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Chyna, Lexi, and Fletcher

"finANTial crisis" is the thirteenth episode in Season 3 of A.N.T. Farm. [2] It first aired on November 15, 2013.


Chyna and the A.N.T.s face a crisis when defective Z-Phones cause Hashimoto to take over Z-Tech.

Episode Overview[]

In Z Tech, the Z-Phone 5 starts blowing up and Zoltan is in financial ruins. He sells his company to an unknown business which they find out it is Hashimoto's company. Hashimoto then takes over Z-Tech and turns it into H-Tech. Then he decided to turn the school into a hotel and make the ANTs work there. He makes Olive becomes a concierge, Kennedy works at the front desk, the bellhop is Zoltan, Chyna is a giant mop, Fletcher is a wet floor sign, Lexi and Angus work at the spa, and Winter becomes the Vice President of finance. Hashimoto uses the ANT's rooms as rooms for guests and makes them sleep in sleeping tubes. Chyna then tries to talk to him about the sleeping tubes when she secretly hears his conversation on the phone about someone working an inside job blowing up the Z-Phone fives. He never mentions the name so she, Olive, Lexi, Angus, and Fletcher try to find out who is blowing up the phones. They come to the conclusion that it is Winter but can never seem to prove it. At the end, Chyna and Angus come up with a scheme to find out the culprit and Kennedy then says it was her. She then explains that she was forced to do it because her real name is Kumiko Hashimoto, Mr. Hashimoto's daughter, but when she first went to the school, she ended up loving the school and all of the ANTs. She isn't really a debate prodigy. Zoltan then takes back the school for prodigies.[3]




Memorable Quotes[]

In the Roomavator

Olive: Well it's got to be someone incredibly intelligent, so it's not Fletcher.
Lexi: And it's got to be someone who can keep a secret, so it's not Olive.
Chyna: It's got to be someone willing to get their hands dirty! So it's not Lexi.

Fletcher: It's got to be someone incredibly focused, so it's not Angus.


  • This episode reveals that Kennedy is the daughter of Hashimoto and that her real name is Kumiko Hashimoto.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of Winter Maddox.
  • Mr. Hashimoto from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody makes an appearance, meaning that A.N.T. Farm and the Suite Life franchise take place in the same universe.


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