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*Lexi came up to Cameron and asked him where he was during P.E. looking concerned.
*Lexi came up to Cameron and asked him where he was during P.E. looking concerned.
===Photo Gallery===
==Photo Gallery==
''To view the '''Clexi''' photo gallery, click '''[[Clexi/Gallery|here]]'''.''
''To view the '''Clexi''' photo gallery, click '''[[Clexi/Gallery|here]]'''.''

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Lexi Reed and Cameron Parks



Ship Rivals

Caisley, Colive, and Leith

Clexi (C/ameron and Lexi) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Cameron Parks and Lexi Reed. It is possible that Cameron and Lexi may get together some day, especially because of the fact that they're always involved with a situation together (such as torturing Principal Skidmore) and look at each other several times. They are the only high schoolers in the main cast. They mainly rival Colive (C/ameron and Olive), Caisley (Ca/meron and Pa/isley), and Leith (Le/xi and Ke/ith).

Additional Names for the Pairing

  • Camxi (Cam/eron and Le/xi)
  • Lexmeron (Lex/i and Ca/meron)
  • Lameron (L/exi and C/ameron)
  • Lemeron (Le/xi and Ca/meron)
  • Lexron (Lex/i and Cam/ron)
  • Cexi (C/ameron and L/exi)
  • Cami (Cam/eron and Lex/i)
  • Caxi (Ca/meron and Le/xi)
  • Cami (Cam/eron and Lex/i)
  • Lexeron (Lex/i and Cam/eron

Clexi Moments

Season 1


  • Cameron walks up to Lexi (and Paisley) and tells them that he was in the play "Les Miserable" (probably trying to impress her).
  • Cameron doesn't look offended after Lexi insults him.
  • Cameron is at Lexi's party.


The PhANTom Locker

  • Cameron asks Lexi for advice.
  • Cameron takes Lexi's advice because he trusts her.
  • When Cameron walks into the classroom, Lexi laughs so she might have thought he was funny.


SciANTs Fair

  • Cameron goes into the trash can to help Lexi find her sunglasses.
  • After Cameron tells Lexi to use Principal Skidmore's phone to get the teachers to do what they want and torture her to insanity, Lexi tells him that he was actually making some sense, implying that she's talked to him enough before to know that he normally doesn't make sense. She also seems impressed.
  • Cameron and Lexi pair up and work together for the entire episode.
  • Like in Participants, Cameron takes several explicit pictures of Lexi, this time using Principal Skidmore's phone.
  • Cameron doesn't seem as mad as he should be when Lexi tries to blame him for everything.
  • Cameron admits that he wanted to remember he and Lexi's time together.
  • Cameron's dad thought that he and Lexi were dating.


  • Cameron asks Lexi what's wrong when he sees her crying.
  • He gives her advice.
  • He pretends to be an old person just for her.
  • He lets her come inside his house.

MutANT Farm

  • Lexi and Cameron are seen talking to each other at Lexi's locker with Paisley.
  • Lexi and Cameron are standing next to each other in the cafeteria.
  • Cameron hides behind Lexi.

IgnorANTs Is Bliss

  • Lexi seems concerned when Cameron gets attacked by the dog.


  • Cameron and Lexi somewhat paired up for the episode.
  • Cameron took Lexi backstage.

Season 2

Creative ConsultANT

  • Cameron and Lexi don't want eachother to know there seeing a little kids movie.
  • Cameron and Lexi see the movie together.
  • When they're about to watch the movie they smile at each other


  • Cameron wants to get Lexi's attention.
  • He keeps asking Angus how to get Lexi to like him.

FANTasy Girl

  • Cameron thought Lexi was going to ask him to the dance and said yes.

The ANTagonist

  • After Vanessa and Cameron break up Cameron asks Lexi out.


  • Lexi and Cameron do the anncouements
  • Cameron wants Lexi to care about his feelings


  • Lexi came up to Cameron and asked him where he was during P.E. looking concerned.

Photo Gallery

To view the Clexi photo gallery, click here.

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