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"Date Me"
Song by Aedin Mincks
Released: SignificANT Other
Length: 0:23
Previous: "As a Friend"
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Date Me is a song written and performed by Angus for Olive in the episode significANT other. Only part of the song was sung because Olive splashed lemonade into Angus' face before he could finish.

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Olive please date me,
it would be bliss.

Maybe later on your porch
you and I can...


  • It is known to have 69 versus altogether, but technically is one of the shortest songs on the show, since only a little of the song was sung.
  • Angus was probably about to say kiss before Olive splashed lemonade in his face.
  • Angus hired Fletcher to dance in this song as John Quincy Adams, which Angus knew was Olive's favorite president.