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"Born This Day"
Song by Zibby Allen featuring China Anne McClain
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Born This Day is an original song by Madame Goo Goo. At the end of the episode CANTonese style cuisine, Chyna sings it with her at McKenna's birthday party in the A.N.T. Farm


Get one a year,
A time for joy and cheer,
So blow out your candles,
You were born this day,
You're free to get me a gift,
Perhaps an eyebrow lift,
It's time to party like a rockstar,
You were born this day!


  • This is a parody of Lady Gaga's hit song, "Born This Way".
  • Madame Goo Goo and Chyna sang this song together.
  • This is a birthday song.
  • This is the only true parody of a famous song in the show.
  • It is all in bland 4/4 common time.