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Tazmanian Neville

(Berry Figgenbottom)

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Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Other Information
First Appearance
Portrayed by
Billy Unger
Ow! My fingee!

Tazmanian Neville is an Australian prodigy. He is thought to be an academic prodigy like Olive, but he's really an acting prodigy. He is seen in endurANTs. His real name is revealed to be Berry Figgenbottom. He is also extremely unintelligent and a crybaby. He is likely afraid of snakes. He tricked Chyna, Olive, and Angus into thinking he was capable of handling the outback. He then stole Chyna's emu costume, Olive's boomerang, and Fletcher's emu taming strategy to use on his TV show. He is portrayed by Billy Unger from Disney XD's Lab Rats.

What's wrong? Did you see a ghost? Worse. Disorganization.
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