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Olive feeding her beloved FlurBot Hegel

FlurBots are small electronic pets that display artificial intelligence, demonstrated through communication, mischief, and emotions, namely annoyance. They're parodies of Fijit Friends© and Furby©.


They are made of pink plastic; possibly other colours. They have a screen for a face, and their eyes (an image displaced on the screen) move and make expressions. They have no true "mouth". They eat though a USB port on their bottom.

Methods of Play[]

FlurBots are treated by their owner(s) as a pet or a friend. A function FlurBots, among other interactive toys, display is feeding. The FlurBot is fed through a plug on its underside. FlurBots wear clothes, either built in or optional and varying. They seem to have personalities of their own, shown as when Olive's FlurBot Hegel hid in his coffin pretending to be dead so he could escape from Olive. Ironically, FlurBots can be fed poison. However, Hegel was not killed by it, so it is most likely fake or a kind of fiewall. They can communicate to their owners in English or Spanish.


  • "Feed me!" when hungry.
  • "Ne, na, na, ne," when overfed.
  • Various phases like, "Fletcher stupid," that they hear.

Known FlurBots and Owners[]


  • FlurBots are very similar to Fijit Friends, due to their screen faces and appearance, and Furbies, due to their artificial intelligence.
  • They are very sturdy, as Olive had one for 8 years and it still worked, even after being overfed, thrown, poisoned, and had its wires cut.
  • FlurBots is often misspelled Flurbots, with a lowercase B. The correct spelling is revealed on the manual slipped into Chyna's locker in Body of EvidANTs.
  • Also, according to the manual, they are produced and sold in Spain, Mexico, or any other Spanish-speaking country.
  • They can die if they are overfed.