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This page is for the ship of the real life actors. You may be looking for the character ship.


China Anne McClain and Stefanie Scott


Friends and Co-Stars

Ship Rivals

Chake, Steferra, Carlina, and Chierra

Chefanie (Ch/ina and St/efanie) is the friendship pairing of China Anne McClain and Stefanie Scott. The girls don't interact much, but seem to be good acquaintances on and off the A.N.T. Farm set. It mainly rivals Jierra (J/ake and S/ierra), Chake (Ch/ina and J/ake), Steferra (Stef/anie and Si/erra), Carlina (Carl/on and Ch/ina), and Chierra (Chi/na and St/efanie).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Canie (C/hina and Stef/anie)
  • Sina (S/tefanie and Ch/ina)
  • Steina (Ste/fanie and Ch/ina)
  • Cieanie (C/h/i/na and St/e/f/anie)
  • Stefaina (Stefa/nie and Ch/ina)
Jafanie and Chefanie

Chefanie Moments[]

  • They both posed for a picture at the Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension movie screening.
  • In a Radio Disney interview, China states that the younger kids (including her) and the older kids (probably including Stefanie) would hang out and play basketball.
  • In a Twist magazine interview, China and Stefanie talk about their long distance relationship and how they always miss each other. Stefanie Scott says that she IMs China everyday, and China says that she has made a great friend (in Stefanie).

Chefanie Gallery[]