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Kennedy, you are the sweetest girlfriend in the whole world.
— Fletcher to Kennedy in Unforeseen circumstANTs
Fletcher and Kennedy

Fletcher Quimby and Kennedy Van Buren


Faked/Broken Up

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secret agANT

Ship Rivals

Flyna, Folive, and Fiolet

Flennedy (Fl/etcher and K/ennedy) is the romantic pairing of Fletcher Quimby and Kennedy Van Buren.

Fletcher originally asked Kennedy out only to make Chyna jealous. He tried multiple times to break up with her, but whenever he tried to break up with her, she would say a bunch of confusing stuff about politics. Fletcher tells Chyna that he was so focused on making her notice him, he didn't notice all of Kennedy's good qualities, and calls her the sweetest girlfriend in the whole world when she threw him a surprise party (along with Chyna's help). During the party, Kennedy asks Fletcher to dance with her. His reaction is very happy, with a giddy "Okay!"

This pairing mainly rivals Flyna, (Fl/etcher and Ch/yna), Folive (F/letcher and Olive) and Fiolet (F/etcher and V/iolet).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Ketcher (Ke/nnedy and Fl/etcher)
  • Fennedy (F/letcher and K/ennedy
  • Kletcher (K/ennedy and F/letcher) 
  • Fletchedy (Fletch/er Kenn/edy

Flennedy Moments[]

Secret agANT[]

  • Fletcher asks Kennedy out on a date.
  • Kennedy agrees to go out with Fletcher.
  • Kennedy does a poll to figure out how much people like Fletcher.
  • Kennedy tries to make Fletcher feel better by telling him that people find him "likable, just lacking in a few areas".
  • Fletcher gets upset when Kennedy tells him that everyone in the entire USA hates him.
  • Kennedy tries to change Fletcher so that people will like him more.
  • Fletcher tries to break up with Kennedy.
  • Kennedy doesn't let Fletcher break up with her because she isn't a quitter.
  • Fletcher claims that he is a quitter.
  • Kennedy says that Fletcher needs her as his backbone.

Unforeseen CircumstANTs[]

  • Kennedy hates Chyna because she thinks Chyna is trying to steal Fletcher.
  • Kennedy wants to throw Fletcher a birthday party.
  • When Kennedy finds out that Fletcher doesn't like balloons, streamers, or the word "Surprise!", she changes the party and doesn't comment on how it's weird or anything.
  • Fletcher keeps a picture of Kennedy next to his bed (as a dartboard).
  • Fletcher has somehow made it apparent to Chyna that he is in love with Kennedy.
  • Kennedy is happy that Chyna thinks Fletcher is in love with her and is "missing her right now".
  • Kennedy wants to take a picture of Fletcher on a date with a goat so that people know her future husband is an animal lover, because that will make her more likely to become president.
  • Fletcher reveals he's only dating Kennedy to make Chyna jealous.
  • Fletcher realizes how sweet Kennedy is and gets over Chyna.
  • Fletcher and Kennedy dance.

FinANTial crisis[]

  • When the interviewer goes to Fletcher, he says he has a "girlfriend," which he referred to Kennedy.
  • He wraps his arm around her and says, "this is my girlfriend," smiling.
  • When Fletcher speaks into the microphone, Kennedy puts her hand on Fletcher's arm.
  • Their relationship was really a cover for her actions relating to her father.

Kennedy's View of Fletcher[]

  • Kennedy seems to really like Fletcher because when Chyna told her he was in love, she looked really happy.

Fletcher's View of Kennedy[]

  • Fletcher thought Kennedy was annoying, prior to the events of "Unforeseen circumstANTs". He even had a picture of her in his room that he threw darts at.
  • As of "Unforeseen circumstANTs", Fletcher views Kennedy as the sweetest girlfriend in the whole world.


Flennedy Quotes[]

Flennedy Songs[]

  • Love The One You're With by Stephen Stills

Flennedy Gallery[]

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Similar Couples[]

Kira / Austin (Kaustin) (From Austin & Ally)[]

  • Kira (Kennedy) was dating Austin (Fletcher).
  • Kira (Kennedy) thought that Ally (Chyna) was madly in love with Austin (Fletcher).
  • Kira and Kennedy's names both start with K.
  • Austin (Fletcher) didn't want to date Kira (Kennedy) at first.