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Fletcher Quimby
Fletcher Quimby
Full Name

Fletcher Pumpernickel Quimby


Tiger (by Angus)
Mr. Smooth (by Chyna)



Date of Birth

November 3, 1998

Resides in

New York City


Student at Webster High (Seasons 1-2)
Student at Z-tech (Season 3)
Ant in the A.N.T. Program

Eye Color


Hair Color



Mr. Quimby
Mrs. Quimby
Grandma Dottie (step-grandmother)
Grandpa Zeke


Violet (admirer)
Chyna Parks (ex-girlfriend)/former Crush
Kumiko Hashimoto (ex-girlfriend)
Olive Doyle (ex-girlfriend)


Chyna Parks (best friend)
Olive Doyle (best friend)
Angus Chestnut (best friend)
Violet (occasionally)
Paisley Houndstooth
Lexi Reed
Cameron Parks


Susan Skidmore


11 (season 1)
12-13 (season 2)
14 (season 3)


Webster High


A.N.T. Program
End Hunger Today Club
A.n.t. Co

First Episode


Last Episode

"the new york experiANTs"

Portrayed By

Jake Short

Fletcher Quimby is one of the two deuteragonists of A.N.T. Farm. He's a 14 year old artistic genius and dilettante, gifted in all media including painting, sculpture, and drawing. He met Chyna on her first day at Webster High, and soon became her friend. However, he deeply developed romantic feelings for her despite their friendship. Fletcher has trouble keeping his crush a secret when he constantly keeps adding her into his art. Fletcher got over her though, and also dated Olive (whom he stated that he liked much better and confessed his love for) as of unwANTed but they break up (temporarily) in the new york experiANTs when Fletcher has to move to New York to be an art resident. It is briefly mentioned that Fletcher is agoraphobic in Season 3. Fletcher is portrayed by Jake Short.


Fletcher is an excitable, accident-prone, and imaginative boy with a cheeky sense of humor. Despite the fact of being accident-prone, he has an incredible pain tolerance level (PatANT Pending, Ballet DANTser, TrANTsferred,...). He has the tendency to be slow-witted at times, such as when he does, odd things for his friends such as diving into trash simply because they do not want to, and is often seen as stupid, however, he can be quite cunning and devious at times. Whenever he is embarrassed or doesn't know what to say, he sometimes pretends to be frozen, thinking that no one can see him. He is also disliked by many teenagers for being an A.N.T., since he was not able to enter a club except the one with only Chyna's brother, Cameron, in it, the End Hunger Today Club. He is however friendly to everybody, even those who do not like him. He is also often portrayed as timid. His nice, and not the smartest personality makes it easy for people to take advantage of him but if you make him mad you don't want to mess around with him.


In TransplANTed, Chyna thinks that Fletcher is carrying a dead body, which is actually a beeswax sculpture. Olive mocks him by saying he has to literally "make friends." Fletcher then explains that he's an artist and he's sculpting the entire class out of beeswax as a project. Chyna comments that they're beautiful, and Fletcher accidentally tells Chyna that she's beautiful, creeping her out. He then corrects himself saying her music's beautiful, even though he hasn't heard her play. So to escape an embarrassing moment, he pretends he's a statue. Later, when first-period ends and Angus get caught in the flood of teens from the school, Fletcher says they should go back for him, so Olive slaps him straight. In music class, some big kids stuff his head into a tuba, so Chyna blows into it to shoot him out. At Chyna's house, Fletcher comes dressed in a businessman getup, with a top hat and spectacle to match as an attempt to look older. When Chyna's dad comes home early, Fletcher creates wax figures of the three of them so they can sneak out and go to Lexi's party, but not before he practices hitting on Chyna's double. At the party, he pretends that he's a magician to impress Paisley and later crashes into the stereo, almost ruining the party before Chyna performs. The next day, when Chyna says they need more wax figures, Fletcher says they're already done, creeping Chyna out again, so he corrects himself saying they will be done and then acts like a statue again.

In ParticipANTs, Fletcher comes to the Activity Fair dressed in a suit of armor so that none of the big kids can hurt him, but then gets caught by a giant magnet. Trying to get into the chess club, he ends up getting pieces shoved up his nose, so he goes to the End Hunger Today Club. He notices that it's only Cameron and he's eating buffalo wings, so after hearing of the club's true purpose, (using school funds to buy buffalo wings) he wants in. He gets in by threatening Cameron he will tell Skidmore about his little scam, which allows him to be in. When they order some more buffalo wings he gets some super hot ones, causing him to want them out ASAP! When Susan Skidmore shows up at the same time as the delivery guy, Fletcher blows their cover saying, "Our wings are here!" This causes Principal Skidmore to want in.

In The PhANTom Locker, Principal Skidmore convinces Fletcher to draw her a self-portrait of her in a schoolgirl outfit, much to his displeasure. Taking Chyna's advice, he paints her exactly how she is on the inside but Skidmore isn't happy about it.

In SciANTs Fair, Fletcher is seen working on his science fair project. However, Chyna and Olive end up destroying it.

In StudANT Council, Fletcher tries to get closer to Chyna by making friends with her dad, Darryl. He also enlisted in the help of Angus.

In Bad RomANTs, Fletcher makes a sculpture of Chyna's head out of chewed up bubblegum. For the entire episode, he is seen doing nice things for her such as pulling out her chair and trying to feed her chocolate covered strawberries.

In The InformANT, Fletcher helps Chyna get her Free-Village bag by diving into the trash can to get pudding cups. He also helps teach Chyna's dad a lesson.

In ReplicANT, Fletcher gets jealous of Nigel and tries to ruin his date with Chyna.

In ClairvoyANT, Fletcher takes a stand against Principal Skidmore for removing the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets in the cafeteria. He even dresses up as a dinosaur and gets featured in Cameron's video for Space Cadet.

In ManagemANT, Fletcher teams up with Paisley against Olive and Angus in a home economics challenge. He and Paisley end up losing.

In PhilANThropy, Fletcher helps to save Gibson's job by participating in the Save Gibson web-a-thon.

In FraudulANT, he gives his favorite artist Zanko one of his paintings and later, Chyna, Olive, Angus, Wacky, and himself try to get his painting back after Zanko took the credit for making it.

In The ReplacemANT, he doesn't like Miss Doyle, but he really doesn't want Olive back either.

In MutANT Farm, he is hitting on Chyna as he did in the first episode.

In CANTonese Style Cuisine, he, Olive, and Angus help Chyna find Madame Goo Goo's phone number at the Chinese restaurant.

In IgnorANTs Is Bliss, he helps Chyna get Olive's memory back.

In Slumber Party ANTics, he draws a comic book for Cameron after declining once but only to hang with Chyna.

In America Needs TalANT, he, Cameron, and Darryl wait in line at a popular food truck.

In sANTa's Little Helpers, he teams up with Chyna and Olive to try and get the faulty toys back from the orphanage when they find out Ms. Skidmore really gave the phony ones to them.

In You're the One That I WANT, he helps Lexi try to sabotage the school musical starring Chyna because he is jealous of the handsome leading man, Jared.

In PerformANTs, he, Chyna, Olive, and Angus pretend to be a kiddie band so that Roxanne will let them go to a rock concert with the older kids.

In Some EnchANTed Evening, he fakes a girlfriend after Chyna fakes her boyfriend after he asks her out.

In PatANT Pending, he and Olive work together against Chyna to design a new revolutionary kind of backpack.

In Ballet DANTser, Violet has a crush on him and he tries to avoid her as much as he can.

In Body of EvidANTs, Hagel calls him stupid, so he poisoned him, but wasn't the one who killed Hagel.

In Creative ConsultANT, he goes to the Stinkles movie with Cameron.

In InfANT, he helps get the baby back.

In FANTasy Girl, he pretended that Chyna was his date to the dance when Violet tricks Fletcher in asking her to the dance.

Flyna Painting

In Modeling AssignmANT, he and Olive keep changing the themes of Hippo's restaurant to make Lexi miserable, but it never works.

In The ANTagonist, he creates a cartoon series of the A.N.T Farm as actual ants, taking Chyna's advice to write what he knows he ends up making fun of Olive and her feelings in the process.

In EndurANTs, he takes the outback trek to prove that he has manly skills.

In AmusemANT Park, he goes on the rollercoaster with Angus many times just to get a good picture.

In ContestANTs, he thinks the dragon stole his wallet, but it was in his back pocket.

In ConfinemANT, he wanted to draw a picture of why the art and music programs should continue, but nobody had anything to draw with, not even a pencil.

In IntelligANT, he calls Olive stupid because her IQ test results were lower than his.

In SignificANT Other, Chyna finally accepts to go on a date with him, however only to do it to get him off her back. Fletcher performs a written song for her, asking her to be his date to his cousin's wedding.

In MutANT Farm 2, he finally loses all his vampire baby teeth.

In Detective AgANTcy, he helps Chyna's dad find the instruments.

In ScavANTger Hunt, he is on a team with Lexi and Paisley, competing in a scavenger hunt.

In ChANTs of a Lifetime, he goes to see Trifecta with Olive. He bounces a beach ball off Olive's head and it also hits Chyna while she is onstage.

In TrANTsferred, he now attends Z-Tech prodigy school.

In secret agANT he starts dating Kennedy to make Chyna Parks jealous then ends up trying to break up with her and she doesn't let him.

In unforeseen circumstANTs it is revealed he is afraid of streamers, balloons, and the word surprise. He is also seen dating Kennedy

In unforeseen circumstANTs, he reveals that whenever his Grandma Dottie babysits him, she puts him in the closet until his parents get home.


Fletcher appears in all 62 episodes of A.N.T. Farm. However, in mutANT farm 1 and 2 only Mutant Fletcher appears.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Although Olive jokes that Fletcher has difficulty making friends in TransplANTed, Fletcher easily befriends Chyna's dad in StudANT Council.
  • In Body of EvidANTs, it is revealed that all the students in the A.N.T program have deemed Fletcher as stupid due to his quirky nature.
  • He is referenced in Mighty Med (another show which Jake Short starred in) when Oliver (also portrayed by Jake Short) uses the alias "Quimby Fletcher" in the episode "Living the Dream" except his name was the other way around.
  • Fletcher has a high pain tolerance for his age; as he was able to recover quickly when his neck was bitten by bloodthirsty bats (PatANT Pending), having his foot crushed by a cinderblock (Ballet DANTser), was thrown out of his desk (FANTasy Girl), was hit in the face by a football (FANTasy Girl), recovered from serious wounds following taking up Karate (Early RetiremANT), shoved 8 feet out of an elevator (TrANTsferred) Being hit repeatedly with a baseball bat. (Unforeseen circumstANTs etc.
  • In EndurANTs, Tazmanian Neville reveals that Fletcher is a 9-year-old. However, he may have been lying to make himself seem more heroic. But even so, Fletcher didn't object to his said age, but rather to the made-up story
    Neville was telling.
  • He was mentioned to have been hypnotized to buy a hypnosis kit as mentioned in You're the One That I wANT.
  • His sensitive personality has earned him the unsolicited affection of Violet.
  • His middle name was revealed to be Pumpernickel in InformANT.
  • It is revealed in ReplicANT that he has a freakishly long toe.
  • He enjoys baking.
  • Fletcher is a very good hair stylist, as seen in Slumber Party ANTics.
  • Fletcher is part Danish, (about 1/16) as revealed in America Needs TalANT.
  • It is revealed in ParticipANTs that he collects chewed up gum, it is possible he collected the gum to make the sculpture of Chyna in Bad RomANTs.
  • His locker is filled with artistic things like paint as seen here .
  • His ant cartoon version is named Sketcher.
  • He cares deeply about art and is annoyed when others don't.
  • In the episode SignificANT Other, his dream of Chyna finally accepting to go on a date with him comes true.
  • As of SignificANT Other, we know of his singing talent.
  • Despite being called and considered stupid by a lot of people, he is implied to be quite knowledgeable on several occasions, such as quite accurately mimicking (and mocking) Olives style of spurting out random facts. He also seems to have an in-depth knowledge of artists and art history.
  • He does a lot of silly things as shown on Olive's quilt in InfluANTces
  • Fletcher may have a twin brother from Cleveland but unknown said by Chyna in FANTasy Girl.
  • His IQ may be 86, because Chyna said his holding his IQ results upside down, if 86 is upside down it would be 98, which is pretty well, and Fletcher said he did pretty well in his IQ test (98) until he realized he is holding it upside down and he is disappointed (86). 86 is a below average IQ but, IQ is only one way to measure intelligence. While his academic intelligence may be statistically low, his creative intelligence is very high which is why Fletcher is an art prodigy.
  • He has an irrational fear of streamers, balloons, and the word surprise caused by several incidents caused at parties.
  • He dated Kennedy Van Buren until FinANTial crisis when she revealed that she was really Kumiko Hashimoto and only faked her relationship with him.
  • The whole country (United States) hates Fletcher.
  • If he doesn't get 8 hours of sleep he gets really cranky.
  • In Ballet DANTser, he was originally supposed to kiss Lexi in the recital. 
  • It's been mentioned several times that his family yells and argues a lot.


Chyna Parks (best friend/ex-girlfriend/one date)


Fletcher is known for his cheeky humor and quirky actions

Fletcher has had a crush on Chyna since the first time he met her. However, she was oblivious to it until Some EnchANTed Evening, when he admitted it to her. They are occasionally seen smiling at each other, which is a sign they like each other. She may feel the same way because in EndurANTs, she was close to saying it. Ironically despite his feelings for her, Fletcher is always the first person to criticize her when she does something wrong or something that leads to something wrong. Fletcher confirmed that he is over her in MeANT to be?. However, he may not be as over her as everyone thinks. (See: Flyna).

Olive Doyle (best friend/ex-girlfriend/crush)

FOLIVE Hug highres2 copy

Folive hug

Fletcher and Olive have a confusing friendship. Olive acts like she loves Fletcher then other times act like she doesn't care at all about him. Olive and Fletcher are always teasing each other and embarrassing each other. As shown in InfluANTces, Olive made a quilt with Fletcher's embarrassing moments and Fletcher made a cartoon insulting her in The ANTagonist. They're starting to drift apart a little but they're still friends and do look out for each other. Though Olive puts Fletcher through lots of teasing, humiliation, and violence, it's cause she loves him. She says in EndurANTs that she only teases Fletcher because she loves him. It's unknown whether she meant it platonically or romantically. They argue from time to time and give each other insults, but they'll be there for each other whenever they need it. They've been protective over each other too, showing hints of concern when one gets hurt, but they bicker more often. They started dating as of unwanted but broke up in the finale so Fletcher could stay in New York as an art resident. (See: Folive).

Kumiko Hashimoto (ex-girlfriend)

Fletcher seeks Kennedy Van Buren

Fletcher struggles to ask "Kennedy" out on a date.

In "Secret agANT", Fletcher takes Angus' advice and asks Kennedy on a date to make Chyna jealous. Kennedy sees an opportunity for her "career" in dating Fletcher, so she accepts. After finding out how annoying Kennedy is, he tries to break up with her, but she doesn't allow it. In "Unforeseen circumstANTs", Fletcher is seen trying to break up with her but backs out of it after realizing how special she really was. (See: Flennedy).

Violet (former friend/admirer)

Violet has a crush on Fletcher but Fletcher does not feel the same way. In Ballet dANTser, she revealed she had a



crush on him. In InfANT, they have been next to each other most of the time. Violet does not get too angry in this episode and in FANTasy Girl, they were dancing next to each other and Violet tricked Fletcher into asking her to the dance (she threw a football at him, told him there was a note and he read it and said "Will you go to the dance with me?" then she said yes as if he was really asking her to the dance. Fletcher may possibly like Violet but he has the strongest feelings for Chyna which makes Violet angry. (See: Fiolet).

Paisley Houndstooth (friend/crush)

Faisley (1)

Fletcher and Paisley hugging

Paisley and Fletcher are on friendly terms with each other. Fletcher seems to have a little bit of a crush on Paisley as seen in TransplANTed and ManagemANT. Paisley likes Fletcher as well, however, due to Paisley being older than Fletcher she likes him more as a friend and does not see him in a romantic way.


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