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"Don't Go Potty In the Tub"
Song by The Happy Fuzzy Friends
Released: performANTs
Venue: A.N.T. Farm
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Don't Go Potty in the Tub is a song sung by The Happy Fuzzy Friends. This song is one of the songs that the A.N.T.s perform at Toxic Wasteland in the episode performANTs.


In the soapy sudsy bath
You can wash your face and hair
You can wash your back, your elbows
You can wash your derriere
Between your toes, behind your ears, are places you should scrub
But the one thing you should never do
Is go potty in the tub
Don't go potty in the tub tub tub
That's not what you do when you rub a dub dub
You can play with a boat or a sub sub sub
Just don't go potty in the tub tub tub