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"endurANTs" is the seventh episode in Season 2 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on Disney Channel in the United States on July 13, 2012.


While at the "ANTlympics" in Australia, Fletcher tries to get Chyna's attention by braving the Australian Outback alone. When Chyna, Olive, and Angus realize he is missing, they travel to the Outback to find him with the help of Neville, an Australian wilderness expert. Meanwhile at the ANTlympics, Lexi and Paisley disguise themselves as Chyna and Fletcher who are up for an ANTlympic event.


Flyna Hug

The A.N.T.s go to an Australian A.N.T. convention called the "ANTlympics". Coincidentally, Lexi and Paisley decide to go on vacation in Australia and end up being stuck at the ANTlympics. At the convention, Chyna sees an Australian Nature prodigy named Neville, who stars in a TV show where his name is Tazmanian Neville. Fletcher wants to prove that he has "manly skills", so he asks an Australian supervisor who drops him off in the middle of the Australian Outback. Chyna, Olive, Angus, and Neville try to save him, but they then learn that Neville is actually an acting prodigy who knows nothing about nature. Olive suggests throwing a boomerang to hunt birds, but it doesn't work. Chyna then suggests cracking rocks together to make fire, but the "rocks" turn out to be emu eggs. Later on, the four of them hide inside an old car they find, where they discuss how much they miss Fletcher. When they start to think that Fletcher is never coming back, they see him riding on an emu. When he rescues them from the emus, Chyna starts to tell Fletcher something, possibly that she might like him back, but just then the boomerang comes back and hits her on the head, interrupting her. Meanwhile, Lexi and Paisley dress up as Chyna and Fletcher in order to participate in the ANTlympics.






Memorable Quotes[]

(In Flashback)Olive: Welcome to the PLACE!

Chyna: Hey that kid's carrying something.
Olive: That's Fletcher.
Fletcher: Yadda ya blah-bi-dee-blah!

Chyna: Dynamite!
Lexi: We wiped the floor with the competition! Not literally. I don't do housework. Paisley: It's called homework, and I don't do it either!
Olive: I tease him because I love him.

Angus: You don't tease me.

Olive: I know!
Chyna: Can you help us find our friend Fletcher? He's lost in the outback! Tazmanian Neville: Of course I will! I say we wait at the salad bar, people always come back for seconds.
Paisley: My artwork is displayed all over the USA.

Lexi: You mean the U.S.A.?

Paisley: I know how to spell USA!
Angus: I'm pretty sure Fletcher has more than three toes.

Neville: Well maybe two of them were eaten by a moose!
Olive: There are no moose in the outback. They are native to the Northern Hemisphere.
Neville: And we're in the..?

Olive: Southern Hemisphere.
Gibson: I'm going to say to you what I say to all ANTs before a big competition. Have you seen my wallet?
Chyna: Fletcher, I never realized this before but I think I might actually... (Gets knocked out by boomerang and falls down.) Fletcher: What? You might actually what?!
Olive: It was Monday, 58 degrees partly cloudy, I woke up at 6:42, brushed my teeth starting on the lower right quadrent... Tazmanian Neville: I just decided who we should eat first.
Gibson: This is the last contestant! And there is absolutely, no way on EARTH that this one person could possibly be a better singer than you!
Chyna: Feathers. They're everywhere!

Tazmanian Neville: Good idea! We'll tickle them until they give up the water.
Chyna: Or, we could do something that makes sense!
Chyna: (Dressed as an emu): Reeeeeee!

Olive: This is your idea of something that makes sense?
Fletcher: What? That's not what happened.

Tazmanian Neville: Sorry! Can't understand you 'cause of your crazy accent.
Fletcher: What accent? I don't have an accent!

Tazmanian Neville: Chou zo! Chou chou zo zo sou! That's what you sound like! You know, you look adorable in that get-up. Maybe one day you'll grow up, fight a croc, and get a necklace just like this one... Ow! My fingie!
Lexi: I am not an ANT! Do I look like I'm friends with all these creepy nerdy losers? Paisley: Answer her! She asked you a question!
Gibson: What are you guys doing here? Are you here for the ANT Convention?

Lexi: ANT Convention?
Gibson: Yeah. ANTs from all around the world come here to compete in the ANTlympics. Hey guys, look whose here!

Fletcher: Hey Lexi! It's Fletcher from school!
Tazmanian Neville: Ow! My fingy!


  • Filming for this episode ended April 27, 2012.
  • This is the second time an A.N.T. Farm episode premiered on Friday 13th since Body of EvidANTs.
  • This is also the second episode where Fletcher says "Hey Lexi, it's Fletcher from school," the first being Creative ConsultANT.
  • Dancing with the Sharks is a parody of Dancing with the Stars.
  • In Poland, this episode is called "The Australian Earth".
  • Cameron Parks did not appear in this episode.
  • Lab Rats' Billy Unger guest-starred in this episode, and he would later co-star with Jake Short in Lab Rats: Elite Force.


  • When the Antlympics start, Paisley is standing on the stage but in the next scene, she is standing on the ground next to Lexi and Gibson.
  • When Chyna cracked the emu eggs, she wiped her hands almost clean of the yolk. In the next scene, when the emus arrive, her hands are full of yolk.
  • When the feathers blow off of Chyna her hood is up, in the next scene it's down.
  • In the first scene, Fletcher is carrying a trophy that seems to have a person running on it, like for a track team. However, as said on many different episodes, Fletcher has no athletic ability.


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