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    Changus is the platonic/romantic pairing of Angus Chestnut and Chyna Parks.

    Additional Names for the Pairing

    • Ayna (A/ngus and Ch/yna)
    • Anya (Angus and Chy/n/a)
    • Chynus (Chyn/a and Ang/us)
    • Cangus (C/hyna and Angus)
    • Angna (Ang/us and Chy/na)

    Changus Moments

    Season 1

    • Chyna went over to Angus' desk.
    • Angus tries to reassure Chyna that she was winning the game on his computer desk when really he was panicking because she activated a missile launch.
    • When Angus is seen in the hallway coming back from the hospital he mentions it to Chyna (and Olive). Chyna then looks at him briefly and with worry.
    • Chyna cheers for Angus to hack into the CIA classified database, but Angus gives her a look of annoyance.
    • Angus gives Chyna an ANT Pad from his desk to communicate with Olive after losing her voice.
    StudANT Council
    • Angus reveals to Chyna what Olive did to get Chyna to run for A.N.T. Representative instead of herself because Skidmore would make Olive ANT rep.
    • Angus changes Chyna's sentences to say, "I love Angus. Angus is cool!" Possibly meaning he wants to hear her say that she loves him, and gives Chyna a slight smile afterwards.
    • Angus helps Chyna trick Olive by showing her the voice editor on the A.N.T. Pad.
    • Angus tells Chyna he likes her A.N.T. Rep poster. Chyna is pleased about Angus's comment and smiles. She responds; "And thank you, I made it myself!"
    • When Angus tells Chyna that Olive has a dark side and that's what he digs about her, and Chyna looks slightly jealous for a second.
    • When Fletcher asks Angus why Chyna isn't interested in him, he says that Fletcher is unappealing, possibly meaning he was annoyed by Fletcher's question.
    • After Olive hits Angus with a pinata stick, Chyna comments that she half expected candy to pour out of him afterwards she is seen chuckling somewhat and looking towards Angus.
    • Angus runs to what he believes to be a table to get some jellybeans, which is actually Chyna disguised as a table, he jumps backwards when Chyna pops up from the "fake" table.
    • Angus tells Chyna the only advantage being the disco ball has is that she will get to go to Prom.
    PhANTom Locker
    • Angus hesitates before he circles no on Chyna's letter. Maybe it was because he still has to think about liking Chyna or Olive.
    • After this, Chyna yells out 'no' in anger, and says that Angus is no prize either. Angus then replies with "don't hate the player, hate the game."
    • Chyna is offended when Angus says he doesn't like her.
    • Chyna doesn't stop and tell Angus that the note wasn't for him. She probably didn't want to hurt his feelings or she wanted to know what Angus thought of her.
    Bad RomANTs
    • Angus helped Chyna track down Gibson's ex-girlfriend.
    • Chyna watched Angus's dance competition for the Philippines.
    • Chyna seemed impressed by Angus's dancing skills.
    • Chyna tells Angus not to show the video of Cameron in which he doesn't at first but then he plays it in the school's screen instead. It's possible Angus did this to get Chyna's attention.
    • Chyna tries to trick Angus by getting him to slip on the banana peels in the hallway to help out Cameron.
    • When Angus asks Chyna if she put the peels on purpose for him to slip and fall Chyna denies it and Angus believes Chyna, showing viewers that he trusts her.
    • Chyna runs over to Angus in concern after he falls out of his wheelchair. This shows Chyna is worried and cares about him.
    • Chyna tells Angus she doesn't want to see the video if its the security footage of the day he forgot to wear pants. Angus denies it embarrassingly and Chyna snatches Angus's A.N.T. Pad away from him.
    • Angus shows Chyna the views for Cameron's video.
    • As Angus replays Cameron's video she is seen briefly looking at Angus and smiling.
    CANTonese Style Cuisine
    IgnorANTs Is Bliss
    • Chyna said that Angus would do anything for her because she saw him trying to eat a flamingo.
    • Angus helped with Chyna's ANTpad, asking her if she backed up her speech.
    • When Angus was about to kiss Olive, Chyna immediately stopped him, possibly jealous.
    • Chyna hands Angus headphones before she tries to jog Olive's memory back with music.
    FANTasy girl
    • Chyna said she was good friends with Zac Galifianakis (Angus), and that she was sure she could get him to drop his complaint. After saying that, she looked at Angus.
    • Chyna looked offended after Angus rejected her proposal.
    • Chyna told Angus he had a wonderful idea and asked him how he came up with it.
    • He told her he pretended to be Zac because it drives the ladies crazy, and Chyna responded by chuckling.
    • When Olive and Chyna are having a discussion about who will mock Gibson, after Chyna turns around, Angus said he'd do it; because he thinks the new ANT will be a smoking babe.
    • Chyna agrees and says he was right about the babe part upon the arrival of Sebastian.
    • Angus attempts to do a sit up and Chyna watches.
    • When Chyna suggests someone else try to make the baby laugh, Angus goes over to her, doing so again when he walked downstairs with a ham carrier.
    • Chyna made a statement about Angus finding Sebastian when she thought his meat carrier was the baby carrier. After he corrects her, she looks at the ham in disappointment, causing him to tell her not to judge the ham.
    • He walked into the ANT Farm with baby Sebastian in his ham carrier and Chyna picks the baby up.
    • Chyna comments on the baby's diaper actually being a tortilla, and Angus just shrugs.
    • He takes his ham blanket back from Chyna.  

    Season 3

    MeANT to be?
    • Angus tries to flirt with Chyna. He says that he's only doing it to make Fletcher jealous, but there's a chance he's lying.
    • At the end of the episode, Angus is upset Chyna didn't go out with him. Because of this, he smashes a lamp. This is a hint that he may have a secret crush on her.

    Changus Fanfiction by AwkwardGurl05 and aliqueen16 "Set after the Happy Fuzzy Friends' show. Chyna and Angus go for pizza. Things happen that they didn't expect and don't know how to explain. The only thing they know is they can see the Stars Aligning. by AwkwardGurl05 and Cartoonlover187 What would happen if Olive was the new A.N.T. in the A.N.T. Farm instead of Chyna? An alternate version of A.N.T. Farm. featuring Lexi, Paisley, Fletcher, Gibson, Angus and more! Read to find out. by AwkwardGurl05 "It wasn't it was probably one of the nicest Thanksgiving's I've ever had." by AwkwardGurl05 and aliqueen16 "They survived Webster. They thrived at Z-Tech. But what's next? Will the five ANTs head in different ways? How will it be for stepsibs Fletcher and Lexi to be apart? And who is Lissie? Will she have to share Fletcher's heart with Olive?" (featuring Changus) by AwkwardGurl05 and aliqueen16 "When Fletcher misses Z-Tech, who helps him make a decision? Which decision is it? Will he see the ANTs again? Will the family be reunited when they go to an Art convention? Who will take their friendship to the next level? Cibby? Folive? Seddie? Spencer and Gibby's mom? And will Spencer once again light something on fire? by AwkwardGurl05 and aliqueen16 "A moment back in time, where young Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle shared some of their earliest adventures, a tale of adventure, romANTs? and friendship. You know of their present and possible future but what about the past where it all began?  (featuring Changus) by AwkwardGurl05 and aliqueen16 "Completely AU. Ramona Series, ANT Farm, Girl Meets World and Good Luck Charlie, Quimby, Amy Duncan, and Topanga Matthews are sisters. They, along with their husbands and kids all live together in Haswell Manor. How will it be for these three clans to live together? What troubles and shenanigans will they cause? You can say that residence is fuller than Full House. (featuring Changus)


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