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"contestANTs" is the 9th episode of Season 2. It first aired on Disney Channel in the United States on August 10, 2012.


Both Chyna and Lexi are competing in a contest to try and win a cash prize. After a series of panics, they are forced to work together, but will they manage to get along until the contest ends? Meanwhile, Cameron and Fletcher spend the afternoon hunting down a carnival character, Duncan the Dragon, who has stolen Fletcher's wallet.





  • Darin Toonder as Chip


  • The setting is still the Amusement Park, this is most likely to be the continuation of the previous episode.
  • The last three episodes have taken place in the summer time.
  • Lexi called Olive "Octavia" and "Odette", but in other episodes, she knew Olive's name.
  • "Octavia" is a name that was used in the "Hunger Games".
  • This is the first time Chyna and Lexi work together willingly. There is also a possibility that Chyna and Lexi might eventually become friends.
  • In Poland, this episode is called "Rywalki"


  • When Chyna and Lexi are performing each others' songs, the remote is in Chyna's hand, then appears on the stage, then appears back in Chyna's hand again.

Running Gag[]

  • Chyna kept thinking the little girl in the floppy hat was her guitar that she disguised so no one would buy it.
  • After somebody eats the Lo-Tato chips, after about 15 or 30 seconds later, their conversation is interrupted by the after-taste of the chips.


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