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Chyna Parks and Olive Doyle


Best Friends, Roommates

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Chexi, Lolive, Chaisley

Olive you never have to worry about being alone, because I'll always be here for you

Chyna to Olive in unwANTed

Cholive is the friendship pairing of Chyna Parks and Olive Doyle.

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Chive (Ch/yna and Ol/ive)
  • Olyna (Ol/ive and Ch/yna)
  • Chivia (Ch/yna and Ol/ivia)
  • Chyvia (Chy/na and Oli/via)
  • Clive (C/hyna and O/live)
  • Chynolive (Chyn/a and Olive)​

Cholive Moments[]

 Season 1[]

Chyna olive2

  • Olive is the first A.N.T. to talk to Chyna.
  • Olive helps Chyna dodge the "big kids" in the hallway rush.
  • Chyna and Olive squeeze together in a locker.
  • Olive comes over to Chyna's house.
  • Olive trusts Chyna.
  • In the end, both go to lunch together.


  • Olive calls Chyna her best friend.
    Cholive 2

    cholive 5

  • Chyna wants to try out for cheerleading but says it won't be fun unless she and Olive do it together.
  • Chyna and Olive both tryout for cheerleading, after Chyna persuades Olive.
  • Before Lexi tells Chyna that she's on the squad, Chyna tells Lexi that they'll do something else together.
  • When Chyna finds out she's on the squad, she accidentally pushes Olive against a locker.
  • Olive encourages Chyna to still audition for the school musical, even though she is in bad condition.
  • Both forgive each other 2 days later.

The PhANTom Locker[]

  • Chyna lets Olive share her locker.
  • Olive rearranges Chyna's locker for her.
  • Chyna helps Olive to face her fears.
  • Chyna gets into the locker with Olive. (shown at right)
  • Chyna plays hide and seek with Olive to help ease her fears.

SciANTs Fair[]

  • Chyna and Olive decide to work on their project together.
  • After Chyna caused her and Olive to get an F on their project, she asked "Can donuts be used to patch up a friendship?"
  • Chyna offers Olive a donut.

StudANT Council[]

  • Olive tells Chyna she's pretty and smart.
  • Olive agrees to help Chyna with her campaign by performing a rap.
  • Olive and Chyna both say nice things about each other throughout the episode.
  • Olive apologizes to Chyna for setting her up.

The InformANT[]

  • Chyna and Olive sat together at lunch.
  • Olive helped Chyna get her Free-Village Bag.
  • Olive helped Chyna with her plan.
  • Chyna looked upset when Olive left because she was scared to get in trouble.


  • Olive helped Chyna to make several of Cameron's predictions come true so he would believe that he was a psychic, even though she knew it was a bad idea.
  • Olive was seen over at Chyna's house.
Olive PhilANThropy


  • Olive said that Chyna's idea was great after yelling at Fletcher for his idea.
  • Olive helped Chyna after she asked why people weren't calling to help "Gibson Fever".


  • Olive was seen over at Chyna's house.
  • Chyna said that Olive's face looked gorgeous.
  • Olive went with Chyna to confront Zanko.
  • Chyna and Olive both helped Fletcher get his painting back.

The ReplacemANT[]

  • Chyna said that Olive was only 11 and knew everything about History.
  • Chyna suggested that Olive should be the new History teacher.
  • Chyna encouraged Olive to take charge.
  • Chyna was the only one who raised her hand when she wanted her friend Olive back.
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CANTonese Style Cuisine[]

  • Chyna wanted to sing Olive a birthday song.
  • Olive worked with Chyna to find Madam Goo Goo's number.
  • They both got a fake job to find the number

IgnorANTs Is Bliss[]

IgnorANTs Is Bliss 6
  • Olive was willing to help Chyna get her speech back.
  • Chyna was concerned when Olive lost her memory.
  • Chyna tried to convince Skidmore not to send Olive back to Kindergarten.
  • Chyna tries to help Olive get her memory back.
  • Chyna called Olive her best friend several times.
  • Chyna's speech stated that one of the greatest things about joining the A.N.T. Program was meeting Olive.
  • They share a hug.

Slumber Party ANTics[]

  • Slumber Party ANTics
    Chyna tries to keep up with Olive's sleepover antics.
  • Chyna said if she was nervous, she could bring something from home.
  • Chyna invited Olive to her sleepover.
  • Olive sleep-knitted Chyna a sweater.
  • Olive was the only one who came to Chyna's sleepover.

America Needs TalANT[]

  • Chyna was excited when she thought Olive was also in the finals with her and admits once again that she is her best friend.
  • They sit by each other on the way to LA.
  • Olive clapped after Chyna performed her song.
  • She was hugging Chyna when they were being attacked by the walrus.
  • Olive cheered for Chyna after she performed.
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You're the One That I WANT[]

  • Chyna performs two raps, "Afrostopolis" and "Jay to the Zeus", to Olive in the A.N.T. Farm.
  • Olive was singing along with Chyna at the musical.
Some EnchANTed Evening 2

Some EnchANTed Evening[]

  • Olive tells Chyna about Fletcher's true feelings for her.
  • Chyna doubts Olive is telling the truth about Fletcher liking her.

PatANT pending[]

  • Olive didn't want to let Chyna in on the plan because she knew that business could hurt a friendship.
  • Olive used her Apologis-O-Tron and apologised to Chyna.

Ballet dANTser[]

  • Olive wants to be the bridesmaid at Chyna's wedding.
  • Olive thanked Chyna for calming Olive down

Body of evidANTs[]

  • Olive apologized for immediately accusing Chyna.

Season 2[]

Creative consultANT[]

  • Olive jumped into a pool of fake baby sharks which she thought were real to save Chyna.
  • Olive was really upset when Chyna ditched her for Sequoia.


  • Chyna's idea was the only idea that Olive liked.
  • Olive gave Chyna the idea by putting words in her mouth.
  • Chyna and Olive are next to each other when they are asleep.

fANTasy Girl[]

  • Chyna and Olive drag the donation box down the hallway together.

Photo Gallery[]

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