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This page is for the ship of the real life actors. You may be looking for the character ship.


China Anne McClain and Carlon Jeffery


Friends and Co-stars

Ship Rivals

Chake, Chierra, and Starlon

Carlina (Carl/on and Ch/ina) is the friendly pairing of Carlon Jeffery and China Anne McClain. They do interact, but usually in-between filming of their show, A.N.T. Farm. They may be considered as close acquaintances. It mainly rivals Chake (Ch/ina and J/ake), Chierra (Ch/ina and S/ierra), and Starlon (St/efanie and C/arlon).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Carlina (Carl/on and Ch/ina)
  • Charlon (Ch/ina and C/arlon)
  • Chinon (Chin/a and Carl/on)
  • Cainon (Ca/rl/on and Ch/in/a)
  • Caina (Ca/rlon and Ch/ina)

Carlina Moments[]

  • As seen in the Disney Channel A.N.T. Farm commercials, they help each other rehearse.
  • In a Radio Disney interview, China describes Carlon as a "smooth" person. She also states that the younger kids (including her) and the older kids (including Carlon) would hang out and play basketball.
  • In her second Radio Disney interview, China says that Carlon is very cool. Sometimes she's very loud, and he'll be very calm. She says that he likes to blast music during hair and make-up, and that he is a music dude.

Carlina Gallery[]