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"bad romANTs" is the sixth episode in Season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first aired on July 15, 2011. It features the only appearance of Sophie.


Chyna and Fletcher try to get Gibson back together with his ex-girlfriend while Fletcher's advances towards Chyna go unnoticed. Meanwhile, Lexi tries to get on the cover of the school newspaper by pretending to do a lot of heroic things.

Memorable Quotes[]

Gibson: Okay. Fun facts! (Picks up a card) When was Gibson potty-trained?
Fletcher: Uh... 18 months!
Gibson: Close! 16 months... ago. (Chyna and Fletcher shoot Gibson a weird look) Kidding! I was 14.
Gibson: We're going to be "Best BFF Friends Forever." Or for short, "BBFFFF's."
Olive: Hey, Paisley! Can I interview you for the school paper?
Paisley: Sure! Ooh, nice hat! Why does it say "press?" (Slowly taps the "press" tag on Olive's hat and then steps back. After a second, she presses it again) (Whispering) It's not doing anything.
Olive: Actually, "press" means that... (looks at Paisley's blank face) ...It's out of batteries.
Gibson: Good thing I brought my "bag o' fun!" Now, don't be misled by the name "bag o' fun." It's the stuff inside the bag that's fun. (Pauses) The bag itself is actually quite dangerous.
Chyna: Do you have her number?

Fletcher: Yeah, it's 24601.
Chyna: That's not enough numbers for a phone number.

Fletcher: Yeah, but it's just enough for a cell number. She's in jail.


Gibson's grandmother is moving into her boyfriend Bob's house, leaving Gibson all alone. So, Chyna and Fletcher hang out with him to cheer him up. However, Gibson wears out his welcome and starts to spend a little too much time with them. To get Gibson to leave them alone, and to get Chyna to hang out with him, Fletcher decides to get Gibson a girlfriend. After Chyna and Fletcher find out through Angus that Gibson had a girlfriend named Sophie as a child, they ask Angus to find out where to find her, and unfortunately they discover that she's in jail. Gibson and Sophie then become a couple again despite the fact that Sophie is in prison, Gibson being oblivious to this (he believes that Sophie lives in a mansion). Meanwhile, Olive tells Lexi that she must do something heroic when she wants to get into the school newspaper, so she and Paisley try everything to get on the cover.







  • Cameron doesn’t appear in this episode. This is the first time a main character didn’t appear in an episode.
  • The episode title, while also having to do with Fletcher's bad luck in attempting to flirt with Chyna, is the song title (although it is spelled "Bad Romance" instead of "Bad RomANTs") of a hit single by the famous pop singer, Lady Gaga, presumingly the title was making a reference.
  • This episode was watched by 4.0 million viewers on its premiere night, beating "
    Prank Stars" by 0.1 million viewers.
  • Although it was never mentioned, this episode revealed that the extracurricular Olive ended up joining was the school newspaper due to her not being able to join the End Hunger Today Club in the episode "ParticipANTs".
  • In the choking scene, Paisley says, "I have food stuck in my Snuffleupagus", which is a reference to the Sesame Street character, Mr. Snuffleupagus.
  • Fletcher said that Sophie's prison cell number was 24601. This is a reference to the Broadway musical, Les Misérables, where Jean Valjean's prison number is 24601, which Cameron mentioned in the episode "TransplANTed".
  • Two names are spelled incorrectly in the guest credits, Aedin Mincks is spelled "Aedin Minks" and Jadon Sand is spelled "Jason Sand".


  • Before Gibson came into the room, Fletcher was seen stretching the nose of his "Pennyocchio" sculpture. However, when Gibson came in, he wasn't stretching the nose and he wasn't even near the sculpture.
  • When Olive is taking pictures of Wacky the Wolf, her flash is on. However, when Olive photographs Lexi, her flash is off.
  • When Olive is talking to the girl who Lexi hates you can see Lexi & Paisley in the background. A meatball had hit Lexi just seconds before. Because of the angle on where the meatball hit Lexi & landed, and based on where Paisley was standing, the meatball should have been near Paisley's foot but it was nowhere to be seen.
  • Fletcher could have said his sculpture was of Pinocchio's daughter, Cedar. It would've made sense.
  • At the beginning of the episode Angus says chewing gum is the most exercise he's ever done, but later in the episode it is shown that he is a good dancer.

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