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"Candy Town"
Song by Stefanie Scott
Genre(s): Classic
Length: 0:16
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Candy Town is an original song that was written and performed by Lexi in participANTs. It was performed for her audition for the school play, accompanied by a student on the piano. However, she ended up losing the part to Chyna.


Marshmallow marshes and gumdrop trees,
Chocolate bunnies! And gummy bees,
Doors made of s'mores! and streets of sweets,
You'll never feel down when you're in Candy Town!


  • This song seems similar to the famous board game, Candy Land.
  • The song also appears to be rather similar to Katy Perry's "California Gurls", as does Lexi's outfit.
  • This is the first song sung by Lexi on the show.
  • This song is similar to the song that Lexi later sang called "Sweet as a Sprinkle", going along with the theme.