book and the music for the musical chairs game pauses, Olive is upset because she lost as she read the book. Before the opening titles, you can see Fletcher and Olive shrug simultaneously.
  • When Chyna was about to leave the A.N.T. Farm, you can see that right when Fletcher stands up, and Chyna was about to pass by him, that Olive grabs her arm and pulls her away from him as if she is jealous.

Bad RomANTs[]

  • Olive helped Fletcher chew gum for his sculpture even though she knew that it was a way Fletcher could impress Chyna.
  • Fletcher knew that the gum wasn't sugarless, so he lied to Olive so that she'd help him with his sculpture.

The InformANT[]

  • Olive and Fletcher sat together at the lunch table.
  • They sat together again in the ANT Farm.
  • Olive giggled at Fletcher's cat outfit.
  • Olive said, "Oh no! My cat (Fletcher) got out!" saying "My Fletcher".
  • Olive knew Fletcher's middle name.
  • Fletcher didn't seem annoyed that Olive knew his middle name.
  • Olive didn't mind when Fletcher described her as having the gift of spouting random facts when no one's asking, she actually seems pleased.
  • Fletcher climbed in the trash can because Olive (and Chyna) didn't want to.
  • While they were waiting for "Charlie Brown" to come to reveal their "plan", Fletcher was standing on the ledge behind Olive, instead of waiting at the door with Chyna.
  • Fletcher and Olive both seemed amazed by 'Charlie Brown's dancing.
  • They were beside each other when they eavesdropped on 'Charlie Brown's phone call.
  • When Olive traced her neck with her finger, Fletcher asked, "Tickle his neck?"
  • Olive laughed at Fletcher's catsuit.
  • When Fletcher answered Chyna's question, he looked at Olive.


  • When Olive and Chyna came up to see Fletcher kissing the Chyna doll, Olive looked somewhat annoy​ed, hurt and jealous.
  • Fletcher called Olive a "robot inside of a human's body" which she thanked him for in a non-sarcastic voice.
  • When Angus tells Fletcher that if Nigel went after "my Olive", he'd be in a trash heap, Fletcher just looks at him, maybe knowing that Olive will never fall for him.


  • Fletcher asks Olive to sign his petition and is disappointed when she says no.
  • He frowns when Olive doesn't sign his petition.
  • Olive (and Chyna) went to the meeting to support Fletcher.
  • Fletcher sits next to Olive after telling people about the dinosaur nuggets.
  • When Angus asks if Olive will marry her, she declines, possibly meaning she wants to date Fletcher, although she may have been just annoyed.
  • Olive was amused by Fletcher's dinosaur outfit and claimed, "It was totally worth the wait".
  • Olive and Fletcher sit at the same lunch table.
  • Olive asks Fletcher how his petition is going


  • Olive and Fletcher take Home Ec. class together.

    Fletcher asking Olive to team up

  • At first, Fletcher and Olive sat next to each other during class.
  • Fletcher asked Olive to be his partner.
  • Olive seems upset when Fletcher leaves to be Paisley's partner.
  • Olive calls Fletcher decent.
  • Olive doesn't want Fletcher and Paisley to win; this could be seen as not wanting them to get together
  • Olive states that this wasn't the first time she's seen chicks run away from Fletcher.
  • Fletcher tells Olive to help him round up the chicks.
  • Olive doesn't want to go on the romantic dinner with Angus. Maybe she wanted to go with someone else, like Fletcher.


  • When Gibson tells them that he got fired, Fletcher and Olive simultaneously say, "What!?!" and look at each other.
  • Olive hits Fletcher in the arms twice for coming up with ideas and he seems really hurt.
  • When Chyna tells them that they have to make a plan to get Gibson back, Olive is sitting on a black chair and Fletcher is leaning on it.
  • Olive and Fletcher both drink the water glasses that Chyna was playing on.
  • When Olive is saying all the stuff Gibson's ever said to her, Fletcher's smiling.
  • When Chyna's pulling Gibson's Greatest Hits out of her hair, in the background Olive and Fletcher are passing the phone back and forth to each other and smiling.


  • Olive looked stunned when Fletcher's hands were on her shoulders.

    Staring in each other's eyes

  • The next day when Olive's facepaint was washed off, Fletcher said he couldn't look at her. Olive looked annoyed.
  • Olive threatened to beat Fletcher up after he insulted her. This could mean she was hurt by him calling her ugly.
  • Fletcher said Olive's face was beautiful.
  • When Fletcher shook Olive, she looked into his eyes, but quickly looked away. She seemed embarrassed.
  • Olive goes with Chyna to the art museum to help get Fletcher's stolen painting back, which means that Olive cares about Fletcher.
  • Olive yells and threatens Zanko to try and get Fletcher's painting back.
  • When Fletcher said that Zanko ripped him off, Olive immediately looks up from her work and seems concerned by this.

The ReplacemANT[]

  • When Skidmore was complaining about how Chyna got rid of a teacher, you can see Olive and Fletcher standing close to each other.
  • When Olive was freaking out about being the new history teacher for a short time Fletcher held both her arms and looked very worried.
  • When Olive starts out as a mean teacher the camera turns to Fletcher and you can see how he stares at her for a few seconds.
  • When Olive was shaking the spitballs off of her, Fletcher looked at her and kind of smiled.

CANTonese Style Cuisine[]

  • Olive rephrased Fletcher's words but added "because I love you", appearing to be kind of jealous from his crush on Chyna.
  • When Olive was saying the interesting factoid to the owner of the Smiling Resturant owner, Fletcher was smiling.

IgnorANTs Is Bliss[]

  • When Olive lost her memory, Fletcher looked worried.
  • Olive and Fletcher shook hands when Olive mistook his name as "terrible".
  • When Angus came and asked if Olive still remembers him, Fletcher had a serious frown face.
  • When Angus was trying to make Olive believe that he was her boyfriend, and tried to kiss her, Fletcher (and Chyna) looked shocked and were trying to stop Angus.
  • Fletcher looked concerned when Olive was trampled by the big kids.
  • When Chyna asked Olive what the capital of North Dakota is, and Olive gave the wrong answer, Fletcher was excited and happy because he thought Olive had her memory back.
  • When Fletcher was telling Olive that she is Olive, you can see him leaning into her a bit.
  • When Chyna and Fletcher found Olive at the kindergarten, he looked happy and was smiling.
  • When Fletcher said that Chyna was worried about her, you can see that there was a flash of hurt across her face.
  • When Chyna and Fletcher were leaving the kindergarten, Fletcher looked like he was going to cry. He looked upset, worried, and like he wanted to do something to help her get her memory back.
  • After Olive gave the speech and Angus hugged her, you can see Fletcher with his arms crossed, glaring at Angus, after he hugged Olive.
  • When Fletcher said that Chyna missed her, indicating that he didn't, he had a nervous smile on, like he was lying. Also, Olive looked hurt when he said that. Fletcher has known Olive for longer than Chyna, so he must have missed her, and he looked worried when she had lost her memory.
  • When Angus was trying to kiss Olive, Fletcher was making a face and trying to stop him; maybe he didn't want him to kiss Olive.
  • When Principal Skidmore was explaining that the doctor couldn't predict when or if Olive's memory would come back, Fletcher was the one who asked what would happen to Olive if her memory didn't come back. This could mean that Fletcher cares about what happens to Olive.

Slumber Party ANTics[]

  • When Fletcher was in Chyna's room with all the girls, you could see that when Fletcher's back was facing Olive, Olive was smiling while looking at Fletcher.

America Needs TalANT[]

  • When Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Cameron were helping Darryl get over his
    Tumblr inline mjxjs06Zku1qz4rgp
    fear of flying after Darryl yelled at Fletcher (as a baby) Olive (as his mother) hugged Fletcher.
  • When Darryl yells at Fletcher in the car, Fletcher cries and Olive looks at him, possibly wishing that she could comfort him like before but Chyna was in the way.
  • When Olive says "You know nothing about flirting" Fletcher looks hurt possibly because he's flirted with her in the past but failed.

SANTa's Little Helpers[]

  • Olive and Fletcher were looking, smiling, and agreeing with each other a lot.
  • Olive and Fletcher fist bump three times.
  • Olive mentions that Fletcher's plans are genius many times.
  • They sit very closely on the couch together.
  • Olive and Fletcher make fun of Skidmore together so much that even Chyna eventually got annoyed.
  • Instead of Fletcher saying that Chyna could get on his shoulders he suggested Olive get on his shoulders.
  • They both dressed like elves and came down the chimney together.
  • Fletcher and Olive were both messing around with toys when they were at the orphan house.
  • When Fletcher said they made toys as a team, he glanced at Olive.
  • When Olive and Fletcher went in for the group hug in the orphanage they put their arms around each other first.
  • This episode is considered the official Folive episode.
  • Olive didn't make fun of or insult Fletcher this episode.

Some EnchANTed Evening[]

  • Olive said that Chyna shouldn't lead Fletcher on and let him down easy, hinting that she didn't want him to get hurt.
  • Olive tells Chyna to say that she has a boyfriend, possibly hoping that Fletcher would stop liking Chyna and like her.
  • When Olive says "You shouldn't lead him on since he's totally in love with you" she seems very upset.
  • Olive rolled her eyes when she looked at the toy plane Fletcher got Chyna and she seemed even more upset when the plane spelled out "I Luv You"
  • Olive seemed shocked when Fletcher said he had a girlfriend.

    Olive's dream play with Fletcher

  • Olive said that she set up a double date between Chyna and her fake boyfriend and Fletcher and his fake girlfriend. Acting like she forgot that Chyna didn't have a boyfriend, but it was impossible for Olive to forget because of her eidetic memory and because she was the one that suggested Chyna tell Fletcher that she has a boyfriend.
  • Olive looks very nervous when Chyna asks her why she set up the double date.
  • When Chyna tells Olive that she doesn't really have a boyfriend Olive says "Oh........... then it won't be so fun", as if she had planned for their date to go badly.
  • Fletcher says that Olive convinced him to go on the double date and didn't know why he said yes to her.
  • When Fletcher called Olive and "evil sorceress" and Angus said, "Hot isn't it?" Fletcher nods a little, agreeing that Olive is hot.
  • Olive says that Fletcher has been asking a lot of questions about Chyna's boyfriend, implying that he talks to her a lot.
  • Olive told Fletcher exactly how Chyna met her boyfriend which only she could memorize, perhaps she didn't want the date to go well.
  • Olive looks jealous when she sees Fletcher hugging his fake girlfriend.

You're the One That I WANT[]

  • Fletcher and Olive are seen whispering closely to each other after the man walked in and unexpectedly cancelled their play.
  • Fletcher was in Olive's dream play.
  • When Lexi and Chyna are singing, Olive and Fletcher are seen dancing next to each other.


  • Fletcher is seen sitting on the armrest of the chair Olive was sitting in.
  • Fletcher stands very close to Olive and leans over her seat.
  • Fletcher backs Olive up on the suggestion to pretend to go see "The Happy Fuzzy Friends"
  • Fletcher and Olive sit on Chyna's bed together smiling and glancing at each other.

PatANT Pending[]

  • Fletcher and Olive get closer in this episode
  • Olive and Fletcher work on an invention together.
  • Olive puts her hand on Fletcher's shoulder twice.

    They ALMOST kissed

  • Olive was the one who wanted to exclude Chyna and Fletcher agreed.
  • Fletcher smiles when Olive says how much stuff they could buy at the 99 cents store instead of rolling his eyes like he usually does when Olive uses her eidetic memory.
  • Olive smiles when she says that Fletcher isn't her friend possibly because he's more than her friend.
  • Fletcher seems hurt when Olive says he isn't her friend.
  • Olive says 'exactly,' possibly hinting that she sees Fletcher as more than a friend, but rather as a crush.
  • Fletcher helps put Angus's hoodie over Olive.
  • Fletcher calls Olive his bud and hits her playfully in the arm.
  • Fletcher puts his arm around Olive.
  • Chyna thinks Fletcher and Olive are secretly dating, and they both go along with it.
  • Chyna hugs Olive and Fletcher because she's happy they're dating, implying that she agrees with Folive.

    His arm around her

  • Chyna calls Fletcher and Olive her two little sweethearts.
  • When Fletcher puts his arm around Olive and says she's all his Olive looks happy (but it might have just been fake).
  • Olive and Fletcher pretend to date.
  • Olive and Fletcher almost kiss (because Chyna supposedly wanted them to).
  • Fletcher seemed upset when Olive didn't kiss him.
  • Chyna said that she was very convinced that they were a couple and she spread the news around, implying (not necessarily that) yet again that Chyna doesn't like Fletcher and agrees with Folive.
  • Olive was hurt and seemed jealous and very disappointed when Fletcher voted for Chyna's idea.
  • Fletcher apologized when he realized he hurt Olive.
  • Olive was mad at Chyna, most likely because Fletcher picked Chyna's idea over hers.
  • When Olive said that she would rather pay half a billion dollars that kiss Fletcher, Chyna said that "if this is another plan to take down Vegas, they know your faces now." This implies that Fletcher and Olive have previously worked together before (to take down Vegas).
  • Olive slapped Fletcher in the face while demonstrating how a business could hurt a friendship. (this is the 4th time Olive slaps Fletcher.)
  • When Fletcher said: "Interesting factoid... I love her.", his voice grew serious.

Ballet DANTser[]

  • Olive uses Fletcher as an example when she is warning Violet not to go sit at the big kid's table.
  • It is shown in the flashback that Olive and Fletcher do sit together at lunch alone sometimes.
  • Olive doesn't want to tell Violet where Fletcher is at the end of the episode.
  • Olive leans on Fletcher when she sees Chyna talking with Lexi.
  • In the ANT's area, when Chyna is talking about how they failed to help Violet not be violent, Fletcher is sitting down beside, and looking at Olive who is standing.
  • The moment when Chyna asks Violet if she is sure that she wants to join ballet, Fletcher and Olive stand alone really close to each other at the back.
  • When Violet leaves and Olive approaches next to Chyna, Fletcher stands beside Olive and they make eye contact.
  • When Olive is talking about the difference between Queen Bees and Horses, Fletcher stares at her the whole time.
  • When Olive confesses she just bored herself talking too much, Fletcher smirks and nods his head.
  • Olive smiles when she sees Fletcher in a tutu in ballet class.
  • When Lexi is talking to Chyna about Violet in ballet class, Fletcher and Olive stand much closer next to each other.
  • When Olive thinks Lexi called her psychopath or something like that, Fletcher shook his head.
  • On the day of the recital and everyone is already dressed up, Olive is talking about how they arrived at the end of the road Fletcher is staring at her the whole time.
  • When Chyna asks how marrying would help, Fletcher said married people live longer, Olive agreed with him and he smiled at her again, thanking her. (This is a moment because she supported him, something she rarely does and that shows how she wants to see him happy.)
  • When Chyna leaves Fletcher and Olive to talk with Violet, they stand alone together and seem to be talking with each other.
  • When Violet hugs and says she loves Fletcher, he asks what and looks at Olive who appears scared and jealous.
  • It might be possible that Olive didn't want to tell Violet where Fletcher was because she was jealous.
  • Olive seemed sad after she told Violet where Fletcher is.
  • Fletcher calls and says he needs Olive when he gets hurt.
  • Fletcher looks defensive when they think Lexi was insulting Olive.
  • When Olive explains to Chyna that Fletcher and Lexi must kiss, she looks very disgusted possibly because she does not like the idea of Lexi kissing Fletcher.

Body of EvidANTs[]

  • Olive says she talked to her robot about Fletcher.
  • Fletcher calms Olive down after Hegel died.
  • Olive admits she mentions Fletcher at home.
  • Fletcher looks offended when he hears that Olive thinks that he's stupid.
  • Fletcher tries to calm Olive down at her robot's funeral.
  • Fletcher puts his hand on Olive's shoulder.
  • Olive's first flashback is of Fletcher.
  • Fletcher and Olive are seen sitting at the same table when Chyna is stating who was the murderer.
  • Olive doesn't look mad at Fletcher when he admits he murdered her robot.
  • Fletcher said that when Hegel called him stupid it really stung, but Olive said he heard it at home, meaning Fletcher is hurt when Olive calls him stupid.
  • They both look at Chyna accusingly.
  • He seems upset when Olive says Chyna is her best friend.

Season 2[]

Creative ConsultANT[]

  • When Fletcher and Angus are rolling out the red carpet, Olive thinks it's for her, meaning she thinks Fletcher (and Angus) would do that for her. However, she could have just been joking.
  • Fletcher called Olive a doof.


  • Fletcher looks at Olive when Skidmore tries to give them the baby.
    Tumblr mbxwrjKVHw1rhcplso2 250
  • Fletcher and Olive are standing next to each other.
  • Fletcher leaves the door open for Olive and smiles as she runs out.
  • Olive slaps Fletcher in the face before he could finish the joke.
  • Olive knew how the joke went and probably found it inappropriate. This means that Fletcher has told her the joke before (this is the 5th time Olive slaps Fletcher).
  • Olive slapped Fletcher in the face again to make the baby laugh. (this is the 6th time Olive slaps Fletcher.)
  • Olive mocked Fletcher when he said to the baby "Welcome to the A.N.T Farm!"

FANTasy Girl[]

  • Olive (and Chyna) take Fletcher's wallet and he doesn't seem to fight too much to get it back.[1]
  • Fletcher is sad when he let Olive (and Chyna) down trying to raise money.
  • When Olive says, "It's okay, we're used to it." Fletcher walks away very sad and disappointed.
  • Olive pretends Fletcher is dead (along with Chyna) to get more money for his artwork.
  • They eventually tell him the truth.
  • Fletcher told Chyna that Olive had taught him some moves, implying he asked her for help.

Modeling AssignmANT[]


He is smiling at her

  • Fletcher and Olive have a subplot together.
  • Fletcher smiles at Olive.
  • Fletcher and Olive are seen hanging out alone together outside of school.
  • Fletcher and Olive both want to and work together to make Lexi miserable.
  • Fletcher and Olive went to a restaurant three times together.
  • They do not give each other one insult the entire episode.
  • The two of them didn't mention Chyna at all.
    Copy (35) of Untitled-Scanned-01
  • Olive comments to Fletcher that prison changed him in an impressed tone. They are side staring at each other
  • Besides Ballet DANTser and PatANT Pending this was a very Folive shipped episode because they helped each other without mentioning Chyna or insulting each other.
  • There was a lot of eye contact and smiling at each other. They also spent 
  • Fletcherolivecutee2
    most of the time sitting and standing together.
  • Each time Fletcher and Olive walked into Hippo's restaurant, Fletcher opens the door for Olive.
  • Fletcher listened to Olive without complaining.
  • When Olive complimented Fletcher, he seemed happy to please Olive.


  • Fletcher and Olive stand next to each other a lot and give each other looks and smiles and there is a Folive side hug

    Side hug

    in this episode.
  • When people are chasing Chyna because she is the one to blame for the shut down of the internet, Fletcher and Olive are standing close to each other, and both have their arms crossed, at the same time looking at Chyna.
  • When Chyna talks about rebooting, Olive stares at Fletcher, like she is waiting for his opinion.
  • Once again, before Fletcher asks Chyna how could they cross the street without looking for instructions online, Olive looked at Fletcher and listened to him without complaining.
  • When Fletcher asks how are they supposed to do their school work without the internet, he looks at Olive.
  • Fletcher hugs Olive sideways when they are in the library and find the skeleton of the librarian.
  • Fletcher and Olive (along with Angus) laugh at the rock e-mail.
  • When Olive replies to the rock e-mail and throws it back breaking another window, she turns to Fletcher smiling and raising her shoulders which Fletcher nods to, agreeing with her.
    Copy (66) of Untitled-Scanned-01
  • When Chyna is in the ANTernet, Olive is sitting in front of Fletcher who is standing behind her, looking down at her.
  • While Chyna and Angus are inside the screen of the ANTernet, Fletcher is standing next to Olive.
  • When Chyna is playing the keyboard cat, Fletcher smiles and turns to look at Olive who smiles back.
  • Fletcher and Olive stand next to each other when Chyna is playing the keyboard cat.
  • When Olive is saying "shhh" Fletcher is staring at her.
  • Olive didn't pull away from Fletcher when he hugged her scared.
  • When the skeleton's head falls and the four of them (Olive, Fletcher, Chyna, and Angus) scream, Olive takes a step towards Fletcher and leans closer to him.
  • By the time people are entering the library, Olive and Fletcher are standing really close to each other.
  • Fletcher seems to be checking out Olive when she is explaining to Paisley what penguins are.
  • Olive didn't care when Fletcher broke his arm at his birthday party.
  • Olive didn't care that Fletcher broke his arm at his birthday party so that means Fletcher invited Olive to his birthday party.

The ANTagonist[]

Copy (44) of Untitled-Scanned-01
  • Olive showed up at Fletcher's premiere party.
  • Olive said it was great of Chyna to make a premiere party for Fletcher.
  • Olive touches Fletcher's shoulders and smiles.
  • Olive says Fletcher's character of the bothersome know it all is "hilarious".
  • When Olive has her hands on fletchers shoulders Fletcher seemed to be staring at her.
  • When Olive takes her hands off Fletcher's shoulders and walks away, Fletcher was smiling really big like "I can't believe she grabbed my shoulders!"
  • Olive looks really bothered and hurt when she finds out Fletcher has been making fun of her in his animated story.
  • Gihkj

    Fletcher hurts Olive's feelings

    Olive looks like she's about to cry when she finds out what Fletcher has been doing.
  • Olive says "I can't believe Fletcher!" twice in the episode, meaning she genuinely thought Fletcher cared about her more.
  • Olive claims that they're friends.
  • Olive admits she teases Fletcher to his face as friends do.
  • Olive seems mad when Fletcher thinks Chyna said he smells bad.
  • Fletcher seems mad when Olive thinks Chyna said she didn't like what she was wearing.

    Fletcher apologizes and Olive smiles

  • When they were in the "court" and were told to go to the 
  • bench, Olive glances at Fletcher, then looks away and Fletcher does the same.
  • They sit next to each other at the bench.
  • Both Fletcher and Olive were going to hug, just the two of them but Chyna cut in.
  • Fletcher and Olive decide to make fun of Chyna instead.
  • Fletcher sounds very sincere when he apologizes.
  • Fletcher and Olive glance at each other when Chyna is singing.
  • Olive smiles when Fletcher apologizes.
  • Fletcher's character threw bread crumbs at Chyna for Olive.
  • The only character merchandised was Pimento, based off of Olive. He was even wearing a hat with a P on it.


  • Copy of Copy of Francez
    Copy of Franceza 0005
    Olive didn't care about Neville.
  • Olive seems distraught when she learns Fletcher is in the wilderness.
  • Olive said "I tease him because I love him," admitting to loving Fletcher.
  • No one except for Olive gave helpful information while looking for Fletcher.
  • Olive admits to teasing Fletcher.
  • Fletcher saves everyone including Olive.
  • Olive looks happy while recapping the day she met Fletcher.
  • Olive crosses her arms angrily while Chyna is talking to Fletcher about his assistance, maybe because she wants to talk.
  • Olive seems happy when the boomerang knocks Chyna out before she can say she likes Fletcher.
  • When Olive said she loved him, she may have meant it meaning 'more than a friend', because she says she doesn't love Angus, who is her friend.
  • Olive looked happy and impressed when Fletcher saved them from the emus.


  • Fletcher (and Chyna) help Olive ride a bike without training wheels.
  • Fletcher calms Olive down by saying "It's like riding a bike!"
  • When Olive starts to panic, Fletcher puts his hand on her back to comfort
    Copy (53) of Untitled-Scanned-01
  • Olive seems upset that she may never see Fletcher (and Chyna) ever again.
  • When Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus group hug, Fletcher is behind Olive, hugging her with his head on her shoulder.
  • Fletcher didn't try to make a move on Chyna at all in this episode, despite Chyna wearing a dress, possibly hinting his "crush" on her is fading.
  • Fletcher and Olive sit close together twice.
  • Olive jokingly says Fletcher looks like an idiot.
  • Fletcher leans close to Olive while trying to save the art and music program.
  • Copy (63) of Untitled-Scanned-01
    Olive lightly touches Fletcher's arm to get past him.
  • Olive: "Don't play dumb, that's Fletcher's game!" Fletcher: "Yeah!" (he wasn't even offended).
  • When Olive was showing Chyna and Fletcher how Principal Skidmore was doing yoga, Fletcher was looking at her the entire time.
  • Fletcher and Olive look at each other while Chyna is singing.
  • Olive looks at Fletcher while Principal Skidmore was singing and dancing.
  • At the very end of the episode, when Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus walk through the door, Fletcher puts his arm around Olive. 
  • When Angus says "This must be awkward for you Fletcher." Olive pulls away from Angus.
  • Fletcher says Olive including Chyna and Angus is the reason he likes coming to school. 
  • This means that before Chyna came, Olive was the reason he came to school.


  • Olive shows Fletcher her IQ score.
  • Fletcher teasingly says "Haha" to Olive for having a lower score than him.
  • Fletcher suggested Olive should retake the IQ test, probably thinking it's impossible for Chyna to have a higher score than Olive and providing a solution and cause for the problem.
  • He watched her leave the Farm.
  • When Olive and Paisley walk through the door, Fletcher is staring at Olive as he nervously touches his hair.
  • When Olive asked Chyna if she was stupid, Fletcher jokingly says "Yes" and Olive looked upset.
  • Cmantzi102

    Fletcher smiling at Olive

    When Olive says she wants to help out Chyna, Fletcher says "Good, because she stinks".
  • Fletcher was cheering Olive on to win the Decathlon.
  • Fletcher smiles at Olive a lot in this episode.
  • Fletcher was surprised that Olive didn't get a good score on her IQ when she defeated everyone.
  • Fletcher grabs Angus's shoulder and pulls him back, asking him if he changed Olive's IQ score, possibly annoyed at the fact that Angus wants Olive to go out with him, and crosses his arms many times in anger. He was also the first to figure out Angus's plan. The trio runs after Angus in the end.
  • Fletcher didn't try to hit on Chyna at all throughout the entire episode, especially since they had a lot of scenes together. On the contrary, he criticizes her many times and constantly puts pressure on her.
  • When Fletcher goes to talk to Olive and Paisley outside right beforehand he fixes his hair, then Olive turns to Fletcher smiling, he could have wanted to look good for Olive.
  • Fletcher was happy Olive got her confidence back.
  • As Chyna lists Olive's qualities, Fletcher 's smile widens.
  • He is seen wearing a shirt that somewhat represents the yin yang symbol, and they're the yin to each other's yang. Brunette and blond, art and intellect. ..

SignificANT Other[]

  • Olive was wearing a yellow shirt and red pants, while Fletcher was wearing a red shirt and yellow pants.
  • Fletcher was going to dance for Olive dressed like her favorite president.
  • Many Folivers like to think Olive's meltdown was her reaction to Fletcher and Chyna dating.

Detective AgANTcy[]

  • There was a police cat, which is the Folive animal.

    First bump

  • There was a long conversation about popcorn, the Folive food.
  • Fletcher and Olive were making a pie together.
  • When Fletcher asks "how about why won't Chyna love me?", Olive looks shocked and jealous.
  • Fletcher kept turning to Olive when he says "What?! heh, who said that?!".
  • Both Fletcher and Olive raised their hand when Chyna asked, "What, who doesn't like the tuba?".


  • Fletcher and Olive kept looking at each other.
  • They were both wearing colorful clothes, which makes a rainbow, the Folive color.
  • Fletcher and Olive (with Chyna), help her dad to follow his dreams.
  • Fletcher and Olive stand very close next to each other throughout the entire episode.
  • Fletcher and Olive were both laughing when Chyna was making tuba noises.
  • Fletcher leans closer to Olive (and Chyna) in the car.

    More jealousy

  • Fletcher and Olive fist bump twice.
  • When Principal Skidmore's statue said R.I.P Fletcher makes a joke by saying, "Oh, so you just imprinted what was on the inside". After that everyone started laughing and Olive and Fletcher fist bump.
  • Fletcher and Olive had their 5th fist bump.

ScavANTger Hunt[]

  • Olive would rather have Fletcher on her team than Cameron.
  • Olive was really upset when Chyna didn't pick Fletcher.
    Tumblr mepx3oZgd61r7u08h

    Olive looks hurt

  • Olive ran to Fletcher when Mrs. Mill walked into the room like a zombie.
  • Olive and Fletcher were holding on to each other.
  • Fletcher and Olive were both choking on historical farts.
  • Fletcher and Olive were both wearing colorful clothing.
  • Chyna didn't want Fletcher on her team.
  • Fletcher and Olive were next to each other when they were playing charade.
  • Olive was grabbing Fletcher's foot.
  • They were beside each other while doing charades.
  • Olive held onto Fletcher's leg.

ChANTs of a Lifetime[]

  • Fletcher hit Olive in the head with the beach ball.

    Fletcher in his high pitched voice

  • Olive seemed hurt when Fletcher asked where they were going to get a woman.
  • Fletcher said that he wouldn't date Olive unless they were the last two people on earth, which technically means he would date her.
  • Olive seemed hurt because she wasn't Fletcher's second choice.
  • When Fletcher said he wanted someone to crush on, he looked at Olive hopefully.
  • Cmantzn022

    Fletcher cheering Olive up

    Fletcher and Olive were both in the crowd cheering for Chyna.
  • Fletcher and Olive kept smiling and looking at each other.
  • Fletcher said that Olive may not be all that feminine but she was a girl and Olive was hurt by that.
  • During the group hug, Olive leaned her head against Fletcher's.
  • Fletcher was trying to cheer Olive up when she was hyperventilating and was smiling at her the entire time.
  • Olive looks worried when Fletcher got hit by a fish.
  • When Fletcher handed Chyna his exam, Olive looked lovingly.

Early RetiremANT[]

  • When Fletcher first appeared in the episode, he acknowledged Olive before anyone else.
  • Fletcher seemed like he was trying to impress Olive by showing her a large number of cement blocks he was going to break.
  • Fletcher and Olive stood next to each other while Principal Skidmore walked away.
  • Fletcher was offended when Olive said he wasn't coordinated.
  • When Fletcher got out of the ball pit, he could have gone beside Chyna, but he went beside Olive instead.
  • Fletcher tells Olive "Your time is today, you were here this morning."


  • Olive's quilt was mostly about Fletcher and his embarrassing moments.
  • Fletcher (sarcastically) smiled at Olive at the end.
  • Fletcher hid inside Olive's locker.
  • Olive knew Fletcher too well and outsmarted him.
  • When Fletcher asked Olive "Hey,  what's that supposed to be?" She told him they were her favorite moments.
  • Fletcher tried chasing Olive to destroy the quilt.
  • Fletcher was annoyed when Olive wouldn't stop babbling.
  • Olive teased Fletcher and asked if the quilt made him look foolish or if his foolishness made him look foolish.
  • Fletcher eventually was okay with Olive showing the quilt to everyone.
  • When Fletcher fell, Olive seemed worried.
  • Olive teased Fletcher about his first kiss.
  • Fletcher video-chatted Olive.
  • Fletcher said Olive worked so hard on her quilt and should take a break.
  • They both applauded Chyna.
  • When Fletcher asked "How many memories are on that thing?", Olive said "All of it".
  • Fletcher had rainbow paint splattered onto his face, which is the Folive color.
  • At the end of the episode, Fletcher and Olive laughed at each other.
  • Olive made her pet ferret Bitey attack Fletcher.

IdANTity Crisis[]

  • From the beginning of the episode, Fletcher teased Olive about her imitation skills.
  • Fletcher and Olive were really close to each other when they were watching Skidmore.
  • Fletcher wanted to control Chyna's body, but Olive didn't want to give him the controls.
  • Olive teased Fletcher about his imitation skills when they were in Chyna's body.
  • Fletcher was trapped inside of Olive.
  • Fletcher (inside of Olive) told Olive (inside of Chyna) to stop singing.
  • After Chyna finished the story, Fletcher looked at Olive.
  • Olive seemed annoyed when Fletcher asked Chyna out.
  • After Chyna imitated Skidmore, Fletcher looked surprised at Olive, then he started to scream along with the rest of the ANTs and they all fled.
  • When Fletcher was looking through Chyna's crushes, he couldn't find his name.



Olive rebuking Fletcher about grammar

  • When Chyna corrected Fletcher about Olive liking puns, he looked down at the table and his smile disappeared, possibly because he didn't want them together.
  • Fletcher puts on a blindfold when he was told he had to be attracted to Olive.
  • When Olive was flirting with Fletcher, she ran her finger on his chest.
  • Olive apparently didn't object to flirt with Fletcher.
  • Fletcher seemed shocked Graham was her boyfriend.
  • Fletcher looked a little jealous of Graham after he gives Olive a radish kiss.
  • Olive and Fletcher argued about grammar, and Olive started yelling.
  • Fletcher looked confused when Olive was yelling at him.
  • Fletcher tried to defend Olive, but Chyna interrupted him.
  • Fletcher showed that he cares about Olive much more than he imagined.
  • Fletcher was upset he had to act like a slob. It probably was for Olive, because Olive wasn't in on the plan.

Season 3[]


  • Fletcher and Olive were really close together when they got accepted to the new boarding school.
  • Olive got close to Fletcher when they were looking at their phones.
  • Olive looked happy when Fletcher also got into the boarding school.
  • Fletcher put his hand on Olive's back for a second.
  • Fletcher made Olive vomit as payback for throwing him off the elevator.
  • Untitledhj
    When Fletcher told Olive to give him the cheese, she threw him 8 feet off the elevator.
  • Olive told Fletcher about Chyna not getting accepted into the school.
  • Fletcher made Olive tell him Chyna didn't get in the school because he said "Sup Olive."
  • Fletcher and Olive were really happy when Chyna finally got into the school.
  • Olive wanted to play with model trains with Fletcher.
  • When Chyna told Olive and Fletcher to just sit and watch, they sat really close together.
  • Fletcher and Olive kept glancing at each other while Chyna sang.
  • Olive teased Fletcher by saying she just threw up cause she saw his face.
  • Olive yelled at Fletcher saying that nobody cared while he was talking about painting without paint and he quietly sat down.
  • Olive kept the quilt she made of her memories of Fletcher in InfluANTces.
  • Fletcher talked like Olive when he was describing painting without paint.
  • Olive kept the ladder to be easier for Fletcher to come down.
  • You can see while Chyna is singing that they scooted awkwardly away from each other.
  • When they were all gathered together trying to figure out how to use the elevator, Fletcher's hand was on Olive.
  • Fletcher told Olive to give him her cheese.
  • They helped Chyna find a way to join the school.
  • At first, they were the only two who got into the school.
  • They smiled at each other when Olive realized the barf gun did work.
  • Olive put her hand on Fletcher's shoulder.
  • Olive and Fletcher tried to convince Zoltan to let Chyna stay at the school.
  • They both hugged Chyna.
  • They both took beds on the left of the room.


  • Olive yelled at Fletcher to zip it 3 times.
  • Fletcher teased Olive after she said that she read dozens of parenting books so her parents could raise her to be the perfect child and Fletcher said what went wrong and she yelled: "Zip it, Fletcher!".
  • Every time Olive yelled at Fletcher, he sat down silently and didn't argue.
  • Chyna thinks Fletcher smells bad.
  • Fletcher agreed with some of Olive's rules.
  • When Olive finds out they lied, she wasn't looking at Chyna or Zoltan, but at Fletcher, so you can tell she was especially hurt about Fletcher lying.
  • Olive kept the quilt she made of her memories of Fletcher in InfluANTces InfluANTces.

animal husbANTry[]

  • Olive leaned closer to Fletcher when Chyna sprayed her.
  • Olive smiled when Fletcher did his "cute pose".
  • They gave each other death glares when Chyna said she was there with her best friend, and they both said "Thank you".
  • They were both scared of the alligator.
  • When Fletcher was covered in leeches, Olive asked him if he was okay in a concerned tone.
  • Olive told Fletcher that the chicken needed to be alive in order for the alligator to consume it.
  • Fletcher put on a "chicken" show for Olive.
  • Olive paid to see Fletcher do stand up.
  • Olive teased Fletcher that he couldn't even stand up.
  • Cmantzu27
    Fletcher seemed really excited to tell Olive his news and probably never told Chyna.
  • Olive seemed bored during Fletcher's stand up but didn't leave.
  • Fletcher hasn't been flirting with Chyna lately, hinting he's moving on.
  • Fletcher was wearing a rainbow-ish shirt.
  • They glanced at each other when Chyna wanted to take care of the animals.
  • They stood very close to each other when Chyna wanted to take care of the animals.
  • They glanced again when Chyna said the chicken and her hate eating chicken.
  • When the alligator scared the group Olive's arm touches Fletcher.

Secret agANT[]

  • Fletcher thought dating Kennedy was a good idea, even after Angus said she talks a lot (Olive likes to talk a lot).
  • Fletcher, from a distance, looked at Olive when she was dressed up for Dixon.
  • Fletcher watched Olive ride off with Dixon on the helicopter.

Past, presANT, and future[]

Past, presant, future
  • When Zoltan introduced his younger self, Fletcher and Olive were standing beside each other.
  • They were both amazed by the younger Zoltan.
  • Olive turns to Fletcher, smiles then turns back to the teenage Zoltan and Zoltan.
  • Olive glanced at Fletcher with a confused expression while the young and old Zoltan were bickering.
  • When Fletcher asked about how the past was like, Olive turns to him
    N bhunu
  • Afterwards, Olive replied, "It's the past."
  • He smiles at her and responds with, "I know, it's just that I don't pay attention in history class".
  • When teen Zoltan was complimenting Chyna and saying how she was talking to him, Olive glances at Fletcher.
  • Fletcher grabbed onto Olive's arm in the promo.
  • When Chyna was telling teen Zoltan how he shouldn't stay and Olive went to the other side of Chyna, she shoved Fletcher harshly.
  • Perhaps Olive said "WHAT?!" because she didn't want anything brewing between Fletcher and Chyna.
  • Fletcher and Olive had a conversation that was argue-free.
  • When Chyna refused to date her, Olive looked with a disapproving face.
  • When Olive jumped over to Chyna and Fletcher, Fletcher (and Chyna) caught her.
  • Fletcher looked like he wanted to comfort Olive when she said she wanted their Chyna back and looked upset.
  • Olive gave him a look when he said he was going to be the groom.
  • Fletcher was upset when Olive wanted him gone.
  • When Olive speaks after Chyna is back at the end, Fletcher seems to be staring at her, full attention.
  • When Fletcher was upset after Chyna said she would never love him, Olive gave him a comforting pat on the shoulder and a comforting smile.
  • When Chyna and old Chyna were talking, they gave each other a glance.
  • At the end, Olive says that she would call Fletcher and tell him about Chyna's dream.
  • Olive kept her blanket from InfluANTces.

Angus' first movemANT[]


Olive tries to get Fletcher's attention

  • Olive sighed 3 times to get Fletcher's attention.
  • They have their all subplot together.
  • This chapter shows one of the greatest proofs that Olive could be in love with Fletcher.
  • Olive looked hurt when Fletcher told her to go away.
  • Fletcher was laughing at Olive and told her she lost her mind.
  • Olive chased Fletcher around trying to stuff him in a basket of snakes cause he told the brain teaser wrong.
  • Olive looks upset when Fletcher said "I wish I never even met you".
  • Olive never gave up on the brain teaser, which could be seen as not giving up on Fletcher.
  • Olive dressed like Cleopatra, meaning she could want Fletcher to be her Antonio.
  • They both stared at the fireplace turning on and off, glanced at each other and shrugged.

Unforeseen circumstANTs[]

  • One of the reasons Fletcher wants to break up with Kennedy could possibly be that he wants to be with Olive more.
  • Olive was originally giving Fletcher a present.
  • Chyna told Kennedy she wasn't trying to steal her boyfriend, maybe because she thinks that Olive likes him.
  • Olive was studying in Angus' room (Fletcher's room).
  • Olive beat Fletcher like a piñata.
  • Kennedy said to Chyna, "like every girl, you find Fletcher irresistible!" By saying "every girl," she could be referring to Olive being included in the statement.

PANTs on fire[]

  • When Fletcher asks Chyna if she's madly in love with him, she replies with no (hinting Folive might happen later on).
  • When Chyna tried to tell Olive she couldn't tell the truth, she said she was in love with Fletcher. Olive immediately discovered she was lying.
  • Olive seemed upset that Chyna was spending time with Fletcher.
  • Fletcher didn't seem too happy Olive chose Chyna over him.
  • Olive said she likes to talk, maybe to Fletcher.
  • Olive threatened to break up with Dixon, meaning she wasn't afraid to actually do it.

Product misplacemANT[]

  • Olive stood next to Fletcher when Zoltan told the prodigies he had something amazing to show them.
  • They looked at each other.
  • They kept glancing at each other.
  • Olive smiled at Fletcher when she glanced.
  • They looked at each other excitedly after hearing the news of getting the new Z-phone.
  • Olive used Fletcher in her alibi.
  • They both had ideas for sneaking past Winter.
  • She wished she had a nemesis, which means Fletcher isn't her nemesis.
  • Olive seemed to be talking to Fletcher, and she was smiling.
  • Olive just corrected him and did not insult him.
  • Olive wanted to call Fletcher.
  • Fletcher seemed upset that Olive didn't invite him.

MutANT farm 3[]

  • They were beside each other when their mutant-selves came.
  • Their mutant-selves were next to each other too.
  • They were working next to each other on the relay-line.
  • They were next to each other before entering the portal.
  • When Olive said Fletcher was the only one who would stay in high school forever, he didn't take it as an insult. Instead, he agreed with her.
  • They're mutANT-selves worked next to each other on the relay-line
  • They were beside each other most of the episode.
  • They didn't fight/bicker this episode. 

Feature presANTation[]

  • It is possible that Fletcher didn't want Cameron because he was jealous.
    Folive fp
  • Even though Fletcher was covered in blood, Olive didn't seem scared.
  • They sat next to each other on the couch.
  • On the couch, they were talking to each other.
  • They both asked Chyna who was coming and guessed who it was.
  • When Fletcher guessed, Olive clarified his guess, explaining he was wrong.
  • Fletcher replied, not feeling offended.
  • They looked at each other trying to figure out who Chyna was talking about.
  • They looked disappointed when they found out it was Cameron. 
  • They walked away from Chyna in the same direction.

FinANTial crisis[]

  • As soon as Olive points, Fletcher's Z-Phone explodes
    Folive FC
  • When Zoltan showed that he had no shirt, Fletcher gagged, leaning towards Olive.
  • Olive said Fletcher said the stupidest things.
  • Fletcher was dressed as a "caution" sign, which Olive loved when Chyna got her one.
  • Olive shut the door in Fletcher's face, which Fletcher didn't like.
  • Fletcher hitting his head made Olive laugh.
  • Fc folive
    Fletcher and Olive were next to each other, talking to Angus and Lexi.
  • Olive didn't say anything when Fletcher was obviously annoying her.
  • Olive ruled out Fletcher first.
  • Fletcher and Olive were also next to each other while talking to Mr. Grundy.
  • Olive seemed jealous of Kennedy.
  • Kennedy admitted not to like Fletcher, meaning there is a possibility for Folive.
  • Fletcher and Olive were ruled out first.
  • Olive looked mad with Kennedy.

SilANT night[]

  • In the promo, they had their arms around each other.
  • Olive smiled at Fletcher while they were all singing.
  • They kept glancing at each other.
    IMG 0792
  • When Fletcher gave Olive a Christmas card, he was smiling.
  • Olive was smiling when Fletcher was opening his present from her.
  • When Olive and Fletcher released each other from the hug, Fletcher's hand slightly lingers around Olive's back when he lets go.
  • This episode reveals Olive gave Fletcher a book in their previous Christmas.
    Download (3)
  • Olive smiled when Fletcher told his joke.
  • Fletcher stared/looked at Olive many times.
  • Fletcher teased Olive many times, and usually when someone teases their friends it usually means they like them.
  • Fletcher told Mr.Grundy 'Could you make the hologram look like anyone' and he was motioning his head to Chyna, and it seems he was trying to make Olive jealous.
  • Olive gave a special present to Fletcher.
  • They sat next to each other when Chyna was praising herself.
  • They were standing next to each other during the song.


  • Olive had her quilt this episode.  
  • When Fletcher walks into the courtyard, he sees Olive and says, "hey Olive."
  • Olive greeted him back and assumed that Chyna sent him up to find her.
  • After Fletcher explained his previous situation to her, she said, "eh, that's nice."
  • Fletcher then asked, "what? You're not going to make fun of me or call me stupid?" After that, he immediately knew something was wrong.
  • UnwANTed13
    Olive told Fletcher that she got dumped.
  • When Olive sat up and walked to the railing, Fletcher followed her and said, "I l know how you feel." And mentioned how he was also dumped by Kennedy.
  • He explained to her that she was going to go through some phases and at first she'll feel like a total loser. 
  • Olive asked him what happens afterwards, and he said, "I don't know, I've been stuck in this phase for a while."
  • She laughed at his reply.
  • After she said, "it's not easy being alone," Fletcher told her that she's not alone.
  • He said to her, "look, I know we fight all the time but, I'm always here for you."
  • Olive smiled at him.
  • They hugged.
  • After the hug, they stare at each other.
  • Fletcher kisses Olive on the cheek.
  • Olive pulls away, surprised, and yells, "What just happened?!"
  • Fletcher, also surprised, responds with, "your face bumped into my lips!" 
  • She says to him, "No! No, you kissed me.." And after her pause, she said, "I don't feel like vomiting?!"
  • He looks at her and says, "me neither! What is happening?"
  • When Chyna comes, both Fletcher and Olive look nervous. Olive, with a fake smile on her face, slowly moved away from Fletcher to talk to Chyna.
  • Kisslipstry
    After Chyna asks Olive if she could ever forgive her, she answered with, "yea! Of course! Cause..that's what friends do! They kiss and makeup!" Olive was referring to Fletcher in this statement "and by that I mean they reconcile cause why would you literally kiss me? Or anyone kiss me? Especially Fletcher!" Fletcher and Olive both do nervous actions after that.
  • Fletcher was the one to put olives heart back together.
  • Fletcher was annoyed when Chyna was explaining how Olive was head-over-heels over Dixon, and said, "the lady said she's over him!"
  • After Chyna leaves, Fletcher asks Olive, "soo...what now?" She replies with, "well, we could either talk endlessly about the kiss and what it means, or we could just pretend it never happened."
  • Fletcher counters with, "or we could kiss again." Olive agrees to this with no questioning.
  • They almost share a real kiss.
  • Right before they kiss, a unicycle guy interrupts them and Olive angrily shouts at him, telling him that they were trying to have a moment. 
  • Throughout the episode, Chyna keeps telling Olive she deserves someone who actually loves her. And that someone turned out to be Fletcher.
  • Just before Fletcher kisses Olive on the cheek, it looked like he was looking at her lips.
  • When Fletcher kisses Olive on the cheek, just before the camera shows the kiss, it looked as if they actually kissed for real.
  • Olive and Fletcher officially start dating in this episode.
  • When Fletcher kissed Olive, he pulled her closer to him

MeANT to be?[]

  • Fletcher asks Olive about her stocks.
  • Olive's hand was on his shoulder.
  • Olive said that she kissed Fletcher, which probably meant they kissed on the lips.
  • Olive said kissing Fletcher was like getting mauled by a bear, which usually led to success and happiness.
  • They shared a tight hug.
  • Fletcher apologized for acting like she took his wallet.
  • Olive forgave him.
  • Olive and Fletcher act like they hate each other.
  • Olive and Fletcher suggested staying alone with only each other and having a "makeup" session.
  • Olive and Fletcher chorused their screams.
  • Olive was extremely upset over Fletcher's fall.
  • Olive was extremely relieved when Chyna revealed that Fletcher was okay.
  • Olive hugged Fletcher and kissed him several times, ironically, every inch of his face but the lips. SO close!
  • After sharing a silent look type conversation and a shrug w/ Fletch, Olive announced, "Fletcher and I are a couple now." - there were BOTH smiling.
  • Angus felt threatened, knowing their love was big time.
  • Chyna was elated of them dating.
  • Olive must have liked him a lot to have been worried about him not liking her.
  • Olive called herself Fletcher's girlfriend and Fletcher her own boyfriend.
  • Fletcher didn't show much of an interest when Chyna flirted with her.
  • Fletcher said to Chyna, "Sorry Chyna, you missed the boat. It's Olive's boat now. I'm the boat!"
    FOLIVE Hug highres2copy

    Folive hug

  • He commented on Olive's outfit (when Chyna was wearing it) and said that she was gussying herself up, showing that he believed Olive's outfit was a more interesting outfit than Chyna's.
  • Fletcher called Olive's factoids sweet.
  • Fletcher seemed proud to be with Olive, calling her sweet(er), cute(r), and smart(er) than Chyna, his previous crush.
  • Fletcher said that since his old crush (Chyna) didn't him back, it was the best thing that happened to him because he ended up with someone (Olive) that was "so much better than her."
  • Olive looked happy with what Fletcher said about her.
  • When Chyna said, "Well I bet the first girl was really cute and sweet and smart too," Fletcher replied with, "No, not really."
  • Olive realized that Fletcher was over Chyna after testing him.
  • Fletcher greeted Olive with, "Hey my Ol-ove."
  • Fletcher got Olive a Fletcher for their two-day anniversary.
  • Olive was happy Fletcher got her a present.
  • Fletcher called Olive attractive.
  • Fletcher didn't verbally say her singing was bad.
  • Olive was jealous.
  • Olive was mad when she believed Fletcher was still in love with Chyna.
  • Fletcher was annoyed when Olive said, "I knew you were still in love with her!" since it wasn't true.
  • After Olive told Fletcher he was still in love with Chyna, he told her that Chyna meant nothing to him.
  • Fletcher kept moving towards Olive as he spoke which caused Olive to take steps back.
  • Fletcher was moving really close to Olive's face.
  • Chyna explained to them that they never would've schemed against each other if they didn't really like each other. They also didn't deny it.
  • When Olive said, "We should be mad at you," to Chyna, Fletcher nodded in agreement with her.
  • They both had their arms crossed.
  • They tied Chyna together.
  • They both blamed Chyna.

The new york experiANTs[]


Fletcher's painting of the girl he loves.


For Olive, breaking up with Fletcher hurts her more than it does him.

  • They were standing next to each other.
  • Olive put a comforting hand on Fletcher after Lexi seemingly hurt him.
  • Olive was wearing a RAINBOW tee, the Folive color.
  • They were holding hands.
  • Fletcher called Olive a doll.
  • Fletcher made Olive blush.
  • Olive and Fletcher went on a date in a museum, which some Folivers guessed.
  • Olive was trying to comfort Fletcher.
  • Olive was trying to encourage him, saying that he wasn't a failure and that he could paint a masterpiece.
  • She called herself out of his league, but she was dating him anyway.
  • They were hugging and crying together.
  • Olive called Fletcher's painting beautiful, stunning, exquisite.
  • Fletcher painted Olive.
  • Olive suggested handing Fletcher's painting up.
  • Fletcher and Olive were working together.
  • Olive tried to explain Fletcher's mistake.
  • Fletcher put both hands on Olive, probably trusting her.
  • Olive was shocked when Fletcher wanted to move.
  • Fletcher wanted to pass up the opportunity for Olive, the girl of his dreams.
  • Fletcher seemed devastated when Olive said that she would break up with him.
  • Chyna was talking about the first episode, TransplANTed, where Folive shared many moments.
  • Fletcher was still devastated over Olive.
  • Olive was crying over Fletcher.
  • Olive only broke up with Fletcher so he did not pass up the opportunity, showing she deeply cares about him and his future.
  • Fletcher said he loved Olive.
  • Olive hugged him tightly.
  • Olive missed Fletcher.

Episodes with Folive Plot/Subplots[]

  • PatANT pending: After Chyna struggles with her heavy backpack, Olive and Fletcher see a business opportunity and come up with an idea for a massaging backpack. However, they are afraid of mixing friendship with business and decide to keep an inquiring Chyna out of the loop. Because of doing this, they accidentally make Chyna believe that they are dating.
  • Modeling assignmANT: Lexi gets a job at Hippo's new restaurant and Olive and Fletcher work together to encourage Hippo into choosing different dining themes to make Lexi miserable.
  • The ANTagonist: Fletcher creates an animated story about a group of real life ANTs inspired by his own life, but when Olive realizes a character inspired by her is portrayed as the bothersome know-it-all, she decides to sue Fletcher for defamation of character. 
  • ChANTs of a Lifetime: Olive and Fletcher become completely hopeless without Chyna, partly because she was always the one who was able to take care of the "big kids" situation in the ANT Farm.
  • TrANTsferred: Fletcher and Olive work together to prove that Chyna deserves to be at Z-Tech.
  • Angus' First MovemANT: Fletcher teases Olive with an impossible brain teaser.
  • UnwANTedAt the end of the episode, Fletcher comforts Olive and they share a kiss on the cheek.
  • MeANT to be?: Fletcher and Olive are now a couple after the events of UnwANTed. But Olive becomes unsure whether or not Fletcher is over than Chyna. After putting Fletcher to the test, and after Fletcher's explanation, she learns for that Fletcher is over Chyna for sure.

Folive Quotes[]

You can view the Folive quotes by clicking here.

Folive Trademarks[]

Shipper's Name

Folivers: It sounds like followers, and the fans of Folive follow Folive.


PatANT Pending: They pretend to date and invent a backpack together.

Modeling AssignmANT: The episode in which the subplot revolves around them against Lexi.

The ANTagonist: Fletcher makes a cartoon that makes fun of Olive and this is the episode where they had an actual fight.

ChANTs of a Lifetime, in which when Chyna is gone on tour with Trifecta, Olive and Fletcher struggle to maintain the A.N.T. Farm, help each other along and plea Chyna to come back.

UnwANTed: Fletcher kisses Olive on the cheek and they are not disgusted and try to do it again.


Rainbow: Fletcher and Olive both often wear colorful clothes. In FraudulANT, Fletcher said Olive was beautiful when her face was painted with rainbow. In InfluANTces, Fletcher's face had rainbow paint all over it. Also, Fletcher is an artist, so the color should not be average.


Popcorn: They got buried in popcorn in Modeling AssignmANT.

Copy (29) of Untitled-Scanned-01


Ant or Cat: The ANTagonist was a very Folive shipped episode, where Fletcher made ant characters for his web show. Also, in The InformANT, Olive called Fletcher her cat after he ran away.


Olive You by Dave Days (Feat. Kimmi Smiles): Olive You is a song about a couple that can't say "those three words" which are "I love you." Instead of saying "I love you," they say "Olive you." It also has Olive's name in the song title.


December 25th: From SANTa's Little Helpers, Fletcher and Olive have been getting closer. This episode was a Christmas-themed episode.


13: Olive has 5 letters in her name and Fletcher has 8.(5+8=13) Plus, EndurANTs aired on the 13th, and in that episode Olive says she loves Fletcher. Fletcher and Olive are considered to be "odd" people, and 13 is an odd number. Also, Olive's initials are O.D.D.


Daphne: Olive's middle name.


Skittles: It has rainbow colors, which is the official Folive color.


  • They both called each other stupid. Olive called Fletcher stupid (through her toy) in Body of EvidANTs and Fletcher called Olive stupid in IntelligANT, when she asked Chyna if she was stupid, Fletcher said "Yes."
  • They both have dated someone (Kennedy & Dixon).
  • They are the same height.
  • They wear colorful clothing in almost every episode.
  • They're both sidekicks.
  • They both said they loved each other (Fletcher in PatANT Pending & Olive in EndurANTs).
  • They both tease.
  • They are both best friends with Chyna.
  • They both go to the same school.
  • They are both prodigies.
  • They are both friends with Angus.
  • They are both afraid of the big kids.
  • They both have bedtimes (TransplANTed).
  • They both watched the documentary about a road runner and a coyote.
  • They are both best friends.
  • They both were a part of the ANT Program prior to the show.
  • They both didn't know how to dress up "older".
  • They both go to Z-Tech.

Folive Wiki[]

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Folive Dictionary[]


Ant: One of the Folive animals.

A.N.T: Olive and Fletcher are both A.N.Ts.


Backpack: They invent a backpack together in the episode PatANT Pending.

Ballet DANTser: Considered to be a Folive shipped episode.

Beautiful: Fletcher has called Olive beautiful.

Bike: Fletcher helped Olive ride a bike.


Care: They care a lot about each other. 

Cat: One of the Folive animals.

Close: They are very close.


December 25th: The Folive date.

Dance: They both dance really weird and the same way.


EndurANTs: This is the episode that Olive admits to loving Fletcher (whether it is platonic or not. It is unknown). Embarrassing Moments: Olive has a large quilt filled with Fletcher's embarrassing moments.


Fletcher: One of the people in the pairing Folive.

Fist bump: This seems to be really common they do.

Folive: The official pairing name.

Folivers: The Folive fandom. (Fans of Folive)


Gift: The pair are gifted with talents. (Eidetic memory & Art skills).


Hippo: In the episode Modeling AssignmANT, Fletcher and Olive went to Hippo's restaurant together. They continued to go there afterwards to annoy Lexi.

Hug: Olive and Fletcher have shared several hugs and appear to grow jealous when one of them hugs someone else.


Invention: Olive and Fletcher worked together on an invention in the episode PatANT Pending.


Jealousy: Olive often appears to be jealous of Fletcher with another girl.


Kiss: Olive and Fletcher almost kissed in PatANT Pending. In UnwANTed, Fletcher kisses Olive on the cheek.


Love: Olive and Fletcher say that they love each other at least once. In Fletcher's case, it was to convince Chyna he was dating Olive. But it is unknown whether Fletcher meant it in a platonic or romantic way. In Olive's case, she said that she teased him because she loved him, although it is unknown if Olive meant it as platonic or not.


Modeling AssignmANT: The Official Folive episode. In this episode, there was a Folive subplot.


Nuggets: In the episode ClarivoyANT  Fletcher asked Olive to sign his petition, she refused to leave him frowning in disappointment. Later on in the episode, when Fletcher showed up wearing a dinosaur costume, attempting to save the nuggets, she stated that "It was totally worth the wait," possible because she was seeing Fletcher looking cute and funny in the costume.

Nerdy: Olive is considered nerdy.


Olive: One of the people in the pairing Folive.

Olive You: The Official Folive song.


Popcorn: The Folive food.


Quilt: Olive made a quilt that was mostly about Fletcher and his embarrasing moments.


Rainbow: The Official Folive color.


Slaps: Olive tends to slap Fletcher a lot. 

Skittles: It's the Folive Candy.

Stupid: Olive and Fletcher think the other is stupid.


Tease: Olive teased Fletcher because she loves him.

Thirteen: The Folive number.


Upset: Whenever Olive and Fletcher insult one another or refuse a gesture, the other one grows upset. Possibly hurt because it is coming from each other.


Violent: Olive can sometimes be violent towards Fletcher. Other times though, she's soft and caring towards him.


Wimpy: Fletcher is wimpy, but Olive doesn't tease him for him being that.


Yell: Olive tends to yell at Fletcher, most of the time to get his attention. 


Zip It!: In the episode IndependANTs, Olive yelled at Fletcher three times saying: "Zip it Fletcher!

Folive Songs[]

Love songs

Justin Timberlake


Note: When adding songs please keep them in alphabetical order. Some people are like Olive and are afraid of disorganization.

Folive Gallery[]

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Folive Gallery                           

Folive Fanfiction[]

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Cast Hints[]

  • Dan Signer tweeted: Oh you guys want Folive? I thought you wanted Wolive (Wacky-Olive). I have some editing to do.
  • Dan Signer tweeted:  Folive.
  • After he tweeted Folive, he tweetedOops. Please ignore that last tweet. Didn't mean to tweet it. This sounds a lot like the subplot in IndependANTs between Lexi and Zoltan.
  • In a tweet to Piper Curda (Kennedy), it stated: Hmm, I wonder if this will lead to Olive getting jealous? And Piper favorited the tweet.
  • ANT Farm wiki tweeted "Folivers are tweeting: #FoliveFriday." and Dan favorited the tweet.


Our Folivers[]

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Ships Similar To Folive[]

Sam / Freddie (Seddie) (From iCarly)[]

Tumblr marbsbeSyY1qf1ifgo1 250
  • They have a love/hate relationship.
  • Freddie (Fletcher) has a "crush" on Carly (Chyna).
  • They're both blonde (Sam & Olive) and brunette (Freddie & Fletcher).
  • They're both side characters.
  • They're both best friends with Carly (Chyna).
  • Freddie (Olive) is really smart and gets good grades.
  • Sam (Olive) thinks Freddie (Fletcher) is stupid.
  • Sam  (Olive) is really tough and sometimes teases Freddie (Fletcher)
  • Freddie (Fletcher) sometimes teases Sam (Olive) back
  • Tumblr m6tu4zFXNU1r7u08h
    They both argue all the time and act like they hate each other, but in reality they are best friends.
  • They'll be there for each other.
  • Sam (Olive) likes to use Freddie (Fletcher) as a punching bag sometimes.
  • Carly (Chyna) was happy to see Sam & Freddie date (Olive & Fletcher fake dated).
  • They tend to bicker. 
  • Freddie (Fletcher) had a crush on Carly (Chyna), but later on got over it (This may happen to Fletcher's crush on Chyna).
  • Whenever the two fight or argue, Carly (Chyna) is always the one to stop them.
  • Sam is street-smart and Olive is book-smart.
  • They're friends with Gibby (Angus).
  • It took them a while to realize their true feelings for each other. (This may happen to Folive).
  • Sam & Fletcher are outgoing.
  • Sam (Olive) insults Freddie (Fletcher) a lot.
  • Sam (Olive) screams at Freddie (Fletcher) from time to time.
  • Freddie & Olive are sometimes considered nerdy.
  • Sam (Olive) isn't afraid to speak what her mind says.
  • Freddie (Fletcher) can be wimpy sometimes.
  • Sam (Olive) teases Freddie (Fletcher) for being wimpy.
  • Sam & Olive have both referred to themselves as 'mama.'
  • Sam (Olive) has literally jumped on Freddie (Fletcher) before.
  • Sam (Olive) seems to be jealous of Freddie (Fletcher)'s crush on Carly (Chyna).
  • Sam & Olive are were both tomboyish and later in the episodes started to be a more girly.
  • Sam & Olive are blond and Freddie & Fletcher are brunette.

Rocky / Gunther (Runther) (From Shake It Up)[]

  • Gunther (Fletcher) has a crush on CeCe (Chyna) who is Rocky's (Olive's) best friend.
  • They're both blonde (Olive) and brunette (Fletcher).
  • Rocky (Olive) is very smart and gets good grades.
  • Rocky (Olive) and Gunther (Fletcher) are both very close to CeCe (Chyna).
  • Rocky (Olive) finds Gunther (Fletcher) weird.

Cece / Logan (Cogan) (From Shake It Up)[]

  • Logan (Fletcher) is a brunette.
  • They fight often. 
  • They're friends with Rocky (Chyna).
  • Cece is street-smart whereas Olive is book-smart.
  • Logan (Fletcher) likes Rocky (Chyna).
  • Cece (Olive) tends to annoy Logan (Fletcher).
  • Logan (Fletcher) teases Cece (Olive) a lot.
  • Whenever they fight, Rocky (Chyna) is the one who stops them.
  • They bicker.

Lilly / Oliver (Loliver) (From Hannah Montana)[]

  • They're both blonde (Lilly & Olive) and brunette (Oliver & Fletcher).
  • They're best friends with Miley (Chyna).
  • They tease each other.
  • They're both sidekicks.
  • They both knew each other a long time.
  • They were both disgusted when Chyna and Miley said they'd be a good couple.
  • Lilly (Olive) hits Oliver (Fletcher) sometimes.
  • Fletcher and Oliver were both Lilly and Olive's punching bag.
  • Fletcher (Oliver) had a huge crush on Chyna (Miley/Hannah) for some time but got over it. This may happen to Fletcher's crush on Chyna.
  • They're complete opposites.
  • Lilly (Olive) thinks Oliver (Fletcher) is stupid.
  • Miley (Chyna) thought that they would be a great couple.
  • Miley (Chyna) was happy when she found out they were dating. (Fake dating, in this case, for Fletcher and Olive).
  • Oliver (Fletcher) liked to tease Lilly (Olive).
  • Lilly (Olive) liked to tease Oliver (Fletcher) back.
  • Lilly (Olive) is smart.
  • Oliver (Fletcher) can be an idiot sometimes.
  • It took a while for them to realize their feelings for each other (This might happen to Folive).
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They care about each other. 
  • They both claimed they love each other. (Romantically / Platonically)
  • They have many differences but put their differences aside for each other.

Eddie / Patricia (Peddie) (From House of Anubis)[]

  • They're both blonde and brunette.
  • They fight sometimes and hide their true feelings.
  • They both almost kissed at one point.

Sam / Roscoe (From Pixel Perfect)[]

  • Roscoe (Fletcher) only notices Loretta (Chyna) and Sam (Olive) would get jealous.
  • Roscoe (Fletcher) later than feels the same way about Sam (Olive), this could happen to Folive.
  • They're both blonde and brunette.

Logan / Camille (Lomille) (From Big Time Rush)[]

Tumblr mnlpfo2YNf1qaco3go2 250
Tumblr m6odkogZx11rwxr9jo2 250
  • They get jealous whenever they hang out with other people.
  • Camille is from Connecticut and Olive knows the state and history where it is from.
  • Sometimes they get mad at each other.
  • Camille (Olive) acted dimwitted while Logan (Fletcher) would have really like to be herself.
  • Both Camille and Olive are smart.
  • Logan is a music artist whereas Fletcher is an artistic artist.
  • Camille (Olive) likes to slap Logan (Fletcher).
  • Camille (Olive) gets mad at Logan (Fletcher) easily.
  • Logan (Fletcher) tends to gaze at Camille (Olive).
  • Logan (Fletcher) teases Camille (Olive) sometimes. 
  • Camille (Olive) stares at Logan (Fletcher) a lot.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • They've hugged.
  • They bicker sometimes.
  • Camille (Olive) likes to prove a point.
  • They're friends with Kendall, James, and Carlos (Chyna, Angus and Violet).
  • Logan (Fletcher) has brown hair.

Taylor / Jackson (Tayson) (From Cow Belles)[]

  • They're blonde (Taylor & Olive) and brunette (Jackson & Fletcher)
  • They started out fighting but ended up dating (this may happen to Folive.)
  • They insulted each other.
  • They care for each other.
  • They bicker.
  • They argued.
  • After a while, they've realized their feelings for each other

Logan / Quinn (Quogan) (From Zoey 101)[]

  • Quinn and Olive are both really smart.
  • They're sidekicks.
  • Logan and Fletcher can be dumb sometimes.
  • They tease each other
  • They argue with each other
  • Logan (Fletcher) used to like Zoey (Chyna) before he liked Quinn (Olive).
  • Logan & Fletcher both have dark hair.
  • Olive and Quinn are both considered odd and quirky.
  • They're opposites.
  • Quinn (Fletcher) gets his / her revenge on Logan (Olive) constantly teasing them from time to time.
  • Logan (Fletcher) is weirded out by Quinn (Olive).

Cory / Candy (From Cory in the House)[]

  • Cory (Fletcher) first liked Meena (Chyna) then fell for Candy (Olive).
  • They fight sometimes.
  • They care about each other, a lot.
  • They always get over their fights and makeup.

Sheldon / Penny (Shenny) (From The Big Bang Theory)[]

  • They're blonde (Penny & Olive) and brunette (Sheldon & Fletcher).
  • They're friends with Leonard.
  • Sheldon (Olive) are both human computers, thanks to their eidetic memory.
  • Penny (Fletcher) gets annoyed with Sheldon (Olive) sometimes.
  • They get along most of the time.
  • They bicker.
  • They have a rival ship, Leonard / Penny (Fletcher / Chyna)
  • Sheldon (Olive) sometimes teases Penny (Fletcher) for being stupid.
  • Penny (Olive) can sometimes be violent towards Sheldon (Fletcher).
  • Penny (Olive) has said she loved Sheldon (Fletcher).
  • Sheldon (Olive) both get mad at Penny (Fletcher) easily.
  • They argue sometimes.
  • Aside from the arguing and fighting, they do care about each other.

Cory / Topanga (From Boy Meets World)[]

  • Cory (Olive) used to always tease and pick on Topanga (Fletcher) before they started dating and got married.
  • One is blonde and one is brunette.
  • They're both friends with Shawn (Chyna).
  • Cory (Fletcher) believes in fairytales and happy endings, while Topanga (Olive) believes in the real world.

Chase / Bree (Brase) (From Lab Rats)[]

  • Chase (Olive) loves to tease Bree (Fletcher).
  • Chase and Olive are both really smart.
  • They fight/argue sometimes.
  • They're there whenever they need each other.
  • They're friends with Adam and Leo (Chyna and Angus).
  • They bicker often.
  • Chase/Bree & Fletcher have brown hair.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • They always show concern for each other.
  • Bree (Olive) isn't afraid to do or say what her mind thinks.
  • Chase (Fletcher) grows annoyed of Bree (Olive) sometimes.
  • Bree (Olive) grows annoyed of Chase's (Fletcher's) teasing.
  • They're really close.
  • Bree & Olive have both called Fletcher & Chase immature.
  • Chase (Fletcher) tries to show he's better than Bree (Olive) sometimes.
  • They've group hugged.

Sam / Diane (From Cheers)[]

  • Sam (Fletcher) and Diane (Olive) have a love/hate relationship.
  • Diane (Olive) is a brainiac.
  • They're opposites.
  • Diane (Olive) slaps Sam (Fletcher) all the time.
  • Carla (Violet) tends to threaten Diane (Olive).
  • Sam (Fletcher) has brunette hair and Diane (Olive) has blonde hair.
  • Diane (Olive) and Sam (Fletcher) tease each other all the time.
  • Diane (Olive) and Sam (Fletcher) get along with Norm (Angus).
  • Diane (Olive) dates Dr. Frasier Crane (Graham).

Zane / Rikki (Zikki) (From H2O: Just Add Water)[]

  • They're blonde/brunette
  • They're love/hate
  • They get along most of the time
  • Zane dated Miriam before Rikki (this could happen to Folive).

Sonny / Chad (Channy) (From Sonny With A Chance)[]

  • Sonny (Fletcher) has brown hair.
    Tumblr mr82nlRtMD1ss4nrvo2 r1 250
  • Chad (Olive) has blonde hair.
  • They have a love/hate relationship.
  • They tease each other.
  • They argue a lot.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • Sonny (Olive) is smart.
  • They are protective of each other.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
    Tumblr m7extnDGz91rwxr9jo3 250
  • They always bicker.
  • They call each other names sometimes.
  • Channy & Folive have fake dated.
  • It took a while for Channy to realize their feelings for each other, this may happen to Folive.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They smile at each other a lot.

Lizzie / Gordo (Gizzie) (From Lizzie McGuire)[]

  • Lizzie (Olive) has blonde hair, while Gordo (Fletcher) has dark hair.
  • Lizzie (Olive) and Gordo (Fletcher) are friends with Miranda (Chyna).
  • Lizzie (Fletcher) likes Ethan (Chyna) but in the end, ends up liking Gordo (Olive). This may happen to Folive.
  • Lizzie (Olive) and Gordo (Fletcher) sometimes tease each other.
  • Lizzie (Olive) is pretty smart.
  • Tudgeman (Angus) likes Lizzie (Olive), but Lizzie (Olive) does not like him back.

Katara / Zuko (Zutara) (From Avatar The Last Airbender)[]

  • Katara (Olive) is smart and a good strategy worker.
  • Zuko (Fletcher) can be clueless sometimes.
  • They're friends with Aang (Chyna) and Toph (Angus).
  • They often fight/argue.
  • They'll be there for each other. 
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • In the show, some characters believed that they (Katara & Zuko) were a couple/dating and Chyna & Angus thought Fletcher & Olive were dating.
  • Aang (Angus) likes Katara (Olive).
  • They both can be protective of one another.
  • Zuko (Fletcher) smiles at Katara (Olive) a lot.
  • Zuko & Fletcher both are brunettes.
  • Zuko (Fletcher) tries to impress Katara (Olive) sometimes.
  • Katara (Olive) sometimes appears to hate Zuko (Fletcher), but in reality, she cares about him a lot.
  • They're beside each other a lot.

Toph / Aang (Taang) (From Avatar The Last Airbender)[]

  • Toph (Olive) hits Aang (Fletcher) a lot.
  • Aang (Fletcher) has dark hair.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • Toph (Olive) likes to tease Aang (Fletcher). 
  • Aang (Fletcher) likes to tease Toph (Olive) back.
  • They can be protective of each other.
  • They care about each other. 
  • Aang (Fletcher) has a crush on Katara (Chyna).
  • Aang (Fletcher) likes to show off sometimes.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • Toph (Olive) calls Aang (Fletcher) names.
  • They argue sometimes.
  • Toph (Olive) blushes because of Aang (Fletcher) sometimes.

Zander / Stevie (Zevie) (From How To Rock)[]

  • They're best friends.
    Tumblr mdfxdsHDqN1ry6uloo6 r3 250
  • They've been friends since before they met Kacey (Chyna).
  • They fight/argue sometimes. 
  • They'll bicker. 
  • Stevie (Olive) tends to stare at Zander (Fletcher).
  • Zander (Fletcher) appears to grow jealous when Stevie (Olive) is with another guy. 
  • They're both best friends with Kacey (Chyna).
  • They don't like Molly (Lexi).
    Tumblr m6re0mNUrt1r7u08h
  • They hang out a lot.
  • Zander (Fletcher) will be there for Stevie (Olive) when she needs it, and vice versa.
  • Zander (Fletcher) has called Stevie (Olive) beautiful.
  • They smile at each other a lot. 
  • Zander (Fletcher) has dark hair.
  • Zander has done an art project whereas Fletcher always does art.
  • They're protective of each other.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They care a lot about each other.

Jack / Kim (Kick) (From Kickin' It)[]

Tumblr mbxzr1IVhh1rhcplso5 r1 250
  • They're best friends.
  • Kim (Olive) is blonde.
  • Jack (Fletcher) is a brunette.
  • They care a lot about each other. 
  • They sometimes fight.
  • Kim (Olive) is smart. 
  • Jack (Fletcher) tends to gaze at Kim in the background.
  • Tumblr mbxzr1IVhh1rhcplso1 400
    Kim (Olive) grows jealous whenever Jack (Fletcher) is with/mentions another girl.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • It took them a while to realize their true feelings for each other. (This may happen to Folive.)
  • They were too afraid to admit their feelings. (This may be Folive's case).
  • They argue. 
  • They always help each other out whenever they need it.
  • Tumblr mbxzr1IVhh1rhcplso6 r1 250
    Jack & Kim are dating. (Fletcher & Olive have fake dated).
  • Jack (Fletcher) grows jealous whenever Kim (Olive) is with/mentions another guy.
  • Jack has called Kim 'pretty' whereas Fletcher called Olive beautiful.
  • Kim (Olive) blushes whenever Jack (Fletcher) compliments her.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • They've hugged and fist bumped/high fived several times.
    Tumblr mbxzr1IVhh1rhcplso2 400
  • Kim (Olive) dances weirdly.
  • Jack (Fletcher) likes to tease Kim (Olive).
  • Kim (Olive) likes to tease him back.
  • Jack & Olive both lost their memories for a brief time.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They rely on each other.
  • They trust each other.
  • Kim (Olive) has physically hurt Jack (Fletcher).
  • They've had episodes together where their friendship was put at risk.
  • They've worked together on many things.
  • They planned things together.

Kim / Jerry (Kerry) (From Kickin' It)[]

  • They're friends with Chyna (Jack).
  • They argue & fight sometimes.
  • They'll be there for each other. 
  • Kim (Olive) thinks Jerry is an idiot.
  • They'll help each other when they need it. 
  • They can work together.
  • They're opposites.
  • Kim (Olive) is smart.
  • Jerry (Fletcher) has brown hair.
  • Kim (Olive) has blonde hair.
  • Jerry & Kim [sort of] dated (Fletcher & Olive fake dated).
  • They both go to Bobby Wasabi Dojo (ANT Program).

Percy / Annabeth (Percabeth) (From Percy Jackson Series)[]

  • Annabeth (Olive) has blonde hair.
  • Annabeth (Olive) gets mad at Percy (Fletcher) easily.
  • Annabeth (Olive) is really smart.
  • They're both friends with Grover (Chyna).
  • Percy has called Annabeth 'pretty' whereas Fletcher has called Olive 'beautiful.'
  • Percy (Fletcher) is afraid of Annabeth (Olive) sometimes.
  • Annabeth (Olive) appears to grow jealous whenever Percy (Fletcher) mentions Rachel Dare (Chyna).
  • Annabeth (Olive) gets jealous whenever Percy (Fletcher) is with/mentions another girl.
  • Percy (Fletcher) tends to stare/gaze at Annabeth (Olive).
  • They'll be there for each other.
  • They help each other.
  • They work together.
  • They care about each other, a lot.
  • They began dating after a long time (This may happen to Folive).
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • Annabeth (Olive) likes to insult Percy (Fletcher).
  • Percy (Fletcher) grows annoyed of Annabeth's (Olive's) intelligence sometimes.
  • Percy (Fletcher) can be dorky at times.
  • Annabeth claimed to have a crush on Percy since they were young (This might be Olive's case).
  • Percy (Fletcher) isn't bright in school.
  • Annabeth (Olive) likes to call Percy (Fletcher) names.

Jason / Piper (Jiper) (From Heroes of Olympus Series)[]

  • They're blonde/brunette.
  • Piper (Olive) grows jealous whenever Jason (Fletcher) mentions another girl.
  • They're friends with Leo (Chyna).
  • They work together a lot.
  • They'll always be there for each other. 
  • They're helpful. 
  • They care for each other. 
  • Piper (Olive) has claimed that she loves Jason (Fletcher).
  • Jason (Fletcher) thinks Piper (Olive) is beautiful.

Beck / Jade (Bade) (From Victorious)[]

  • They're friends with Tori (Chyna).
  • They'll fight sometimes. 
  • They work together.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • Jade (Olive) can be scary sometimes. 
  • Their friend Tori (Chyna) likes to sing a lot. 
  • Jade (Olive) sometimes gets annoyed of Tori (Chyna) singing.
  • Jade (Olive) often grows jealous whenever Beck (Fletcher) is with/mentions another girl.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • Beck has called Jade 'pretty' whereas Fletcher has called Olive 'beautiful.'
  • They argue sometimes.
  • They're always there for each other.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They're protective of one another.
  • Jade (Olive) can be very stubborn.
  • Beck (Fletcher) has dark hair.

Austin / Ally (Auslly) (From Austin & Ally)[]

  • They're best friends.
    Austin & Ally High Five
  • They argue sometimes.
  • They had a real fight.
  • They've been mad at each other.
  • Ally & Fletcher are brunettes.
  • Austin & Olive are blonde.
  • They're really close.
  • Ally (Olive) is very smart.
  • They've high-fived a lot.
  • Ally & Fletcher are good at arts & crafts.
    Tumblr m6rdz3SpFr1r7u08h
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They're opposites, but put their differences aside for each other.
  • Austin (Fletcher) appears to grow jealous whenever Ally (Olive) is with/mentions another guy.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • They're always helping each other out in any way they can.
  • It took them a while to realize their true feelings. (This may happen to Folive).
  • Austin (Fletcher) is fun and outgoing.
  • Ally (Olive) thinks she [herself] is fun.
  • Ally (Olive) loves to read.
  • Austin (Fletcher) likes to tease Ally (Olive).
  • They've hugged several times.
  • Austin & Ally almost kissed (and did kiss another time) whereas Fletcher and Olive almost kissed too.
  • They're friends with Trish (Chyna) and Dez (Angus).
  • Austin (Fletcher) often gazes at Ally (Olive).
  • Ally (Olive) appears to grow jealous whenever Austin (Fletcher) is with/mentions another girl.
  • They know a lot about each other.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • Many fans of the show want them to be together.
  • They've held onto each other when they fall/trip.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They take risks together.
  • They rely on each other for help.
  • They support each other on many things.
  • Austin & Ally have dated, whereas Fletcher & Olive fake dated.
  • Austin & Fletcher don't believe Ally & Olive are fun.
  • Ally (Olive) can be sarcastic around Austin (Fletcher).
  • Even though they fight, they always make up in the end.
  • Trish & Dez (Chyna) ships them.
  • Dez (Chyna) wanted them to kiss (for different reasons).
  • They both have/are dating someone. (Elliot/Dixon & Kira/Kennedy).
  • They hang out a lot.
  • Auslly & Folive are both "opposites attract" couples.
  • They always need each other.
  • Austin & Ally became friends in the first episode, whereas Fletcher & Olive were friends prior to the first episode.
  • Austin (Fletcher) finds Ally's (Olive's) goody-two-shoes self annoying sometimes.
  • Ally (Olive) both have their own dance moves.
  • Austin (Fletcher) learned Ally's (Olive's) dance moves.
  • Auslly got back together in the middle of Season 3, but Folive won't due to the fact that the show has ended
  • Austin & Ally have kissed 4 times, and Olive and Fletcher have kissed on the check.
  • Auslly have admitted that they love each other, romantically in the season 3 finale, and Folive have said that too, whether it was in a friendly or in a romantic way.

Trish / Dez (Trez) (From Austin & Ally)[]

  • They argue.
  • Trish (Olive) sometimes think Dez (Fletcher) is stupid.
  • Dez (Fletcher) always has his dumb moments.
  • They're friends with Chyna and Angus (Austin and Ally).
  • They have a musical friend (Chyna and Austin).
  • Trish (Olive) is best friends with Ally (Chyna).
  • They're sidekicks.
  • They tease/bicker.
  • They're always there for each other.
  • Even though they don't realize it, they're best friends.
  • They care about each other.
  • They smile at each other
  • They're friendship is off and on.
  • Olive and Trish are both controlling and bossy.
  • Trish and Olive have both showed signs of liking and not liking Dez/Fletcher.
  • They have more in common then they think.

Dez / Ally (Delly) (From Austin & Ally)[]

  • They'll help each other whenever they need it.
  • Ally (Fletcher) has brown hair.
  • Ally (Olive) thinks Dez (Fletcher) is stupid.
  • They're friends with Austin (Chyna) and Trish (Angus). 
  • Dez has called Ally 'adorable' whereas Fletcher has called Olive 'beautiful'.
  • They're opposites.
  • They're best friends.
  • Dez (Fletcher) annoys Ally (Olive) sometimes.
  • They care about each other. 
  • They'll annoy each other.
  • They'll be there for each other.
  • Dez (Fletcher) can make Ally (Olive) laugh and smile.
  • They have a musical friend (Austin & Chyna).

Hiccup / Astrid (Hiccstrid) (From How To Train Your Dragon)[]

  • They're best friends.
  • Astrid (Olive) is a blonde.
  • Hiccup (Fletcher) is a brunette.
  • Astrid (Olive) is a good strategy worker.
  • They care for each other.
  • Hiccup (Fletcher) can be clueless.
  • Astrid (Olive) scares Hiccup (Fletcher) sometimes.
  • They hug each other a lot.
  • Their relationship grew stronger throughout the movie/show.
  • Astrid is the first one to show physical emotion towards Hiccup (This may happen between Olive & Fletcher).
  • Hiccup (Fletcher) tends to stare at Astrid (Olive).
  • They're always there for each other.
  • They'll always help each other out whenever they need it.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • Astrid (Olive) grew jealous when Hiccup (Fletcher) spent all of his attention on Heather (Chyna).
  • They've competed.
  • They're protective of each other.
  • Hiccup (Fletcher) can be very clumsy.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • They get scared easily. 
  • Astrid (Olive) tends to slap Hiccup (Fletcher).
  • They always rely on each other.
  • They work together on things.
  • Astrid (Olive) gets mad at Hiccup easily.

Rapunzel / Eugene (From Tangled)[]

  • Rapunzel & Olive are blonde.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • Eugene & Fletcher are brunettes.
  • They're really close.
  • Eugene (Fletcher) thinks Rapunzel (Olive) is a little weird.
  • They're helpful.
  • Rapunzel (Olive) is smart.
  • They'll help each other no matter what.
  • Eugene (Fletcher) stares at Rapunzel (Olive) a lot.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • Eugene and Rapunzel's feelings grew a lot stronger throughout the movie. (This may happen to Folive).
  • Eugene (Fletcher) grows annoyed of Rapunzel (Olive) sometimes.
  • Eugene (Fletcher) teases Rapunzel (Olive) a lot.
  • Rapunzel (Olive) teases Eugene (Fletcher) back.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They can be protective of each other.
  • Eugene is street-smart, whereas Olive is book smart.
  • Rapunzel (Olive) enjoys reading.
  • Rapunzel has never left the tower, up until Eugene, whereas Olive has never slept away from her house, up until she slept over at Chyna's house.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • Both Rapunzel & Olive have hit Eugene & Fletcher.
  • Rapunzel (Fletcher) likes to paint.

Danny / Sam (Sanny) (From Danny Phantom)[]

  • They're best friends.
  • Danny (Fletcher) teases Sam a lot.
  • They're friends with Tucker (Chyna).
  • Sam (Olive) likes to make fun of Danny (Fletcher).
  • They're really close.
  • They fight sometimes.
  • Sam (Olive) is a good strategy worker. 
  • They bicker.
  • Sam (Olive) gets mad at Danny (Fletcher) easily.
  • They may argue, but they'll always be there for each other.
  • Sam (Olive) thinks Danny (Fletcher) is clueless.
  • They will always help each other.
  • Sam & Danny do have feelings for each other, but they are too afraid to admit it. (This might be Folive's case).
  • They care about each other.
  • Danny (Fletcher) grows jealous whenever Sam (Olive) is with another boy and vice versa.
  • Sam (Olive) is really smart.
  • It took a while for them to realize they like each other (This may happen to Folive).
  • Danny (Fletcher) can be dumb sometimes.
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • They want what's best for each other.

Jo / Gabe (Jabe) (From Good Luck Charlie)[]

  • Gabe (Fletcher) gets scared of Jo (Olive) sometimes.
  • Jo (Olive) thinks Gabe (Fletcher) is stupid.
  • They work together on things.
  • Jo and Gabe have both admitted to liking each other whereas Fletcher & Olive have both claimed to love each other.
  • They have a love/hate relationship.
  • Jo (Olive) appears to grow jealous when Gabe (Fletcher) mentions another girl.
  • Gabe (Fletcher) appears to grow jealous whenever Jo (Olive) mentions another guy.
  • Gabe (Fletcher) sometimes tries to somehow impress Jo (Olive), which backfires, leaving him with a frown on his face.
  • Jo (Olive) has complimented Gabe (Fletcher) at least once.
  • Gabe (Fletcher) has complimented Jo (Olive) at least once.
  • Jo (Olive) is sometimes violent towards Gabe (Fletcher).
  • Jo (Olive) can be devious at times.
  • Jo (Olive) gets mad at Gabe (Fletcher) very easily.
  • Gabe (Fletcher) gets annoyed of Jo (Olive) sometimes.
  • They care about each other.

Phineas / Isabella (Phinabella) (From Phineas & Ferb)[]

  • They're best friends.
  • They're really close. 
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • Phineas (Fletcher) shows concern towards Isabella (Olive) whenever she is hurt.
  • Phineas (Fletcher) is artistically creative.
  • Isabella (Olive) is smart.
  • Phineas & Olive are smart too.
  • Isabella (Olive) is a good strategy worker.
  • Isabella has romantic feelings for Phineas. (This may happen with Olive).
  • In the movie, Isabella kisses Phineas. (This may happen to Folive).
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • Phineas (Fletcher) likes to be funny.
  • Isabella (Olive) can be sarcastic.

Cindy / Jimmy (Jindy) (From Jimmy Neutron)[]

  • They tease each other a lot.
  • They care about each other.
  • Cindy (Olive) is smart.
  • They're blonde (Cindy & Olive) and brunette (Jimmy & Fletcher).
  • Cindy (Olive) gets mad at Jimmy (Fletcher) easily.
  • Jimmy & Olive are considered nerdy.
  • Jimmy (Fletcher) is sometimes wimpy.

Ron / Hermione (Romione) (From Harry Potter)[]

  • They sometimes act like they hate each other.
  • They're best friends.
  • They care a lot about each other. 
  • They're the sidekicks.
  • Hermione insults Ron sometimes. 
  • They're friends with Harry (Chyna).
  • Hermione (Olive) is really smart.
  • Ron (Fletcher) can be a dork at times.
  • They're always there for each other.
  • Fletcher and Hermione both have brown hair.
  • Ron (Fletcher) can find Hermione annoying sometimes and vice versa.
  • Ron (Fletcher) is sometimes grateful for her smarts.
  • Hermione (Olive) likes to blurt out facts.
  • They're supportive of each other.
  • Hermione (Olive) likes to call Ron (Fletcher) names.
  • They can grow jealous when the other person dates someone.
  • Ron & Hermione have kissed, whereas Fletcher & Olive almost kissed.
  • Ron (Fletcher) has given hints to liking Hermione (Olive) and vice versa. 
  • Ron (Fletcher) said he loved Hermione.
  • Ron & Hermione have danced with each other whereas Olive taught Fletcher dance moves.
  • Ron (Fletcher) puts his arm around Hermione (Olive) sometimes.
  • They always try to comfort each other.
  • Harry knew Ron & Hermione were going to date sometime soon, whereas Chyna thought Fletcher & Olive were dating.

Damon / Caroline (Daroline) (From The Vampire Diaries)[]

  • They playfully tease each other a lot.
  • They're both blonde (Caroline & Olive) and brunette (Damon & Fletcher).
  • They have both shown to care about each other.
  • They argue.
  • They pick on each other.
  • Elena (Chyna) tries to play peacemaker.
  • Caroline (Olive) doesn't like the idea of Elena and Damon (Chyna & Fletcher), for different reasons of course.
  • Caroline and Damon have grown more friendly over the seasons, while Olive and Fletcher have grown more apart.
  • Caroline (Olive) has smacked Damon (Fletcher).
  • Damon (Fletcher) appreciates Caroline (Olive), though he sometimes hides it.
  • They work together a lot, along with Elena and Stefan. (Chyna & Angus)
  • Damon (Fletcher) likes to call Caroline (Olive) names and vice versa.
  • Damon calls Caroline, Barbie (and Blondie). Fletcher calls Olive, Pimento.
  • Damon and Caroline dated for a brief time, whereas Fletcher and Olive fake dated.

Derek / Casey (Dasey) (From Life With Derek)[]

  • They tease each other.
  • Casey (Olive) is sometimes violent towards Derek (Fletcher).
  • Derek stood up to Truman for Casey, whereas Fletcher was about to stand up to Graham for Olive.
  • They have shown to care about each other.
  • Casey was sad that Derek was going to Spain whereas Fletcher was upset when Olive lost her memory and was sent back to kindergarten.
  • They have a very love/hate relationship.
  • Olive (Casey) is strong-willed and smart.
  • They sometimes scheme together.
  • They work together on many things.
  • They have many differences but put their differences aside for each other.
  • Derek (Fletcher) can be very dumb sometimes.
  • Derek (Fletcher) has brown hair.
  • Some thought Derek & Casey were dating, whereas Chyna and Angus thought Fletcher & Olive were dating.

Troy / Gabriella (Troyella) (From High School Musical)[]

  • They're best friends.
  • They're really close.
  • Troy (Fletcher) has brown hair.
  • Gabriella (Olive) is really smart.
  • Troy (Fletcher) teases Gabriella (Olive) sometimes.
  • Gabriella (Olive) sometimes teases Troy (Fletcher) back.
  • They're friends with Taylor and Chad (Chyna & Angus).
  • They know a mean girl (Sharpay & Lexi).
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They have a musically talented friend (Kelsi & Chyna).
  • Ryan had a very small crush on Gabriella (who never acted on it) whereas Angus has a huge crush on Olive.
  • They can be protective of each other.
  • Gabriella (Olive) is sometimes considered nerdy.
  • Sharpay (Lexi) doesn't like Gabriella (Olive).
  • Troy is an amazing basketball player whereas Fletcher is an amazing artist.

Mikayla / Brady (Brakayla) (From Pair of Kings)[]

  • Brady & Fletcher have dark hair.
  • Brady (Fletcher) is an idiot sometimes.
  • Mikayla (Olive) is really smart.
  • Brady (Fletcher) grows jealous of Mikayla (Olive) with another boy sometimes.
  • Brady (Fletcher) is clumsy.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • They argue sometimes.
  • Brady (Fletcher) likes to tease Mikayla (Olive).
  • Mikayla (Olive) likes to insult Brady (Fletcher).
  • Mikayla (Olive) thinks Brady (Fletcher) is weak.
  • They're friends with Boomer (Chyna).
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They are protective of each other.

Ned / Moze (From Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)[]

  • They tease each other.
  • They're best friends.
  • They have a complicated relationship sometimes.
  • They've fake dated.
  • Ned & Fletcher have brown hair.
  • Moze & Olive are both smart.
  • Ned & Fletcher both have had an episode about their artwork.
  • They're friends with Cookie & Coconut Head (Chyna & Angus)
  • Ned likes Chyna (Susie).
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They can be protective of each other.
  • They insult each other.
  • Cookie (Chyna) likes the idea of them together.
  • They grow jealous of each other when they're with another boy/girl.
  • Ned (Fletcher) is clueless sometimes.
  • They care about each other.
  • Ned & Moze have kissed, whereas Fletcher & Olive almost kissed.
  • Ned (Fletcher) isn't good at sports.
  • Ned (Fletcher) can be clumsy.
  • They've been best friends since before the show.
  • They know a lot about each other.
  • It took them a while to realize their feelings for each other. (This may happen to Folive.)

Josh / Mindy (Jindy) (From Drake and Josh)[]

  • Josh (Fletcher) has brown hair.
  • Mindy (Olive) is really intelligent.
  • They act like they hate each other.
  • Mindy loves Josh whereas Olive claimed to love Fletcher.
  • They care about each other.
  • They've teased each other.
  • Josh (Fletcher) can be clueless sometimes.
  • Mindy (Olive) can be nerdy.
  • Josh & Mindy dated whereas Fletcher & Olive fake dated.
  • Mindy has a love for sharks whereas Olive knows many facts about sharks.
  • Mindy (Olive) is sweet, but sometimes can be a little scary.
  • Josh (Fletcher) can be an idiot sometimes.
  • Josh is book-smart whereas Fletcher is artistically smart.
  • Josh (Fletcher) can be clumsy sometimes.
  • They'll be there for each other.

Cody / Bailey (Cailey) (From Suite Life on Deck)[]

  • Cody (Fletcher) gets jealous when Bailey (Olive) is with another Guy.
  • Both of them goes to the same school (Cody & Bailey go to Seven Seas High and Fletcher & Olive attend the A.N.T Program)
  • They tease each other.
  • They tend to bicker.
  • Cody & Olive have blonde hair.
  • Cody pretended to be in a relationship with Bailey, whereas Fletcher & Olive fake dated.
  • Bailey, Olive & Cody are really smart.
  • Cody (Fletcher) can be clueless sometimes.
  • They're best friends.
  • They're protective of each other.
  • They call each other names.
  • They're friends with Zack, London & Woody (Chyna, Violet & Angus).
  • They smile at each other a lot.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • Bailey & Fletcher have brown hair.

Deuce / Dina (From Shake it up)[]

  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They argue sometimes.
  • Dina (Olive) likes to slap Deuce (Fletcher)
  • Deuce (Fletcher) can be an idiot.
  • Deuce (Fletcher) is a dork sometimes.
  • Dina (Olive) likes to call Deuce (Fletcher) names.
  • They bicker a lot.
  • Dina (Olive) likes to tease Deuce (Fletcher).
  • Dina is street-smart whereas Olive is book smart.
  • Dina & Fletcher have brown eyes.
  • Deuce & Fletcher have brown hair.

Zack / Maya (From Suite Life on Deck)[]

  • Zack (Fletcher) isn't very bright.
  • Maya (Olive) is smart.
  • Zack (Fletcher) makes Maya (Olive) smile.
  • Maya (Olive) likes to tease Zack (Fletcher).
  • Zack (Fletcher) grows jealous when Maya (Olive) is with another boy.
  • Zack (Fletcher) can make Maya (Olive) blush.
  • Zack & Olive have blonde hair.
  • They're friends with Cody & Bailey (Chyna & Angus).
  • Zack & Fletcher have had an episode plot about their artwork.
  • They care about each other.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They're protective of one another.
  • Maya (Olive) gets mad when Zack (Fletcher) is with another girl.

Ty / Tinka (Tynka) (From Shake It Up)[]

  • They're close.
  • They care about each other.
  • They've teased each other.
  • Tinka & Olive are blonde.
  • Ty & Fletcher have brown hair.
  • Ty (Fletcher) sometimes find Tinka (Olive weird).
  • They're friends with Rocky & Cece (Chyna & Angus).
  • They've been on a date whereas Folive fake dated.

Jake / Miley (From Hannah Montana)[]

  • They've argued.
  • They're really close.
  • Jake & Miley have kissed whereas Fletcher & Olive fake dated.
  • Miley (Olive) gets mad at Jake (Fletcher) sometimes.
  • They care about each other.
  • They'll be there for each other.
  • Miley & Fletcher have brown hair.
  • Jake & Olive have blonde hair.
  • They tease each other.

Spencer / Teddy (Spendy) (From Good Luck Charlie)[]

  • They're really close.
  • Spencer & Fletcher both have dark hair.
  • Teddy & Olive have blonde hair.
  • Spencer is good at sports whereas Fletcher is good at art.
  • Teddy (Olive) is smart.
  • Teddy (Olive) likes to read.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • They'll always be there for each other.

Tony / Jessie (Tessie) (From Jessie)[]

  • Tony (Fletcher) has dark hair.
  • Jessie (Olive) is really smart.
  • They care about each other.
  • They grow jealous when the other one is hanging out with another boy/girl.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They're close.
  • They've argued.
  • They've dated other people. (Vicky and Kennedy, Ted and Dixon)

Zack / Maddie (Zaddie) (From Suite Life of Zack & Cody)[]

  • They're close.
  • Maddie & Olive have blonde hair.
  • Maddie (Olive) is really smart.
  • Zack (Fletcher) can be an idiot sometimes.
  • They've argued.
  • They've called each other names.
  • They care about each other.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They're friends with Cody & London (Chyna & Angus)
  • Maddie (Olive) isn't a dumb blonde.
  • Zack (Fletcher) can be clueless.

Cody / Agnes (From Suite Life of Zack & Cody)[]

  • Cody (Olive) is really smart.
  • Cody (Fletcher) can be a dork sometimes.
  • Agnes (Olive) can be weird sometimes.
  • Cody (Olive) is a little nerdy.
  • They're friends.
  • They've argued.
  • They're friends with Zack (Chyna).

Cody / Barbara (From Suite Life of Zack & Cody)[]

  • Cody, Barbara and Olive are really smart.
  • Cody (Olive) has blonde hair.
  • Cody (Fletcher) can be clumsy.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They get jealous whenever the other one is hanging out with another boy/girl.
  • Barbara (Olive) can be a little weird sometimes.
  • Cody (Fletcher) can be clueless.
  • Cody & Barbara have kissed, whereas Fletcher & Olive almost kissed.
  • They're protective of each other.
  • They can be competitive.

Luke / Emma (Luma) (From Jessie)[]

  • Emma (Olive) has blonde hair.
  • Luke (Fletcher) has dark hair.
  • Luke (Fletcher) likes to insult Emma (Olive), and vise versa.
  • Emma (Olive) likes to tease Luke (Fletcher) and vise versa.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • Luke & Emma have danced together whereas Olive taught Fletcher dance moves.
  • They care about each other.
  • They argue a lot.
  • Luke (Fletcher) likes Jessie (Chyna).
  • They're friends with Jessie, Ravi & Zuri (Chyna, Angus & Violet).

Tess / Bobby (Bess) (From Life with Boys)[]

  • They've fought.
  • Bobby (Fletcher) has brown hair.
  • They've argued.
  • Tess (Olive) has blue eyes.
  • They've teased.
  • Tess (Olive) can get angry easily.
  • They care about each other.
  • Bobby (Fletcher) enjoys teasing Tess and vise versa.
  • It took a while for them to realize they liked each other (This may occur to Folive).
  • Tess (Olive) grows concern if Bobby (Fletcher) gets hurt.

Milton / Jullie (From Kickin' it)[]

  • They're really close. 
  • They haven't kissed.
  • They see each other from different perspectives.
  • Jack & Kim made them get together, whereas Chyna & Angus believed they were dating.
  • They've bickered.
  • They've fought. 
  • Milton, Julie & Olive are really smart.
  • Julie & Fletcher have brown hair.
  • Milton (Fletcher) can be clumsy.

Jake / Rose (From American Dragon)[]

  • They're really close.
  • They've argued.
  • Jake (Fletcher) has dark hair.
  • Rose (Olive) has blonde hair.
  • They care about each other.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • Rose (Olive) is a good strategic.
  • Jake (Fletcher) can be dorky.
  • They're opposites.
  • They've been against each other in some cases (Jake & Rose meant to be enemies, Fletcher & Olive in competitions).
  • They knew a lot about each other.
  • Jake & Rose have kissed whereas Fletcher & Olive almost kissed.
  • They have many differences but put their differences aside for each other.
  • They've fought.
  • They've bickered.
  • Rose (Olive) is really smart.
  • Jake (Fletcher) can be an idiot.
  • Jake (Fletcher) tries to save the day.
  • They grow jealous whenever the other is with/mentions another boy/girl.

​Jack / Tooth (From Rise of the Guardians)[]

  • They're really close.
  • They're grown a lot closer throughout the movie/show.
  • Many fans of the movie/show find these pairings very potential.
  • They've smiled at each other a lot.
  • Jack (Fletcher) has brown hair (Jack Frost as a human).
  • Tooth (Olive) can be sweet, but very protective when she has to.
  • Tooth (Olive) can be tense.
  • Jack (Fletcher) tries to make things fun.
  • They care about each other.
  • They're protective of each other.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • Olive has appeared to possibly like Fletcher more than a friend, whereas Tooth has fangirled over Jack.
  • Tooth (Olive) is strategic.
  • They're opposites.

Clary / Jace (Clace) (From Mortal Instruments)[]

  • They're close. 
  • They're grown a lot closer throughout the movie/books/show.
  • Clary & Fletcher have dark hair.
  • Jace & Olive have blonde hair.
  • Clary & Fletcher have artistic skills.
  • Jace & Olive have great knowledge (of different things).
  • They care about each other.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They're protective of one another.
  • Jace (Fletcher) can be very sarcastic.
  • Clary (Olive) sometimes teases Jace (Fletcher).
  • Clary (Olive) is sweet.
  • Jace & Olive liked to be organized.
  • Jace (Fletcher) enjoys teasing Clary (Olive) back. 
  • Clary (Olive) is strategic.
  • Clary (Olive) is smart.
  • They grow jealous whenever the other one is with another boy/girl.
  • Simon (Angus) has a crush on Clary (Olive).
  • They're friends with Isabelle and Simon (Chyna and Angus).
  • Olive knows that Fletcher has a crush on Chyna, whereas Clary believed Jace liked Isabelle.
  • Clary (Olive) can be stubborn.

Simon / Izzy (Sizzy) (From Mortal Instruments)[]

  • They're close.
  • They know a lot about each other.
  • They care about each other. 
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • Izzy (Olive) is fierce.
  • Izzy (Olive) can be stubborn.
  • Simon (Fletcher) has brown hair.
  • Simon (Fletcher) has a crush on Clary (Chyna).
  • Izzy (Olive) knows that Simon (Fletcher) likes Clary (Chyna).
  • They're friends with Clary and Jace (Chyna and Angus).
  • At first, Izzy didn't want to admit her feelings to Simon (this may be Olive's case).
  • They're protective of one another.
  • Izzy (Olive) is very smart and strategic.
  • Simon (Fletcher) can be very funny.
  • They're grown a lot closer throughout the books/show.
  • Simon (Fletcher) can be dumb at times, but other times he's very helpful.
  • Izzy's (Olive)'s only female friend is Clary (Chyna).

Four / Tris (Fourtris) (From Divergent)[]

  • Four & Fletcher have brown hair.
  • Tris & Olive are blonde.
  • They care about each other.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They're protective of one another.
  • Tris (Olive) is strategic. 
  • Four (Fletcher) tends to gaze at Tris (Olive).
  • Four & Fletcher's names both start with 'F.'
  • Four (Fletcher) grows jealous when Tris (Olive) is close to another boy.
  • Tris (Olive) smiles at Four (Fletcher) a lot.
  • Tris (Olive) can't be controlling.
  • They stare at each other a lot. 
  • Four (Fletcher) hates it when Tris (Olive) doesn't listen to him.
  • Tris (Olive) can be very scary.
  • Some people find Tris (Olive) intimidating.
  • Four is very athletic, whereas Fletcher is not.
  • Tris (Olive) tries not to get scared easily.
  • Tris (Olive) hate it when people judge them from their appearance.
  • Four (Fletcher) can be very persuasive sometimes.

Will / Tessa (Wessa) (From Infernal Devices)[]

  • Will (Fletcher) teases Tessa (Olive) a lot.
  • Tessa (Olive) teases him back.
  • They're really close.
  • They're opposites.
  • Will (Fletcher) tends to stare at Tessa (Olive).
  • Tessa (Olive) often gazes at Will (Fletcher).
  • Will & Olive enjoy bragging.
  • Will (Fletcher) likes to insult Tessa (Olive) and vice versa.
  • Tessa & Fletcher have brown hair.
  • Will (Fletcher) hates it when Tessa (Olive) ignores him.
  • Jem (Angus) also likes Tessa (Olive).
  • Will (Fletcher) feels neglected sometimes. 
  • Tessa (Olive) feels lonely sometimes.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They care about each other a lot.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • Tessa (Olive) is smart.
  • Will & Tessa have kissed, whereas Fletcher & Olive almost kissed.
  • Tessa (Olive) likes to annoy Will (Fletcher).
  • Tessa (Olive) is full of curiosity.
  • Tessa (Olive) ask a lot of questions.
  • Will (Fletcher) can be sarcastic.
  • Tessa (Olive) loves to read.
  • Tessa's (Olive's) only female friend is Sophie (Chyna).
  • They both have a mean friend (Jessamine & Lexi).

Xander / Willow (From Buffy the Vampire Slayer)[]

  • They want what's best for each other.
  • Xander (Fletcher) is not very bright.
  • Willow (Olive's) is really smart.
  • They are best friends with Buffy (Chyna).
  • Xander (Fletcher) likes Buffy (Chyna) and Willow (Olive) knows about it.
  • Xander and Willow have kissed, while Fletcher and Olive almost kissed.
  • Willow (Olive) once said he loves Xander (Fletcher).
  • Willow's (Olive's) only female friend is Buffy (Chyna).
  • They are best friends.
  • If Buffy (Chyna) is busy, they usually hang out together.

Nora / Patch (Natch) (From Hush Hush saga)[]

  • They're close. 
  • Patch (Fletcher) likes to tease Nora (Olive).
  • Nora (Olive) is very intelligent/bright.
  • Nora (Olive) doesn't like Marcie (Lexi).
  • Nora (Olive) is best friends with Vee (Chyna).
  • Scott (Angus) likes Nora (Olive).
  • They can be protective of one another.
  • They grew closer throughout the show/book.
  • Nora & Fletcher have brown hair.
  • They care about each other.
  • They show concern for one another when they suspect something is wrong.
  • They've fought. 
  • Some people find Nora & Patch (Olive) intimidating.
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They'll always be there for each other.
  • They plan ideas together.
  • Patch (Fletcher) annoys Nora (Olive) a lot.
  • Nora (Olive) has been angry/upset with Patch (Fletcher).
  • They always forgive each other towards the end.
  • Patch (Fletcher) can easily convince Nora (Olive) to do anything sometimes.
  • Patch (Fletcher) used to date (Dabria) Kennedy.
  • Nora fake-dated Dante, whereas Olive dated/is dating Dixon.
  • They grow jealous sometimes.

Beast / Bella (From Beauty & the Beast)[]

  • Bella (Olive) is book smart.

Trip / Izzy (From I'm in the Band)[]

Eddie / Chelsea (From That's So Raven)[]

  • They are best friends with Raven (Chyna)
  • They fight sometimes
  • Raven (Chyna) once thought that Eddie (Fletcher) and Chelsea (Olive) were dating
  • They are always there for each other

Maya / Miles (Matlingsworth) (From Degrassi)[]

  • Maya and Olive have blond hair, Fletcher and Miles have light brown hair
  • Both start as rivals but end up dating
  • Many A.N.T. Farm and Degrassi fans ship Folive and Matlingsworth
  • Maya (Olive) and Miles (Fletcher) are enemies with Zoe (Lexi)

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Fletcher's view on Olive[]

  • Fletcher thinks Olive is a robot in a human body (ReplicANT).
  • Fletcher thinks Olive's face used to be 'so beautiful' until she washed it (FraudulANT).
  • Fletcher thinks Olive's babbling about nothing is 'so adorable', but was [possibly] part of the act to convince Chyna they were dating (PatANT Pending).
  • Fletcher thought it was impossible for Chyna to be smarter than Olive and even told her to retake the test, showing that he cares about her (IntelligANT).
  • Fletcher thinks Olive isn't feminine.
  • Fletcher thinks olive is cuter, sweeter and more smarter than chyna (MeANT to be?)

Olive's view on Fletcher[]

  • Olive thinks Fletcher is stupid (Body of EvidANTs).
  • Olive thinks Fletcher is an immature little weirdo and totally irresistible, but it was [possibly] part of the act to convince Chyna that they were dating (PatANT Pending).
  • Olive teases Fletcher because she loves him, however, it's not clear whether she meant it platonically or not (EndurANTs).
  • Olive thinks Fletcher is a genius (SANTa's Little Helpers).
  • Olive thinks Fletcher is foolish (InfluANTces).

Fanmade Folive Episodes[]

  • When Fletcher finally has had enough of being neglected, he decides to leave the ANT Program. But when Chyna and Olive hear about this, they try to convince Fletcher otherwise and try to show him how much he truly means to both of them, specifically Olive. Olive explains to him her true feelings for him, but feels ashamed of it and runs off, thinking she made a fool of herself. Fletcher finds her, tells her he returns the feelings. In the end, they end up together, dating and Fletcher chooses to stay at the ANT Farm.
  • After being sick and tired of feeling unwanted and invisible, Olive feels caught between two decisions: leave ANT Farm and some of her friends, but come home feeling satisfied and welcomed, or stay at the ANT Farm, feeling depreciated by people she thought loved her back. But when Chyna and Fletcher overhear her speak to herself about this, they try to convince her to stay. Soon, Olive makes the decision of moving, leaving Chyna and Fletcher feeling heartbroken of their best friend. While Olive is packing her things, Fletcher tries to convince her to stay again. She declines his request, causing him to accidentally kissing her. They pull away, both puzzled by what happened. Chyna returns, during this kiss, and knows for sure they both like each other. In the end, Chyna explained to them how much they actually like each other, Olive chooses to stay and they begin dating.
  • Olive is annoyed at her friends for thinking she was like a robot. A robot had no vulnerability. She did. So when she tries to leave the A.N.T.School, Fletcher and Chyna overhear her speaking to Zoltan. When Olive finally gets ready to finally leave, Fletcher, told by Chyna, comes to try to get her to stay. They have an argument whereas Olive reveals her reason to leave. Fletcher then, accidentally and randomly, kisses her. Olive, shocked, immediately leaves, leaving an ashamed Fletcher behind. He goes to tell Chyna and Angus, and Angus gets mad. Chyna tells him that he had to fix things. Fletcher, desperate, finds the closest weekend to go talk to her. He arrives at her house, but they end up having another fight, whereas Olive wonders why she should go back anyway since her eidetic memory was mostly useless. It wasn't like she could make much money from telling interesting factoids. Everyone else could use their talents. At this, Fletcher (again accidentally) spills out that he loves her. Olive (again shocked) closes the door in tears and it backfired. So he, after a phone call with Angus about losing his man, climbs in through her window like he did many times before. He finally apologizes, and brings her back to the A.N.T. School, where she is welcomed greatly. She finally realizes she belonged there, and the episode ends...with her kissing him on the cheek. Based off the episode, UnwANTed.
  • When Kennedy gets transferred to another prodigy school out of the country, she has no choice but to break up with Fletcher, causing him to become heart-broken. He finally realized Kennedy was the only one who never made fun of him or teased him, and he liked her for that. Once she left, Fletcher kept himself in his room. not speaking to anyone. After Chyna, Angus, Violet (let's say Violet's still there), and other classmates try to get him out and back to normal, he refuses. Olive also refuses to talk sense into him, because it'd make no difference if he rejected everyone else's request. So when Chyna, Angus, and Violet force her to, she enters the room, trying to convince him. Fletcher annoyed someone else trying to compromise with him, chooses to ignore her. But when Olive says things that made him feel better, he accidentally kisses her. 
  • Chyna is growing sick of her two best friends, Fletcher and Olive, fighting all the time. So after a visit with her dad, she 'borrows' one of his handcuffs and locks them together. Desperate to get out of the handcuffs, the two act like they're not fighting anymore, but Chyna sees right through them and hides the key. Giving in, the two try to talk things out but end up fighting more. Chyna tries to negotiate with them and tells him that if they say something nice they've never said to each other before, she let them go. So the two, end up confessing what they truly feel for each other.
  • After a fight, Fletcher says some things to Olive that he didn't mean to say. Olive, believing he did mean it, refuses to talk to him. Chyna thinks that this fight between them would end sometime soon since they always make up. But it never ended. They didn't say anything to each other and rejected Chyna's requests for the three of them to hang out together. So, she tricks both of them into a supply closet and locks them in. Chyna tells them that she'll let them go if they make up. Fletcher begins talking to Olive, trying to apologize, but she ignores, still thinking he meant it. Agitated by her silence, Fletcher begins babbling things he truly thinks of her. He tells her she's pushy, mean and too much of a teaser. Olive, more upset, keeps ignoring him. But then he tells her he likes all those things about her. And that he loves how she's not afraid to say what her mind thinks, how she's extremely smart and how she's beautiful. Olive looks at him surprised Fletcher said those things. He smiles and tells her more things about her. How he loves it when she laughs, or when she smiles, and how he adores it when she says interesting factoids about her. And Fletcher also ends up admitting he's in love with her, making her admit she feels the same way and they end up dating, telling Chyna to open the door, but hearing her say she's lost the keys. 

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When Fletcher kisses Olive's cheek.(UnwANTed)

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I'm always here for you.

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dANTsing with Myself - A Folive Story by JNMA

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Slowmoutefolive This user wants Folive to finally get together in unwANTed!!! (:

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  • They have fist bumped 5 times. 3 in SANTa's Little Helpers and 2 times in Detective AgANTcy.
  • They have high fived twice. 1 time in TransplANTed and 1 time in Modeling AssignmANT
  • Olive has slapped Fletcher 6 times. Once in TransplANTed, once in PatANT Pending, twice in PhilANThropy, and twice in InfANT.
  • They both said they loved each other at different times. Olive said she loved Fletcher in EndurANTs and Fletcher said he loved Olive in PatANT Pending.
  • They're best friends with Chyna Parks.
  • They're the sidekicks of the show.
  • They're similar to other TV/movie couples who argue but get together at the end (Romione, Seddie, Loliver, etc.)
  • They tease each other a lot.
  • They seem to get along without Chyna Parks. ex. (Modeling AssignmANT) and they got along great in SANTa's Little Helpers, probably because it was a Christmas episode, which is also the Folive holiday.
  • The Folive number is 13 because that's when EndurANTs premiered, when she said she loves Fletcher. Also, Fletcher and Olive are both considered odd people and Olive's initials are O.D.D. and since 13 is an odd number, it fits perfectly with them.
  • They hug each other showing they care for each other SANTa's Little Helpers.
  • They went (just the two of them) to see Chyna in ChANTs of a Lifetime.
  • They both cheer Chyna Parks on whenever she performs.
  • They wear colorful clothing in almost every episode, making the Folive color, rainbow.
  • Olive was disappointed and furious with Chyna when she didn't pick Fletcher to be on their team in ScavANTger Hunt.
  • Olive seems to roll her eyes, sigh, and look away whenever Fletcher flirts with Chyna ex. (TransplANTed), (Detective AgANTcy), (Some EnchANTed Evening), etc.
  • Fletcher seems to be protective of Olive as shown in IntelligANT because when he asked Angus if he changed the test results, he was in a protective tone.
  • They both called each other stupid. Olive called Fletcher stupid (through her toy) in Body of EvidANTs and Fletcher called Olive stupid in IntelligANT, when she asked Chyna if she was stupid, Fletcher said "Yes."
  • They usually stand close together and smile at each other.
  • Popcorn is the official Folive food because they got buried in popcorn in Modeling AssignmANT and they were talking about 'popcorn sauce' in Detective AgANTcy.
  • They almost kissed in PatANT Pending.
  • They have both embarrassed each other in front of their peers.
  • They have some subplots together ex. (Modeling assignmANT) and (InfluANTces).
  • She yells at him often.
  • Olive and Fletcher knew each other long before they met Chyna.
  • Olive kept her memory quilt (that had Fletcher stitched on it).
  • Dan Signer has tweeted "Folive."
  • Fletcher has called Olive beautiful.
  • Fletcher is formerly dated Kennedy, even after Angus told him she talks a lot. And Fletcher knew for a fact that Olive loved to talk.
  • They've done a 'Family Channel' commercial together.
  • They have a love/hate relationship.
  • When ANT Farm Wiki's tweeted "Foliver's are tweeting: #FoliveFriday" Dan favorited the tweet.
  • Fletcher kissed Olive on the cheek in UnwANTed.

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— Folive Shipper Pledge