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Cameron Parks and Paisley Houndstooth


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Clexi, Kaisley, Colive, and Faisley

Caisley (C/ameron and P/aisley) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Cameron Parks and Paisley Houndstooth. Cameron seems to be more attracted to Paisley more than to Lexi because Paisley is nicer to everyone. It mainly rivals Clexi (C/ameron and Lexi), Kaisley (K/eith and P/aisley), Colive (C/ameron and Olive), and Faisley (F/letcher and P/aisley).

Additional Names for the Pairings[]

  • Paisron (Pais/ley and Came/ron)
  • Pameron (P/aisley and C/ameron)
  • Camsley (Cam/eron and Pai/sley)
  • Casley (Ca/meron and Pai/sley)
  • Caison (Ca/mer/on and Pa/is/ley)

Caisley Moments[]

Season 1[]


  • Paisley smiles when Cameron complains about Chyna going to his high school.
  • Cameron looked annoyed when Paisley hugged Fletcher for the magic trick.


  • Paisley was interested in what club that Cameron had joined.
  • Cameron takes pictures of Paisley.

StudANT Council[]

  • Cameron revealed that they've known each other since kindergarten.
  • When Paisley tells Cameron that no A.N.T.s were allowed at the dance, he seems offended and upset that she doesn't realize that he's in high school with her.
  • When Cameron was giving a speech on how easier school should be, after the speech she shouted "That A.N.T. is right!", then clapped for him.
  • Paisley agrees with Cameron's ideas and cheers for him.


  • Paisley called Cameron cool when she thought he was a psychic.
  • Cameron gets cheered up when Paisley breaks up with Keith.
  • They hang out together throughout the episode.


  • Cameron (In disguise as an old man) convinces Paisley that he is Cameron as an old man sent from the future, and she has to go to prom with him in order to prevent the future gummy bear invasion.
  • Even though Paisley was convinced that the world would end in the future if he didn't go to the prom with him, Paisley still disagreed.
  • Cameron looks disappointed when Paisley said she wouldn't go to prom with him.

MutANT Farm[]

  • Cameron and Paisley are seen hanging together with Lexi by her locker.
  • Before the MutANT Farm put the Halloween dance poster up, Cameron hid behind Paisley.
  • This is the 2nd time that Paisley is seen at Parks Residence, which means that she knows where he lives.
  • Before Lexi, Cameron, and Paisley leave the Parks house, Cameron and Paisley are seen standing next to each other.
  • Cameron looked happy when he was standing next to Paisley.

Ballet DANTser[]

  • They take Driver's ed together.
  • Cameron tries to impress Paisley with his toy jeep.
  • Cameron calls Paisley "babe".
  • Paisley smiles at Cameron.
  • When Cameron says he wants to take driver's ed so he can drive to the toy store, Paisley doesn't seem critical, in fact, she smiles.

Season 2[]

SignificANT Other[]

  • Olive and Paisley were going to work on a project together in this episode, but Paisley and Cameron manipulated Olive to do a project together instead. ("How to drive a calm person to the brink of madness")
  • After Cameron corrected Paisley's I that she wrote on the wall, dotting it with a smiley face, She said "Wow Cameron, You make a really good smiley face!"
  • When Paisley was writing in the halls, Cameron just said "Good for you Paisley! When'd you learn to write?"
  • The two of them had a subplot together.
  • They smiled and glanced at each other a lot throughout the episode.