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"creative consultANT" is the first episode in Season 2 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on Disney Channel in the United States on June 1, 2012.


The gang rolls out the red carpet for teen movie sensation Sequoia Jones who is shadowing Chyna for a movie role, but chaos ensues when she tries to assume Chyna's identity. Meanwhile, Fletcher, Cameron and Lexi try to sneak into a Stinkle movie without looking like babies.

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  • This is the first episode in the second season of the show.
  • The Stinkles is a parody of The Smurfs, The Snorks, and Strawberry Shortcake (specifically Strawberry Stinkle). These were all popular franchises in the 80s. Strawberry Stinkle herself is a parody of Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfette and Casey Kelp.
  • This is the second time that a cast member from the show Shake It Up, guest starred on the show. The first time was in the episode of Some EnchANTed Evening and the guest star was Caroline Sunshine as Ella.
  • Running Gags: Whenever someone says the words shut up, the Shut Up Polka song is played.
  • This is the first episode Hazel is seen.
  • The first movie Cameron, Fletcher, and Lexi watched "The Hemo Goblin" was later seen on the October 15, 2012 episode of Kickin' It "Wazombie Warriors" on a poster in the theatre.
  • Olive's hairstyle is slightly different than it was before.
  • The outside of the cinema Fletcher, Cameron and Lexi attend is the same one they used in another Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie in the episode "Blankie Go Bye-Bye".


  • When Chyna is being dangled over the shark tank, it is white, but the second time the shark tank is shown, it is grey. 
  • When Lexi takes her Stinkle head off in the movie theater, she drops it on the ground. The next scene, the head is nowhere to be found.
  • When Chyna is dangling over the shark tank, one of her shoes fall in. But when she is showing everybody what Sequoia did, she is wearing it again.


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