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Chyna Parks, Olive Doyle, and Fletcher Quimby


Best friends

Choletcher (Ch/yna, Ol/ive, and F/letcher) is the definite best friendship group of Chyna Parks, Olive Doyle, and Fletcher Quimby. The three have been best friends from the beginning of the series and are basically inseparable. They always have each other's backs as seen in many episodes. When Chyna joined the A.N.T. Program in TransplANTed, she immediately became friends with Olive and Fletcher, even though their friendship has been tested. In some Choletcher moments, some students are also included, such as Angus. This ship is a three-person ship along with Clexley (Le/xi, P/ais/ley, and Cam/eron).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Choletcher(Ch/yna, Ol/ive, and Fl/etcher) - The most popular name for the pairing
  • Chynerive(Chyn/a, Fletch/er, and Ol/ive)
  • Fynive(F/letcher, Ch/yn/a, and Ol/ive)
  • Olynetcher(Ol/ive, Ch/yn/a, and Fl/etcher)
  • Olecyna(Ol/ive, Fl/e/tcher, C/h/yna)

Choletcher Moments[]



  • Olive and Fletcher are the first A.N.T.s that Chyna meets.
  • They all go to their first high school party together.
  • They didn't want Chyna to get trampled by the big kids.
  • They trust Chyna when they go to the high school party.
  • They hug when Fletcher and Olive forgive Chyna after she sings the song "Dynamite" at Lexi's party.
  • Fletcher and Olive are seen cheering Chyna when she's singing the song "Dynamite".
  • Fletcher and Olive look sad when they think that Chyna's father Darryl, took her out of the A.N.T. Program.
  • Olive and Fletcher look happy and relieved when they find out that Chyna is going to stay in the A.N.T. Program.


  • Chyna tries to encourage Olive to try out for cheerleading and uses Fletcher for an example, thinking that he joined the Knight Club. But it turns out that Fletcher is just wearing armor so the big kids can't hurt him.
  • Both Fletcher and Olive are afraid of the big kids and Chyna wants to help them fit in.
  • Chyna and Olive try out for cheerleading, while Fletcher joins Cameron's club.

The PhANTom Locker[]

  • Fletcher gives Chyna an idea of getting Olive to school at night.
  • Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher are all frightened by Principal Skidmore.

SciANTs Fair[]

  • Chyna and Olive ruin Fletcher's science project while they are fighting.
  • All three of them get A's on their scientific tests.
  • Chyna says she's happy that they all got good grades.

The InformANT[]

  • They all introduce themselves to Charlie Brown.
  • They all go under "Operation Sticky Fingers" so that Chyna can get her designer Free Village Bookbag.
  • They all succeed in getting Chyna her bag.
  • They all spy on Charlie Brown together.
  • They all try to sneak into Chyna's house, pretending they are robbing it to teach Chyna's dad a lesson.


  • Chyna and Olive walk into the A.N.T. Farm to see Fletcher talking and making out with a Chyna doll.
  • They all meet Nigel at the same time.


  • Chyna and Olive are rooting for Fletcher while he is making an announcement about the dinosaur nuggets.
  • Olive says that it was totally worth the wait and Chyna giggles.


  • The trio walks into the school together.
  • They all agree that something has to be done about the school "weather".
  • They are hosting a marathon to save Gibson's job.


  • The three went to Chyna's house at the beginning of the episode.
  • The trio, including Angus and Wacky the Wolf, helped get Fletcher's painting back.

CANTonese Style Cuisine[]

  • Chynasad

    Olive and Chyna stare at Fletcher after he does a corny word play.

    Olive and Fletcher, along with Angus, help Chyna get Madam Goo Goo's number back.
  • Olive and Fletcher calm Chyna down after she realizes that she lost Madam Goo Goo's phone number.
  • They go on a field trip to a cookie factory.
  • Chyna and Olive both look at Fletcher weirdly when he says a corny wordplay.

IgnorANTs Is Bliss[]

  • Fletcher and Chyna work together in order to get Olive's memory back.
  • Chyna and Fletcher visit Olive's kindergarten class together.
  • Olive apologizes to Chyna and Fletcher for lying to them.
  • They are squishing juice with their feet at the beginning of the episode with Gibson and Angus.

America Needs TalANT[]

  • Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher, along with Cameron, try to help Darryl overcome his fear of flying.
  • The trio is sitting in the back of the car together.
  • They all hug each other when the walrus starts moving the car.
  • They help get the walrus out of the way so that they can get to L.A.

SANTa's Little Helpers[]

  • All three of them agree to teach Skidmore a lesson for selling the jack-in-the-boxes for profits instead of sending them to charity.
  • All three of them confront Principal Skidmore.
  • They make jack-in-the-boxes together.
  • Fletcher and Olive enjoyed the song Chyna was singing inside the box.
  • They agree that they should make jack-in-the-boxes for the orphans.
  • They hug at the end of the episode with the orphans.
  • The trio breaks into the orphanage to remove the tampered presents before they explode.

You're the One That I WANT[]

  • They are in the school play.
  • They all pitch in their ideas to write a new play.
  • Fletcher and Olive are seen supporting Chyna while she was singing in the play.


  • New A.N.T
    They all work together in order to make Roxanne believe that they're actually going to a concert for a kiddie band.
  • They all dress in dinosaur costumes.
  • They go to Chyna's house after school.
  • Fletcher and Olive like the song that Chyna sings.
  • Olive and Fletcher clap after Chyna finishes singing.
  • They make a fake website along with Angus.
  • While Olive raps, Fletcher and Chyna are dancing behind her (with Angus)

Some EnchANTed Evening[]

  • Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive all go on a triple date together.
  • Olive gives advice to Chyna by telling her to let Fletcher down easily.
  • Olive sets up a double date for both Fletcher and Chyna and they all end up going.

PatANT Pending[]

  • Chyna seems left out when she finds out that Olive and Fletcher have been secretly working together on their invention idea.


  • Chyna and Olive were worried when Fletcher was alone in the outback and tried to find him.


  • Olive is sad when Fletcher and Chyna might leave the school and states that they are always there for her.


  • They all get into Z tech prodigy school.
  • When Chyna at first didn't get in, they all worked together to prove that Chyna deserves to get into the school.


  • In the "back to school" ANT Farm promotion commercial, Chyna and Olive are seen making Fletcher carry all of their books and bags.

Photo Gallery[]

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