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Fletcher and Angus

Fletcher Quimby and Angus Chestnut


Best Friends, Roommates

Ship Rivals

Folive, Flyna, Changus, Faisley, Angive

Flangus (Fl/etcher and Angus) is the friendship pairing of Fletcher Quimby and Angus Chestnut. They are good friends, and are both in the A.N.T. Program. This ship mainly rivals Folive (F/letcher and Olive) Flyna (F/letcher and Ch/yna), Changus (Ch/yna and Angus), Flameron (Fl/etcher and C/ameron), Faisley (Fl/etcher and P/aisley) and Angive (Ang/us and Ol/ive).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Flangus (Fl/etcher and Angus)
  • Angetcher (Ang/us and Fl/etcher)
  • Fletangus (Flet/cher and Angus)
  • Anetchus (An/g/us and Fl/etch/er)
  • Fetangur (F/l/et/che/r and Angu/s)

Flangus Moments[]

Season 1 Moments[]


  • When Angus gets trampled in the swarm of big kids, Fletcher screamed for Angus but it was too late.
  • Fletcher wanted to rescue Angus.
  • Nobody seemed worried about Angus but Fletcher.

The PhANTom Locker[]

  • Angus thinks that Fletcher is a girl through Fletcher's jacket, and is shocked when he finds out that it was really Fletcher.

StudANT Council[]

  • Fletcher turns for Angus for advice to get to Chyna.
  • When Fletcher mentions how he's having girl troubles with Chyna, Angus gives him the book How to Win a Girl In 10 Easy Steps.


  • Angus helps Fletcher make Nigel stay away from Chyna by hacking into Nigel's webcam system.
  • Angus understands why Fletcher wants to get Chyna away from Nigel.


  • Angus helps Fletcher, including Chyna, Olive, and Wacky, get his stolen painting back.

CANTonese Style Cuisine[]

  • Beaman
    Fletcher and Angus, along with Chyna and Olive, help find Madam Goo Goo's phone number.
  • They were the only ones of the group to order food.
  • Angus asks Fletcher if he wanted to grab some pizza.

IgnorANTs Is Bliss[]

  • Fletcher shows Angus the night light he made of Chyna.

Season 2[]

AmusemANT Park[]

  • They spend the whole day together.

Season 3 

secret agANT[]

  • Angus gives Fletcher advice to make Chyna jealous.

Photo Gallery[]