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Secret agANT

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Folive and Angive

Dilive (Di/xon and O/live) is the romantic pairing of Olive Doyle and Dixon Ticonderoga. They broke up. This pairing mainly rivals Folive (F/letcher and Olive) and Angive (Ang/us and Ol/​ive). They are portrayed by Sierra McCormick and Ben Winchell.

Additional Names

  • Dolive (Dixon/Olive)
  • Dive (Dixon/Olive)
  • Olixon (Olive/Dixon)
  • Dixive (Dixon/Olive)
  • Olivixon (Olive/Dixon)
  • Olivon (Olive/Dix/on)


Dilive Moments


Secret agANT

  • Olive tricked both Chyna and Lexi so she could date Dixon.
  • Olive is interested in Dixon.
  • Olive called Dixon a dollface.
  • Dixon thinks of Olive as 'the most secretive, underhanded, and manipulative girl' he has ever met.
  • Dixon thinks that Olive is just his type.
  • Dixon takes Olive with him into his helicopter.
  • They had their first date in this episode.
  • Olive wiped his mouth with a napkin.

PANTs on fire

  • When Olive found out Chyna couldn't tell the truth, she immediately guessed Chyna had taken Dixon's anti-truth serum, showing that she knows (or has been shown) some if not all of Dixon's gadgets.
  • When Olive threatened to break up with Dixon if he wouldn't give her the salad dressing, he immediately asked her which dressing she wanted, despite having said it was a dangerous weapon that could destroy the modern way of life.

Product misplacemANT

  • Olive talked on the phone with Dixon saying that she missed him and she didn't want to hang up.

Dilive Fanon

Dilive Colour

  • Purple is the colour of Dilive because in their first date Olive's dress was blue and Dixon's rose was red so blue + red = purple.

Dilive Songs

  • Secret Girl - Alex Goot
  • Secret Crush and Secret Agent - Melissa Etheridge.
  • Good Enough - Little Mix

What Olive thinks of Dixon

  • She thinks of him as a dollface (Secret agANT).
  • At the beginning of the episode secret agANT, Olive liked Dixon, but she didn't show it and didn't reveal it until the end of the episode.

What Dixon thinks of Olive

  • He thinks she is the most secretive, underhanded, manipulated girl he has ever met, and he thinks she's just his type (Secret agANT).

Dilive Gallery

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