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You can call me day or not... except night
— Madam GooGoo

"cANTonese style cuisine" is the fifteenth episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on October 28, 2011.


Chyna tells Olive that the guys who invented the song 'Happy Birthday' get paid every time it is played on television and movies. So, she makes up a new happy birthday song, hoping it will possibly become more popular than the other one. She sings it to Olive and is overheard singing by a popstar Madam Goo Goo. She comments on how great her singing is, and gives Chyna her number, hoping that one day, they can collaborate. Madam Goo Goo tells Chyna she is great, but she shouldn't bother with the birthday song, because people like hearing the old one. She then is about to sing 'Happy Birthday', but is cut off by the theme song. Then, the gang goes on a field trip to a Chinese restaurant, and while bragging about getting Madam Goo Goo's phone number, Chyna accidentally drops it in the fortune bin. Chyna and Olive then disguise themselves as workers to retrieve it, and Angus and Fletcher try to order as many fortune cookies as they can. Madam Goo Goo shows up at the restaurant, and after entering the kitchen in search of food, because Angus ate all of it, Chyna asks for her number again. She opens a fortune cookie to get some paper but then comments on how her phone number is already on there. Meanwhile, Lexi tries to find out why she hasn't been invited to the birthday party of McKenna, a fellow cheerleader, and disguises as Wacky to find out. Eventually, she finds out Paisley has been holding onto an invitation that says 'IX37'. Lexi then tells her she has been holding it upside down and really says 'Lexi'. At the end of the episode, Chyna and Madam Goo Goo, both dressed in eccentric outfits, sing their new song 'Born this Day' to McKenna.

Episode Summary[]

Chyna is singing to Olive a birthday song she made up. Then Madam Goo Goo, a very popular singer who wears strange costumes, hears her singing and gives Chyna her phone number so that they can work together on a song. However, when the A.N.T.s go on a field trip to a Chinese food restaurant, Chyna realizes that she drops Madam Goo Goo’s number in the vat of fortune cookie dough. So, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus help her retrace her steps back to the factory to find the misplaced number. In order to do that, Olive and Chyna must pretend to be workers. While Fletcher and Angus order a whole lot of food to get fortune cookies. Meanwhile, Lexi, with the help of Paisley, tries to find out why she wasn't invited to a fellow cheerleader's birthday party.

Memorable Quotes[]

Chyna: (Chyna mumbles something with her mouth full)

Olive: More fast? Okay.
Chyna: You really thought I said more fast? Who says more fast?

Kenny: Hey, you two. Work more fast!

Angus: (Ordering to Kenny) We'll have the beef and broccoli, extra beef, hold the broccoli, and then we'll have the tofu and sprouts, but instead of the tofu, can we have pork? And, instead of the sprouts, can we have pork? (Pause a beat) Do you have mozzarella sticks?






Songs Featured[]


  • This marks the 3rd time that Carlon Jeffery as Cameron Parks is absent for an episode.
  • The artwork around Fletcher's area in the A.N.T. Farm is seen again from PhilANThropy.
  • The song "Born This Day" by Chyna Parks (China Anne McClain) is a parody of Lady Gaga's hit song, "Born this Way."
    Tumblr lubq4v6owC1r1iu6so1 500

    Chyna and Olive

  • Running gag: A person tries to start singing Happy Birthday, but they are interrupted by someone else.
  • Running gag: Madam Goo Goo continuously changes outfits unbelievably fast. Her outfits in this episode are a mermaid outfit, a lobster outfit, a solar system outfit, a butterfly outfit, a shark outfit, a teddy bear outfit, and a present outfit.
  • This episode features a reference to the famous chocolate scene from the "I Love Lucy" episode "Job Switching".
  • This episode aired on Sierra McCormick's birthday.
  • This episode has a reference to Hostess.
  • The fortune cookies seem to have typos.


  • It is never explained how Angus and Fletcher could afford all of the food at the restaurant.
  • Olive states that she remembers her actual birth, but the human brain doesn't develop long term memories until about six months old, so even with an eidetic memory she still shouldn't be able to remember it.
  • When Chyna asks Olive if she can remember Madame GooGoo's number Olive says, "No you wouldn't let me see it!" and then mimics Chyna by saying, "Sorry we celebrities value our privacy!". But in the fortune cookie factory, Chyna never said "sorry". She said, "no no no no can do we celebrities value our privacy!" This fact proves that Olive's eidetic memory is not perfect.
  • When Madam GooGoo asked for Goo Goo Gai Pan at the restaurant, the owner said that, because of Angus ordering so much, they were out of everything. But, when Angus was ordering, he was telling him to leave out all the healthy stuff, so they should have had a lot of healthy food left. Though it is possible that Fletcher ate it.
  • When Olive and Chyna are in the cookie bin, looking for Madame GooGoo's phone number, their position changes several times. First, they are in it about waist down. After the commercial break, they are in it up to their shoulders. Then in the next shot (of them), they are back in it from the waist down.
  • After Fletcher reads the first fortune cookie, he realizes it doesn't have Madame GooGoo's phone number and says "It's not here, what are we gonna do?" Yet when the owner opened the cookie for him, you can clearly see another cookie on the table.
  • "City Health Inspector" is seen working in the kitchen (behind Olive and Chyna), even though the owner kicked him out earlier, saying "you got your bribe this month!"
  • Fletcher & Angus should have gotten a plate of food and then ordered another plate of food or the man should have given them more fortune cookies.


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