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Fletcher and Cameron
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Fletcher Quimby and Cameron Parks



Ship Rivals

Folive, Flyna, Fiolet, Caisley, Colive, Flangus, and Clexi

Flameron (Fl/etcher and C/ameron) is the established friendship pairing between Fletcher Quimby and Cameron Parks. Their biggest moments in the show are in ParticipANTs and Slumber Party ANTics. This ship mainly rivals Folive (F/letcher and Olive), Flyna (Fl/etcher and Ch/yna), Caisley (C/ameron and P/aisley), Colive (C/ameron and Olive), Flangus (Fl/etcher and Angus), Clexi (C/ameron and Lexi).

Additional Names for this Pairing[]

  • Catcher (Ca/meron and Fle/tcher)
  • Camcher (Cam/eron and Flet/cher)
  • Fletameron (Flet/cher and C/ameron)
  • Fameron (F/letcher and C/ameron)

Flameron Moments[]

Season 1 Moments[]


  • Fletcher blackmails Cameron into the End Hunger Today Club.
  • Fletcher re-elects Cameron as president of the club, for being "too darn charismatic".
  • Fletcher comes up with the idea to get "Oprah Winfrey" to sponsor them, getting them more money for buffalo wings.
  • When Mrs. Skidmore is suspicious of the club, Fletcher blames everything on Cameron.
  • They both share buffalo wings together.
  • Cameron insulted Fletcher calling him an A.N.T.

The PhANTom Locker[]

  • Cameron uses Fletcher's jacket disguise to sneak into the girl's bathroom.

Slumber Party ANTics[]

  • Cameron talks to Fletcher at the beginning of the episode as if they were best friends.
  • Cameron asked Fletcher to draw a comic book for him.
  • Cameron doesn't seem to get upset when Fletcher tells him that he doesn't want to do the comic book idea.
  • Fletcher accepts the offer about being the illustrator of the comic book.
  • Fletcher uses Cameron to get to Chyna.
  • Fletcher tries to be patient with Cameron when he was showing him his ideas for the characters in the comic.
  • When Fletcher talked to Cameron at the end of the episode, he called Cameron "bro".

Season 2 moments[]

FANTasy Girl[]

  • In this episode, Cameron instantly fell in love with Vanessa LaFontaine at the sight of her on a magazine cover. Fletcher also has experienced love at first sight (Chyna).

Photo Gallery[]

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