Chyna Parks
Full Name

Chyna Ann Parks


The Musician (by everyone)
BFF (by Olive)



Date of Birth

April 25, 1999

Resides in

San Francisco, California (2011-2013)
Palo Alto, California (2013)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Black (Season 1)
Brown with multicolored highlights (Season 2)
Black with honey highlights (Season 3)


Cameron Parks (brother)
Darryl Parks (father)
Roxanne Parks (mother)


Nigel (One date)
Dixon Ticonderoga (Ex-crush)
Hudson (crush)
Holland Hayes (boyfriend from mutANT farm 2)


Olive Doyle
Fletcher Quimby)
Angus Chestnut
Paisley Houndstooth
Dixon Ticonderoga
Lexi Reed


Susan Skidmore
Kumiko Hashimoto
Lexi Reed (formerly)




Webster High (former)
Unnamed middle school
Z-Tech (Current)


A.N.T Farm

First Episode


Last Episode

"the new york experiANTs"

Portrayed By

China Anne McClain

Chyna Ann Parks is a fictional character and the main protagonist in A.N.T Farm. Chyna is a sweet and sassy girl with good charisma. Chyna is a musical prodigy who is new at Webster High. She can play up to 47 instruments including violin, guitar, and piano. Chyna is shown to be a leader and always brings adventures to her friends that can get her and her friends into trouble. Chyna is best friends with Olive Doyle and Fletcher Quimby, the younger sister of Cameron Parks and frenemies with Lexi Reed. Chyna is portrayed by China Anne McClain.

Appearance & Style

Chyna's style shows her passion for music such as having a shirt that says I <3 Music. Chyna has a funky and girly sense of style. She has black hair with a blonde streak and brown eyes.



Chyna in Season 3


Chyna with her Guitar

ChynParks Season 2
Chyna parks 18

Chyna is an adventurous girl with a good sense of humor. Chyna takes her friends on adventures. Chyna can be a diva and selfish at times, but at other times, is her sweet caring self.


Season 1

In TransplANTed, Chyna walks in and feels wowed by her new school. When she walks into the A.N.T Farm she meets Gibson; the weird teacher at the A.N.T Farm. After, she meets Olive Doyle, a girl with an identical memory, Angus Chestnut, a computer genius and Fletcher Quimby, an artistic genius who develops a crush on her immediately. In her music class, she meets Lexi Reed, a popular girl who grows to dislike Chyna, and Paisley Houndstooth, Lexi's best friend, who isn't bright. She also meets Mr. Zimbaldi, the music teacher. There, he allows her to play the violin in front of the class, thus, making everyone acknowledge who she is.

Later on, she and her friends go to Lexi's party, trying to prove she's not a little kid. The three attempt to look more mature by changing their style. Before this, Chyna tells her dad that she's studying with Olive and Fletcher since he wouldn't let her leave. In her room, she and they sneak out using her bedroom window, leaving wax sculptures in her room as decoys. At the party, she tells her friends to not act like little kids. When she tries to fit in with the big kids, her brother Cameron embarrasses her by spilling some of her secrets. After, the ANTs accidentally ruin the stereo, making everyone angry at them. So Chyna sings Dynamite for them replacing the now broken stereo. Finishing her song, her dad comes to the party, takes her home and grounds her. Later at the end of the episode, she sets up all of her music equipment and goes to lunch with Olive and Fletcher.

In ParticipANTs Chyna and Olive have to join activities. When the two of them

China in ContestANTS

try out for cheerleader, only Chyna gets in, causing Olive to be alone. Soon, Chyna discovers Lexi made her be a cheerleader so she could sabotage Chyna's audition. She apologizes to Olive, explaining to her she was right about Lexi just using her and ends up winning the audition, instead of Lexi.

In The PhANTom Locker, Olive moves into Chyna's locker, thinking a ghost is haunting her locker. Chyna, annoyed of Olive, tries to convince her that ghosts aren't real and that her locker isn't haunted. Olive learns that Chyna only did this so she could move back to her previous locker, causing her to get mad. In the end, they make up.

In SciANTs Fair, Chyna spent no time studying, knowing for a fact that she'll fail her test. When she gets an A, she believes that the teacher is giving ANTs extra credit, making her feel guilty about not failing. So, she does a horrible project, thinking of receiving an A, but ends up failing, learning that everyone got As because the teacher was too lazy to mark the tests.

In StudANT Council, Chyna gets tricked by Olive into running for Student Council. Learning what will happen to her if she won, she tricks Olive back into running. The two have a little war on how the other one should win. In the end, they make up and apologize to each other.

In Bad RomANTs, Chyna and Fletcher help track down Gibson's old girlfriend, Sophie, only to learn that his girlfriend was in jail.

In The InformANT, Chyna wants to be like the other girls, have the village bag. Since it was too expensive, her dad gives her a bag, that wasn't very pleasant. She then figures out a way to gain cash by using gift cards from pudding cups. When her dad finds out about her using the village bag, he sends one of his police friends to discover if she were shoplifting.

In ReplicANT, she likes a new ANT named Nigel, causing Fletcher to grow jealous of her affections toward the ANT.

In ClairvoyANT, she tricks Cameron into thinking he's psychic and makes him--believing he's psychic and goes a little overhand with his 'predictions'.

In ManagemANT, Chyna gets her big break with a music producer named Hippo after Cameron puts a video of her singing, but the drawback is, is that this producer is making her do things she doesn't find appealing.

In PhilANThropy, Chyna accidentally ruins Gibson's job but tries to save it with the Save Gibson fundraiser.

In FraudulANT, Chyna makes Fletcher give one of his paintings to Zanko, his hero. They soon discover that Zanko actually keeps the painting, placing it into a gallery, claiming it as his own. Because of this, she helps him get his painting back.

In The ReplacemANT, Chyna makes Olive become the history teacher after ruining the previous history teacher's job.

In MutANT Farm, Chyna walks in as Medusa and experiences her first day and at a Halloween party she ruins the stereo and turns the MutANTs to humans and ends up saving the party by singing Calling All the Monsters.

In cANTonese Style Cuisine, Chyna meets Madame Goo Goo (a spoof of Lady Gaga), after Madame Goo Goo hears her sing, but she loses her number in a fortune cookie. She, along with Olive, Fletcher, and Angus, go to the Chinese restaurant and try to retrieve the number back.

In IgnorANTs Is Bliss, Principal Skidmore makes her write a speech for the open house but she loses it and has her third fight with Olive.

Slumber party

chyna at the slumber party

In Slumber Party ANTics, she hears Lexi talking about a slumber party so she and Olive decide to have one.

In America Needs TalANT Chyna gets picked with Lexi to go to LA for a reality television show called America Needs Talent. But Lexi wants to know what song she is going to sing so she could humiliate her, but Chyna discovers this and tricks her instead.

America talent

Chyna at her audition

In SANTa's Little Helpers, Chyna and her friends make jack in the boxes for the orphans, but when they find out Skidmore's plan, they rig the boxes. When they find out Skidmore will leave them at the orphanage, they try to sneak into the orphanage to get the boxes back.

In Some EnchANTed Evening, after Chyna learns that Fletcher has a crush on her so she lies that she has a boyfriend.

Chyna parks

Chyna Parks - A musical prodigy

In PerformANTs, Chyna goes to a wild concert with Olive, Fletcher, and Angus after Lexi tells her about a Goth concert after she sneaks to do the concert and beats Lexi for the seventh time.

In PatANT Pending, Chyna suspects Olive and Fletcher are dating but after competes with olive and have their fourth fight, and apologize.

In Ballet DANTser, she meets the new A.N.T who has violence issues so she tries to help her and beats Lexi for the eighth time.

In Body of EvidANTs, Chyna feeds to much food to Olive's Flur-bot and ends up killing him by mistake.

Season 2

Bandicam 2013-02-19 02-07-08-911

In Creative ConsultANT, she suspects Sequoia is stealing her life but discovers Sequoia was practicing for her new movie role.

Bandicam 2013-02-19 02-04-20-748

In InfANT, she, Olive, Fletcher, and Violet help a two-year-old baby find a talent, but they soon find out that Skidmore was just tricking them into babysitting her nephew.

In FANTasy Girl, Chyna helps to get money for the dance but she lies to a man, by saying Fletcher was dead, just to get more money.

Bandicam 2013-02-19 02-14-15-482

In Modeling AssignmANT, she disguises herself as a 43-year-old magazine worker to help Cameron get his dream girl.

Bandicam 2013-02-19 02-15-42-018

In ANTswers, Chyna plays a prank on Principal Skidmore, leading to her removing internet, thus making Chyna getting the idea of the ANTernet.

Bandicam 2013-02-19 02-17-03-654
In The ANTagonist, Chyna gives advice to Fletcher to make a funny cartoon but ruins the advice by making fun of olive.
Bandicam 2013-02-19 02-18-34-841
In EndurANTs, Chyna and the other ANTs travel to Australia for the A.N.T convention and finds out Fletcher has gone missing; so she has Tazmanian Neville, Olive, and Angus Go look for him at the outback.
Bandicam 2013-02-19 02-19-54-034
In AmusemANT Park, She and Cameron waste money so they use Olive's dolls for prizes to earn money.

In ContestANTs, Chyna and Lexi team up to win 1,000 dollars.

In ConfinemANT, Principal Skidmore locks Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus at the ANT Farm because they were considering cancelling the art and music programs.

In IntelligANT, she competes in the academic decathlon because she had the highest IQ, due to Angus changing Olive's IQ results.

In SignificANT Other, she agrees to go on a date with Fletcher to make him stop asking her out, but when Lexi tells him the truth, makes him upset, causing Chyna to write a song for him.

In MutANT Farm 2, she falls in love with a human boy that she couldn't be with because she was a MutANT and he wasn't.

In Detective AgANTcy, she hides her tubas, trumpets, and saxophones to help her dad become a detective but catches Skidmore turned them into her statue.

In ScavANTger Hunt, Chyna and the gang have to do a scavenger hunt to see who gets a week off school and it's the eleventh time Chyna beats Lexi.

In ChANTs of a Lifetime, Chyna goes to L.A with Trifecta but goes back home because she misses everyone and it's the 12th time she beats Lexi

In Early RetiremANT her Granny comes to visit but becomes her principal.

In InfluANTces she appears in 3 periods of time 1930s as Ella Fitzgerald, 1960s as Aretha Franklin, and in 1980s as Janet Jackson. In the end, she sings Exceptional.

In IdANTity Crisis she gets chased and transformed by the A.N.T minions.

In RestaurANTeur she feels happy that Olive finds a boyfriend, but when she finds out he's a jerk, Chyna tried to tell Olive, which put their friendship at risk.

Season 3

In TrANTsferred, she sings Stars Aligning for the Z-Tech audition but doesn't get in. To get Zoltan to change his mind Chyna performs Stars Aligning with all 47 instruments she can play and ends up getting in.

In IndependANTs, she argues with olive for the fifth time because she thinks olive's rules are stupid and ridiculous.

In animal husbANTry, she and her friends are supposed to take care of Seth's animals but messes up.

In secret agANT, she falls in love with Dixon Ticonderoga a spy prodigy but fights with Lexi. This is the thirteenth time she beats Lexi. In the end, it was all a trick, because Olive was dating him.

In past, presANT, and future, she travels to the 1980s to save the future.

In angus' first movemANT, she and Angus had a conflict for the ringtone and Angus treats Chyna like a jerk.

In Unforeseen circumstANTs, she is upset that Kennedy doesn't like her so she tries to help her with Fletcher's party.

In pANTs on fire, she eats a truth serum which makes her tell the truth and some trivia is revealed. Then she eats a salad which makes her lie and argue with Olive.

In product misplacemANT, she leaves her phone at a restaurant and needs to know how to get it back from Hashimoto.

In uncanny resemblANTs she writes a song with Madame Goo Goo

Chyna Quotes


Chyna: (Chyna walks into Webster High School) Oh my gosh! Dad look at this place! Lockers instead of cubbies! Driver's Ed instead of kiddie bikes! (bumps into a cute boy) Him instead of...... what was I talking about?
Darryl: So who are your friends?

Chyna: Oh uh, dad (points to Olive and Fletcher) this is Olive and Fletcher. My friends are here to... do homework.
Darryl: Then why do they look like the (points to Fletcher) "Monopoly Man" and the (points to Olive) "Community Chest"?
(Olive and Fletcher look offended)

Chyna: Yeah, because.... we are studying Pygmalion! In English class, and its easier if we acted it out. See he's Professor Higgins and she's Eliza Doolittle. Eliza (whispers) do a little!


Olive Doyle (best friend)


Chyna and Olive hug.

Olive and Chyna are best friends and are always there for each other. Chyna helps Olive fit in to High School and grow up. Both treat each other like sisters. (See Cholive)

Fletcher and Chyna say goodbye.


Chexi hug.

Fletcher Quimby (best friend/ex-boyfriend)

Chyna and Fletcher are really close. Even though Fletcher likes her, Chyna only likes him as a friend. (See Flyna).

Lexi Reed (frenemy)

Both come together at times. (See Chexi)


Cameron Parks (brother)

They don't interact much but love each other a lot.

Darryl Parks (father)


Chyna and her dad.

Chyna and Darryl have the closest father-daughter relationship on the show. He loves her more than Cameron.
Kyna Conflict

Roxanne Parks (mother)

Roxanne loves Chyna. They don't interact much but still love each other a lot.
Choxanne Hug

Kumiko Hashimoto/Kennedy Van Buren (classmate)

Kennedy hates Chyna and sees her as a boyfriend stealer. Chyna tries to form a truce with her but Kennedy doesn't appreciate her at all.

Background Information

  • Chyna can play 47 instruments. She plays guitar, piano, violin, trumpet, saxophone, flute, cello, harp, bagpipes, French horn, Theremin, drums, harmonica, and the spoons, she "sings a little", and much more.
  • She appears to be right-handed.
  • She claims she thinks she is better with her guitar.
  • The triangle is one of the only instruments she can't play.
  • She is taller than Cameron even though Cameron is older than her.
  • In Season 1 she has fully black hair. But in Season 2 her hair is still black but with hard to see brown streaks which turn into noticeable blonde streaks. She also has a red streak in detective agANTcy. In Season 3, she has black hair with a blonde hombre.
  • She hates eating chicken.
  • She sweats when she eats apples.
  • She hates museums.
  • She is seen to be very clever when it comes to plans.
  • She sees Olive as a sister.


  • Her locker is filled with sparkles and purple things as seen here.
  • Her favorite color is purple on the show and in real life.


  • Chyna sings every time there is a problem.
  • She is mostly seen playing the guitar even though she can play 47 instruments.
  • She rejected Cameron's friend request on Wolf Pack.
  • Her dad doesn't let her say 'butter' because it has the word 'butt' in it.
  • She wants to be friends with Lexi.
  • Chyna, as stated in chANTs of a lifetime, is 13 which means she was born in 1999.
  • Her real-life sisters were supposed to be relatives of the character at China's request, but the script for the episode couldn't be rewritten in time.
  • She and Paisley are very good friends.
  • It is stated by Lexi that Chyna is always trying to steal her spotlight.
  • She is a musical prodigy in the A.N.T. Farm.
  • Her favorite girl band is Trifecta as shown in chANTs of a lifetime.
  • She likes joining clubs with her best friends and is shown to be joining lots of them.
  • When Lexi broke her nose Chyna replaces her for Lexi's Play (chAnts of a lifetime)
  • The first song she sings (Other than the theme song) is Dynamite.
  • Olive Doyle and Fletcher Quimby are her closest and best friends. They were the first ANTs to befriend Chyna.
  • She bites her toenails
  • She doesn't like watching staring contests.
  • She always beats Lexi.
  • Chyna hates chicken.
  • She is older than Olive by four months.
  • She's never kissed anyone revealed by Cameron Parks in transplANTed.
  • She is always there for her friends.
  • She seems to ship Folive as she was happy they are now dating. (meANT to be?)
  • She seems to un-ship Flyna.
  • She is a lot like Liv Rooney, as both ship their best friends and their crush, Chyna ships Folive and Liv ships Miggie.
  • The band Trifecta from chANTs of a lifetime are China Anne McClain's real sisters and "Go" they performed is the one of the band's songs.

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