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It was Principal Skidmore! She stole the instruments and now I know why. She melted them to use the brass to make this statue of the Wicked Witch of the West!

"detective agANTcy" is the fourteenth episode in Season 2 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on Disney Channel in the United States on October 26, 2012.


Chyna convinces her dad to quit his job as a cop to start his own business because of him hating his job for training a police cat as a private investigator. Paisley has gotten more popular than Lexi on Webster Wolve's website. Lexi, wanting to be the most popular girl, sent a friend request to Cameron along with Paisley, he will choose the one who gives him a gift of how much they know him. But when the ANTs' infomercial for his new business fails to drum up any customers. Lexi gets Cameron a small shirt with I'm a girly girl on it, Paisley got him a mixtape which is different kinds of tape attached and rolled together, she got police tape from officer cat. Chyna creates a fake crime scene of hiding the brass instruments in the janitor closet so that Principal Skidmore hires Darryl. She's working on her pose with the prototype plaque respected intelligent and professional Lexi walked by and stuck gum on her leg Whacky removed respected Chyna tells Skidmore about the missing instruments with her saying "missing what do you mean by missing?" Whacky removing intelligent Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher mentioned Darryl Parks about him being a detective she hired him and took Fletcher's lunch eating the sandwich and threw the bag on the ground Whacky removing professional. Cameron wanted help with his movie Mission Impossible: Toast Protocol Lexi planning the day with Cameron going shopping and getting their hair done Cameron wanted help with his movie Mission Impossible: Toast Protocol with Lexi playing Sourdough Smith saving Ambassador Ciabatta from a group of crouton from Waffle Tower Lexi's line is "I have got to save Ambassador Cinatta from this jam" but Cameron cut it for Lexi's voice sounded like bread he wanted toast not Mission Impossible: Bread Protocol Lexi tried again but had to cut for the character sounding like an English muffin trying again but cut again for sounding like French toast Cameron refusing to work like this and had lunch with the toast crew Pasily coming by which Cameron know that was the voice of toast she says she gets that a lot. Dad came by to solve the crime. Checking the outline of a tube Chyna said no fingerprints and thought the suspect had gloves she mentioned the possible suspect mostly mentioning the janitor Dad thought it was a glove model, Fletcher a mime, and Olive a Michael Jackson impersonator. Chyna lying about a mime in the janitor closet Dad thinking it was Chyna hides her instruments in the janitor's closet, but when she opens it, her instruments are gone. Dad gives up for it was the only lead and tries to call the police cat. Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive set up a trap for the culprit to steal an aluminum foil replica instrument while they hide in a van in the ANT Farm they saw a walking case Olive said "case closed" but it confused Chyna for thinking of the case is closed making a getaway while they get a parking ticket from officer cat. Cameron's almost ready to decide for they must do a turbine Lexi doing a musical orchestra and Paisly burped for being their burp for in second-grade 2nd time they drank the same soda and burped at the same time on March 29 at gym celebrating every March 29 for their Burp Day. Cameron's about to choose Paisly Lexi quickly kissed Cameron on the cheek and he chose her she won and walked out. Skidmore unveiled her statue with the engraving R.I.P. Chyna's dad rushes in and solves the case with Principal Skidmore was the culprit for she took the instruments and melted the brass down to make the statue he thought it was the Wicked Witch of the West. Chyna blows on the statue thumb and it made a horn sound Skidmore admits.

Detective AgANTcy 1




Memorable Quotes[]

At Chyna's house

Darryl: Now where's the remote?
Chyna: I dunno, you never let me touch it.
Darryl: Let's see, last time I had the remote I was on the couch. See! Pick up a single popcorn crumb Here are the crumbs from the popcorn I had for breakfast. And I remembered I wanted popcorn sauce on my popcorn! Walks towards the fridge
Olive: Popcorn sauce?

Chyna: He calls butter popcorn sauce because his parents wouldn't allow him to say butter because it has the word 'butt' in it.
In the A.N.T Farm

Chyna: I can't believe our add has only gotten one view, and it's a dislike.

Olive: That was me, everyone knows Sasquatches have no capacity for human speech and if they did they'd have a Canadian accent! Turns to Fletcher Very shardy work Fletcher.
In the A.N.T Farm

Chyna: We need to find my Dad a mystery to solve.
Fletcher: How about why Chyna won't love me?
Chyna: What?
Fletcher: Wha-what, I didn't say anything.

Olive: Yeah...
Outside the Janitors closet

Olive: But most importantly, we get a break from you playing the tuba.
Chyna: What, who doesn't like the tuba. Fletcher and Olive raise their hands

Chyna: Looks around annoyed, before raising her hand herself
In the A.N.T Farm

Olive: Cased closed.
Chyna: What are you talking about the case is closed? We don't know who's in that disguise!
Olive: No, I meant that the tuba case is closed. It opened, now it's closed.
Chyna: Ok, then why would you use the words cased closed to sound necessarily confusing?
Olive: I was just trying to say that we should get out there and stop them.
Chyna: Ok, then maybe you should just say let's get out there and stop them.
Olive: Too late now. He's gone.

Fletcher: That's not even the worst part, we got a parking ticket!
Outside Webster high

Skidmore: Principal Susan Skidmore: Respected, Intelligent, Professional!
Olive: I think the ingravery used a abbreviation.
Skidmore: R.I.P.?!

Fletcher: Oooh! I thought you were just dead on the inside! Fletcher and Olive fist bump


  • This is the first episode Angus doesn't appear in since episode 20 of Season 1, you're the one that i wANT. He appeared in 18 consecutive episodes during the run.
  • Wolf Pack is a parody of Facebook
  • It is revealed that Cameron and Paisley repeated the second grade
  • This is the second Wizard of Oz reference, first was in ManagemANT.
  • In this episode, Lexi kissed Cameron (on the cheek).
    • However, Cameron didn't return as a main character in the third season, so it was very unlikely that Lexi and Cameron would get together.
  • This is the second time YouTube appeared on ANT Farm. First was in InfANT.
  • Mission Impossible: Toast Protocol is a parody of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
  • Olive and Fletcher don't know how to make rhubarb pie as discovered in this episode, for free pies come with the first 100 customers. Fletcher doesn't even know what a rhubarb is.
  • In IntelligANT Lexi, Cameron, and Gibson were playing Curling with Violet, Wacky, and the Janitor. But in Detective AgANTcy, Chyna says when was the last time a Janitor ever worked at school.
    • In IntelligANT the Janitor was old so it is possible he was retired or fired because Skidmore's cheap and wouldn't like to give him a pension.
  • Olive makes a reference to Michael Jackson in this episode.
  • In this episode we learn that in the Parks family, you say popcorn sauce instead of Butter because it has the word "Butt" in it.
  • This was the least-watched episode, only scoring a poor 2.2 million viewers until the series finale scored 1.9 million viewers.
  • Darryl Parks (Chyna's dad) could be considered the protagonist of this episode.


  • Olive, Fletcher, and Chyna mention that Chyna can play the tuba but when she lists the things she can play she never says she can play the tuba. Or, she just didn't list them all. She said the word 'like' for examples.
  • Paisley knows how to count to five, however in ContestANTs she uses zucchini for five.


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