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Chyna and Fletcher

Fletcher Quimby and Chyna Parks


Ex-crush (Fletcher)
Possible Crush (Chyna) (from EndurANTs and MEANT to be?)
Broken up
Best Friends

Ship Rivals

Folive & Changus

Fletcher, since the day you showed up at my house, in a top hat and monocle, I knew I wanted you to be my friend forever.
— Chyna to Fletcher in the new york experiANTs
I don't care where I am, you're always going to be a part of my life.

Chyna and Fletcher, also known as Flyna (Fl/etcher and Ch/yna), is the friendship/romantic pairing of Fletcher Quimby and Chyna Parks. Many people don't believe that love at first sight exists, yet that, however, is the story of Fletcher Quimby. Fletcher fell in love with Chyna the instant he saw her when she joined the A.N.T. Program in TransplANTed. In the episode endurANTs, Chyna hints she may like Fletcher back when he saved her and the gang. In mid-November 2011, Dan Signer was interviewed for an article and is said to have green-lighted Flyna as a couple instantly, making a reference to Lizzie and Gordo's relationship from the former Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire. However, in December 2011, the article was somehow deleted most likely to prevent any spoilers. It is unclear if Chyna does, in fact, have feelings for Fletcher. In Unforeseen circumstANTs, they were close to kissing.

The real-life pairing for Flyna is Chake.

It mainly rivals Folive (F/letcher and Olive), and Changus (Ch/yna and Angus).

Additional Names for the Pairing

  • Fyna (F/letcher and Ch/yna)
  • Fhyna(F/letcher and C/hyna
  • Flena (Fle/tcher and Chy/na)
  • Chetcher (Ch/yna and Fl/etcher)
  • Cletcher (C/hyna and F/letcher)
  • Fletchyna (Flet/cher and Chy/na)
  • Chynetcher (Chyn/a and Fl/etcher)
  • Chyetcher (Chy/na and Fl/etcher)
  • Chyletcher (Chy/na and F/letcher)
  • Chytcher (Chy/na and Fle/tcher)
  • Chyer (Chy/na and Fletch/er)
  • Pimby (P/arks and Qu/imby)
  • Quarks (Qu/imby and P/arks)
  • Quiks (Qui/mby and Par/ks)
  • Quirks (Qui/mby and Pa/rks)

Flyna Moments

Season 1 Moments


  • When Fletcher first saw Chyna, he developed a crush on her because of her beauty and personality.
  • Fletcher gets nervous and "turns into a statue" when he speaks to Chyna.
  • The first thing Fletcher said to Chyna was "You're beautiful."
  • Fletcher was one of Chyna's first friends in the A.N.T. Farm.

    Chyna and Fletcher hugging


    Fletcher's awarded moment with Chyna.

  • Fletcher went to a party with Chyna because it was her idea.
  • They both compliment each other.
  • Fletcher calls Chyna and her music "beautiful".
  • When Chyna and Olive left for the party, Fletcher lingered a little longer to flirt with the Chyna wax figure.
  • The next day, Fletcher was sad Chyna got removed from the A.N.T. program but when he saw her, he had a huge smile on his face and was about to hug her but Olive hugged her first.
  • Fletcher was happy to see Chyna at the ANT program again, possibly giving him more time to finally reveal his feelings to her.
  • Fletcher spends the whole night making wax sculptures of Chyna, which he denies.
  • Fletcher tries to cover up his feelings for Chyna, but he's really bad at it.
  • They became best friends.
  • They seemed to trust each other right away.
    Classic Flyna

    Classic Flyna moment


  • Chyna puts her arm around Fletcher for a few seconds and he looks happy.

    Chyna putting her arm around Fletcher's shoulder

  • Chyna asked Fletcher how it went in the chess club, meaning she cared about him.
  • Their friendship became stronger in this episode.

The PhANTom Locker

  • At the end of the episode when Fletcher is running away from Skidmore he hides behind Chyna and puts his hands on her shoulders.
  • They both give each other some advice.
  • Fletcher seemed offended and sad when Chyna called him stupid.
  • Fletcher looked kind of jealous about Chyna's crush.

SciANTs Fair

  • Fletcher slips that he tracks Chyna's every move.
  • Fletcher sits next to Chyna in science class.
  • Chyna and Fletcher have a brief conversation.
  • Chyna and Fletcher smile at each other.
  • Chyna rolls her eyes and smiles at Fletcher after he rants about rice.

StudANT Council

  • Fletcher confesses that he's sad because Chyna doesn't notice him.
  • Fletcher spends time with Darryl to get closer to Chyna.
  • Fletcher asks Darryl if he would give him his blessing someday.
  • When Darryl gives Fletcher the movie tickets, Fletcher says that he will take Chyna.

Bad RomANTs

  • Fletcher pulls out Chyna's chair for her when they are in the cafeteria.

    "I guess the heart wants, what the heart wants" Fletcher says to Chyna.

  • Fletcher flirts with Chyna during lunchtime, until Gibson interrupts them.
  • Chyna and Fletcher study together at Chyna's house.
  • Fletcher tries to feed Chyna a chocolate covered strawberry, and she lets him.
  • Fletcher wants to hug Chyna.
  • Fletcher thinks they're on a study date.
  • Fletcher wants to slow dance with Chyna.
  • Fletcher seems disappointed when Gibson interrupts their studying.
  • When Chyna says that she could hug Fletcher, he puts his arms out.
  • Fletcher sculpts Chyna's head out of gum.
  • Fletcher tried to act cool around Chyna.
  • Fletcher really enjoyed Chyna's song.
  • Chyna is also disappointed when Gibson always shows up.

The InformANT

  • Fletcher dives into a trash can for Chyna.
  • Fletcher helps Chyna get the designer bag that she wants.
  • Fletcher and Chyna smiled at each other when Officer 3-9 was dancing.
  • Fletcher didn't mind when Chyna stepped on his foot.
  • Fletcher steadies Chyna's trip by putting his arms around her waist.
  • While Chyna is doing different poses with her free village bag, you can see Fletcher smiling at her.


  • ReplicANT2

    Doll-sized Chyna doll

    Fletcher creates a doll version of Chyna.
  • Fletcher is seen kissing a doll that was made to look like Chyna.
  • Instead of going to Olive or another friend, Chyna goes to Fletcher to ask him a personal question.
  • Fletcher was very excited when he thought Chyna was going to ask him out.
  • Chyna mentions while asking him for advice, "If it were you..." She could have chosen any guy but used Fletcher as an example.
  • Fletcher gets jealous when Chyna asks out Nigel.
  • Fletcher was so jealous of Nigel that he tried to ruin their date.
  • When Fletcher is hacking into Nigel's robot, he asks if Chyna would rather date him. She responds angrily saying that she maybe would.
  • Fletcher tries to sabotage Chyna and Nigel's date.
  • Fletcher calls Chyna his girl.


  • Chyna went to the meeting to support Fletcher, meaning that she cares about him.
  • Fletcher was the first student in the whole cafeteria to start clapping when Chyna received her award.


Tumblr mcmcvkrZkQ1rce9g7o1 250

Fletcher catches Chyna when she falls.

  • When Chyna is trying to open the door, he catches her in his arms.
  • Chyna calls Fletcher worthy.
  • When Fletcher is talking to Olive and touches her face in the background, Chyna looks a bit concerned and maybe jealous.
  • Chyna surprises Fletcher by inviting his inspiration, Zanko, to the A.N.T. Farm (Indicating that she cares about Fletcher).
  • Chyna tells Fletcher to give Zanko his painting, so he does.
  • Chyna helps Fletcher talk to Zanko when he is too nervous to speak.
  • When Fletcher replaced his first original painting with his second original, he accidentally placed a painting of Chyna instead. This shows that he brought a painting of her and indicates that he loves Chyna very much.
  • Fletcher's code to Angus was: "Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Quimby are walking down the aisle." This could mean that Fletcher sees Chyna as a possible wife in the future.

The ReplacemANT

  • Fletcher confronts Chyna by telling her not to worry about bringing the permission slip, meaning he cares about her.
  • Chyna and Fletcher come up with ideas to get rid of Olive together.

CANTonese Style Cuisine

  • Fletcher helps Chyna retrace her steps to find Madam GooGoo's phone number.
  • Olive mocked Fletcher by saying he loves Chyna when he told Chyna he would help retrace her steps.
  • Fletcher was actually worried about Chyna's note, unlike Angus who just came to eat meals.
  • Fletcher tried to find the note, possibly because he wanted Chyna to be proud of him.

MutANT Farm

  • Flyna
    Fletcher tells Chyna that she's beautiful, leading them into an awarded moment once again.
  • Chyna and Fletcher were both glancing at each other during many scenes in the episode.

IgnorANTs Is Bliss

  • Fletcher made a night light that looks like Chyna for his bedroom. When Chyna stopped by, he quickly covered it.
  • Fletcher and Chyna visit Olive's kindergarten class together, possibly
    because Chyna asked him to come with her.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Chyna is not smiling, but when Fletcher starts talking she has a huge smile on her face.
  • Chyna and Fletcher team up to get Olive's memory back.
  • Throughout the episode, Fletcher seems like he doesn't want Olive's memory to come back, possibly because Olive not knowing who Chyna is would mean Fletcher could spend more time with her.

Chyna and Fletcher standing next to each other.

  • Fletcher follows Chyna's directions and didn't question anything.
  • Fletcher helped Chyna get Olive's memory back even though it was hinted Fletcher didn't want to.
  • When Principal Skidmore talked about the possibility of Olive getting kicked out of the ANT program, Chyna and Fletcher stood next to each other until the bell rang, when the "big kids" had to go to their second class.

Slumber Party ANTics

  • Fletcher wants to attend Chyna's party to get closer to her.

    Chyna smiles at Fletcher.

  • Chyna goes downstairs ask Fletcher for help and he happily agrees.
  • Chyna looks Fletcher up and down as if she is checking him out.
  • Chyna cheers for Fletcher when he styles Paisley's hair.
  • Fletcher helped Chyna by styling the girls' hair, showing he cares about Chyna.
    VideoZer Fast Free and Reliable Video Hosting A.N.T.Farm.S01E17.slumber.party.ANTics.480p.EB DL
  • Chyna smiled at Fletcher when he styled the girls' hair.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Fletcher looked sad when Chyna said it was an "All girls party" and he couldn't come.

America Needs TalANT

  • When Fletcher tries to "flirt" with the walrus, he and Chyna smile at each other.
  • Fletcher is seen cheering a close look reveals he makes a heart with his hands for Chyna at the end of her performance on America Needs Talent.
  • Fletcher and Chyna are sitting next to each other in the car.
  • When the Walrus ran over Darryl's car, Fletcher was holding on tight to Chyna, possibly trying to protect her.
  • At the end of Chyna's performance, Fletcher gets emotional and cheered for her with joy.
  • Fletcher wanted Chyna to win America Needs Talent.

SANTa's Little Helpers

  • Chyna pats Fletcher on his head to get his attention.
  • Chyna threw a pie on Fletcher's face and he didn't mind.
  • Chyna and Fletcher's group hugged with Olive and the orphans.
  • Chyna and Fletcher were standing next to each other at the beginning of the episode.
  • Chyna and Fletcher were both creeped out by Olive and made faces, showing the chemistry they have with each other. Also, Fletcher kind of leaned back to Chyna.
  • Chyna and Fletcher were both wearing green shirts and were holding their bags, which also shows their

    Chyna and Fletcher creeped out by Olive.

  • Chyna and Fletcher glanced at each other when Principal Skidmore was there.
  • When the Orphans hugged with the trio, Fletcher seemed as if he was looking to put his arm around Chyna as well.
  • Before they were about to hug Chyna tells them "It's Christmas" and Chyna and Fletcher quickly smile at each other.

Some EnchANTed Evening

  • Fletcher confesses that he loves Chyna by giving her an airplane which spells out "I LUV YOU" in

    Fletcher's message to Chyna.

  • Chyna seems shocked and maybe a little happy when she finds out that Fletcher has a crush on her.
  • Fletcher lies about having a girlfriend to make Chyna jealous.
  • Chyna and Fletcher go on a double date together.
  • Chyna lies about having a boyfriend to save her friendship with Fletcher.

    Chyna receiving the gift Fletcher gave her.

  • Chyna seems a little jealous when she sees Fletcher and his fake girlfriend hugging.
  • Throughout the episode, Chyna and Fletcher seem jealous of each other's fake boyfriends/girlfriends.
  • Fletcher was nervous when he saw Chyna.
  • Chyna and Fletcher both got jealous at each other's boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • When Chyna told Fletcher that she and Jared mostly like spending time together, Fletcher frowned and got more jealous of Jared.
  • When Fletcher first saw Chyna at the restaurant he looked at her for a minute, possibly thinking she looked

    Fletcher asking Chyna out


    Chyna smiling at Fletcher

  • Chyna was jealous when Fletcher's fake girlfriend Ella, fed him and hugged him.

You're the One That I WANT

  • Fletcher hugs Chyna at the end of the episode.
  • Fletcher is jealous when he sees Chyna with Jared.
  • According to Fletcher, he and Chyna have chemistry.
  • Fletcher teams up with Lexi to try and get Jared out of the play.
  • Fletcher is afraid that Chyna will fall for Jared.
  • Fletcher was smiling and happy when Jared fell off the stage because he was afraid Chyna might fall for him.
  • When Fletcher hugged Chyna, she didn't mind hugging him and (as seen on the picture) she proudly hugged him.

    Chyna and Fletcher hugging

  • Fletcher was satisfied when he hugged Chyna.
  • Chyna seemed surprised but happy when Fletcher hugged her.
  • Fletcher hugged Chyna with both arms and held her tightly.
  • Chyna and Fletcher both smiled while they were hugging.
  • When Darryl pushed Fletcher out of the way, Fletcher felt sad because he wanted to hug Chyna more.
  • In the middle of the episode, Fletcher's idea for the play was him as Batman saving Chyna from Jared.


  • Fletcher helped Chyna so her mom wouldn't catch her.

    Chyna and Fletcher as they were left alone.

  • Chyna and Fletcher stayed alone and they started talking. Fletcher may have been enjoying that "stay-alone" with Chyna.
  • When Angus got mad at Chyna for not coming on time and said "She's going solo already, she's nothing without us" Fletcher stayed quiet possibly thinking Chyna could do better without them because she's a very talented singer, one of the things that may attract Fletcher to Chyna.
  • Fletcher pretended to be in a band with the trio and Angus, all to help Chyna.
  • Chyna and Fletcher were standing next to each other in various scenes in the episode.
  • In the beginning scenes of the episode when Fletcher told Roxanne about the website that "The Happy Fuzzy Friends" had, Fletcher seemed sad that Chyna got mad at him for saying that.
  • Chyna and Fletcher both wore one costume during the whole episode, unlike Angus and Olive who wore two the Goth and Dinosaur costumes.

PatANT Pending

  • Fletcher wants Chyna to join their business.

    Fletcher picking Chyna's idea

  • Fletcher looks worried when he sees Chyna carrying too many things in her backpack.
  • In the promo, it seemed like Fletcher was helping Chyna create an experiment on her own without consulting Olive.
  • Fletcher didn't like the idea of dating Olive, perhaps because it would ruin his chance with Chyna.
  • When Olive and Fletcher were about to kiss, Fletcher looked disgusted, possibly because he wanted to kiss someone else, such as Chyna.
  • Fletcher confirmed to Chyna that he and Olive weren't going out and that "he's totally available", moving his bangs dreamily to Chyna which she giggles about.
  • When Fletcher tells Chyna that he and Olive are not dating, Chyna quickly smiles maybe a hint she's kind of happy they aren't anymore.
  • Fletcher picked Chyna's idea of the backpack instead of Olive's, which Chyna was happy about.

    Fletcher calling Chyna "young, go-getter".

  • When Olive invented the bat backpack and hurt Fletcher, Chyna looked worried and confronted him.
  • During the entire episode, Fletcher was at Chyna's side no matter what, making Olive mad.
  • Fletcher argued with Olive about how Olive gets "Employee of the Month" instead of this "a young, go-getter" and Chyna smiles.
  • Chyna and Fletcher basically worked on the invention in the end, instead Olive and Fletcher.
  • Chyna was happy when Fletcher voted for her.
  • Fletcher was happy when Chyna joined the experiment.
  • Fletcher looked a little uncomfortable when he and Olive were about to kiss, possibly because it would ruin his

    Chyna and Fletcher sitting next to each other.

    chance with Chyna.
  • When Olive allowed Chyna to enter their invention, he and Chyna jumped of joy.
  • When Fletcher got hurt from Olive's Bat-Sack, Chyna patted his arm and played with his bangs.
  • Chyna calls Fletcher's blood precious.
  • When Fletcher got hurt from Olive's Bat-Sack, Chyna was the most concerned and she most likely saved his life from the blood-sucking bats.
  • Fletcher's crush on Chyna grew more intense in this episode.
  • At the end of the episode, Chyna and Fletcher were sitting next to each other.

Ballet DANTser

  • Fletcher asks Chyna to model for him for a painting.
  • When Angus was "Modeling" Chyna and Fletcher smiled at each other.
  • When Violet was about to enter the room Fletcher was holding Chyna's arm.
  • When Violet dropped the cinderblocks on Fletcher, he said "Not to bother, but my shoes are filling up with blood" Chyna smiled, rolled her eyes, and said "Oh Fletcher."
  • When Violet admits to Chyna that she has a crush on Fletcher, Chyna looks surprised and shocked.
  • Also in that scene, Chyna tells Violet that he does not like her and when she saw Violet getting angry she said "he loves you".
  • When the trio was coming up with a plan to calm Violet down, Fletcher proposed him and Chyna getting married and Olive asked if she can be a bridesmaid.
  • Fletcher calls Chyna "his fiance".
  • At the end of the play, Chyna was the last one with the golden egg, which according to the storyline of the play she was supposed to kiss Fletcher's character.
  • Chyna was really happy when she was the last one with the golden egg because that means she is supposed to kiss Fletcher.

Body of EvidANTs

  • Chyna walked close to Fletcher when he was confused about his can-opener. She could have stayed where Olive
    was, but she preferred to stand next to him.
  • When Hable calls Fletcher "stupid", Chyna giggles and gives him a flirty look.
  • When Olive was opening the lockers, Chyna is seen walking between Fletcher and Angus and she and Fletcher were smiling at each other.
  • Also in that scene, Angus separates from Chyna and Fletcher to talk to Olive, leaving them still standing next to each other.
  • When Angus was dressed up as Fletcher, Chyna knew Fletcher well enough to know it was Angus.

Season 2 Moments

Creative ConsultANT

  • Chyna giggled when Fletcher was on the red carpet treadmill.
  • It is the second time it's revealed Fletcher watches Chyna's every move (first was in SciANTs Fair)
  • While Chyna and Sequoia were jumping happily, Fletcher was watching from outside the window with binoculars.

FANTasy Girl

  • Fletcher said he was going to the dance with Chyna when he could have pretended to go out with anyone.

    Flyna smiling (;

  • Chyna plays along with Fletcher when he told Violet they were dating.
  • When Violet left the room, Fletcher said to Chyna, "Thank you. You saved my life."
  • When Chyna says they're just going to the dance as friends and then leaves, Fletcher says "Boyfriend and girlfriend" to himself, smiling.
  • Fletcher assumed they were going on a date.
  • Fletcher made a fake $1,000,000,000 bill with Chyna's face on it.
  • When Chyna said she looked good in a powdered wig, Fletcher smiled as like he agreed.
  • Chyna said Fletcher's work was really good.
  • Fletcher painted Chyna and entitled it, Fletcher's Legitimate Date to the Dance.
  • During Fletcher's art auction, Chyna and Fletcher were standing next to each other.
  • When Fletcher said he let everyone down and Olive said "We're used to it", Chyna didn't laugh and looked at Olive angrily.
  • All of the paintings in Fletcher's auction were paintings of Chyna.

    Fletcher's pictures of Chyna.

  • Chyna and Fletcher linked arms as they walked into the dance.
  • Chyna patted Fletcher on the back when they finished taking their photos.
  • Fletcher said he and Chyna should probably dance.
  • Fletcher also said that dancing with Chyna is something he'd envisioned since he laid eyes on her.
  • Fletcher said he sweats when he's nervous, meaning he was nervous during the dance with Chyna.
  • When Fletcher insisted they dance, Chyna said she might later.


  • Fletcher liked Chyna's idea of giving the webcam to Skidmore.

    "Charlie Bit My FInger!!"

  • Chyna and Fletcher both did a funny video for the 'ANTernet' which involved Fletcher biting Chyna's finger and neither minded.
  • While they were performing the "Charlie Bit My Finger," video, Chyna's arm was around Fletcher, not straight out.

The ANTagonist

  • Fletcher did an animation in which Chyna starred in.
  • Chyna's character was Fletcher's love interest.
  • Chyna was smiling when she saw the first clip of his animation about the picnic.
  • In one of the animation scenes, Sketcher and Asia (Fletcher and Chyna) ants had a romantic picnic.
  • Fletcher leaned his head on Chyna's arm when the three of them hugged.
  • Fletcher seemed really upset that Chyna was on Olive's side.
  • Chyna didn't insult Fletcher's first cartoon unlike Angus, Olive, and Gibson. She tried to be as nice as she could to Fletcher.
  • Chyna gave Fletcher advice about his film and he took it.


  • Fletcher tries to get Chyna's attention by braving the Australian Outback alone.

    Chyna staring at Fletcher lovingly ❤

  • Fletcher seemed jealous when Chyna called Neville cute.
  • Fletcher offered to stand up to a frilled lizard to impress Chyna.
  • Fletcher is determined to be a man for Chyna.
  • Chyna seemed really worried when she found Fletcher got lost.
  • Chyna seemed very concerned about Fletcher's well-being when he was lost. When he got scared of the Australian creature and fell over, Chyna immediately put a hand on her chest and looked really concerned.
  • Chyna seemed to be the only person worried for Fletcher.
  • Chyna hugs Fletcher.
  • Chyna is glad Fletcher is okay and he seems blown away by how much she actually cared for him.
  • Chyna tells Fletcher "You know Fletcher, I'd never realized it before but I feel I might actually..." but Olive's boomerang comes back and hits her in the head. That is a possible hint she might have said she likes him too.
  • Chyna was impressed at Fletcher's bravery and called him very strong.
  • Throughout the episode, Chyna is the one who worried the most about Fletcher.
  • Chyna was mad when Olive teased Fletcher.
  • Fletcher was smiling when Chyna hugged her and so was everyone else.
  • Fletcher seemed glad when Chyna wasn't interested in Neville anymore.
  • In Lexi's imaginary version of the ANT Farm, Chyna and Fletcher were next to each other, smiling.
  • Chyna and Fletcher had their first real moment in this episode.


  • Chyna and Fletcher's talents are challenged when they find out Principal Skidmore is taking out the Art and

    Chyna smiling at Fletcher :)

    Music programs.
  • Chyna laughs at Fletcher's jokes about Ms. Skidmore's age.
  • Chyna and Fletcher shared a hug (shared with Olive and Angus).
  • Chyna and Fletcher sit next to each other while confronting each other.
  • Chyna considers Fletcher as a close friend as she stated her, Olive and Fletcher will always be "The Three Amigos".
  • Fletcher says the only reason he goes to the A.N.T. Farm is  Chyna (and Olive).
  • Chyna and Fletcher leaned their heads together while the gang was hugging.


  • Chyna and Fletcher were standing next to each other at various times in the episode.
  • When Olive calls Fletcher stupid, Chyna looks somewhat sad.
  • Chyna corrected herself when she almost called Fletcher stupid.
  • Fletcher seemed happy when Chyna got a higher score than Olive.
  • Fletcher was pressuring Chyna to do her best at the Smarts Competition.
  • Chyna and Fletcher walk through the hallway together searching for Olive.
  • When Chyna gets mad at Olive, Fletcher is standing right beside her supporting her.
  • Fletcher attends the Smarts Competition to support Chyna.
  • Fletcher appears to be disappointed and sad when he sees everyone making fun of Chyna.

    Standing beside each other ♥

  • As Chyna gets the answers wrong, you can see Fletcher look down sadly.
  • Fletcher gets up from his chair and runs up to Chyna telling her to do something now because everyone was laughing at her, meaning he was there for her and gave her advice and didn't want to see people laughing and hurting her feelings.
  • When Fletcher said Chyna stinks at the questions, she looked very offended and sad.

SignificANT Other

  • Chyna and Fletcher finally pursue their romantic relationship.
  • Fletcher was ecstatic when Chyna said yes.
  • It's the unofficial Flyna Episode.

    Fletcher proposing to Chyna <333

  • At first, Fletcher is too shy to ask Chyna out but with the help of Angus he pulls through.
  • Fletcher asks Chyna to go out to the movies but Chyna was unaware that he was meaning her.
  • When Chyna decided to go out with him to try it out, Fletcher quickly hugs Chyna and you can see her putting his arms around him too.
  • When Chyna decides to go out with him, Fletcher seems to be confused yet amazingly happy.
  • Chyna doesn't want the 'dating' to ruin their friendship.
  • Is it revealed that Fletcher had prepared fireworks for the special day he will finally get his chance with Chyna.
  • While at the date, Fletcher brings Chyna flowers and she gratefully smiles at him.
  • Fletcher prepared a song for Chyna as a "Proposal" to be his date to his cousin's wedding.
  • Fletcher leaned while asking her out.
  • Chyna accepts Fletcher's invitation to be his date to his cousin's wedding, responding "how can I say no?"
  • Fletcher was so happy when she accepted.
  • Fletcher tells Chyna she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.
  • Chyna is shown to be wearing a love ring during the episode for unknown reasons, (it is hinted that Fletcher gave her the ring in a deleted scene.)
  • When Lexi tells Fletcher that Chyna doesn't want to go out with him anymore, Fletcher becomes upset and leaves the restaurant.
  • Chyna got mad at Lexi for saying that to Fletcher.
  • Chyna was worried about what Fletcher might think about her.
  • While Fletcher is at his cousin's wedding he suddenly begins to miss Chyna.
  • Then the music starts playing while at the wedding and Chyna begins singing Fletcher a song titled As A Friend.
  • The song included romantic/friendly lyrics based on Chyna's feelings for Fletcher.
  • Chyna asked Fletcher to make her the happiest girl and forgive her and Fletcher gladly said yes.
  • Chyna then hugs Fletcher and tells him "I'll never know what I could do without you because...I love you... as a friend".
  • Fletcher then brags it to Angus telling him "She loves me".
  • It is unknown if they broke up or not, technically they did not since Chyna didn't properly tell Fletcher to break up with him; it was considered more like a friendly message towards Chyna's background of Fletcher. It is also unknown if Chyna and Fletcher will date anytime soon.

MutANT Farm II

  • When Chyna tells Fletcher about Brady, he immediately dislikes him and is jealous.

    MutANT Fletcher spying on MutANT Chyna with Brady

  • When Chyna goes to talk to Brady, Fletcher rolls his eyes and leaves.
  • Chyna seems disappointed and confused about how Fletcher is not listening when she talks about Brady.
  • Lexi caught Fletcher hiding behind the clothes trying to see what Chyna is doing with Brady.

Detective AgANTcy

  • As the episode is starting, Chyna and Fletcher are once again standing near each other.
  • When Chyna is making all the choices, Olive seems to get mad and Fletcher agrees with Chyna.
  • When Chyna is thinking about what kind of mystery should they have his dad investigate, Fletcher suggested "Why won't Chyna love me?". Chyna then responds as "What?" Part of the confusion between them. Fletcher awkwardly takes back what he said by saying "Who would say that?" 
  • Chyna then suggests to an investigation of a hidden situation, Fletcher then suggests "My love for me" and he awkwardly again takes back what he said. This confuses Chyna.
  • Chyna and Fletcher were alone in the car.
  • Being alone in the car was Fletcher's idea, perhaps so he could have some alone time with Chyna.
  • Fletcher gets closer to Chyna in the car as they were talking.
  • Olive then joins in and Fletcher looks upset.
  • Fletcher (and Olive) support Chyna's plan and help her out.

scavANTger hunt

  • Fletcher and Chyna go next to each other when they are scared of Skidmore
  • Fletcher said that Chyna picked him possibly because he wanted to be on her team
  • Fletcher glances at Chyna when she mentions Skidmore's eyes
  • When they first arrive at Hippo's restaurant Chyna goes next to Fletcher
  • Fletcher and Chyna are standing next to each other at the end of the episode

ChANTs of a Lifetime

  • Fletcher was cheering for Chyna when she was performing "Go".
  • When Chyna said she didn't want to cut in line, Fletcher held her by the arms and pushed her in front of the line.
  • When Chyna signed the paper, Fletcher said that they are legally married in the Bahamas.
  • Fletcher didn't want Chyna to leave.
  • Chyna hugged Fletcher.
  • Fletcher said that Chyna smells pretty.
  • When Chyna got her letter from Olive and Fletcher, Olive took up almost all the space so all Fletcher could write was "I love..." he wanted to write I love you.
  • When Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive hugged together Chyna leaned her head on Fletcher's head.
  • When Chyna was performing "Go", Chyna looked around to find her friends, and Fletcher smiled at her.
  • Chyna calls Fletcher when he was on the toilet with the other ants
  • Fletcher snuck onto the tour bus because he didn't want Chyna to leave.

Early RetiremANT

Securedownload (3)
  • Chyna and Fletcher both wanted to do sports.
  • Together they convinced Principal Skidmore to retire.
  • They interacted with each other a lot in this episode.
  • They were together through the whole episode.
  • Fletcher was smiling at Chyna throughout the episode.
  • Fletcher was helping Chyna with her nanna problem.
  • Chyna seemed worried about Fletcher doing karate.
  • Fletcher didn't go away when Chyna's grandmother embarrassed her to the whole school.

IdANTity Crisis

  • When Fletcher asks to be Chyna's date to the film premiere, Chyna smiles.
  • In Chyna's story, when Fletcher (and the other ANTs) are inside Chyna's mind, Fletcher is interested in the drawer filled with Chyna's past crushes.
  • He isn't pleased when he doesn't find himself in the drawer of Chyna's past crushes.
  • Chyna got worried when she saw Skidmore transferring his personality into the frozen yogurt machine, and rushed to his side.


  • At IHOW, Fletcher sits next to Chyna and puts his arm around her
  • When Olive says Chyna has had an endless disappointing crush on lots of guys, Chyna looked at Fletcher for a second.
  • Chyna pretends to be Olive and Fletcher pretends to be Graham.
  • FlynaNo1
    Fletcher says "I love you!" to Chyna right after she says "Hi, Graham".
  • Chyna covers Fletcher's mouth with the blindfold after he says "I love you".
  • When Fletcher and Chyna go into IHOW for the second time, Fletcher opens the door for Chyna.
  • Fletcher and Chyna both disapprove of Olive dating Graham.
  • Fletcher and Chyna plot to break up Olive and Graham.
  • Fletcher and Chyna invite Graham and Olive over for the worst dinner party at Chyna's house.
  • Chyna interrupts Fletcher right before he was about to defend Olive.

Season 3 Moments


  • Fletcher and Chyna hug.
  • They smiled at each other
  • When the armchair disappears and Chyna falls down Fletcher helps her up
  • Fletcher didn't want to leave Chyna
  • Chyna didn't want to leave Fletcher
  • They smiled at each other again.
  • Fletcher says Chyna's deserves to be at Z-Tech the most.
  • After Chyna's song was over, Fletcher and Chyna glanced at each other proudly.
  • Fletcher tried to cheer Chyna up with a joke.
  • Chyna didn't want Fletcher to know she didn't get into the school.
  • Fletcher wanted Chyna to focus on her song and make it into the school.
  • Chyna told Fletcher to be careful with the barf gun, meaning she was worried about him and cared about him.
  • Fletcher and Chyna both thought Olive should drop her cheese down the room-a-vator.
  • Fletcher was happy when Chyna got accepted into Z-Tech
  • Part of the reason Chyna wanted to stay was because of Fletcher.


  • Olive pairs Chyna and Fletcher together.
  • Fletcher and Chyna look at the rulebook together.
  • Before Olive stormed in in those baggy pants, Chyna and Fletcher were talking and laughing together, alone.
  • Fletcher and Chyna both team up against Olive.

Animal husbANTry

  • Fletcher fed the duck to the alligator to fix Chyna's problem.
  • Fletcher and Chyna argued about the duck.
  • Fletcher went into a lake and got leeches all over him to get another duck for Chyna.

secret agANT

  • Fletcher was mad about Chyna dating Dixon so he got a girlfriend to make her jealous.
  • Fletcher didn't want Chyna to date Dixon
  • Fletcher still loves Chyna after all of the rejection
  • Fletcher shaved his legs for Chyna
  • Fletcher was trying to be more manly for Chyna
  • Chyna looked at Fletcher's legs and complimented them.
  • Chyna may have been impressed that he would shave his legs for her
  • Fletcher said he doesn't have feelings for anyone else but Chyna
  • Chyna may have only tried to get together with Dixon to make Fletcher jealous
  • When Lexi shocked Chyna with her phone, Chyna began to add strange words at the end of her sentences. At one stage she said "Best friend pumperknickle" which is also Fletcher's middle name

Past, presANT, and future

  • Fletcher said he was supposed to be Chyna's groom.
  • Fletcher was upset that Chyna left because she is his best friend
  • Fletcher's crush was revealed to still  be there
  • Fletcher asked if he could date adult Chyna's daughter.
  • Fletcher still wanted to date Chyna when she was older,  which proves he isn't just in love with her because she's cute
  • Fletcher didn't like teenage Zoltan because he seemed interested in Chyna
  • When adult Chyna said no, Fletcher asked if he could date adult Chyna, even though she is thirty years older than him.
  • When teen Zoltan said he was in love with Chyna, Fletcher screamed "WHAT?!"
  • Chyna said that she knew why Fletcher said what
  • When Chyna asked teen Zoltan if she went to 1986 with him as his prom date if he would go back, Fletcher
    asked if there were any more options.

Unforeseen circumstANTs

  • Chyna came up the idea to throw Fletcher a surprise party. 
  • Kennedy doesn't like Chyna because she thinks Chyna is trying to steal him from her.
  • Chyna knows Fletcher really well.
  • Chyna may be jealous of Kennedy.
  • Fletcher still has feelings for Chyna.
  • It seems like Fletcher is only interested in Chyna, and she and Kennedy are the only girls interested in him.
  • He only went out with Kennedy to get Chyna jealous.
  • Chyna wanted to throw him a surprise party.
  • Chyna and Fletcher went on a semi-date.
  • Chyna was mad when Kennedy didn't like her because she wouldn't be able to hang out with Fletcher.
  • Chyna said that she wanted Fletcher in her life.
  • Chyna knew Fletcher was scared of streamers, balloons and the word "surprise."
  • Chyna came up with the idea of saying "unforeseen circumstance" instead of surprise.
  • Chyna and Fletcher both smiled and looked at each other the entire episode.
  • Fletcher called Chyna "The girlfriend I can't get." 
  • Chyna asked if she could take Fletcher out to dinner, and Fletcher nodded vigorously and grinned.
  • Fletcher said it was going to be 'The Best Birthday Ever' because he thought Chyna was totally into him.
  • Fletcher and Chyna ate dinner together. 
  • Chyna wanted to go to the roof to gaze at the stars and Fletcher happily agreed to.
  • When Fletcher said "Look at the stars. They're beautiful." He thought: "But not as beautiful as you." 
  • Chyna and Fletcher both called each other special.
  • Fletcher tried to kiss her, even though he has a girlfriend.
  • Chyna and Fletcher almost kissed. 
  • Even though Chyna put her hand up to block the kiss, Fletcher kissed her hand.
  • Fletcher bravely admitted that he only dated Kennedy to get Chyna interested in him. 
  • When Kennedy accused Chyna of trying to get Fletcher and her to break up so Chyna could steal Fletcher, she didn't deny anything.
  • When Fletcher said only someone who really cared about him would think of details like the fact that no one said "surprise", there was no balloons or streamers and Chyna just smiled sadly and said "Your right." 
  • Chyna was happy that Fletcher was happy.
  • Fletcher became much braver about his crush on Chyna in this episode. 
  • Chyna may be possibly seeing Fletcher in a new light.

pANTs on fire

  • Chyna said it was fun that she was versing Fletcher in ping pong.
  • Chyna ditched Olive to play ping pong with Fletcher.
  • Fletcher still wanted to play ping pong with Chyna even though he was losing 675-0.
  • Because the score was 675-0, that means that they were playing for a really long time. 
  • Chyna looked concerned when Fletcher was knocked out.
  • Chyna said. "If I'm lying may a lightning bolt come out of the sky and strike Fletcher down." and Olive was convinced because she could possibly know about Chyna's crush on Fletcher and know she cares about him.
  • The fact that she would rather hang out with Fletcher than Olive shows how close Fletcher and Chyna are.
  • Fletcher asked Chyna if she was madly in love with him.
  • Even though Chyna was lying to Olive, Fletcher didn't rat her out.
  • Fletcher was waiting for her to come out of the roomavator
  • When Chyna revealed that she was under truth serum, Fletcher almost immediately asked her if she was in love with him.
  • Chyna said no, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a crush on him. She just isn't "Madly in love with him"
  • Chyna later said she was in love with Fletcher.
  • Chyna was eating a bit of Fletcher's salad, showing that she's very close to him.
  • Fletcher still has a crush on her, even though he is dating Kennedy. 

Product misplacemANT

  • Fletcher called Chyna on the Z-Phone 4. 
  • When Chyna answered it, she smiled and said "Hey Fletcher!" 
  • The entire call, Fletcher was gazing at the mini Chyna hologram silently.
  • Fletcher called the mini Chyna his "tiny little Chyna Doll" 
  • Fletcher virtually stroked mini Chyna's hair. 
  • Fletcher was in Chyna (and Olive's) room, leaning on Chyna's desk.
  • Chyna said she wished Fletcher was there to see her win. 
  • Fletcher was mad when Chyna (and Olive) didn't invite him to Toky-OMG.

Uncanny resemblANTs

  • Fletcher and Chyna were having a conversation.
  • When Chyna walked to Madame Goo Goo Fletcher walked up right behind Chyna.
  • When Fletcher said Madame Goo Goo could get good luck from eating the horseshoe or die, he looked at Chyna and smiled.
  • Fletcher knew Chyna hid in the supply closet to hide from him.
  • Chyna looked a little guilty when she figured out he knew.
  • Fletcher hand-cuffed himself to Chyna.
  • He then told her: "You'll never walk alone. Because I'll be hand-cuffed beside you!"
  • You'll Never Walk Alone was the title of a song Chyna wanted Madame Goo Goo to write about a girl who couldn't get over her first crush, which that implies that maybe Chyna is Fletcher's first crush.
  • When Chyna says not to worry about the song or why she was hand-cuffed to Fletcher, he smiled and looked at her.
  • Fletcher then unhooked the handcuffs and vowed that Madame Goo Goo would perform for the charity event.
  • Chyna smiled and thanked him then asked if he could take Mr.Wimpers for a walk and he happily agreed.
  • When both Winter and Madame Goo Goo we're fighting, Fletcher walked onto the stage in his Girl Disguise dressed as Madame Goo Goo.
  • When Chyna asked what he was doing, he said that he vowed Madame Goo Goo would perform and then said: "And perform she will!"
  • Fletcher performed as Madame Goo Goo for Chyna, probably not to disappoint her. 
  • Fletcher sang Chyna's song Wild Card.

MutANT farm 3

  • Fletcher and Chyna stood beside each other and were smiling at each other when Lexi walked in.
  • when Olive said it was dangerous and Fletcher should go first, Chyna looked like she was going to protest but Olive pushed Fletcher through it before anything happened.
  • When mutant Chyna was singing, mutant Fletcher and normal Fletcher were both smiling and dancing along.
  • When Chyna was about to go back through the portal to the normal world, Fletcher peeked his head through and said "I think this calls for a hug! Chynas?"
  • Fletcher wanted a hug from both Chynas
  • Mutant Chyna looked like she was going to agree but then normal Chyna pushed his head back through the portal.

Feature presANTation

  • Fletcher admitted he dreams about Chyna every night.
  • Fletcher also said if he doesn't get enough dream time about Chyna, he gets really grumpy.
  • Angus was stopping Fletcher from dreaming about Chyna, which got him really mad.

FinANTial crisis

  • Chyna was the mop, and Fletcher was the wet floor sign.
    Fc sc
  • Fletcher thought Chyna was jealous of Kumiko Hashimoto (Kennedy) when she accused her of sabotaging the Z-Phones.
  • When Fletcher said that, Chyna rolled her eyes.
  • Since Fletcher and Kennedy are no longer dating, there is a chance Fletcher and Chyna might start dating.

SilANT night

  • Fletcher was Chyna's Secret Santa
  • Fletcher got Chyna a gift.
  • When Mr.Grundy started talking about holographic girlfriends, Fletcher motioned to Chyna and asked how he could get one that looked like her.
  • When a Fletcher said that Chyna smiled and rolled her eyes.
  • They stood beside each other a lot during this episode.
  • Fletcher still likes Chyna.
  • When Olive said it was weird to be always watched, Chyna said "You get used to it" and she meant Fletcher.
  • As Chyna was saying that, Fletcher gazed at Chyna with big eyes and a slight smile.
  • Fletcher looks and smiled at Chyna many times during the episode.
  • Fletcher and Chyna both described how they celebrate Christmas.
  • When Chyna and the gang were coming up with a plan, Chyna put her hand on Fletcher's back and brought him to the group.
  • Chyna said that Fletcher (and Olive, Angus, and Seth) were family.
  • Chyna defended Fletcher when holographic Mr.Grundy accused Fletcher of being in alliance with Santa Claus.


  • Even though Fletcher just kissed Olive he seems jealous of Chyna.
  • When Chyna began saying "he's so handsome and handsome, and handsome" Fletcher interrupted her.

MeANT to be?

  • Chyna made the lift go down to the ground floor possibly because she didn't want Fletcher to get hurt
  • Fletcher hugged Chyna
  • Chyna said Fletcher was cute
  • Chyna said she was going to cry with her teddy bear after Fletcher said Olive was better, implying she was sad/hurt to hear that from Fletcher
  • Chyna throughout the episode felt sad to hear Fletcher be so over her. This implies the whole not knowing what you have till its gone
  • When Angus knocked on Chyna's door, Chyna was mad, probably about what Fletcher said about her.
  • Chyna agreed to flirt with Fletcher.
  • Chyna said Fletcher looked really good in his orange jeans.
  • When Chyna was trying to leave after flirting with him, Fletcher grabbed Chyna's arm and pulled her back.

the new york experiANTs

  • Chyna was shocked when Olive broke up with Fletcher, possibly because she cared about Fletcher's feelings
  • Before Fletcher leaves, he and Chyna have a conversation
  • Fletcher says that Chyna made him stronger and that she's always going to be a part of his life, implying that he still may have feelings for her.
  • Chyna cried when Fletcher was leaving and he wiped her tear
  • Fletcher and Chyna hug

    Chyna and Fletcher's last hug :(

  • When they hug with Olive, Fletcher, and Chyna are standing close to each other
  • Chyna said that it was weird not having Fletcher around


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Chyna's View of Fletcher

  • Chyna thinks Fletcher's art is beautiful (as seen in TransplANTed).
  • Chyna thinks Fletcher has the greatest ideas (as seen in Bad RomANTs).
  • Chyna thinks Fletcher's middle name is funny, and possibly cute in a way, as she giggled when Olive said it (as seen in The InformANT).
  • Chyna took the suggestion of going out with Fletcher, possibly because she thinks Fletcher is sweet, well at least less than a jerk than Nigel (as seen in ReplicANT).
  • Chyna thinks Fletcher's reputation is funny (as seen in ClairvoyANT).
  • Chyna thinks Fletcher's artwork is the best and needs to be shown in Art Museums (as seen in FraudulANT).
  • Chyna thinks Fletcher is a great artist, better than professionals (as seen in Slumber Party ANTics).
  • Chyna doesn't think Fletcher has a crush on her at first (as seen in Some EnchANTed Evening).
  • Chyna also has a crush on Fletcher (as seen in EndurANTs).
  • Chyna cares about Fletcher's feelings and doesn't want to hurt him (as seen in SignificANT Other).
  • Chyna can't stand not talking to Fletcher (as seen in SignificANT Other).
  • Chyna thinks it's fun to hang out with Fletcher (as seen in pANTs on fire).
  • Chyna knows almost everything about Fletcher (as seen in Unforeseen circumstANTs).

Fletcher's view of Chyna

Flyna Quotes


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Flyna Dictionary


  • Adorable- When Chyna has a moment with Fletcher
  • Adorkable- When Fletcher tries to have a moment with Chyna
  • Angus- Is the guy he turns to for advice to win Chyna over
  • Art- The pictures Fletcher paints of Chyna


  • Beautiful- How Fletcher describes Chyna


  • Cute- How Chyna dresses in Fletcher's eyes
  • Chake- The real-life pairing


  • Darryl- The man that Fletcher moves in on to win Chyna
  • Date- Hopefully it will happen
  • Dreams- What Fletcher has of Chyna


  • Enterprise- The toy factory that Flyna (and Olive) run together.


  • Flyna- The romantic mix of Fletcher Pumpernickle Quimby and Chyna Parks
  • Flynatics- The fans of Flyna
  • Future- Flyna could be a reality someday, never lose hope!
  • First sight- Fletcher has loved Chyna's since he first saw her 


  • Girlfriend- What Fletcher wants Chyna to be
  • Greece- The play where Fletcher and Chyna share an adorkable hug


  • Hugs- Fletcher and Chyna have shared 9 hugs


  • Impress- Is what Fletcher wants to do to Chyna


  • Jealous- How Fletcher feels when Chyna is interested in another guy


  • Kiss- What hopefully will happen with Flyna


  • Love- What Fletcher feels about Chyna in a romantic way whereas Chyna feels it in a friendly way.
  • Lexi- Chyna went to her for advice about Fletcher



  • Nice- What Chyna and Fletcher thought of each other when they first met.


  • Outback- Is where Chyna hugs Fletcher and they have their first real moment
  • Olive- A Flyna shipper


  • Pumpernickel- Fletchers' middle name.
  • Propose- Fletcher wants to propose to Chyna


  • Quite Shy- What Fletcher is because he is afraid of rejection


  • Real- Fletcher's love for Chyna is real.



  • Trouble- Flennedy, Folive, Fiolet, Changus, Faisly, Flexi, and Chigel


  • Underdog- Fletcher (he'll eventually get her, like all underdogs)


  • Vanish- An episode with no Flyna moments


  • Wonderful- Fletcher in Chyna's eyes


  • Yes- What Fletcher says when Chyna asks to spend time together


  • Zebra- The possible color of Flyna


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  • Fletcher developed a crush on Chyna since the first episode, (TransplANTed).
  • Chyna doesn't mind when Fletcher flirts with her, (Bad RomANTs)
  • Fletcher is always at Chyna's side no matter what, (The ReplacemANT)
  • Fletcher agrees with Chyna even though she's the one who messes up, (FraudulANT)
  • Creator of the show Dan Signer, green-lighted this couple in November 2011 on Disneymedia.
  • They both seem to be the "un-weird ones" of the A.N.T. Farm.
  • Fletcher claimed Chyna was his girl, (ReplicANT).
  • Fletcher loves Chyna ever since he saw her as he revealed in the plane he gave to Chyna, (Some EnchANTed Evening)
  • Chyna possibly almost admitted her feeling for Fletcher, (EndurANTs).
  • Jake Short who plays Fletcher stated in an interview article there was going to be more "Chyna and Fletcher plots and fun things to think about later on the show".
  • On the KCA 2012's description of Jake Short says "Let's see if he impresses Chyna with a KCA win".
  • Many people think Fletcher's crush on her is very cute.
  • Chyna may have a crush on Fletcher (As seen in EndurANTs)
  • They appear to be a big inspiration to the Lizzie-Gordo relationship from the former Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire.
  • Disney Channel as in 2012 has had many love-hate relationships as a couple, it is highly likely Chyna and Fletcher will be the first crush-love to be a couple.
  • Jake Short who plays Fletcher, has talked about Chyna and Fletcher's plots surrounding the adorable crush.
  • Jake Short said in an interview that we would "have to wait and see what will happen with Flyna."
  • Fletcher and Chyna almost kiss (Unforeseen circumstANTs)
  • The A.N.T. Farm soundtrack indicates Flyna will happen in the future.

A.N.T. Farm Soundtrack Hints

  • "My Crush" a song sang by China Anne McClain is about having a huge crush on someone and it appears to be very similar to Fletcher situation.
  • "Perfect Mistake" a song sang by The McClain Sisters, explains it does not matter to make a mistake as long as you say what you feel. Make the perfect mistake. Very relatable to Chyna and Fletcher's romantic shell.
  • One of the work photoshoots for the soundtrack was taken with Chyna in the middle and Fletcher in the right side of her.
  • Exceptional the show's theme song work photoshoot was Chyna in the middle and Fletcher in the right side of her with his arm around her.
  • In the season 1-2 theme song Fletcher and Chyna are beside each other when the title comes up.
  • In the season 3 theme song, Fletcher and Chyna are beside each other when the title comes up until Angus comes and joins the group, moving Fletcher out of the way.

Flyna Facts

Flyna Facts are moments from the show that are repeated over and over throughout the series and seem to imply that Flyna will happen in the future

  • When Fletcher called Chyna beautiful on the first episode TransplANTed. Chyna seemed a little happy and surprised that Fletcher called her that meaning she liked the fact Fletcher may have a crush on her or is still unaware of it.
  • In the second episode, ParticipANTs Chyna seemed to care for Fletcher when he was rejected from the Chess Club and felt sad for him.
  • In the third episode, The PhANTom Locker, Fletcher seemed jealous when Chyna had a crush on a "New Kid" and was upset when Chyna called him stupid all to get the attention of New Kid.
  • In the fourth episode SciANTs Fair, It revealed Fletcher tracks a Mode Device on Chyna to track her down in every move.
  • In the fifth episode StudANT Council, Fletcher feels left out and lonely due to Chyna not being his girl and for her not noticing him in which he asks Angus for advice in how to win her heart.
  • In the sixth episode Bad RomANTs, Chyna and Fletcher both get paired up in the episode as they try to get Gibson a partner, and meanwhile those cuts. Fletcher tries the hardest on flirting with Chyna and making her impressed about him in which sadly Chyna doesn't notice it.
  • In the seventh episode The InformANT, Fletcher helps out Chyna to get the "Free-Village bag" meaning Fletcher didn't want to see her sad anymore and he wanted to make her happy.
  • In the eighth episode ReplicANT, There's a new ANT named Nigel and wins Chyna's heart which is why Fletcher immediately tried to do whatever he could to separate those two. He didn't want anyone to steal "his girl" as he said in the episode.
  • In the eleventh episode PhilANThropy, Fletcher helped Chyna host a "Save Gibson" web-a-thon to raise money to cover his salary by faking diseases meaning he cared enough about her to actually come out in a camera since he appears to be shy on the show.
  • In the twelfth episode FraudulANT, When Chyna trips from the door Fletcher catches her and the entire episode Chyna and Fletcher were once again "the close ones". Fletcher also said: "Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Quimby is walking down the aisle." This could prove that Fletcher might want to be more than boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • In the thirteenth episode The ReplacemANT, Fletcher helped Chyna get rid of Olive as their teacher meaning Fletcher was on her side, not Olive's which makes it a negative fact to Folive.
  • In the fourteenth episode MutANT Farm, Fletcher called Chyna beautiful and they both shared that awkward/romantic moment with each other was once again.
  • In the fifteenth episode, CANTonese Style Cuisine, when Chyna loses Madam GoGo's phone number, Fletcher tries the hardest to find it and was worried about it as well.
  • In the sixteenth episode, IgnorANTs Is Bliss, Chyna and Fletcher team up to get Olive's memory back.
  • In the seventeenth episode Slumber Party ANTics, Fletcher pretends to be a "Top-Hair Styler" all for Chyna's party won't get ruined.
  • In the eighteenth episode, America Needs TalANT, at the end of Chyna's performance on America Needs Talent if you look closely Fletcher makes a huge heart with his hands for Chyna. Probably thinking "that's my girl right there"
  • In the twentieth episode Some EnchANTed Evening, Fletcher confesses that he loves Chyna by giving her an airplane which spells out "I LUV U" in smoke.

NOTE: This was one of the most Flyna episodes watched and it was considered as Featured.

  • In the twenty-first episode, You're the One That I wANT, Fletcher tries to sabotage Jared out of the play and at the end, he and Chyna share a sweet hug.
  • In the twenty-second episode PerformANTs, Fletcher helps out Chyna on attending to the concert with him and the trio.
  • In the twenty-third episode PatANT Pending, Fletcher picks Chyna's invention and not Olive's and flirted with her as well.
  • in the twenty-fourth episode Ballet DANTser, Fletcher asked if he and Chyna could get married and said that if they got married, they would live longer and Olive agreed.
  • In the twenty-ninth episode, ANTswers Fletcher and Chyna were doing Charlie Bit My Finger, and Fletcher bit Chyna's finger.
  • In the thirtieth episode, The ANTagonist, in Fletcher's cartoon, Aysa (Chyna) was in love with Sketcher (Fletcher) and when Olive dressed up as Kebetcher (Fletcher) she said "I'm in love with Japan!" (Chyna).
  • In the thirty-first episode, EndurANTs, Chyna admits to liking Fletcher when she gets interrupted by getting hit on the head with Olive's boomerang and throughout the entire episode, Chyna was most worried about Fletcher.
  • In the thirty-fourth episode, ConfinemANT, Chyna said she wouldn't leave the A.N.T. Farm for Fletcher (and Olive, possibly Angus).
  • In the thirty-fifth episode, IntelligANT, Fletcher was on Chyna's side when she was talking to Olive saying that Fletcher and her were smart too and he encouraged her during the Acadacathylon. 
  • In the thirty-sixth episode, SignificANT Other, Chyna agreed to go out with Fletcher and in the end, they shared a cute hug. 
  • In the thirty-seventh episode, Fletcher was jealous of Chyna's crush on Holland. 
  • In the thirty-eighth episode, Detective AgANTcy, Fletcher asked if the mystery they could have Darryl solve was "Why won't Chyna love me?" and after seeing that he said that out loud, he covered up. Then when Chyna said she knew what to hide, Fletcher asked if it was her love for him, then covered up again.
  • In the thirty-ninth episode, ScavANTger Hunt, Fletcher was mad when Chyna didn't choose him for her team.
  • In the fortieth episode, ChANTs of a Lifetime, Fletcher said Chyna smelled pretty, wanted Chyna to stay at Webster High, tried to make Chyna sign something that would make her stay at Webster High and be legally married to him in the Bahamas and almost wrote a letter to Chyna saying "I love you", but Olive took up all the space, all he wrote was "I love".
  • In the forty-first episode, Early RetiremANT, Fletcher stuck by Chyna the entire time and helped her out. 
  • In the forty-third episode, IdANTity Crisis, Fletcher was looking through Chyna's brain for crushes and was mad when he didn't find himself.
  • In the forty-fourth episode, RestaurANTeur, Fletcher put his arm around Chyna.
  • In the forty-fifth episode, TrANTsferred, Fletcher said Chyna was the only one who deserved to be there. 
  • In the forty-seventh episode, Animal HusbANTry, Fletcher gets another duck for Chyna after he accidentally feeds the other one to an alligator.
  • In the forty-sixth episode, IndependANTs, Fletcher, and Chyna were a team against Olive and Angus.
  • In the forty-eighth episode, Secret AgANT, Fletcher got a girlfriend to make Chyna jealous.
  • In the forty-ninth episode, Past, PresANT, and Future, Fletcher said he was supposed to be Chyna's groom.
  • In the fiftieth episode, Unforeseen CircumstANTs, Fletcher and Chyna go out to dinner for Fletcher's birthday and they almost kiss!
  • In the fifty-first episode, PANTs on Fire, Fletcher asks Chyna if she's madly in love with him.
  • In the fifty-second episode, Product MisplacemANT, Chyna and Fletcher video call, and Fletcher calls Chyna "his tiny little Chyna Doll.
  • In the fifty-third episode, Uncanny ResemblANTs, Chyna and Fletcher are hand-cuffed to each other and Fletcher sings "Wild Card" to help Chyna.
  • In the fifty-fourth episode, MutANT Farm 3.0, Fletcher asks for a hug from both normal Chyna and mutant Chyna, but normal Chyna stops him while mutant Chyna smiles.
  • In the fifty-fifth episode, Feature PresANTation, Fletcher says he gets grumpy if he doesn't get at least eight hours of dreaming of Chyna.
  • In the fifty-sixth episode, FinANTcial Crisis, Kennedy breaks up with a Fletcher meaning that Chyna and Fletcher can now date.
  • In the fifty-seventh episode, SilANT Night, Fletcher asks Mr. Grundy if he can get a holographic version of Chyna as his girlfriend.
  • In the fifty-eight episode, UnwANTed, Fletcher sounded jealous when Chyna started talking about Dixon.
  • In the fifty-ninth episode, MeANT To Be?, Chyna and Fletcher hug and Chyna was sad Fletcher no longer liked her.

Flyna Fanmade Episodes

DistANT Future-Chyna dreams about her married to Fletcher in the future and she asks Olive what to do and she says to give him a chance and Chyna does and she ends up liking it.

Hospital PatiANT- Fletcher becomes deathly sick, and as he's on his death bed, Chyna holds his hand and kisses him, as he is dying, suddenly right before he dies, he becomes alive again, because he finally got his life long wish and they begin to date.

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Relationship Dynamic

185px-Securedownload (1)

When Fletcher first met Chyna he instantly fell in love with her, he tries to impress Chyna many times but it doesn't seem she notices she likes him till Some EnchANTed Evening when he sent her an airplane where smoke came out of it saying "I Luv You". Even though Chyna may not seem to like Fletcher in return, in EndurANTs Flynatics believe that she about to say she likes him, and in SignificANT Other it proves that Chyna cares about him and doesn't want to hurt his feelings, though nobody knows they seem to have many attractions toward each other. Dan Signer the creator of the show has also greenlighted Flyna in an article but it got deleted so there wouldn't be any spoilers.

Chyna and Fletcher always have each other's back, and even though Chyna gets Fletcher in trouble he never gets mad at her and they seem to hang out a lot without Olive. It's also proven Olive is a proven Flynatic in Ballet DANTser when Fletcher said to Chyna to get married and drop out of school, she asked to be the bridesmaid. Angus is also a proven Flynatic because he helps Fletcher out with trying to get Chyna to be Fletcher's girlfriend. As of now they are ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend, and Fletcher's crush on Chyna has come to an abrupt end.

Flyna Fan Art


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  • Flyna Color: Zebra. Chyna often wears Zebra, and the color shouldn't be plain since Fletcher is very artsy.
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  • Flyna Song: On My Mind. The song is performed by Cody Simpson. It describes their relationship perfectly mostly on Fletcher's point of view like secretly loving Chyna. Another good Flyna song would be My Crush, performed by China Anne McClain.
  • Flyna Food: (Chocolate-covered) Strawberries. Fletcher tries to feed Chyna a chocolate-covered strawberry in Bad RomANTs, and she nearly lets him until the doorbell rings.
  • Flyna Day: February 24th. This was the day Some EnchANTed Evening aired, which is the episode where Fletcher slightly admitted to Chyna his feelings.
  • Flyna Animal: Puppy. When they get together it will be like puppy love.
  • Flyna Fan's name: Flynatics. It is a combination of Flyna and Fanatics.
  • Flyna Number: 21. Because that's the day SignificANT Other aired which was their first date.

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In Unforeseen circumstANTs when Chyna and Fletcher almost kiss

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Flyna Songs

  1. A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez  
  2. About the Boy by Little Mix
  3. Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows
  4. Again by Bruno Mars
  5. And I Love Her by The Beatles
  6. Always be Together by Little Mix
  7. As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber
    Pizap com10 25907290820032361348354725644
  8. Baby, I Love You by Tiffany Alvord
  9. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
  10. Better in Stereo by Dove Cameron
  11. Boyfriend by Big Time Rush
  12. Beauty and a beat by Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj
  13. Closer to you by Adelitas Way
  14. Countdown by Beyoncé
  15. Count on Me by Bruno Mars
  16. Comatose by Skillet
  17. Come and Get it by Selena Gomez
  18. Crazy 4 U by R5
  19. Crush by David Archuleta
  20. Die In Your Arms by Justin Bieber
  21. DNA by Little Mix
  22. Enchanted by Taylor Swift
  23. Falling for Ya by Grace Phipps
  24. Fallin' For You by R5
  25. Girl I Wait by Bruno Mars
  26. Girls by Reece Mastin
  27. Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip Phillips
  28. Heartbeat by Ross Lynch
  29. Here Comes Forever by R5
  30. Hero by Sterling Knight
  31. How Do You Sleep by Jesse McCartney
  32. How Ya Doin'? by Little Mix
  33. Hurricane by Bridgit Mendler
  34. I Love You by Avril Lavigne
  35. I Think About You by Ross Lynch
  36. I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles
  37. I Want U Bad by R5
  38. If This Was A Movie by Taylor Swift
  39. If You Were Mine by Marcos Hernandez
  40. Invisible by Taylor Swift
  41. Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri
  42. Jump and Fall by Taylor Swift
  43. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
  44. Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
  45. Meant to Be by Teen Beach Movie Cast
  46. Move by Little Mix
  47. Nothing Feels Like You by Little Mix
  48. Last One Standing by Cymphonique Miller ft. Max Schneider
  49. Let Me Love You by Neyo
  50. Like Me by Teen Beach Movie Cast
  51. Loud by R5
  52. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato
  53. Somebody To Love by Jefferson Airplane
  54. Somewhere Only We Know by Glee (Perform by Blaine)
  55. Something I Need by One Republic
  56. Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift
  57. Story of My Life by One Direction
  58. Superman by Taylor Swift
  59. Summer Paradise by Simple Plan
  60. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
  61. Tell Me by Dru Hill
  62. Tell Me That You Love Me by Victoria Justice
  63. Thinking About You by Emily Osment
  64. Two More Lonely People by Miley Cyrus
  65. We Found Love by Rihanna
  66. What Are You Waiting For by Miranda Cosgrove
  67. What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) by Backstreet Boys
  68. When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus
  69. What You Mean To Me by Sterling Knight
  70. Wild, Wild West by Escape Club
  71. Win You Over by Blake Shelton
  72. Wish You Were Here by Cody Simpson
  73. Without You by Ross Lynch
  74. You And I by Lady Gaga
  75. You Are The Only One by Emily Osment
  76. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
  77. You Can Come to Me by Ross Lynch & Laura Marano
  78. You Drive Me Crazy by Britney Spears
  79. You're The Reason by Victoria Justice
  80. Sure Feels Like Love by Tiffany Thorton
  81. Favorite Girl by Justin Bieber
  82. Fall by Justin Bieber
  83. Catch Me by Demi Lovato
  84. Falling For You by Colbie Caillat
  85. He Could Be The One by Miley Cyrus
  86. My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
  87. Can't Stop Loving You By Van Halen
  88. Say You Like Me by We The Kings
  89. Crazier by Taylor Swift
  90. Best Friend by Auburn
  91. Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls Ft. Taylor Swift
  92. Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran
  93. Save My Heart by Jason Reeves
  94. Stay With Me by Jason Weaver
  95. Got Me Good by Cody Simpson
  96. Love You More by JLS
  97. Say It by Eric Sade
  98. You Got Me by Colbie Caillat
  99. You're My Favorite Song by Camp Rock 2
  100. Paralyzed by Big Time Rush
  101. Cover Girl by Big Time Rush
  102. She Got You High by Mumm-Ra
  103. Realize by Colbie Caillat
  104. Lovesick by Emily Osment
  105. Lego House by Ed Sheeran
  106. Falling Over Me by Demi Lovato
  107. Forever And Always by Parachute
  108. Heartbeat by Scouting For Girls
  109. Her Eyes by Pat Monahan
  110. I Could Get Used To This by Everlife
  111. I'd lie by Taylor Swift
  112. Into Your Arms by The Maine
  113. The Story Of Us by Taylor Swift
  114. You And I by Lady Gaga
  115. Young Love by Jedward
  116. Butterflies by Michael Jackson
  117. You And Me by Feldberg
  118. Lift Me Up by The Afters
  119. On My Mind by Brad Kavaagh
  120. Until You're Mine by Demi Lovato
  121. Steal Your Heart by Ross Lynch
  122. One Time by Justin Bieber
  123. Upside Down by Ross Lynch
  124. Me and You by Laura Marano
  125. Who U R by Ross Lynch
  126. Superhero by Ross Lynch
  127. Parachute by Laura Marano
  128. Stuck On You by Ross Lynch
  129. Timeless by Ross Lynch


Flyna Plots

These are episodes with Flyna as the main plot.


ReplicANT: Chyna falls for a new student in the A.N.T. Program from England. He's also an artistic genius and is using a robot to attend school remotely. Chyna later tells Fletcher that there's this artistic guy she's interested in and she was wondering if she should ask him out. Fletcher thinks Chyna is talking about him and tells Chyna to ask him out. After Chyna invites Nigel to go roller skating, Fletcher gets jealous and, along with Angus, devises a plan to sabotage Chyna's date.


Some EnchANTed Evening: When Fletcher gives Chyna a plane and the smokes spell out I LUV YOU, Olive says the only way to get Fletcher to back off is to lie about having a boyfriend. When Chyna pretends to have a boyfriend, an embarrassed Fletcher pretends to have a girlfriend, prompting Olive to suggest they go on a double date together. They both have to get fake dates.

You're The One That I WANT: After Chyna gets the lead in the school musical, a jealous Lexi is determined to sabotage the show with the help of Fletcher, who is worried that Chyna will fall for the handsome leading man, Jared. Fletcher, at the end, gets his hug from Chyna.

EndurANTs: Fletcher tries to impress Chyna by braving the outback alone, Chyna seemed to be the only one worried about Fletcher. Chyna was close to saying her feelings for Fletcher, they had their first real moment in this episode.

SignificANT Other: Chyna finally agrees to go on a date with Fletcher, but Chyna believes their relationship has become too serious too fast, so she asks Lexi for advice, who suggests breaking up with Fletcher.

Other Couples Like Flyna

The Doctor/Rose (Drose) (From Doctor Who)

  • They are "Just Friends"
  • The Doctor has shown several times that he cares for Rose as more than a friend
  • They don't want romantic feelings to ruin their relationship
  • They are both friends with Mickey (Olive)
  • The Doctor gets jealous when Rose seems interested in another guy
  • Rose thinks the Doctor is impressive
  • They are best friends
  • Rose gets jealous when the 10th Doctor is interested in another girl
  • They protect each other and always have each other's backs.
  • They argue sometimes, but they still care for each other
  • The Doctor fell in love with Rose almost immediately
  • IT took a while for Rose to like the Doctor back, but she got there.
  • They travel through time and space together, Chyna and Fletcher traveled to Z-Tech together.
  • They technically aren't together
  • The Doctor (Fletcher) is married to (Dating) River Song (Kennedy)
  • Fletcher seems to really like Kennedy, same with the Doctor and River.
  • However, Fletcher isn't really in love with Kennedy, same with Driver.

Austin/Ally (Auslly) (From Austin & Ally)

  • ​They are best friends.
  • Austin likes Ally.
  • They care a lot about each other.
  • Austin (Fletcher) gets jealous when Ally (Chyna) is with another guy.
  • Austin wrote a song about Ally, Fletcher wrote a song for Chyna
  • Trish and Dez (Olive) want them to get together.
  • They don't want any romantic feelings to damage their friendship (One-sided for Flyna, Fletcher, however, wants romantic feelings for Chyna).
  • On their first date, they went to a crazy restaurant.
  • They're exes.
  • They always hang out together.
  • They are opposites (Art & Music for Chyna and Fletcher).
  • They're both Disney Channel pairings
  • Not A Love Song is similar to As a Friend.
  • They broke up after one date.
  • They have other friends (Trish and Dez) (Olive and Angus).
  • They want what's best for each other.
  • They care about each other a lot
  • They started as friends
  • Austin (Fletcher) tried to break up with Kira (Kennedy) to be with Ally (Chyna).
  • Even though they broke up, they still have feelings for each other (One-sided for Flyna).
  • A lot of people who ship Auslly ship Flyna as well.
  • Kira (Kennedy) thought Ally (Chyna) had feelings for Austin (Flether).
  • Austin (Fletcher) tried to save his relationship with Kira (Kennedy).
  • Austin (Fletcher) continued to date Kira (Kennedy) even though he liked Ally (Chyna).
  • Austin tends to sometimes copy Ally's gags. Fletcher sometimes copies Chyna's gags too
  • Ally possibly met Austin for the first time in the first episode like Chyna who met Fletcher in the first episode
  • Austin made up a name by putting two items together called Guitarla Drumley while Chyna uses Dorrian Banister by putting two items together
  • Austin liked Kira, Fletcher has shown that he likes Kennedy.
  • Ally agreed to date Austin.
  • Ally is brunette like Fletcher.
  • They were best friends before they dated.
  • They need each other.
  • Austin & Ally (Chyna) thought it would be better to remain friends.
  • Austin (Fletcher) tried to show Ally (Chyna) that he likes her.
  • Austin and Ally can sing. Chyna and Fletcher can sing too.
  • Austin and Ally (Chyna) can play instruments and are songwriters
  • Both Ally and Chyna have brown eyes and the same hairstyle
  • They're supportive of one another.

Katara/Aang (Kataang) (From Avatar: The Last Airbender)

  • They're best friends.
  • They care a lot about each other
  • Aang has had a crush on Katara seince forever. 
  • At first, Katara only liks him as a friend
  • Katara has no idea about Aangs crush on her at first.
  • Katara has shown hints of liking him back.
  • They are the main charecters. 
  • Aang gets interrupted when trying to tell Katara his feelings
  • This is a popular ship
  • It went canon/ Endgame
  • IT had a rival ship, Zutara (Folive)
  • Katara and Aang are best friends
  • It is sown that like Chyna, Katara needs Aang at least as a friend, even though she likes him.
  • Aang always tries to impress her
  • Katara has had short crushes on other people, and Aang gets jealous.
  • Aang has tried to ask her out.
  • Aang has tried to kiss Katara, but Katara (Chyna) had mixed feelings about it.
  • This is the only pairing between main characters to go canon
  • Katara doesn't date Aang at first because of her "Mixed Feelings"
  • Katara (Chyna) has darker skin and hair, while Aang, (Fletcher) has lighter skin.
  • Katara has 1 episode crushes on other guys, and Aang gets jealous
  • Kataang was endgame.
  • Katara views Aang as a brother
  • Aang is in love wiith Katara

Carly/Freddie (Creddie) (From iCarly)

  • Freddie has a crush on Carly just like Fletcher has for Chyna
  • Freddie is unpopular and Fletcher is also unpopular and quite geeky of his art.
  • Carly always giggled when Freddie will flirt with her but immedially will bring him down like when Fletcher flirts with Chyna she just giggles with no rejection like Carly.
  • It is later shown that Carly may have a crush on Freddie.
  • Later it is shown that she, in fact, does have a crush on Freddie
  • They get together in an episode, then break up.
  • Freddie (Fletcher) has brown hair and Carly (Chyna, partially) has dark hair.
  • Their other best friend in the trio is Sam (Olive).
  • They kissed, and then almost kissed again.
  • They are really good friends
  • No other girl, besides Sam, really came between them.
  • Carly has other romantic interests, but they were onl for an episode.
  • They dated for an episode
  • They still have feelings for each other
  • Creddie was endgame. Chances are Flyna will be as well.
  • Freddie (Fletcher) didn't stop loving her after all those years of rejection and dating.  

Lizzie/Gordo (Gizzie) (From Lizzie McGuire)

  • Gordo Likes Lizzie.
  • Lizzie Likes Gordo Back.
  • Whenever he tries to tell Lizzie his feelings he gets interrupted.
  • Dan made a reference to this couple when asked about Flyna.
  • Their friendship is a trio one.

Cody/Bailey (Cailey) (From The Suite Life On Deck)

  • Cody fell in love with Bailey the first moment he saw her.
  • Bailey likes Cody back.
  • Bailey giggles when Cody flirts with her.

CeCe/Gunther (GeCe) (From Shake It Up)

  • Gunther has feelings for CeCe.
  • Gunther flirted with CeCe and she smiled.
  • Gunther and CeCe went out.
  • Gunther and CeCe are very close.
  • Both are cunning but not as smart as Rocky (Olive).
  • Gunther can be a bit lost sometimes.
  • Gunther wouldn't mind if he had CeCe as his girlfriend.
  • Gunther (Fletcher) held CeCe (Chyna) once.
  • CeCe has shown many signs of liking Gunther.
  • Gunther and CeCe have the most episodes revolved around their pairing.

Jack/Kim (Kick) (From Kickin' It)

  • Kim and Jack like eachother.
  • Kim and Jack haven't told each other how they feel about eachother.

Miley/Oliver (Moliver) (From Hannah Montana)

  • Oliver basically had a crush on Miley.
  • Miley rejected Oliver.
  • Oliver and Miley seemed to be getting closer.

Mikayla/Brady (Brakayla) (From Pair Of Kings)

  • Brady loved Mikayla from the first moment he saw her.
  • Brady never gave up on Mikayla.
  • Brady would do anything to get Mikayla as his girlfriend.
  • Mikayla probably likes Brady back
  • They are the main characters
  • They have kissed in a dream

Ethan/Sarah (Etharah) (From My Babysitter's A Vampire)

  • Ethan (Fletcher) has a crush on Sarah (Chyna).
  • Ethan (Fletcher) gets nervous talking to Sarah (Chyna).
  • Ethan (Fletcher) tries to flirt or get Sarah's (Chyna's) attention but fails to do so.
  • Ethan (Fletcher) tries to ask Sarah (Chyna) out but afraid of rejection.
  • Sarah (Chyna) has hinted some special attraction towards Ethan (Fletcher).
  • They have gone out.

Echo/Adam (Adecho) (From Mr. Young)

  • Adam (Fletcher) fell in love with Echo (Chyna) right away.
  • These 2 pairings are mostly the same because Dan Signer directs both shows.
  • Echo at first wouldn't give Adam a chance.
  • Echo only thinks of Adam as a friend in the beginning.
  • Adam is always trying to impress Echo.
  • Adam thinks about Echo all the time.

Wendy/Dipper (Wipper) (From Gravity Falls)

  • Dipper is in love with Wendy-Fletcher is in love with Chyna.
  • Dipper admits he likes Wendy-Fletcher doesn't seem to bother hiding the fact he likes Chyna.
  • Wendy sees him as a friend-Chyna sees Fletcher as a friend (or so she says)
  • Dipper gets jealous when Wendy is with another guy-Fletcher gets jealous when Chyna is with another guy-remeber that episode Caroline Sunshine guest starred in?
  • Dipper is persistent and won't give up on Wendy-same with Fletcher and Chyna.

Ron/Kim (Kon) (From Kim Possible)

  • Ron has loved Kim since he first saw her.
  • They both went to a dance together.
  • Kim thought of him as a friend at first.

Phineas/Isabella (Phinabella) (From Phineas and Ferb)

  • Both are really good friends.
  • Isabella (Fletcher) has a crush on Phineas.
  • It is unknown whether Phineas (Chyna) likes Isabella.
  • Isabella (Fletcher) is always trying to flirt with Phineas (Chyna) to get him to notice him/her, but he/she is always unsuccessful.

Rocky/Logan (Rogan) (From Shake It Up)

  • Logan has a crush on Rocky.
  • Rocky likes Logan back.
  • Logan and Rocky's best friend, CeCe, are always arguing all the time.
  • Rocky is trying to get CeCe and Logan to get along.

Zoey and Chase (Zoase) (From Zoey 101)

  • Chase fell in love with Zoey the first time they met
  • Zoey likes Chase back
  • Both best friends
  • Zoey at first didn't know about Chase's crush on her

Sam and Gary (Gam) (From Are You Afraid of the Dark)

  • Gary like Sam from the moment they met
  • Sam like Gary back
  • (They're both in the midnight society) Flyna was both in the A.N.T program.

Jerome and Mara (Jara) (House of Anubis)

  • Mara (Chyna) helps Jerome (Fletcher) with any problem he may have.
  • They are both really good friends.
  • In season 1, Jerome had feelings for Mara when helping with her campaign

Cory/Meena (Coreena) (From Cory in the House)

  • Cory (Fletcher) has a crush on Meena (Chyna)
  • Cory (Fletcher) gets jealous when Meena (Chyna) is with another guy
  • In the episode Everybody Loves Meena Meena  was going to hug Cory but didn't just like in Bad RomANTs Chyna was going to hug Fletcher
  • Meena and Chyna both have dark hair and like singing

Robbie/Tori (Rori) (From Victorious)

  • Robbie (Fletcher) likes Tori (Chyna)
  • Both Chyna and Tori have dark hair and enjoy singing
  • Robbie (Fletcher) is sometimes considered geeky and un-popular
  • Rori had an almost kiss like Flyna

Ned/Moze (From Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide) 

  • Ned had a crush on Moze.
  • Moze didn't know.
  • Moze and Chyna both have dark hair.
  • Ned and Fletcher both have brown hair. 
  • Moze (Chyna) and Ned (Fletcher) have shared a kiss (an almost kiss).
  • Their friendship is a trio.
  • They have a best friend named Cookie, (Olive) who is really smart.
  • Noze was endgame and Flyna might be too.
  • They were just friends at first.

Harper/Justin (From Wizards of Waverley Place)

  • Harper (Fletcher) had (has) a huge obvious crush on Justin (Chyna).
  • Justin (Chyna) has dark hair.
  • Harper (Fletcher) always made (makes) things and art of Justin (Chyna)
  • At first, Justin didn't like Harper that way at all.
  • Justin and Harper have gone on a date before.
  • Justin and Chyna both felt creeped out by Harper and Fletcher's crushes on them
  • Harper's clothes were very artistic like Fletcher's art.
  • Justin (Chyna) has a brother (Max & Cameron) that aren't very bright.
  • Harper (Fletcher) is best friends (good friends) Alex (Cameron).

James/Riley (From The Next Step)

  • James (Fletcher) loves Riley (Chyna).
  • Riley (Chyna) knows about his crush.
  • Riley (Chyna) at first didn't like James (Fletcher) that way.
  • Riley (Chyna) put down and ignored all of James' (Fletcher's) advances.
  • James (Fletcher) didn't give up.
  • Riley began to fall for James.
  • James (Fletcher) isn't good at math.
  • James and Fletcher both have brown hair.
  • James is good at dancing like Fletcher's good at art.
  • Riley's good at dancing like Chyna's good at singing.
  • Riley and James have danced for each other, Chyna and Fletcher have sung for each other.

Sam/Allie (From Life With Boys)

  • Sam (Fletcher) has a crush on Allie (Chyna)
  • Sam has light brown hair and Allie has dark hair

Raven/Eddie (From That's So Raven)

  • Raven (Chyna) has dark hair
  • They are best friends
  • They are best friends with Chelsea (Olive)
  • They dated in one episode
  • They live in San Francisco
  • Eddie (Fletcher) usually gets teased a lot
  • They're close friends.
  • They care about each other.
  • At one stage Raven (Chyna) thought that Eddie (Fletcher) and Chelsea (Olive) were dating

James/Lucy (From Big Time Rush)

  •  Fletcher and James have tried asking Chyna and Lucy out
  •  Lucy and Chyna are both musicians

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Cause You got that One Thing Chyna Fletcher For Avery, Lexi, and Nicolette


My favorite song Chase Bree Chyna Fletcher


One In A Million - Chyna & Fletcher

One In A Million - Chyna & Fletcher


Crazier - Chyna & Fletcher

Crazier - Chyna & Fletcher


Today Was A Fairytale - Chyna & Fletcher

Today Was A Fairytale - Chyna & Fletcher


Chyna Fletcher Somebody To Love-0

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Fletcher Chyna Young Love

Fletcher Chyna Young Love