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Chexi (Ch/yna and L/exi) is the frenemy relationship between Lexi Reed and Chyna Parks. Chexi is a bitter friendship/rivalry due to Chyna being the protagonist of the show and Lexi being the antagonist. Lexi dislikes Chyna due to Chyna being an A.N.T. and a threat to Lexi's spotlight in school plays. In the first season, Lexi seems to be a bit aggressive with Chyna (pushes her off a chair, gets her injured during cheerleading practice.) But as the series goes along, they are a bit friendlier towards each other, though Lexi still doesn't like Chyna, and thinks of her as a threat (and a lot less attractive than her). It mainly rivals Cholive (Ch/yna and Olive), Laisley (L/exi and P/aisley) and Chaisley (Ch/yna and P/aisley).

Addtional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Lyna (L/exi and Ch/yna)
  • Lexna (Lex/i and Chy/na)
  • Clexi (C/hyna and Lexi)
  • Lhyna (L/exi and (C/hyna)
  • Chynexi (Chyn/a and L/exi)
  • Lexihyna (Lexi and C/hyna)

Chexi Moments[]

Season 1 Moments[]


  • Lexi throws Chyna out of her chair to see if "this Chyna is breakable".
  • Lexi yawns during Chyna's violin performance in class.
  • Lexi shows Chyna pictures of her from different school plays.
  • Chyna tells Lexi that she has whiskers.
  • Lexi claims that Chyna and her friends ruined the party, after the sound amplifier incident.
  • Lexi insults Chyna when she talks to Cameron.
  • Chyna performs at Lexi's party after the sound system is destroyed, possibly a sign that she didn't want to see Lexi's party be ruined.


  • Lexi grants Chyna a position on the cheerleading squad.
  • Lexi overworks Chyna during cheerleading rehearsals.
  • After getting injured and losing her voice, Chyna realizes that Lexi set her up so that Chyna would not try out for the recent school play.

The InformANT[]

  • The ReplacemANT 6
    Lexi shows off her bag to Chyna.

The ReplacemANT[]

  • Lexi and Chyna try to think of a plan to get rid of Ms. Doyle.
  • Lexi and Chyna discuss their plans.
  • Chyna and Lexi both admitted it was the first time they agreed on anything.

CANTonese-Style Cuisine[]

  • Lexi was seen at McKenna's party where Chyna and Madam Goo Goo performed.
  • Lexi was seen clapping the loudest once Chyna and Madam Goo Goo finished their performance in McKenna's party.

America Needs TalANT[]

  • America Needs TalANT 7
    They were both in the finals for America Needs Talent.
  • Lexi said she was so proud of Chyna.
  • Chyna and Lexi hugged.
  • Chyna said that Lexi was talented.
  • Lexi lied and said that she and Chyna were best friends.
  • They had shared a hotel room together.
  • Chyna tricked Lexi into singing, Sweet as a Sprinkle.
  • This is the first episode where they are shown as friends.

You're the One That I wANT[]

  • Lexi and Chyna almost kissed at the end of the play. (Zeus and Chyna's role had to kiss at the end, but instead, they fist-bumped.)
  • Chyna and Lexi became closer.

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