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Darlene is the main antagonist of chANTs of a lifetime.


Darlene became sick due to food poisoning (she cooked a chimichanga in the bus tailpipe that is filled with dirt and mud) and as of result of what she had gone through, she is fired from Trifecta and was replaced by Chyna Parks.

She decided to take revenge on Trifecta.

Darlene then cut the brakes off of their tour bus and completely succeeds. But, Trifecta then leaves her driving a car behind.

She then recorded a GPS to ask the bus driver "Right Turn Ahead. Left Turn Ahead. You have reached your final destination."

Darlene then uses a miniature lighthouse to smack Sierra, Lauren and Chyna in the head and they are knocked out.

She ties them up in a huge light spinner and wants them to roast in the lighthouse, and explains that she was doing all of the plans all along. But her plan failed as she was pepper sprayed by Chyna and was pushed out of the roof and she splashes down the water.

She ends up coming back with a wig on and saying her name is "Charlene" so that she could fool Syerra and Laurin into hiring her again after Chyna leaves the band.


Darlene is at first nice. But now she became greedy, evil and dangerous. According to Syerra and Laurin, she used to always be passive-aggressive, but after they cut her from the band, Chyna said that Darlene was aggressive-aggressive.


Syerra (formerly)

Laurin (formerly)


Chyna Parks




Mmm mmm, not really.

Mmm mmm, I've read those things are dangerous, besides the microwave doesn't gave me that same smokey flavor.

Uh oh, need a bathroom, uh!

My name's, uh, Charlene! I can sing, I can dance, and I never tried to roast anyone in a lighthouse.