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"Christmas Songs"
Song by China Anne McClain
Venue: A.N.T. Farm
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Christmas Songs were first introduced when Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher were thinking of jack-in-the-box ideas in the Christmas episode sANTa's little helpers. The second song was when the A.N.T.s found out that Skidmore had been selling the jack-in-the-boxes for profit. Even though they had been performed by Chyna, Fletcher took credit for both the ideas, and Olive gave him the credit. Scenes were used for a Disney Christmas Day Video.

Christmas Songs Lyrics:[]

Version 1:[]

All around the Christmas tree,
From Boston to Atlanta,
St. Nick comes down the chimney,
Pop goes the Santa!

Version 2:[]

As your gift for Christmas this year,
I hope you get the measles,
You have a heart that's made of stone,
Take this, you weasel!
(throws a pie in Fletcher's face)

This version was written by Chyna to trick Principal Skidmore when they found out she was selling the gifts they made for an orphanage online.