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This is the season 1 music page. The theme song, Exceptional is featured in every episdode.

In TransplANTed, when Lexi's party was accidentally ruined by Olive, Chyna saved the day by singing the first song of the series, "Dynamite".

In ParticipANTs, when Chyna auditioned for the cheerleading squad, she gave the school anthem, "Wolves Attack!". Within the same episode, when Lexi auditioned for the school play, she sang "Candy Town".

In The PhANTom Locker, when Chyna was too nervous to talk to her crush (only known as New Kid), she made a song with a flute solo called "Hey, New Kid" to get his attention.

In StudANT Council, after Olive tricked Chyna into running for student council and she found out, she tricked her into running by rapping the immensely popular "Olive's Rap".

In Bad RomANTs, when Chyna and Fletcher were trying to come up with ideas on how to how to get rid of Gibson, Chyna sang "Gibson Go Away!" on her guitar.

In ReplicANT, when Chyna was asked what she thought of her relationship with Nigel, she went into an imaginary montage with herself singing the song "My Crush".

In ManagemANT, when Chyna was recording a video in the opening scene called "Pop Goes the Diva!" she guest starred as herself singing "Soccer Ball". She later sang the original song "Unstoppable" in the end of the episode.

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