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Cameron and Darryl
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Cameron Parks and Darryl Parks



Ship Rivals

Dayna, Chameron, and Doxanne

Darron (Dar/ryl and Came/ron) is the father-son relationship of Darryl and Cameron Parks. Darryl likes to tease his son, and Cameron is sometimes annoyed by him, but they have good moments of their own as well. This ship mainly rivals Dayna (Da/rryl and Ch/yna), Chameron (Ch/yna and C/ameron), and Doxanne (D/arryl and R/oxanne).

Additional Names for the Pairing[]

  • Darron (Dar/ryl and Came/ron)
  • Camerryl (Came/ron and Da/rryl)
  • Dameron (D/arryl and C/ameron)
  • Carryl (Ca/meron and Da/rryl)

Darron Moments[]

Season 1 Moments[]


  • When Cameron asks about why Chyna has to go to his school, Darryl mentions that Cameron is not "gifted".
  • Cameron looked like he got jealous when Darryl called Chyna "gifted".
  • When Cameron was at Lexi's party, it is discovered that Cameron had told his father that he had went to church.

SciANTs Fair[]

  • Darryl is so proud of Cameron when Lexi comes over, that he runs upstairs to get his camera.
  • Darryl is disappointed when Lexi leaves.

StudANT Council[]

  • Cameron doesn't like being bossed around by his Darryl on game night.
  • Cameron gets jealous when his dad starts hanging out with Fletcher.

The InformANT[]

  • Darryl doesn't give Cameron anything from the Evidence Locker because he believes that no matter what Cameron does, he'll never be
    The ReplacemANT 2
    able to fit in at school.
  • Darryl feels bad about not giving Cameron a gift, that he attempts to give him two other gifts, that unfortunately, Cameron can't use.
  • Darryl (and Charlie) mistakes Cameron for a robber and they both attack him with a taser.


  • The ReplacemANT 7
    Darryl believes that Cameron can beat Olive at Donkey Kong.
  • Darryl helps Cameron train for the challenge.

The ReplacemANT[]

  • Darryl offers to have Cameron to be the subject of his 1000 word essay.

MutANT Farm[]

  • It is discovered that Cameron told Darryl that Paisley was an airhead.

America Needs TalANT[]

  • He helps (along with Chyna, Fletcher & Olive) his dad overcome his fear of flying.
  • He and Cameron, (along with Fletcher), try to get in front of the line of a hot dog stand. 

SANTa's Little Helpers[]

  • Cameron helps his dad look for the perfect gift for his wife.
  • He lies and tells Cameron that he was on an undercover mission.
  • Darryl gets Cameron exactly what he wanted for Christmas.
  • Darryl got a picture of both of them too.
  • This is the episode where they interact the most