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Flyna Quotes are quotes between the romantic/friendship pairing of Fletcher and Chyna, also known as Flyna.

Season 1[]


Fletcher: I'm an artist. For a project, I'm sculpting the entire class in beeswax.

Chyna: Well... they're beautiful!
Fletcher: You're beautiful.
Chyna: (Gives him a puzzled look)
Fletcher: I mean, your music's beautiful!
Chyna: But you've never heard me play..

Fletcher: I know... Y-you see... I... (Pretends to be a statue)
Chyna: Now let's go get our party on! (Climbs out the window)

Fletcher: (Turns toward the beeswax sculpture of Chyna) Hey beautiful..
Chyna: Let's go!

Fletcher: Nothing!


Chyna: Hey Fletcher, how was chess club?
Fletcher: (Turns toward her with chess pieces up his nose) Not well.

SciANTs Fair[]

Olive: Where's Chyna? She's supposed to be helping me with this.

Fletcher: How should I know? It's not like I sewed a GPS transmitter to the lining of her backpack so I can track her every move.
Olive: Sorry I asked...
Fletcher: Although, if I were to guess, she would be here in 3... 2... 1..

Chyna: (Runs in, panting) Guys!

StudANT Council[]

Fletcher: So does that make me a resourceful go-getter,worthy of your advice, praise, and when the time comes, your blessing?

Bad RomANTs[]

Chyna: Is that my head made out of chewed up bubblegum?

Fletcher: If it were, would you think it was really cool and be flattered?

Chyna: No, actually I'd think it was really gross.
Fletcher: Let me get that for you, my lady. (pulls out Chyna's chair for her)

Chyna: What are you doing?

Fletcher: Oh nothing... we Quimby's are known for our charm and grace
Fletcher: So here we are. I can't remember the last time we were alone together. You know just the two of us.
Chyna: It was really nice of you to suggest this study-

Fletcher: Date
Chyna: Session. So... should we start with-
Fletcher:Slow dancing?
Chyna: Math...
Fletcher: Oh.. sure.. math is good (pulls out container with strawberries and pulls off the lid and throws it away)

Fletcher: Lets say I have five chocolate covered strawberries. And I feed you one. How many would I have left? (doorbell rings)
Fletcher: Give it up Chyna. They obviously love each other. I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.
Chyna: You're right! That's perfect!


Chyna:There's this guy I'm kinda interested in. He's cute and sweet and artistic.

Fletcher: Heh-heh-r-re-al-lyy?
Chyna: Yeah. Do you think I should ask him out or wait for him to make the first move?
Fletcher: Ask him out! Ask him out!
Chyna: So, if it were you, you don't think it'll be to forward?
Fletcher: No, do it! do it now!
Chyna: Okay, okay! Hey Nigel? Are you busy Friday night?

Fletcher: What?


Fletcher: Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Quimby are walking down the aisle.
Chyna: That is not the code we discussed.

CANTonese Style Cuisine[]

Olive: Don't worry Chyna, I'll help you. Because I love you!
Fletcher: What? I didn't say that?

MutANT Farm[]

Chyna: Is that your coffin? It's beautiful.

Fletcher: You're beautiful.... I-I mean, you're coffin's beautiful.
Chyna:I don't have a coffin. I sleep in a snake pit...

Fletcher:I-I know... y-you see... I... (plays dead)

Slumber Party ANTics[]

Fletcher: Oh! A sleepover! Can I come?

Chyna: Sorry Fletcher, it's all girls.

Fletcher: I know. Why do you think I wanna go?

Some EnchANTed Evening[]

Chyna: I have a boyfriend...and do you know what the specials are in "I have a boyfriend" cafeteria? Because I have a boyfriend, and my boyfriend wants to know. Boyfriend

Fletcher: Wow, I am so embarrassed, I gave you the wrong gift. This ones for my girlfriend.
Chyna: You have a girlfriend?

Fletcher: Oh yeah, and that message was for her. You see, I got you a plane that says "Hey look, I got you a plane!". Just like the one I got my girlfriend. Girlfriend.


Fletcher: Oh look! Here are some candles. Ugh! This smells like death! What flavor is this?
Chyna: Death! And this one is... vanilla death!

Ballet DANTser[]

Chyna: I have an idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner!

Fletcher: We quit school and get married?
Olive:Ooh! Can I be the bridesmaid?
Chyna: How would that even help us?
Fletcher: Married people live longer!
Olive: Statistically, he is correct!

Chyna: We are not getting married!

Season 2[]

FANTasy Girl[]

Fletcher: I guess we should dance!

Chyna: Ugh, I don't know...
Fletcher: Please? For Violet's sake?

Chyna: Maybe later.


(Fletcher bites Chyna's finger) Chyna: Ow Charlie! OWWW! Charlie bit me. And that really hurt Charlie!


Chyna: You know Fletcher, I'd never realized it before, but I think I might actually-(bommerang knocks her out)

SignificANT Other[]

Fletcher: Chyna-

Chyna: Yes, I'll go out with you.
Fletcher: What?
Chyna: I wanna go out with you!
Fletcher: Oh. I'm so sorry. But... I was expecting fireworks...
Chyna:Well, those things just don't happen in the real world
(fireworks go off)

Fletcher: There they are!

Detective AgANTcy[]

Chyna: We just need to find my dad a mystery to find...

Fletcher: How about: Why won't Chyna love me?
Chyna: What?
Fletcher: Huh.. I didn't say anything..

Olive: Yeah..
Chyna: We just need to hide something valuable, report it stolen, and have my dad find it. I and know just the thing to hide.

Fletcher:Is it your love for me?

Fletcher: What? Wh-who said that...

Early RetiremANT[]

Chyna: We need to get "Principle Granny" out of here. We need to think of a plan. Fletcher! Are you even listening to me?!

Fletcher:Oh yeah! I just can't move my neck. Or feel anything below my chin...
Chyna:Fletcher, I think you should quit.
Fletcher: Oh no! But I just got my white belt.
Chyna: They only gave you that because they didn't want to see your robe open. Oh I have an idea! And I'm gonna need your help.
(Puts her hand on his shoulder)

Fletcher: Ow! Hey, I can feel my shoulder!

IdANTity Crisis[]

Fletcher: Seriously Chyna. Mozart. You have a crush on Mozart and not me?! At least I'm alive!


Fletcher: Don't you guys just love double dates?

(puts hand on Chyna's shoulder.

Chyna: Fletcher, this isn't a double date.

Season 3[]


Fletcher: Really, you pick Lexi over Chyna?!


Chyna: This "Doorian Banister" was a good idea!

Fletcher: I know! And I told Olive that "Doorian Banister" banned intresting factoids and pants with flowers on them!

(They laugh together)

Animal husbANTry[]

Fletcher: Chyna, your problems solved. I fed the alligator.

Chyna: What are you talking about? The chickens right here with me?
Fletcher: I fed it the other chicken.
Olive: What other chicken?
Fletcher: The water chicken.
Olive: The water chicken?
Fletcher: Yeah, you know with the webby feet?
Chyna: You mean the duck?!
Fletcher: What ever it's called, I'm not a uraligust!

Chyna: Fletcher, that duck was a scientific miracle! The worlds only talking duck!

secret agANT[]

Chyna: Look at you, Mr. Smooth.

Fletcher: You could say I have a way with ladies...

Chyna: No, I was talking about your legs! They're so smooth! Oh and congrats on getting a girlfriend too.

Past, presANT, and future[]

Olive: Me and Chyna were supposed to grow up together. I was supposed to be her maid of honor!
Fletcher: And I was supposed to be her groom!

Unforeseen circumstANTs[]

Chyna: Can I take you out to dinner?
(Fletcher nods happily)
Chyna: So... what should we do?
Fletcher: How about this? (they almost kiss)

pANTs on fire[]

Fletcher: Hows it going Chyna?

Chyna: Horrible! Olive's so mad, so won't even talk to me!
Fletcher:What's the horrible part?
Chyna:The horrible part is, I hurt my best friends feelings because I ate that stupid serum that makes me tell the truth!
Fletcher:Truth serum, huh? So, are you madly in love with me?
Chyna: No. Not at all.

Fletcher: Good news Chyna, looks like the truth serum wore off.

product misplacemANT[]

Chyna:Answers Fletcher with 3-D calling.

Chyna: Hey Fletcher!
Fletcher: Your my little Chyna doll.
Fletcher: Virtually strokes mini Chyna's hair.

Chyna: Is there a way to disable this?

Uncanny resemblANTs[]

Chyna: I don't know what to do! I can't find Madame Goo Goo anywhere!

Fletcher: Why don't you check in the supply closet? That's where you always go when your trying to avoid me.
Chyna: Oh... you caught onto that?
Fletcher: Yeah but don't worry! You'll never walk alone. Because I'll be hand-cuffed right beside you.

(Fletcher shows his arm which is hand-cuffed to Chyna's)

Chyna: What am I going to do?

Fletcher: Don't worry Chyna. I'll take care of it. You have Fletcher Quimby's word that people will get a Madame Goo Goo preformance tommorow.
Chyna: Thanks Fletcher. Hey, and while your out looking for her, do you mind taking Mr. Wimpers for a walk?

Fletcher: Who's a good designer, who's a good designer?! (runs off with Mr. Wimpers)

MutANT farm 3[]

Fletcher: I think this calls for a hug! Chynas? (Holds hands out for a hug)

Chyna: (Pushes head back through portal)

Mutant Chyna: (smiles)

Feature presANTation[]

Fletcher: Sorry, I get a little grumpy if I don't get 8 hours....of dreaming about Chyna!

FinANTial crisis[]


SilANT night[]

Chyna: (sings) Holy infant, so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace. Silent night, holy night. Shepherds quake-
Fletcher:Hey, the death walls are closing, do you think we can skip a few verses?!


Olive: Look I totally forgive you Chyna, I'm over Dixon.

Chyna: You are? Because, you were like head over heels in love with him. I mean. he is really handsome, and debonair, and handsome, handsome-

Fletcher:Well she said she's over him!

MeANT to be?[]

Chyna: You're my two best friends. Why would you keep a secret from me?

Olive: Well, that was Fletcher's idea. That's weird, Fletcher had an idea? He never had an idea before! What would motivate you to have an idea?
Fletcher: I have no idea!

(to Chyna:)Anyway, I'm glad you're not upset. (Fletcher and Chyna hug)

Chyna: I really do not want to flirt with Fletcher!

Olive: Why, he's not cute enough for you?
Chyna: No he's cute!
Olive: You think he's cute?! He is my boyfriend Chyna, hands off! Now go try to steal him from me!
Chyna: Hey Fletcher, I was wondering if you want to go to the movies or something?
Fletcher: Sorry, I can't I have plans with Olive.

Chyna: Okay. no problem!

Olive: Now that you have the look down, we need to work on your flirting skills. Pretend I'm Fletcher.

Chyna: Okay. Fletcher get out of my room!
Olive: Flirt with me.

Chyna: Okay... Hey there Fletcher, we've been ignoring this mutual attraction for too long. I think it's time we stop pretending and just go for it. (blows a kiss and winks)

Chyna: Hey.

Fletcher: Hey Chyna. New look?
Chyna: Haha, yeah. Speaking of looks, you look really good in those orange jeans! Interresting factoid about jeans, or denim duggeries, although orginally designed for cowboys starting in the 1950s, they became popular with- continue on other arm....? Oh, teenagers!
Fletcher: Chyna, I see what you're up to.

Chyna: I'm not up to anything! Just the same old Chyna! This is what I'm like!.. Zazzow!
Fletcher: Obviously, you got yourself all gussied up in those come-hither clothes and are whipsering sweet factoids into my ear to impress me! Sorry Chyna, you missed the boat, it's Olive's boat now. I'm the boat!

Chyna: Okay then... good! (tries to leave)
Fletcher: (Stops her) You don't have to put on a brave face for me! I know how you feel! Believe it or not, there was a time I had a huge crush on a girl and she didn't like me back.

Chyna: You don't say?
Fletcher: But her not liking me was the best thing that could have ever happened! I ended up with someone so much better then her! Someone cuter, sweeter, smarter-

Chyna: Well, I bet the first girl was really cute, and sweet, and smart too!
Fletcher: No, not really.

Chyna: (frowns)

Olive: Wow, he is really over you!
Chyna: I told ya. Now uh, just gonna go cry into my teddy bear.