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Clexley (C/ameron, Lex/i and P/ais/ley) is the friendship trio of Lexi Reed, Paisley Houndstooth, and Cameron Parks. The three seem to be hanging out with each other in some episodes in the series, such as in MutANT Farm. Lexi might not like Cameron because he is Chyna's brother, but they seem to be around each other often in episodes. Paisley is Lexi's best friend and has known Cameron since kindergarten. She describes him as "that really tall kid". Lexi and Paisley seem to know where Cameron's house is, since they've been there two times together. It is seen in some episodes that Cameron likes Lexi, and it is seen in some episodes that he likes Paisley. It is unknown if they have spoken to each other before Chyna joined the A.N.T Farm. The trio has no rivals.

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Leaiseron (Le/xi, P/ais/ley, and Cam/eron)
  • Clexley (C/ameron, Lex/i, and Pais/ley) - The most popular name for the pairing
  • Paiseroxi (Pais/ley, Cam/ero/n, and Le/xi)
  • Leronley (L/exi, Cam/eron, and Pais/ley)
  • Caiserexi (C/ameron, P/ais/ley, and L/exi)
  • Pexieron (P/aisley, L/exi, and Cam/eron)

Leaiseron Moments[]

Season 1 Moments[]


  • Cameron is embarrassed that Chyna was going to his school, maybe he was afraid she would ruin his shot with either Lexi or Paisley.
  • Cameron walks up to Lexi and Paisley and tells them that he was in the play "Les Miserables" (probably trying to impress them).
  • Cameron doesn't seem upset when Lexi insults him.
  • Cameron is seen at Lexi's party.
  • Paisley is seen at Lexi's party.
  • There is a possibility that Lexi invited Cameron to her party.


  • Cameron takes pictures of Lexi and Paisley in their cheerleading uniforms.
  • Lexi and Paisley did not seem annoyed at the fact Cameron was taking pictures of them

StudANT Council[]

  • Cameron goes to the dance and Lexi and Paisley are there too.
  • Cameron reveals he's known Paisley since kindergarten.
  • There's a possibility that the trio have known each other since kindergarten.
  • When Paisley tells Cameron that no A.N.T.s were allowed at the dance, he seems offended and upset that she doesn't realize that he's in high school with her.
  • There's a possibility that both Lexi and Paisley voted for Cameron to be A.N.T. Rep.
  • Lexi announces that Cameron is A.N.T. Rep.


  • Cameron looks concerned when he sees Lexi crying and Paisley comforting her.
  • Paisley gets Lexi cucumbers as Cameron talks to Lexi.
  • Cameron gives Lexi advice.
  • Paisley looks convinced that Cameron is actually an old person.

MutANT farm[]

  • Throughout the episode, they are seen hanging out with each other.
  • The trio were afraid of the Mutants.
  • Lexi, Cameron, and Paisley are seen at their lockers together.
  • They complain to Gibson about the Mutants.
  • They planned to go to the Halloween Dance together.
  • Paisley and Lexi go to pick up Cameron at his house.
  • They sneak out of Cameron's house, together.

Slumber Party ANTics[]

  • Lexi, Paisley, and some other girls from Lexi's party went to Cameron's house.
  • Cameron looks happy when he sees Lexi and Paisley at his house.
  • Cameron tries to impress Lexi and Paisley by saying "Hello ladies", and smiled.
  • Cameron wanted to unwrinkle Lexi's pajamas.

America Needs TalANT[]

  • The trio goes to L.A.
  • Paisley goes to L.A. to support Lexi and Cameron might have also gone to Hollywood to support Lexi too.

SANTa's Little Helpers[]

  • The trio were seen at the same mall.
  • Lexi and Paisley take Cameron and Darryl's job after they ran out of the mall (as Santa and his elf)

Photo Gallery[]