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A.N.T. Farm is a Disney Channel original series that follows Chyna Parks (China Anne McClain) and her two best friends Olive Doyle (Sierra McCormick) and Fletcher Quimby (Jake Short) as they transition to a gifted program called "Advanced Natural Talents", also known as A.N.T., at a high school. Every episode will have the word "ANT" somewhere in the episode title. Ths show will end it's run after three seasons in 2014 after 62 episodes.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 25 May 6, 2011 April 13, 2012
2 20 June 1, 2012 April 26, 2013
3 17 May 31, 2013 March 21, 2014

Season 1: 2011-2012

Episode title Original air date Prod.


U.S. viewers


1 1 "transplANTed" May 6, 2011 101 4.4
It's Chyna's first day of high school as part of the prestigious A.N.T. program. After Chyna and her new ANT friends Fletcher and Olive hear about a high school party, they attempt to make themselves look older to attend.
2 2 "participANTs" June 17, 2011 102 4.3
Chyna makes an effort to be more involved with her school's extracurricular activities and joins the cheerleading squad, but she gets more than she bargained for when Lexi puts her cheerleading skills to the test. Meanwhile, Cameron and Fletcher create their own unique lunchtime club.
3 3 "the phANTom locker" June 24, 2011 103 4.6
Cameron uses a variety of tactics to scare Olive, his over-involved locker neighbor, into changing lockers. Meanwhile, Chyna attempts to get her crush's attention and Fletcher is commissioned to conduct a special art project.
4 4 "sciANTs fair" July 1, 2011 106 2.8
Chyna did not study for her science test after watching her favorite show, High Heels High. Surprisingly, Chyna still gets an A, which leads her to believe the teachers are up to something. To prove it, Chyna presents a lousy science project in hopes of exposing the conspiracy.
5 5 "studANT council" July 8, 2011 107 3.5
After Chyna is denied access into the school dance, Olive suggests Chyna run for A.N.T. representative to change the rules. When Chyna discovers the big kid's give the A.N.T. rep the hardest time, she enters Olive into the running too. Both Chyna and Olive try to sabotage their own campaign.
6 6 "bad romANTs" July 15, 2011 105 3.9
Fletcher repeatedly tries to sweet-talk Chyna, but she doesn't notice because she is too busy feeling sorry for Gibson who is lonely now that his Nana has a new boyfriend. When Gibson overstays his welcome, Chyna and Fletcher try to reunite him with his ex-girlfriend.
7 7 "the informANT" July 29, 2011 104 3.1
After Darryl gets Chyna a bag from the evidence locker at the police station and finds a new designer bag inside it, he accuses her of shoplifting and sends a police officer undercover. When Chyna finds out that "Charlie Brown" is a cop that Darryl sent to spy on her, she pretends she's going to rob a house.
8 8 "replicANT" August 12, 2011 108 3.7
Chyna has her eye on a new student in the A.N.T. Farm named Nigel who is from England and using a robot to attend school remotely. After Chyna invites Nigel to go roller skating, Fletcher gets jealous and, along with Angus, devises a plan to sabotage Chyna's date.
9 9 "clairvoyANT" August 19, 2011 109 3.5

After Principal Skidmore gives every student in school an award except Cameron, Chyna sets out to help him realize his talent. When she comes up short, Chyna convinces Cameron that he is psychic and now everyone in school is listening to Cameron's predictions and Chyna has to keep making those predictions come true.

10 10 "managemANT" August 26, 2011 110 3.6

Cameron pretends to be Chyna's manager when they meet hip-hop producer, Hippo. Chyna thinks it might be her big break, but when Hippo wants to make some changes that Chyna doesn’t agree with, it’s up to Cameron to step in and save the day.

11 11 "philANThropy" September 16, 2011 111 3.2

When the school can't afford to pay Gibson's salary, he gets fired. So Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher try to raise money by hosting a webathon called "Save Gibson". Meanwhile, Cameron helps Lexi prove that she volunteers at a senior center by pretending to be an elderly man.

12 12 "fraudulANT" September 23, 2011 112 2.6

Chyna, Olive and Fletcher meet Zanko, Fletcher's favorite artist. Zanko is having trouble with inspiration, so he asks Fletcher to create a painting to inspire him. But when Zanko passes the painting off as his own at his comeback party, Chyna creates an elite team to rescue the painting.

13 13 "the replacemANT" September 30, 2011 113 3.4
When the history teacher quits his job, Olive takes over as the substitute. Chyna does not like this, much to Lexi's delight, but Lexi begins to hate Olive when she gives her detention. Now the two enemies must resolve their differences and team up to get rid of "Mrs. Doyle".
14 14 "mutANT farm" October 7, 2011 118 3.8

It’s Halloween at Webster High School and it’s Chyna Parks’ first day in the Mutant Program, where monsters go to school with normal high school students. Chyna is Medusa so she fits right in with her new Mutant Program friends: Olive, a mad scientist, Fletcher, a vampire and Angus, a zombie.

15 15 "cANTonese style cuisine" October 28, 2011 115 3.2
Chyna is excited when she meets Madam Goo Goo and gets her phone number. However, when the A.N.T.s visit a Chinese restaurant for a field trip, Chyna realizes she lost Madam Goo Goo's phone number in the vat of fortune cookie dough. Olive, Fletcher, and Angus help her get it back.
16 16 "ignorANTs is bliss" November 4, 2011 116 3.5
When a deafening noise caused by Fletcher makes Olive lose her memory, Chyna, Fletcher, and Angus go to great lengths to get her memory back before Principal Skidmore dismisses her from the A.N.T. Program and sends her back to Kindergarten. Meanwhile, Lexi and Cameron enter Gibson's dog show.
17 17 "slumber party ANTics" November 18, 2011 114 3.6
When Chyna and Olive don’t get invited to Lexi’s slumber party, they decide to host their own on the same night and invite all of the A.N.T. girls. Meanwhile, Cameron enlists Fletcher to help him draw a comic book.
18 18 "america needs talANT" November 25, 2011 122/123 3.4

In the first hour-long episode of the series, Chyna and Lexi have to pretend that they're best friends when they both get picked as finalists for the reality show called America Needs Talent. Meanwhile, Olive and Paisley enter a game show competition and Cameron, Fletcher, and Darryl wait in line at a popular food truck.

19 19 "sANTa's little helpers" December 9, 2011 119 3.1
Principal Skidmore asks Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher to build toys for kids at an orphanage. So when they find out that it's a scam, they booby-trap the toys. Unfortunately, they discover that Principal Skidmore decided to give the toys to the orphanage, so they must get them back before it's too late.
20 20 "you're the one that i wANT" January 20, 2012 121 2.7

When Chyna gets the lead in the school musical, Lexi tries to sabotage the show with the help of Fletcher, who doesn't want Chyna to fall for the leading man, Jared. Meanwhile, Cameron learns that Gibson has been living at the school and offers to let him stay in his family's living room.

21 21 "performANTs" January 27, 2012 120 2.7
Chyna and her friends want to go to an upcoming concert with the older kids, however, they know that Chyna's mom Roxanne will never let them go. In order to convince Roxanne, they must pretend that they are actually going to see a kiddie band, which backfires when Roxanne decides to tag along with them.
22 22 "some enchANTed evening" February 24, 2012 117 3.0

When Fletcher asks Chyna out, she pretends to have a boyfriend in order to let him down easily. So, an embarrassed Fletcher pretends to have a girlfriend, prompting Olive to suggest they go on a double date together. Meanwhile, Gibson takes over as cheerleading coach.

23 23 "patANT pending" March 2, 2012 125 2.8
Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher all come up with a product idea, but Fletcher and Olive decide to exclude Chyna from it. They keep their invention a secret. Meanwhile, Lexi gets jealous when Paisley gets a lot of attention due to her injuries.
24 24 "ballet dANTser" March 30, 2012 126 2.5
Violet, a sports prodigy with slight anger issues, joins the ANT program and Lexi's ballet class. Violet isn't afraid of the older kids, including Lexi, who orders Chyna to keep the girl far away from her. Meanwhile, Cameron and Paisley take a drivers-education class, taught by Darryl.
25 25 "body of evidANTs" April 13, 2012 124 3.4
Olive is shocked to discover that her pet robot is no longer functioning and has suspicious screwdriver scratches on its back.When a screwdriver is found in Chyna's locker, Chyna suspects she has been framed and vows to find the real culprit.

Season 2: 2012-2013

  • This season consists of 20 episodes, shorter than Season 1's episode with 25.
  • This season will feature the last time of Carlon Jeffery being a main cast.
Episode title Original air date Prod.


U.S. viewers


26 1 "creative consultANT" June 1, 2012 207 2.7
The gang rolls out the red carpet for teen movie sensation Sequoia Jones who is shadowing Chyna for a movie role, but chaos ensues when she tries to assume Chyna's identity. Meanwhile, Fletcher, Cameron, and Lexi try to sneak into a Stinkle movie without looking like babies.
27 2 "infANT" June 1, 2012 201 2.9

Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher welcome a new Ant to the Ant Farm, a baby! Principal Skidmore tasks the gang with figuring out the baby's talent by week's end or else they'll end up in detention. Meanwhile, Cameron can't fathom why Lexi is so keen on Angus.

28 3 "fANTasy girl" June 8, 2012 202 2.7
Chyna and Olive are desperate to raise money to hold a school dance, so they auction off Fletcher's paintings. But when a wealthy perfume designer expresses interest in buying the painting, they pull a prank in order to raise the value of the piece. Meanwhile, Cameron asks the new girl at school to be his date.
29 4 "modeling assignmANT" June 22, 2012 205 3.2
Chyna helps Cameron track down his imaginary model girlfriend and she and Angus do everything they can to help Cameron impress her. Meanwhile, Lexi gets a job at Hippo's new restaurant and Olive and Fletcher encourage Hippo to choose a dining theme.
30 5 "ANTswers" June 29, 2012 206 3.4
When Principal Skidmore shuts off the school's Internet access, the ANTs start the ANTernet and use their advanced talents to give students the information they would normally get online. Also, Lexi is jealous of Cameron's girlfriend, Vanessa, who models for Hippo's new restaurant.
31 6 "the ANTagonist" July 6, 2012 208 2.8
Fletcher creates an animated story about a group of real life ANTs inspired by his own life, but when Olive realizes a character inspired by her is portrayed as the bothersome know it all, she decides to sue Fletcher for defamation of character.
32 7 "endurANTs" July 13, 2012 209 3.0
While at the ANTlympics in Australia, Fletcher tries to get Chyna's attention by braving the Australian Outback alone. When Chyna, Olive, and Angus realize he is missing, they travel to the Outback to find him with the help of Tasmanian Neville, an Australian wilderness expert.
33 8 "amusemANT park" July 20, 2012 211 3.4
After spending all their money on carnival games at the County Fair, Chyna and Cameron craft a money-eating game but find themselves in even deeper trouble when they lose Olive’s treasured dolls. Meanwhile, Olive and Lexi enter their dolls in a beauty pageant.
34 9 "contestANTs" August 10, 2012 212 2.8
Both Chyna and Lexi are determined to take home the $1,000 cash prize at a local carnival's Salute to Friendship contest, and Chyna suggests that their best chance at winning is to work together. Meanwhile, Cameron and Fletcher spend the afternoon hunting down a carnival character.
35 10 "confinemANT" August 24, 2012 213 3.5
Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive become convinced Principal Skidmore is going to cut funding for the art and music programs. Meanwhile, Lexi takes over morning announcement duties from Cameron.
36 11 "intelligANT" September 7, 2012 214 2.4
Chyna scores in the genius range on the school I.Q. test and is chosen to represent Webster High in the Acadecathlon. However, when Olive receives a disappointing score, she befriends Paisley, who she believes must have a similar I.Q. Meanwhile, hoping to be excused from P.E., Lexi and Cameron train to compete in curling at the Olympics.
37 12 "significANT other" September 21, 2012 215 2.6
Chyna finally agrees to go on a date with Fletcher, but Chyna believes their relationship has become too serious too fast so she asks Lexi for advice and suggests to break up with him. Meanwhile, Olive and Paisley team up for a psychology experiment and make Cameron their main Subject
38 13 "mutANT farm 2" October 5, 2012 210 2.9
Chyna Parks returns to the mutA.N.T. Program, where monsters like Chyna go to school with normal high school students. When Chyna soon develops a forbidden crush on a cute human boy named Brady, she pretends to be human in order to spend quality time with him.
39 14 "detective agANTcy" October 26, 2012 204 2.2
Chyna convinces her dad to quit his job as a cop to start his own business as a private investigator. But when the ANTs' infomercial for his new business fails to drum up any customers, Chyna creates a fake crime scene so that Principal Skidmore hires her dad to solve the crime.
40 15 "scavANTger hunt" November 2, 2012 203 2.7
With half the school out sick, Principal Skidmore sends the A.N.T.s on an educational scavenger hunt around San Francisco, where Chyna and Lexi lead two teams onto Skywalker Ranch to get George Lucas' autograph. Chaos ensues and the gang winds up meeting R2-D2 and C-3PO.
41 16 "chANTs of a lifetime" November 23, 2012 219/220 2.4
Chyna is asked to join her favorite girl singing group, Trifecta (Sierra and Lauryn McClain), but is sad to have to leave her friends and family behind. With Chyna gone on a year-long tour, Olive and Fletcher try to proceed as usual sans Chyna, and Lexi decides to put on another school musical where she'll finally get to be the star.
42 17 "early retiremANT" January 11, 2013 216 3.0
Chyna must learn how to deal with the new principal at school, who happens to be her own grandmother.
43 18 "influANTces" February 1, 2013 217 3.3
Chyna and the ANTs are tasked with creating a special project for Black History Month. As Chyna struggles to write a song for her presentation, she decides to lock herself in a recording booth until she comes up with a great song. After accidentally falling asleep, Chyna takes a dream journey back in time where she becomes famous African American music icons from the past, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, and Janet Jackson.
44 19 "idANTity crisis" April 5, 2013 221 3.1
Chyna discovers that Skidmore has been extracting all the ANTs personalities with a yogurt machine, and mistakenly switches bodies with Skidmore.
45 20 "restaurANTeur" April 26, 2013 218 2.1
A talented young chef named Graham starts working at IHOW and Olive is immediately smitten. The ANTs are thrilled when he joins the A.N.T. program until they discover that Graham is bit conceited.

Season 3: 2013-2014

Season 3 of A.N.T. Farm was picked up on October 2, 2012. Production resumes in Los Angeles in December 2012 with season three scheduled to premiere in June 2013. On December 26, 2013, China Anne McClain confirmed via Twitter that this would be the last season with 18 episodes

Episode title Original air date Prod.


U.S. viewers


46 1 "trANTsferred" May 31, 2013 301/302 2.8
This season takes an exciting turn when Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Angus, and Lexi — who reveals her own prodigious talent — are accepted to a prestigious A.N.T. boarding school. With an unconventional curriculum and the opportunity to learn from other students in the program, the ANTs strive to take their abilities to the next level.
47 2 "independANTS " June 7, 2013 303 3.5
Chyna and the ANTs delight in being free from the supervision of their parents.
48 3 "animal husbANTry" June 28, 2013 306 3.3
In order to prove to Seth that she is responsible enough to own a Puppenoala, Chyna agrees to take care of all of his other animals while he is trying to rescue a bald eagle. However, when she befriends the chicken she's supposed to feed to his alligator, Fletcher feeds the alligator Seth's one-of-a-kind talking duck instead, so Chyna tries to figure out how to teach another duck how to speak, with help from special guest star Chris Rock.
49 4 "secret agANT" July 12, 2013 304 2.7
Chyna and Lexi both have crushes on Dixon, a fellow A.N.T.; in an attempt to make Chyna jealous, Fletcher takes Angus' advice and agrees to be Kennedy's date to a party.
50 5 "past, presANT, and future" July 26, 2013 307 3.0
When a teenage Zoltan Grundy arrives in a time machine and falls in love with Chyna, he refuses to go back to the '80s without his true love, so Chyna decides to accompany him back as his prom date. Lexi hopes to travel back in time to correct a past event.
51 6 "angus' first movemANT" Aug 2, 2013 305 2.8
Zoltan Grundy asks Angus to write a jingle for the new Z-Phone commercial after he sneezes. Meanwhile, after Olive has finished reading the whole library and internet, Fletcher gives her a brain teaser which she can't solve.
52 7 "unforeseen circumstANTs Aug 9, 2013 308 3.0
Chyna] can't stand that Kennedy doesn't like her, so she helps Kennedy plan a party for Fletcher.
53 8 "pANTs on fire" Aug 23, 2013 312 2.8
Chyna accidentally ingests Dixon's truth serum that forces her to always tell the truth, so Chyna tries to figure out a way to stop always telling the truth. But when she drinks a lie potion, she can't stop telling lies, and when Zoltan Grundy asks Chyna if she's liking the new school and she lies, he expels her and she has to go back home.
54 9 "product misplacemANT" Sept 20, 2013 309 2.6
Chyna accidentally loses the Z Phone prototype and she must get it back before Zoltan finds out. Meanwhile, Lexi tries to get Seth, the zoology prodigy, to be her boyfriend.
55 10 "uncanny resemblANTs" Sept 27, 2013 315 2.4
Chyna promises Zoltan that she will keep an eye on the unpredictable Madam Goo Goo to make sure she doesn’t disappear before performing a new song at his charity function. Meanwhile, Lexi finds out her beauty score from a famous mathematician that Olive adores.Chyna and the A.N.T.s face a crisis when defective Z-Phones cause Hashimoto to take over Z Tech.
56 11 "mutANT farm 3" October 4, 2013 311 3.0
The mutants arrive at a new school for monsters, then find it's a prison. While trying to escape they open a portal to our universe, where they meet human versions of themselves.
57 12 "feature presANTation" October 18, 2013 313 2.7
When Cameron visits Chyna and tells her about his dream to attend film school, she agrees to ask Zoltan if he can shoot a movie at Z-tech. After Zoltan says no, Chyna helps Cameron make his movie in secret. Meanwhile, Fletcher can’t sleep because Angus keeps waking up with bad dreams.
58 13 "finANTial crisis" November 15, 2013 314 2.4
Chyna and the A.N.T.s face a crisis when defective Z-Phones cause Hashimoto to take over Z Tech.
59 14 "silANT night" December 6, 2013 310 3.1

Zoltan tries to surprise the ANTs by dressing up as Santa Claus, but things take a surprising turn when the backup computer locks the kids in the school after its analytics deem Santa to be bad. It's up to the ANTs to work together and convince the computer of the true meaning of the holidays so that it will unlock the building and they can return home for the holidays.

60 15 "unwANTed" January 24, 2014 316 2.7
When Dixon breaks up with Olive for another girl, Chyna tries to cheer her up.
61 16 "meANT to be?" February 28, 2014 317 2.5
China is really excited to find out that Olive and Fletcher are now dating. But Olive in unsure whether Fletcher is over Chyna.
62 17 "the new york experiANTs" March 21, 2014 318 1.9
China and the A.N.T's go to New York where China connects with a street dancer and Fletcher is offered an amazing opportunity to stay in New York.

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