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Antics is an drawn animated film that Fletcher Quimby made in the episode ANTagonist. It is animation that he drew which is about the A.N.T.s' lives as actual ants that shows Sketcher (Fletcher), Asia (Chyna), and Pimento (Olive).


In the first mini film, Sketcher asks Asia out on a picnic. Pimento then comes along and asks them why they left the colony. Sketcher then puts a mouse trap in a sandwich and gives it to Pimento as she annoys them with "fascinating tidbits". Sketcher then holds a magnifying glass up to her and the sun's rays pass through it, thereby burning Pimento. The film ends with Pimento running away.

In the second mini film continuing from the last one, Pimento rolls down a hill and flies on a leaf that lands on the barbaque of two blue jays. A bee resembling Gibson then throws a fire hydrant at Pimento, resulting in her falling out of the tree. This mirrors when Olive fell down the main hallway stairs, landed on a skateboard and crashed into one of the school moniters. The moniter began smoking and Gibson threw a fire retardant at her to put it out.

In the third and final mini film, Pimento and Sketcher are arguing when Asia starts to randomly sing like Chyna always does. She then gets covered in bread crumbs, and birds start to attack her, mirroring what happened in A.N.T. Court when China was singing Stuck In the Middle, gets covered in bread crumbs by a tambourine she was using, and gets attacked by pigeons.




  • The cartoon was actually Flash animation, not traditional animation

The ANTagonist (debut)[]


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