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This page is for the ship of the real life actors. You may be looking for the character ship.


China Anne McClain and Jake Short


Co-stars and Close friends

Ship Rivals

Jierra, Chierra, Carlina, and Jafanie

Chake (Ch/ina and J/ake) is the real-life pairing between China Anne McClain and Jake Short. They both seem to be close friends and very connected, such as when China posted on her Twitter account that she loved Jake. And they often are seen joking around the A.N.T. Farm set, and often post GIFs of each other. They are currently known as co-stars on A.N.T. Farm. It mainly rivals Jierra (J/ake and S/ierra), Chierra (Ch/ina and S/ierra), Carlina (Carl/on and Ch/ina) and Jafanie (Ja/ke and Ste/fanie).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Jina (J/ake and Ch/ina)
  • Jana (Ja/ke and Chi/na)
  • Jahina (Ja/ke and C/hina)
  • Cake (C/hina and J/ake)
  • Jakina (Jak/e and Ch/ina)
  • Chiake (Chi/na and J/ake)
  • Jaina (Ja/ke and Ch/ina)
  • Chike (Chi/na and Ja/ke)
  • Jakna (Jak/e and Chi/na)

Chake Moments[]

  • Along with the photo above, China tweeted: Hanging out with my favorite boy @jakeshort! Love this kid too much.
  • China called Jake "her favorite boy", and "her Jakester"
  • China tweeted that she loves Jake Short.
  • During rehearsals, she always laughs at all his jokes and has fun with him (and Sierra).

    China Anne McClain & Jake Short at Madison Pettis's 13th Birthday @ Eden in Hollywood!

  • They both posed for pictures at Madison Pettis's thirteenth birthday party.
  • China hugs Jake when he calls her awesome and very talented.
  • Before A.N.T. Farm, they worked on a TV pilot (which didn't get picked up by Disney Channel), "Jack and Janet Save the Planet," with Sierra McCormick.
  • They were in the Lone Ranger premiere.
  • In her second Radio Disney interview, China describes Jake as very artistic. She says that he actually has notes and ideas that help the show.
  • China tweets to go vote for Jake Short for the Kids Choice Awards. She says he is an amazing friend and that she voted for him "like 50 times".
    Jake Being Silly Behind Chyna1
  • They were both at the NAACP awards and they took a lot of pictures together (with the cast).
  • Jake has tweeted he was eating lunch with China (and Sierra) in 2011, stating they're very close.
  • They both follow each other on Twitter, and on Instagram.
    Jake Being Silly Behind Chyna2
  • In an interview with Joslyn Davis (from Clever TV News) 'at the D23 Expo, Jake Short was asked what was the show that he grew up with in Disney Channel. His response was "Hannah Montana" which was the show that China (and Sierra) guest-starred in.
  • Usually, when they both have interviews and they ask for each other's opinions, they both get kind of nervous.
    Jake Being Silly Behind Chyna3
  • It's possible China and Jake went together to the KCA's due to pictures being taken before even arriving.
  • One of the pictures (possibly more) was one with China's sisters and China posed next to Jake and if you look closely you can see Jake's arm around her waist.
  • When they were filming "MutANT Farm II", the cast took a picture together in their costumes and if you look closely again, his arm is around her waist again.
  • They both attended the 2012 Kid's Choice Awards and took pictures together.
  • Even though China didn't get nominated for a blimp, she went anyway to support Jake.
  • Jake is asked in an interview to describe in China in one word, and he described her as "talented, very talented".
  • China retweeted this picture of her and Jake.
  • China called Jake awesome.
  • They have both called each other awesome. 
  • They share the same religion and are both very open about it (Christianity).
  • On the last day of filming, the cast took a picture and China and Jake were standing next to each other.
  • At the moment, they are not filming anything and China and Jake have both tweeted they miss each other.
  • China and her sisters posted a keek with them going to lunch with Jake.
  • On a photo China posted on Instagram, she called Jake (and the cast) her second family.
  • In the same Instagram photo, China and Jake were looking at each other. And talking to each other.
    Gonna delete 2
  • China's username on Instagram was "realchinanne" and Jake's was "realjakeshort".
  • China changed hers to "chinamcclain" and shortly after, Jake changed his to "jakeshort".
  • They followed each other on Instagram.
  • They both play the piano, guitar, and bass.
  • They both have two sisters and a brother.
  • Chakebumpersandsuch
    They are both the middle child in their families.
  • They love hanging out together.
  • China thinks that Jake is funny.
  • They take a lot of pictures together.
  • They became closer since their A.N.T. Farm characters "Chyna" and "Fletcher" went out in season 2.
  • Jake said that he likes to get it to the mentality of playing Fletcher so basically he gets into the mentality of loving "Chyna". 
  • Jake says when Fletcher makes flirtatious comments toward Chyna, "is really in all fun and play".
  • Jake and China (and Sierra) play rock paper scissors and thumb wars between takes.
  • Jake says China is really nice.
  • Jake and China have known each other since he was 11 and she was 10!
  • Jake and China have a lot in common.
  • China post pictures of her and Jake every time she went out with Jake
  • China and Fletcher posed for some pictures with the BTS cheerleader group together.
  • In a Disney video, China was asked what Jake's favorite color was. 
  • She guessed Red, the answer was Blue.
    Gonna delete 3
  • In the same video, Jake was asked what China's favorite food was. He said pizza, the answer was spaghetti.
  • They both got the answer wrong for each other.
  • When Jake said pizza, Sierra guessed chicken and waffles. Jake was the closest because spaghetti and pizza are both Italian foods.
  • In a lot of Disney bumpers or idents, China and Jake are beside each other.
  • Jake tweeted that he was doing a Q & A and that he wanted impromptu answers and China tweeted him, asking who his favorite person in the world is with a smug face and a winky face.
  • When Jake got his driver's permit, China congratulated him by tweeting him: "Congrats to my boyy @TheJakeShort for getting his drivers permit! You know what that means… I’m getting u to drive me EVERYWHERE"
  • Jake and China were seen making cupcakes with the rest of the cast.
  • Jake seems to be close with China's family, as he is seen in videos talking and chatting with them and hugging them.
  • Both China and Jake tweeted the same picture for the series finale, saying "Thanks to all the fans"
  • China tweeted a picture from the new york experiANTs from the scene when Chyna and Fletcher are saying goodbye.
  • Jake prank called China in a Livestream.
  • China tweeted that Jake prank called her and Jake retweeted it.
  • After Jake called China, she ended up watching the Livestream too.
  • In an article about Season Three Premiere Secrets, China said: “Filming trANTsferred was memorable because that was the first day Jake Short started scaring the life out of everyone on set. He would walk up behind you and scream at the top of his lungs. It was hilarious…at first!!”
  • In one of Jake's Gifbooms, China was doing a Dragon Ball Z move for the GIF.
  • China, Sierra, and Lauryn reunited with Jake at the RDMA's and they took a picture together.
  • Sierra and Lauryn both wished Jake a happy birthday on Twitter, to which he replied "Thanks sista!" to them both.
  • China said that when she was filming the goodbye scenes with Jake, her tears were real.
  • In a recent interview, China said that she misses seeing the people she worked with every day (The A.N.T. Farm Cast) and that a reunion is a possibility.
  • In the same interview. China said that she sees Jake the most out of the cast.

Chake Gallery[]

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