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Song by China Anne McClain
Released: You're the One That I WANT
Venue: A.N.T. Farm
Previous: "Christmas Songs"
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Aphrostopolis is a short song in the episode You're the One That I WANT. It is performed by Chyna when she wants Olive to add more changes to the Ancient Greece play that she came up with.


I'm foxy Afro-dite, goddess of soul, and I'm going to do a little "Showtime for the Apollos". Mr. Apollo, Mrs. Apollo, enjoy the show - 

Gonna boogie down,
There ain't no stoppin' us,
There's a party goin' on,
at the Disco Acropolis!


  • Chyna sang this song because she wanted to add music to the play that Olive came up with.
  • The song name is alike to a Greek name given to two cities, Aphroditopolis.
  • Chyna sang this song right before she sang, Jay to the Zeus, another song that she wanted Olive to add to the play.
  • Chyna wore a really big Afro wig while she sang this song.
  • This is the third rap in the show.