• Captain Comet

    It's Been a While

    July 10, 2018 by Captain Comet

    Hello people of the ANT Farm wiki. I am wondering if anyone will ever see this. If you do, say hi. I remember working on this wiki 6 years ago, good times, good times. --Comet

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  • TangledVarian4Eves

    Here would be some new potential ANTS in ANT Farm:

    • They would appear in the non-existent season 4 of ANT Farm
    • They would go to Z-Tech
    • Lisa & Foop would share a room
    • Lucy & Lynn would share a room
    • Luan & Ashley A would share a room
    • Eve & Freddie would share a room
    • Mal & CeCe would share a room
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  • Chase McFly

    New Wiki!

    March 18, 2017 by Chase McFly

    Guys check out SaveLabRats' new ANT Farm-Lab Rats crossover spin-off wiki!

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  • PowerZebra

    Lover of Disney

    August 13, 2016 by PowerZebra

    Hi! I'm Jennifer but a lot of people call me Jenny. I'm lonely and I'm a new user but hi

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  • Chase McFly

    Is anyone at all left on the AF wiki?

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  • ScottStephenJones

    I love A.N.T Farm and enjoy watching the series on Netflix. I can't wait to be on this wiki and start editing and being part of this community. This show is amazing in every way. I love the show!!!!!

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  • Chase McFly

    I'm an admin!

    April 26, 2016 by Chase McFly

    Guys, a staff member saw my wikia request, so now you can ask me things if you're having problems! I also have the rights to block vandals, and delete categories! Having these new rights is a guarantee for the survival of A.N.T. Farm Wiki!

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  • The Anthusiast

    I noticed that people still like to go on the A.N.T. Farm wiki alot and I was hoping that I could get anyone interested in getting an A.N.T. Farm reunion to happen, as my friend and I are trying to make this happen,  if you're interested please tweet the stars of the show or contact them through other social media and let them know that we want that reunion!


    -The Anthusiast

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  • Chase McFly

    So, I created a crossover fanfiction wiki for ANT Farm and Lab Rats: Elite Force. Come join and check it out at this link: I added lots of other shows and its really epic! From time-travel to intense battles, it is awesome!

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  • Andre132

    The New York ExperiANTs

    January 21, 2015 by Andre132

    Can someone please post the new york experiants on this blog because I really want to watch it.

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  • DjCadence ThePenguin

    So recently, I started a petition to get Disney Channel Free to air, we need 100 signatures. [[1]] is the link.

    Thanks, DjCadence ThePenguin (talk) 19:49, June 29, 2014 (UTC)DjCadence ThePenguin

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  • Alahna whitner 24

    Ever since my aunt had a new child i fell left out sad not outgoing not being used to not being noticed when i'm around i fell really really useless and pluss i'm i am only usefull when i don't fell well that's only is today and i don't fell like my self at all so baisically i never been treated like i wanted too but i guess but i'm trying to get over it now that an't my fualt it's sombody else fault i just don't my life have to be so diffrent from other people.

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  • Fabina Lover21911

    Hey, this is FabinaLover21911. I may still have my heart set on Flyna, but I fell in love with the Folive relationship when they got together and kissed. They were so cute that I became a real devotee towards them. I was like "Oh my god, they are soooo cute!" when they first became a couple. But yesterday, when I found out they broke up in the A.N.T farm series finale after Fletcher went to New York to purse his art career, I was so heartbroken that I cried and cried. I don't want to lose them, I never wanted to. They were the only couple I've ever loved even though they were a couple for a short time but I don't care. I loved them with all my heart. They sometimes remind me of Fabina, a couple I used to love but broke up which caused me t…

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  • Tealturtle828

    Series Finale!!! I'm crying, and laughing, and rolling around on the ground. It's awful and fantastic at the same time. I freaked out about the end of Shake it Up, and I never got to really watch that show like I did with this one. So you can imagine my reaction.

    Spoilers! I mean, come on, it's the series finale. You know something drastic happened. I recommend watching the episode first, because it's not as good hearing the plot from me as it is having it performed for you by actors.

    Before I begin, I'm breaking this review up into two parts, the regular episode review I do and a review of the entire third season. The latter is pretty deep, and I want to hear what you thought of the third season.

    Comment! Let your opinion be heard! I only kn…

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  • AusllySugarCakes

    In this episode, Zoltan has just opened a new ztech store and he forces Lexi and Chyna to work for him. Then Roshon (tv show name Hudson) comes in front of Ztech and starts rapping about bad things about Zoltan so he goes inside and stays there. Chyna tries to be nice and to ask him to leave but the he was mean to her too so she got mean. Thats when Hudson said you assume everyone has a glamorous life like you. Chyna didnt know what he meant so he told her he was from the streets and walked away angrily. Thats when Olive and Flecther go to a museum and he sees a painting that is better than his and thinks he will never be as good so Olive encourages him. He paints a picture of Olive and she tries to hang it up in he museum but fails. Thats…

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  • Dechel-Auslly-Flyna

    Flynas all across the world listen up we're looking for recruits, if you're with me lemme see your hands and...


    A little parody there but this isn't a parody themed blog, it's a voting blog! (Really if you think one poll is called voting) So this is about the current Flyna Leaders who are inactive. We've been thinking of getting new ones

    This is aimed for Flynatics (sorry Folivers) but you can vote too. Just no negativity!


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  • DanTTGamer

    Only days away from the very last episode to Ant Farm "The new york experiANTs" what I'd like to ask all you ANT Farm Fans is what will you Remember from ANT Farm from  season 1, season 2 or this season 3 heck even all series if you wish abd will you never forget Ant farm?

    I sertently won't forget ANT Farm just for some reason it was funny like all other shows that end for example "Suite Life on Deck"

    I centerntly love it when Olive mocks Gibson when he says

    "Welcome to the A.N.T Farm" to China in very 1st Ant Farm Episode from season 1 :)

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  • Berserker Eric


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  • Tealturtle828

    SPOLIERS!!! *taps fingers on lips*


    I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOREVER. Well, it was only a little over a month, BUT STILL.

    DRAMA BOMB!!! My head nearly exploded because of all the twists and turns. Or maybe I was just really tired and barely got the episode at all.

    And now we know that Fletcher is completely over Chyna. That was fast, considering he once handcuffed himself to her and said, "I'm never going to leave your side..."

    Fletcher and Olive are so cute together! But I'm surprised how Olive suddenly cares a lot for Fletcher. So much, it's a little scary...

    But now we know that Fletcher and Olive are really perfect for each other, because they are willing to go completely insane to prove that they like each other. Which I think escal…

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  • DanTTGamer

    We're 1 month to VERY LAST ant farm episode "the new york experiANTs" question is are you ready for it or are you going to get the tissue ready as it will be hard to say goodbye to great show leave your comments bellow

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  • Antfarmlover99

    Folive vs. Flyna

    February 25, 2014 by Antfarmlover99

    Ok. My last page got turned into a blog so i made a new page that you can all vote on. It's called "Folive or Flyna?" If your a Folive fan you will stay on this page and can continue reading, if your a Flyna fan then scroll down.


    If your not aware of what the word "Folive" means then i will explain it.

    Folive is a mix of Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle making Folive. They have been a couple since the showing of unwanted. Where Olive gets dumped by Dixon aka "Dixie-cup". She becomes heart broken and towards the end of the show fletcher tries to talk to olive to cheer her up. Then he makes her laugh by saying that since he had been dumped by Kennedy that he has gone through the 'Faze' of being a loser, this makes olive laugh and…

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  • AusllySugarCakes

    In this episode Fletcher and Olive act like they are still enemies in front of Chyna so she comes up with a solution to get them to stop fighting which is ( i dont know what you call it so ill describe it) they were in red suits attached to strings. Then Chyna said she thinks Olive would like him bettere if she lost him forever so she cut flecther string and he fell. Thats when Olive realized that he didnt fall a far distance but only into the cactus bush. That's when Olive took him and started kissing him on the cheek numerous times and admits to Chyna they are dating. Chyna is happpy for them but Olive wants to make sure he is really over Chyna so she gives her a makeover and makes Chyna flirt with Flecther and realizes that Flecther is …

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  • Antfarmlover99

    Folive Forever!

    February 20, 2014 by Antfarmlover99

    Ok For all Of you Folive Fans i have something special for you on this page! WARNING! IF you are a Flyna fan please do not put any comments about folive please. Thankyou! #Folivefansliveforever!

    In my opinion Fletcher liked Olive before they met Chyna, but as soon as Chyna came Fletcher was blinded by her and Fletcher forgot his feeling for Olive. But now that he knows that Chyna doesn't like him now that he finally decides to go back to Olive.(in my opinion they have more in common than you think chyna and fletcher do).

    I think that it was sweet about how fletcher made Olive feel better about her breakup with Dixon, but what i don't get is how quickly he fell for her, i mean usually it takes a bit to figure out that he loves i t…

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  • Nada mohamed

    it's time to vote :D!                                            

    there are some Folive pics that i wanted to put them all they were super cute :D but i couldn't probably next time :D

    But i am kinda disappointed that the nominations were almost dead, where's the Folive spirit guys :D??!

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  • Nada mohamed


    Welcome to the Folive featured content of march! i love doing that!

    First i want to tell you all Happy Valentine!!

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  • Tealturtle828

    Get comfy and grab the popcorn. This is gonna be a long one. Just be sure you don't grab Oksana's head by mistake.

    PLEASE SEE THE EPISODE FIRST. PLZ. You won't even get that last bit if you haven't seen the episode.

    Leave me a comment telling me your opinion! And also tell me if you enjoyed this review! Even a comment telling me I stink would bring a smile to my face!


    I was so excited for this episode, I almost puked. Twice. Ok, maybe that's an exaggetation, but this episode..... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! OH, THE FEELS!!!

    Aww, this episode was so sweet! I wonder what Chyna's reaction will be she she finds out Fletcher and Olive kissed/are dating. That will be something to see...

    But before I get to that, I just have a few things to say...

    The way D…

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  • Tealturtle828

    OH, THE FEELS! :)

    January 15, 2014 by Tealturtle828


    I've recently seen the promo for unwANTed. AND I'M WRITHING AROUND ON THE FLOOR IN ANTICIPATION. Course, I am for every new episode but...

    The worst part is I'M NOT EVEN A FOLIVER. I guess I just wanted something like this to happen for a while, so now that something super dramatic MAY happen, I'M FLIPPING OUT!!! NG(;@gsDR2&cJN1HGlgF_Htc4(VH!!!

    Oh my gosh. The best part may be Chyna's reaction if some serious Folive happens. Will she be happy or sad? A patANT pending reaction or jealousy? Not really expecting jealousy, but that would be a great PLOT TWIST!!! Maybe just plain ol' shock. 


    10 days is too long to wait. I'm going to rock back and forth and cry now. For more…

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  • Perfectdisasters

    Unforunately, not many people participated in these events, but let's show some appreciation to those who have! :)

    Check out Nada mohamed's profile! It looks absolutely amazing!

    Nada mohamed's beautiful entry:

    Tealturtle828's adorable entry:

    And last, but certainly not least, Junatina's amazing entry:

    Check out Nada mohamed's fashion entries! They're phenomenal!

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  • Sciencejam555

    Hey guys, as you all know, A.N.T. Farm is ending after three seasons. Because this seemed too soon, I decided to get to the bottom of this by conducting research on the matter and came with some conclusions...

    1. A.N.T. Farm was cancelled and not renewed for a 4th Season.
    2. A.N.T. Farm is not ending how Dan Signer would have wanted the series to end.
    3. No official series finale. Just a possible "season" finale.

    So now your thinking, How is this even plausible? Well that's where the evidence comes in!

    It has already been prior knowledge for most that China Anne's infamous tweet officially confirmed A.N.T. Farm not returning for a fourth Season.

    "It was GREAT filming ANT Farm but after 3 seasons it's come to an end. I'm excited about my secret projects a…

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  • Tealturtle828

    I just got the news! A.N.T. Farm officially is ending after its 3rd season.

    My heart feels if was just pulled out of my chest. Then smashed on the ground. Then stomped on. Then peed on. By a dog. 


    Luckily, I'm one of those people who has a song that makes them happy every time they hear it. So I listening to that on a loop right now and rocking back and forth on my bed to cope with the pain. It's a song about flowcharts, which tells you what kind of person I am... :)

    If you didn't know about this heart-shattering news until now, I'm sorry I was the one to ruin your perfectly good day.


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  • Perfectdisasters

    I totally forgot to do this! Well, it'll hopefully be completed and up on the Folive page by January 7th or 8th, judging by the number of votes & nominees. I hope everyone will nominate something for each category(: 

    The categories are:

    Featured Moment
    Featured Quote
    Featured Image

    Featured Fan Art
    Featured Video
    Featured Song
    Featured Foliver

    Featured Fanfiction

    Please make all nominations in one comment(: I don't mind it being out of order, but please try to nominate for all categories. Thanks!

    Nominations due date: Friday, January 3rd, 2014.

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  • Tealturtle828

    The Christmas Blog :)

    December 26, 2013 by Tealturtle828

    Hey guys! I hope your Christmas was merry! Or if you celebrate something else, I hope that was merry too! (I personally celebrate Christmas.)

    I just spent my Christmas at home, opening presents and eating ham. I also watched every single Christmas related episode of Doctor Who. Then I huddled near the TV, terrified, watching the news to see if anything terrible and alien related happened in London. Did anyone else do that? No?

    I got a new pair of Converse sneakers, and I've been wearing them since I unwrapped them. Yes, I even spent last night sleeping in them. That was fun. I am going to wear them as long as possible. What am I going to do when it comes to showering and changing out of my jim-jams? (What the rest of society calls pajamas. S…

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  • Perfectdisasters
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  • Perfectdisasters
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  • Tealturtle828

    Watch the episode before!

    Please comment! DO IT.


    I love Christmas! It's my second favorite time of year! Besides Autumn. If you lived where I lived, you would love Autumn, too. (Hint : People come from all around in the fall to see the leaves.) 

    I also loved the fact that Fletcher was wearing a shirt with a bow tie and suspenders. I like bowties. Bowties are cool. (Yes, I'm a Whovian. You may proceed to flip out.) And I asked for suspenders for Christmas :D. Because modern fashion statements are overrated. Also, did anyone notice that Seth and Angus were wearing the same shoes? Anyone? No?

    This episode was so cute, though! Full of Christmas spirit. And Hanukkah spirit (is Hanukkah spelled right?). And etc. I can't remember all those othe…

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  • Lola 16

    My favorite pairings

    December 1, 2013 by Lola 16

    1. Kick -Kim and Jack

    2. Folive - Olive and Fletcher

    3. Auslly - Austin and Ally

    4. Speedy  - Spencer and Teddy

    5. Kon (guessing) - Kim and Ron

    1. Sanny (guessing) - Danny and Sam

    2. Cabbie - Cat and Robbie

    3. Jade - Beck and Jade

    4. Jindy - Jimmy and Cindy

    5. Jendall - Kendall and Jo

    1. Med - Ned and Moze

    2. Eclare - Eli and Clare :'(


    My other ships aren't big

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  • Zswagger01


    November 26, 2013 by Zswagger01

    ITS MWA BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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  • Dechel-Auslly-Flyna

    Hi Flynatics! It's time to start voting for our featured content! There's only a short amount of time left until December so get voting ASAP! Hopefully next month we could get more nominations!

    Can't wait to see the results!

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  • Nada mohamed

    kkay so it's time to vote guys :)!

    i didn't get much nominations :/ but i know most of you like to only VOTEEEE :D!

    sorry i have done it a little too late :(

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  • Tealturtle828

    Blah de blah de blah. Whatever I say before a review normally.

    Serious spoilers here! I recommend watching the episode first.

    COMMENT. PLEASE. NOW. Well, after you read the review.


    By the end of this episode my mouth was hanging open for like 15 minutes. Then my mouth started to get dry and I started to worry about flies getting in there, so I closed it.

    This episode was so shocking... I AM LITERALLY FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!! GAAAAAHHHHHHHDVBBZddvcccNEBDffffwwhdkbbbxxkkMSKE!!!

    Kennedy (or what's-her-face) is HASIMOTO' S DAUGHTER?!?!? Honestly, did ANYONE see that coming? And Kennedy (let's just call her that) sabotaging the phones. Because of deductive reasoning I knew it probably wasn't going to be Winter because that's too obvious. (Ohm…

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  • Lakyraburks


    November 11, 2013 by Lakyraburks


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  • Dechel-Auslly-Flyna

    Hi Flynatics! Our featured content section has been the same for AGES. So I (inspired by the Folivers of course) decided for us to vote for featured content in a blog post! Just nominate something from each category. Nominations are now closed! Please vote here and stay tuned for next month!

    Was there a specific Flyna moment that stood out? Or is it just a special moment? Nominate a Flyna Moment!


    What is an awesome Flyna quote? Nominate a quote that is signficant!

    What is the best fan-made Flyna artwork? Nominate a fanart! (It cannot be your own)

    Nominate a Flyna picture! You choose what it is! Do they smile at each other? Do they show true romance?

    What is the best Flyna fan-made video? Nominate it here! (Cannot be your own)

    Who is an awesome o…

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  • Nada mohamed

    Hellllooo Folivers (Duh!) :)

    Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays :D!                                    

    So it's time for the Folive Featured Content For December!

    Do you think that there's a very special and cute folive moment you want to nominate :3 ?

    Is there's a specific Folive quote that you have in mind? here you go! nominate it :D!

    Any fanart you made ;)? maybe a great fanart you found :)???

    Did you find a Perfect folive image? go ahead and nominate it!

    Nominate any Folive video that you think fits perfectly for folive and is veeery cute :D!

    is there's any user you have in mind that you think is a very great Foliver and think he/she deserves to be the Featured User?

    Can you remeber or do you know ANY song that you think is AM-AZING, demonstrates o…

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  • Jema10

    Okay, so you guys chose not to nominate too much...fine with me! Make sure to vote!

    Okay, I know there are probably a few mess-ups. I'll fix them, I'm just a coding noob. Haha.

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  • Tealturtle828

    SPOILER ALERT!!! - but w/ episode reviews, it's just main points I'm giving away, not that much a "shocker ending" or whatever.

    Remember, these are my opinions, not what yours should be. You are entitled to your opinions on the episode, and I'm entitled to mine. I would love to hear from you! I'd like to hear what you thought about the episode, and what you think about this blog! Even if you want to tell me that it's horrible, that will help me to make it better! :) 

    I might be making it sound like an issue, but I'd like to address it before it becomes an issue. That's the kind of can-do person I am! :D

    PLEASE COMMENT - I feel like no one's reading these... and they're probably not. My first one got like a billion comments. Okay, it was more …

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  • Nada mohamed

    A.N.T.s Blog 2

    October 5, 2013 by Nada mohamed

    (i am using the original charactars names because the others are hard to remeber :/)

    Chyna: Okay First Of All:

    Fletcher: Happy Halloween! (Olive Copying Him) !

    olive: okay who put that!?

    chya: i did :) :D !

    olive:chyna why would do that!?

    chyna: well fletcher needs to know you love him and then he loves u back and then u 2 get married and finally fletcher stop asking me out!!! :D!

    fletcher: :) hey chyn---WAIT A MINUTE OLIVE LOVES ME!?!!!?

    olive:what no !!! i hate you!!!

    fletcher: :O hate me ?! seriously who hates me?! i am compeletly adorable!

    angus:i think u have to over think that :)

    fletcher:wait what?!

    olive:anyways flecther i don't hate you it's just i..i..i....I DON'T KNOW OKAY!?

    fletcher:then explain to me why you tease me and beat me u…

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  • Tealturtle828

    I don't own A.N.T. Farm, dude. Back off.

    SPOILER ALERT: I don't want to ruin the episode for you.

    I would love to hear your comments to make these blogs better! Anything helps!


    After about a year of waiting to see if they would make another A.N.T. Farm Halloween special, we finally have the third installment of the mutANT farm series. And it was pretty good.

    They had a great plot behind it. I actually wondered when I saw the previous mutANT farms if they would do a mash-up of the two dimensions. And they did! :) And they did a good job. The jokes were about average, not too spectacular, but overall, very well done.

    I also noticed that the mutANT costumes were a lot more advanced in this episode than what they were before. In mutANT farm 1…

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  • Jema10

    I'm sure you have seen other people make a newspaper on a website or wiki before. For this one, that would be me. Now, I will probably be doing this weekly (??) if I have time. But, of course, if nobody reads this, it would be useless. ._. So...ENJOY!

    Tonight, we shall see the second sequel to the MutANT Farm series. MutANT Farm III sounds interesting. I think Pixie Zoltan will be hilarious. And Mermaid Lexi is so cute and funny! A giant fish, so awesome. This, being a Halloween themed episode, will definitely spark up some ideas for my Halloween costume. I was planning on being a devil, but now I'm not so sure! Flynatics, Folivers, get ready to update your page with brand new MutANT Farm III moments!

    Today we were lucky enough to catch an i…

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  • Junatina

    SUPER SORRY for making this bog so late but here is the blog and hope you enjoy!

    You probably are eager to find out which pairing won and It is:

    (Drumroll plays)


    And the first three people to answer the competition wereDechel-Aussly-Flyna, Zswagger01 and lastly Sweethearted971 and the answer whihc was very easy was of course Olive.

    And the best friendship pairing was:

    (Drumroll plays)


    So that was the results don't worry next time it will be more fun, it just I'm really busy.

    Well bye then!

    ) :D
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  • Jema10

    I've never done anything like this before so bear with me!

    IT'S TIME TO NOMINATE! GOOOOOO FOLIVE! Being November, all our nominators shall resemble turkeys...and I'll eat them.

    Please nominate!

    Did you find it super sweet when they laughed together? Or maybe you laughed in joy when they hugged? What's your favorite Folive moment?

    Maybe you found something they said hilarious. Here, you can nominate your favorite quote.

    It doesn't have to be yours. Just choose anything you love!

    Got a specific image you think is super cute? Nominate it!

    I love these. Just go on Youtube, and choose one you think is super sweet!

    Got any user you think has been a major Foliver? Nominate yourself...or me. ;) Just kidding!

    Everyone loves a good Folive song!

    Got any Fanfic y…

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