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Fletcher and Paisley

Fletcher Quimby and Paisley Houndstooth



Ship Rivals

Folive, Flyna, Fiolet, Kaisley, and Caisley

Faisley (F/letcher and P/aisley) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Fletcher Quimby and Paisley Houndstooth. Fletcher appears to be attracted to Paisley in the first episode of the series, TransplANTed, but this was probably because she was a pretty high schooler. Paisley likes Fletcher, but more as an adorable little kid rather than romantically. Fletcher may have a tiny crush on her. This pairing rivals Flyna (Fl/etcher and Ch/yna), Folive (F/letcher and Olive), Fiolet (F/letcher and V/iolet), Kaisley (K/and P/aisley), and Caisley (C/ameron and P/aisley). The only drawback is Paisley is older than Fletcher, which makes the romantic part of the pairing unlikely.

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Flaisley (Fl/etcher and P/aisley)
  • Petcher (P/aisley and Fl/etcher)
  • Fletey (Flet/cher and Paisl/ey)
  • Paistcher (Pais/ley and Flet/cher)
  • Fletchey (Fletch/er and Paisl/ey)

Faisley Moments[]

Season 1[]


  • Paisley mistakes Fletcher for a magician and implies that they're hot which makes Fletcher pretend to be one.
  • Fletcher's monocle drops when he encounters Paisley. This is most likely due to her beauty.
  • Fletcher is willing to do magic tricks for Paisley after she compliments him.
  • Fletcher uses a magic trick as an excuse to get Paisley to hug him.
  • Fletcher obviously enjoyed hugging Paisley, and smiles while hugging her.
  • Paisley doesn't seem to mind hugging Fletcher.
  • Fletcher hits on Paisley.


ManagemANT 6
  • Paisley and Fletcher are partners in the home economic challenge.
  • Paisley asks Fletcher to be her partner first.
  • Paisley hugs Fletcher when they won the first round and Fletcher holds on eagerly and with joy.
  • Fletcher prefers working with Paisley over Olive, his fellow A.N.T.
  • Paisley seemed glad when Fletcher chose her as a partner instead of Olive.
  • Paisley doesn't mind working with Fletcher.
  • Fletcher seems to be happy working with Paisley.
  • Paisley and Fletcher pair up for the episode.
  • Fletcher is seen smiling at Paisley a few times throughout the episode.

ScavANTger hunt[]

  • Paisley and Fletcher high five after winning the first round and are even shown holding hands for a few seconds.
  • Paisley holds onto Fletcher when they, Olive, and Chyna make a chain to catch Lexi from falling off the San Francisco cable car.
  • Paisley and Fletcher high five at the end of the episode and happily walk away together.